Best Drop Shipping Course For 2020 (With Full Reviews)

I started reviewing drop shipping courses well over two years ago and since then there have been dozens of courses that have crept up, others that have come and gone and some that have stuck around for the entire time. Today I'm compiling all the featured drop shipping courses into one post to help you decide which course to buy.

Each course has a link to the full review where I go into all the juicy details including pricing, the guru behind the course and ultimately the course content. It's important to note, high priced courses do not equal better content or coaching so exercise caution before digging deep.

1. eCom Elites

Voted the best drop shipping course for 2020 and recommended to all readers looking for a low priced eCommerce course. 

Offering a complete A-to-Z approach it's suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced users. Regularly updated, it offers over 180 videos and 30 hours of content. 

Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, a powerful Facebook group (6000+ members) and instant account setup using Teachable and Kajabi, it's the only course you need to be in to start your drop shipping adventure.

2. eCommerce Paradise

Known for his industry leading experience selling high ticket products, you'll struggle to find a larger course than eCommerce Paradise by Trevor Fenner. 

This really is the most conclusive, overview and step by step guide to starting a high ticket eCommerce business with over 200 videos and 35 hours of content. 

Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and an impressive Facebook community of members, account access is instant thanks to the Teachable platform hosting the content. 

Product Winner Blueprint Review

3. Product Winner Blueprint

A course designed for everyone, this high quality training series is provided by Australian, Tristan Broughton. 

Content is straight to the point, with real life examples sure to get your excitement levels up as you start your eCommerce journey. 

If you're looking for high quality videos (75+), regularly updated content and a sophisticated Facebook community, you should give Product Winner Blueprint a look too.

4. Shopify Ninja Masterclass (Kevin David)

It’s a very popular course but quite pricey for those on a budget. Would suit people who are buying into the ‘Kevin David’ brand and know how powerful his content and value is.

  • Includes 65 videos
  • Access to weekly live streams
  • Access to large Facebook group.

5. Ultimate eCom System (Steve Tan)

Another popular course especially those that follow the success of the Tan brothers. While not cheap, it's targeted towards advanced users. 

  • Steve Tan owns 8 figure stores 
  • Affordable compared to their masterminds
  • Real life examples of success.

6. eCommerce Empire Builders (Peter Pru)

Widely marketed online, it's another course that's quite popular with beginners and offers a different approach, focusing on Clickfunnels. 

  • Focuses on sales funnels
  • Peter is a successful Youtuber
  • Will give you $997 if you don't make $$.

7. Royal Blueprint (Chris King)

One of the hottest launches of the year, it's a case study rather than a course but Chris has a huge following so might be something to consider if you want real examples.

  • Proven success story online
  • Over 60 videos plus bonuses
  • Regular updates and case studies.

8. Store Coach

This was one of the first platforms to ever teach people how to dropship. It's a text based course meaning lots of reading, but it's cheap and offers lots of content.

  • Affordable lifetime access
  • Has been around for years
  • Large community.

9. Dropship Lifestyle (Anton Kraly)

Focusing on US dropshipping with local suppliers, it's an expensive course that is promoted widely on social media but is out of reach for most entrepreneurs. 

  • Updated every year
  • Reguarly masterminds worldwide
  • Large community of students.

10. eCom Lifestyle (Ricky Hayes)

Another Australian dropshipper, Ricky has created a good course with lots of content to suit a beginner starting out. Lots of coverage online and he's a proven success story. 

  • Regularly updated content
  • Ricky has a large social following
  • Large community of students.

11. eCom Inner Circle (Arie)

Provides high quality videos and lots of value and has been around for many years now. The course creator knows his stuff and it's obvious there are many successful students. 

  • Regularly updated content
  • Arie has a large social following
  • Large community of students.

12. Profitable Online Store (Steve Chou)

One of the godfathers of the eCommerce world, Steve Chou's course has been around for years. It's questionable how often the course is updated and it's quite expensive. 

  • Been around for many years
  • Website provides access to membership
  • A well respected brand.

13. eCom Hacks (Jared Goetz)

Widely promoted on social media and Jared claims to have invented 'dropsurfing' to sell his course. An expensive course, but created by well known Shopify expert. 

  • Regularly updated content
  • Jared has a large social following
  • Large community of students.

14. eCom Domination (James Beattie)

This course is always relaunched as different versions and is now in V5. Offers 9 weeks of content on learning to dropship. 

  • Updated 5 times already
  • A case study on starting a store
  • Promoted heavily online.

15. Dropship Club (Wholesale Ted)

A new membership site that costs $67/mo and claims to be better than all the other courses out there. It's up to you to decide, but it offers regularly updated content guides. 

  • Low monthly fee
  • Owned by successful brand
  • No need to keep paying if you leave.

16. Simplified Shopify (Scott Hilse)

More of a case study than a course but shows you how Scott went from zero to hero selling a phone case online. Includes additional eCom training that may be beneficial. 

  • A real life case study
  • Widely promoted on social media
  • Large community of students.

