eCom Elites Review: 17 Reasons You Should Buy It!

This is the most concise, detailed and thoroughly detailed insiders guide to Franklin Hatchetts #1 course, eCom Elites. (Review Updated: December 2020)

It's the most affordable, most content filled course on the market.

FTC*This post contains affiliate links.

With a huge update in 2019 and major updates in 2020 so far, is it still the best drop shipping course on the market?

My eCom Elites review will enlighten you on what I think. This is a real unbiased review by an actual student (me). 

I bought this course in 2017 and have been working with dropshipping for many years.

  • Rank: Ranked #1 out of 81 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results
  • Length: 30 hours, 21 minutes
  • Price: Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)
  • Updated: April 2020
  • Rating: 5/5


Ranked #1 out of 97 dropship courses (See full list here)


Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results.


30 hours, 21 minutes


Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)


Early 2020


Proof That I’m A Student

I think it's important to show you that I am a student of eCom Elites. There's far too many reviews out there that aren't from successful students. 

I was one of the first 500 students to enrol in this course back in 2017. This was when the course had a blue background. It's now in version 3, white and black. 

You can ask Franklin, I'm one of his successful students. 

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

According to his personal blog, Franklin Hatchett is a New Zealand entrepreneur who's been making money online for the last ten years.

He claims to have been one of the first guru's teaching dropshipping, back in 2015 when very few people were doing this and Shopify was still in it's infancy.

Roll forward 5 years and he's got his own course, teaching you how to drop ship effectively.

Dropshipping, Franklin says is one of the most lucrative ways to start a business online and make real money.

While many guru's push their magic software claiming overnight success, Franklin has created a course that focuses on real results that will come if you follow the content correctly.

Many know him as the Youtube dude! 

Franklin's three key steps to success include:

  1. Stop the distractions
  2. Stop blaming others
  3. Start taking action.

Franklin now claims to have numerous successful dropshipping stores and includes real life examples from his course that you can see for yourself. One of those success stories is a tactical backpack and a solar torch, among others. 

Who Is Rhys?

Before we dive into to look at the 17 best reasons for buying this course, it's probably a smart idea to learn a bit about me too.

Most reviewers hide behind their computer screen, and you have no idea who they are or whether they actually made any money from dropshipping.

I started my journey with eBay. I was a powerseller by 2014, but the margins were tight.

eBay and Paypal fees are 8-9%, plus the far greater competition.

I tried to create my own website. Here's what it looked like in 2016, pretty bad!

In 2017, I was seeing these guys on my Youtube channel claiming to be making money dropshipping on a platform called Shopify.

One of those was Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites which was much cheaper than others which were $997 to $4997. At $197 it was an impulse buy.

Frank's a New Zealander and I liked the fact he was a normal guy. He didn't drive a leased Lamborghini claiming he was mega rich.

He had lots of free content on his Youtube channel and actually showed real examples. I was convinced he was the real deal.

Below was the original version of the course, the blue template.  

ecom elites review

After buying eCom Elites in 2017, I took my business to the next level, learning a whole range of traffic techniques including Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

Plus topics such as Google Shopping and the power of chatbots, alongside sales funnels and search engine optimization.

Until I bought this course I'd never used any of these. I was relying on word of mouth, driving sales from previous eBay buyers and using free social media posts.

My business now includes 2 stores and makes upwards of 7 figures revenue per year. Profit is mid 6 figures but that still beats a day job right? Of course it does! 

It's now easier than ever to start an eCommerce business thanks to platforms such as Shopify, web templates that let you setup a site in a few hours, and worldwide supplier platforms that allow anyone to become a dropshipper with zero investment.

Does Dropshipping Still Work In 2020?

Of course it does. Anyone who tells you it's dead, often has a better alternative to sell you. Whether that's Wealthy Affiliate, Local Lead Gen or something else. After looking on the first page of Google for eCom Elites you'll know what I mean. 

It goes like this: 

I'm not an affiliate for Franklin's course. Goes on to slam the course. Then at the bottom says, buy my local lead generation course instead. They aren't an affiliate, but they also have something better to sell you, so it's exactly the same. 

Dropshipping works. It all depends on your choice of supplier. Do this part correctly and you can succeed with this business model.

Anyone claiming dropshipping is dead, check out what they are selling before you give up on the idea. Most likely they have a 'better business opportunity to sell you!'

17 Reasons Why You Need eCom Elites

Grab a coffee, you'll then quickly see why this is the best dropshipping course out there.

1. Franklin Hatchett Is An Expert

The most important step first, a proven expert in this field. Franklin has been dropshipping since 2015 and has shared his winning products before.

His first winning products were a solar torch and tactical backpack. 

Take a look at the eCom Elites sales page, and you'll see this is a WordPress site using Teachable to handle the payments.

It's easy to win an award like that selling courses, but in Franklin's case, he's achieved this success with eCommerce dropshipping.

2. There’s 8,000+ eCom Elites Students

When you become a member of eCom Elites, you are joining a community of like minded individuals, and there's a Facebook group you can join.

At the time of writing this article, there's over 8,000 students.

While not everyone contributes to new posts, this should tell you something. Why are so many students buying this course?

Because it works, and it's affordable.

Here's some of the success stories I recently found.

And then there's this guy who made $971.42 in his first 2 weeks. 

And then there's people like this, who got their first sale. There's so many of these, but this is my favourite. I still remember, my first sale on my Shopify store. 

You can see more success stories on the official sales page including, Andrew who found a winning product and went on to scale it to $107,000 in 30 days.

Or Brian Kim who hit over $11,00 in sales across 584 orders.

