KingComm Course: The Royal Blueprint Review – Worth It?

The king is here, a favorite saying from Chris King, and if you've watched his Youtube videos recently you'll know he's recently launched his course, the royal blueprint. The course claims to be a mix and mash of a step by step course and a case study with real stores, real products, new pixels and $100k in 6 days.

Until recently I hadn't heard about The Royal Blueprint Review which seems to have launched in the last 24 hours so jumped on a live webinar that was streamed by Chris King this morning for 90 minutes. There were well over 800 people on the live stream listening to his Q+A section.

Chris is no longer with us. The review below was published in 2019 and the course is no longer available to purchase for new/existing users. 

Who is King Comm?

For those that don't know Chris King is a Youtuber with well over 45,000 subscribers and regularly posts new videos on the platform similar to other eCom experts out there.

One of the noteable things is that Chris does actually show real revenue figures and profits in his Youtube videos, this is something that many other 'guru's simply leave out of their free Youtube videos to sell their courses.

After reading through many comments on some recent videos, his students do seem to have success with the knowledge he drops on his channel.

One of the first questions someone asked in the stream was, 'When did you start drop shipping?' and the answer was 19. He's now 20, so one year of drop shipping and he's found the time to launch his own course.

When I started my first stores I didn't have time to share my methods, secrets and business knowledge with the world for a measly $197, especially when I was making well over 5 figures per week in profit (revenue means nothing remember).

The Royal Blueprint Pricing

At the time of going to print the course cost $197 which was the introductory price apparently for the first 24 hours. Tomorrow the course is going up to $297 for 7 days and will then be priced long term at $497.

I guess if you want to save money you should probably get in earlier rather than later as once the course hits $497 it's questionable as to whether it's worth the money compared to other courses out there.

AT $197 it might be an impulse buy for you, especially if you love the King Comm brand.

If you want a refund you need to request this within 24 hours, no exceptions.

Royal Blueprint Review

the royal blueprint review

The course is currently hosted on the Teachable platform allowing you to watch your content on all devices including tablet/mobile and desktop with responsive screen layouts. The video and audio quality is good and it's easy to understand the content when watching. Unfortunately you can't download videos for offline viewing.

One of the biggest draw cards to this course is the game Chris talks about his course to hype it up. He's roasted other marketers out there on live streams about his course being a combination of everyone else's course.

Unfortunately in my opinion this course appears to be very short. I don't know whether that's because it's still in the soft launch and more videos will be added but here is a run down on the modules:

  • Module 1: A-To-Z Outline
  • Module 2: Filling in the Gaps
  • Module 3: Case Study (0-$120k in 6 days)
  • Module 4: Bonuses
  • Module 5: Coming Soon.

As of right now there is four modules, with a total of 60 videos plus 4 bonus articles/documents. In the live stream he mentioned about uploading so many videos into the course so I have to say I was expecting a lot more.

The course also only looks at Facebook Ads.

It would be fair to say it's a targeted course, those that want to replicate similar success as the 0-120k per week that Chris achieved. This is very similar to eCom Blueprint and lacks a lot of basic eCommerce knowledge and other platforms such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Pinterest, SEO etc.

Module 1: A-To-Z Outline

The tag line for this module is, 'going from zero to six figures' and starts with an introduction into the course and how to setup your backend including choosing a domain name and buying this.

You then learn how to find a product before creating impulse ad copy, finding content online to use in your ads, creating professional product videos, adding text to your videos (impulse style) and then goes on to the basics such as setting up your Facebook page, optimizing your store for conversions and then launching your first ad.

I've summarized the videos above but they range in length from a few minutes to no more than 12 minutes. It's a bit muddled in my opinion such as going back and forth between steps and the store setup and conversion optimization videos were quite limited, maybe there is updates coming in the future.

Other videos include, how to test new creatives, figuring out which interests to target when testing, calculating BER and why it's important, when to kill or scale your adsets, getting your first $1,000 day through horizontal scaling, vertical scaling and how to stay profitable.

Module 2: Filling in The Gaps

This module seems to be a mish mash of videos hence the name of the module and includes random videos on a whole raft of topics and areas of drop shipping.

An example video here includes, 'is drop shipping going to die soon?' and another is 'what it really takes?' This is then proceeded by videos on further customization to your store such as adding logos, adding stripe payment processor, choosing color schemes for trust worthiness, apps to include on your store and pages you must have.

The module then goes on to show you various product research methods and how to find winning products. In the live webinar there was mention of the four research methods but we weren't told what they are. After watching the course I can confirm they are:

  • Aliexpress product research
  • Alishark product research
  • eCom Hunt product research
  • Product + Shopify research

These aren't ground breaking product research methods and I've watched other courses that have well over ten different ways to find winning products. However, Alishark is a new one for me and he did go into detail on how to use the platform (paid).

The last few videos include opening multiple ad accounts, when to file for an LLC (probably specific to your situation if you're even from CA or USA) and how to deal with customer service and using his bulk fulfillment agent.

Again the videos seem to be in no real order and it's pretty confusing.

Module 3: Case Study

Probably the section most people want to get access too and if you're struggling to make money online with eCommerce you might be thinking, 'great, a product I can steal and use myself.' Just remember the thousands of people that will probably buy the course will all be thinking the same, it's safe to say the product will be saturated.

The live webinar talked a big game about this case study but it included only 13 videos.

Most of these videos were basic too such as setting up the FB pixel, getting the logo/domain and creating the default pages. That left only 8 videos on actual case study results and testing.

THe videos followed including adding products to your store, designing the store layout, creating product descriptions and then finally creating your first FB ad. There's a short video on finding FB interests to target and customer service.

The real juice is in the longest video, 52 minutes on scaling from $900 to $14,000 in one day.

There is an ongoing video archive of the days 2 to 5 which will be added this week.

I thought it was the full case study but appears to be a weekly introductory offer.

Module 4: Bonuses

Currently the bonuses I got access to in the course included:

  • List of ePacket countries
  • 21 x ROAS case study
  • $1M in ad spend with 4 x ROAS case study
  • Automatic comment moderation.

Nothing ground breaking but some nice bonuses to have access too.

Access To Agent Fulfillment

You get access to Chris King's agent if you signup to the course, this works by adding their Shopify app on to your store and will automatically fulfill your orders. The one caveat which I picked up on from the live stream not mentioned on the sales page is that you must be doing 50 orders per day to get accepted. Take note when starting out you won't be doing this volume unless you're experienced.

Future Updates

The Royal Blueprint claims to be updated regularly by the eComm King and there is a coming soon section so you can see what's in the pipeline for the next few weeks and months to come.

Your enrollment fee is a one time fee and includes future updates apparently.

Final Verdict

The Royal Blueprint is a fairly simple course but does provide lots of value. I was expecting a lot more content given the rave reviews Chris King gave his course on the live stream and the case study section was pretty average if I'm honest.

I was expecting a fully fledged case study during signup, not a drip fed video series over the first week of the course. I would assume that following for 7 days would void your refund period too which was only 24 hours. Sneaky marketing there.

If you're contempt on buying into his brand then yes this is a good course but quite short and lacks a lot of videos I think a beginner would benefit from. There's no mention of Instagram, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing, Pinterest, SEO, Snapchat, all lucrative ways to make money with eCommerce now.

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