17. H-Com 2020 (Alex Becker)

Alex Becker is the guy that keeps interrupting your Youtube videos to tell you about wolf mugs and how he made money. He ultimately sells you on his other product, Market Hero. 

  • Good content in the actual course
  • Be prepared to be sold another tool
  • Alex makes money selling courses.

18. eCom Beast (Harry Coleman)

A course that's been around for years, that is guaranteed to help you learn the process but comes at a cost. 

  • Regularly updated content
  • Harry has a large social following
  • Widely promoted online.

19. Course Closed

A popular Australian who likes to flaunt his wealth on Instagram and news outlets. He does have a course but it has mixed reviews and is quite expensive, so do your own research.

  • Course pricing regularly changes
  • Has a large social following
  • Mixed reviews online.

20. eComm Hacks (Zak Folkman)

A similar name as Jared's course, it's overpriced and was promoted heavily by Zak and his business partners to sell the dream. Does offer good content but comes at a huge price tag.

  • Confusing course name
  • Zak has a large social following
  • Relaunched as eCom Profit Code.

Older Course Reviews

These courses may no longer be around, have closed or are still active. I've gone through and looked at the analytics of each post and if it was getting less than 20 visits per week it's listed below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best dropshipping course?

We think the best course currently is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. You can read more about why we think that in our buyers guide.

How much do dropshipping courses cost?

You can expect to pay $97 for a basic course up to $4,997 however you definitely don't get what you pay for and the best courses usually cost $197-$397.

Do I really need a dropship course?

You don't need a course, there's plenty of free resources out there BUT if you want to focus and get all the information in one place from a successful person you should definitely purchase a course as you will learn so much more, faster. Plus most courses have community groups to ask questions and get help.

How often do you update this buyers guide?

We aim to update the guide every few months or when we purchase and review more courses to add. All products featured have been bought, tested and reviewed.

Where can I learn about dropshipping?

Checkout our guide, we've included a getting started guide for help finding the best course for you to learn from.

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47 thoughts on “Best Drop Shipping Course For 2020 (With Full Reviews)”

  1. Hi Rhys,

    As an Australian looking to start drop shipping, should I give priority to Tristan’s course over Franklin’s?

    Also, am I correct to assume that there are no barriers to me starting a dropshipping business while on a vacation outside of my home country as long as I have a good internet connection and a PC (and time)?


    • Both courses are high level in terms of starting out but Tristan would be for someone a bit more advanced who doesn’t need an A-Z course. If you want to relate to a fellow Aussie businessman then of course Tristan’s course is a good idea.

      There are no barriers to entry and you can start learning anywhere you have an internet connection.

      All the best with your drop shipping journey.


  2. Hey Rhys,

    Between Franklin’s and Tristan’s course, which course would benefit a complete beginner with no experience of eCommerce and facebook ads?



    • Hi Dan,

      I’d definitely go with Franklin’s course as it’s a more A to Z course with over 150 videos. The Facenook ads section is super long and detailed too.. step by step. Definitely the course of choice for beginners.

      Hope that helps you? Let me know if I can help in anyway.

  3. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. I was just wondering if you’ve take Kevin David’s Shopify course? And if so where would it rank on your list. I’m not sure how it compares to others and I’m considering buying another course.

  4. Hey, should you recommend for more information about product research ?

    By the way, what do you think about “Srijan Bhardwaj‎” course ? Let me know.

  5. Hi, Rhys

    Im brazilian and I was thinking about to start dropshipping on instead Shopify.
    What do you think? Do u think it works for a non US citizen?
    I noticed that most of courses you recomend is using Shopify, why?
    If dropshipping on EBAY works for brazilians could u recomend a course?

    • I think the margins are too tight on eBay, it does work but you might be lucky to get 10% profit. Once you add eBay fees, Paypal fees you’re talking 15% whereas a Shopify store might have 2% transaction fees.
      You’re also up against anyone with the same product, most people search based on number of sales or price which larger sellers who’ve been selling for years ultimately hold status on.
      Most of the courses for eBay I’ve reviewed seem to skip over the actual costs of doing business so I can’t recommend a course, you can checkout my other reviews using the keyword ‘ebay’ in the search box to find them.
      Personally Shopify is a far better platform combined with paid traffic.

  6. Great review, very useful when you’re in the process of choosing the best drop shipping course. You’ve made it very easy to choose the best fit-course!

  7. Hey, love your website, it is super informative.
    I was going through your reviews and was looking for a specific guru (kevin princeton) but you seem to not have a review on his FB course on udemy yet, do you think udemy courses can be of as much value as the courses you have mentioned here ?
    I would love to get eCom elites but not enough capital to sustain the course and the adspend. do you have any advice on how to raise money online, and please mention resources that could be available to Nigeria.

    • Of the 81 courses, only 2 that are still active are by women. Wholesale Ted dropship club and Iyia Liu. Both were pretty average courses and not recommended.

  8. Such a great post-wish I had read it sooner. You have put a lot of work into this. What about Dropship Unlocked and Simon Vernon’s course too? Both for the UK market? Both did Anton’s Course and then broke off to form their own courses.


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