3. eCom Elites Costs $197 - $297

One of the main reasons I bought eCom Elites back in 2017 was the price. It was originally $497 and $697 as per the sales page, but it's seriously discounted. 

Over the last 3 years Franklin Hatchett hasn't increased in the price. Plus each year the course is updated and existing members get full access.

I've reviewed countless courses that are priced at $497,$997 and $1,997, that simply aren't worth that at all.

Top Tip: Why pay $997 or $1997 for a course? Ultimately you still need money to pay for ads, so would you rather spend that extra $800 you just saved on your first ad campaign? Or have $0 to start, after paying for that overpriced course.

4. eCom Elites Offers 30 Day Money Back

Franklin offers a 30 day money back period. 

This is an action based refund policy, so you will need to do some work after watching the videos. 

5. Learn how to build a store

Module one in the course is all about learning to build a store based on suitable and trending topics on the Internet.

You will learn to start a Shopify store, install a premium theme and optimize for conversions.

Franklin makes it pretty clear that you don't need to create a multiple product store. You can start with one product.

Videos in this section include: Customization, adding products, setting up shipping rates, taxes and working with upsells, promotions and special offers.

You also get an overview on domain setup (linking your own to Shopify), handling coupons and so much more.

Franklin also looks into the payment methods available for both students based in the United States and around the world.

This is a section often ‘forgotten’ by other guru’s out there so it’s a good two videos if you aren’t a US or EU resident.

Franklin’s course can accommodate students worldwide.

6. Learn to source trending products

eCom elites offers well over 3 hours of videos on product and niche selection, how to find products to sell and numerous websites on how to get inspiration to get started.

Try Sell The Trend: The #1 tool for finding winning products fast. They crawl the web to find hot products and collate them into an easy to find database. (Learn more)

There are also numerous bonus videos including Print on Demand, Franklin’s 6 Figure Product, As Seen On TV and niche research software.

Here is the content you can view in the course for this module (each point includes a one or two videos):

  • Finding suppliers & relationships
  • Product research overview
  • Finding products to sell
  • Product sales volume
  • Triangle of sales
  • Using trend sites
  • Spying on stores
  • Facebook product research
  • Pricing products
  • Broad niches.

7. Become a Facebook Ads Master

There is a ton of videos in the Facebook Ads section, I’d definitely recommend going through them all if you’re just getting started with this platform.

There is over 50+ videos with a simple follow along process. Bonus videos include advanced targeting such as birthdays and Franklin’s 100k blueprint.

You will learn topics such as:

  • How to setup FB ads/pixel
  • Using the $5 per day method
  • Extensive audience videos (broad/flex)
  • Creating ads that convert
  • Scaling ads effectively
  • Using video ads for better results
  • Retargeting
  • Manual bidding, data mining.

Most importantly, you are learning from someone who spends over a million dollars a year on Facebook Ads, not some fake guru. 

8. Use the power of Instagram Influencers

Franklin goes through the process of showing you how to setup Instagram, finding influencers, the going rate on what you should and shouldn’t be paying for and how to find suitable influencers for your campaigns.

There’s a few videos in this section, it’s definitely not as long as the Facebook ads section but it’s a vital section most courses are focusing on.

One good post could explode your traffic and sales overnight.

You will learn about:

  • Instagram retargeting
  • Finding Instagram Influencers
  • Pricing strategies
  • Running IG ads
  • Retargeting ads. 

9. Become an email marketing wizard

Email marketing can turn a bad day into a good day with one email.


Franklin goes through the entire process of setting up a Getresponse campaign, including an automatic chain of emails that go out to new subscribers.

You'll also learn how to manage auto-responders, email customers and save abandoned carts, i.e. those who leave without paying.

Over 15 videos in this module on topics such as:

Connecting email platform to Shopify
Contact flow pixel setup
Setting up email tags
Automated email flows
Newsletter creation and sending
Increasing email open rates.

10. Automate With Chatbots

This is a brand new module for version 2.0 and it’s good to see Franklin has created an entire module for this topic.

The saying in the dropship world right now is, if you aren’t using a Chatbot, are you leaving money on the table?

Videos here will show you what they are, how to setup your very own bot and cool features such as sending ads through chat boxes, alert boxes, virtual answers to questions and chat flows! Cool right?

If you haven’t used chatbots before (or like me when I started, have no idea what they are), these videos are included:

  • How to setup and configure a chatbot
  • Setting up default replies
  • Creating advanced workflows
  • Creating popup boxes
  • Running chatbot ads
  • Setting up menus.

You'll also learn how to run ads to people who interacted with your chatbot. A great way to convert them, as they are now warm traffic. 

11. Create killer sales funnels

This module is new for version 2.0 and includes a wealth of content on how to create a funnel. The conventional way was to send a user to a cart page and collect payment.

Funnels allow you to collect payment then up sell them on other products with one click of a mouse.

Funnels also allow you to sell one product only and eCom Elites does this very well indeed.

Franklin is a funnel expert and was recently awarded a two comma award by RussellBrunson (owner of Clickfunnels) for his $10 million sales.

Videos in this section include:

  • Setting up and importing funnels
  • Editing a step by step funnel
  • Integrating funnels with Shopify
  • Adding tracking pixels
  • Integrating with Facebook ads retargeting. 

Sales funnels are big business now and can turn a customer who would have spent say $20 into someone who spent $40. You can create unlimited upsells with the training on offer.

12. Master Google Ads like a pro

Google Ads and shows you the pros and cons of using this platform vs Facebook Ads. You could however use both platforms just like Franklin.

Videos here include setting up Google Ads, navigating around the platform, installing Google pixel, retargeting campaigns, keyword research, ad layout and structure optimization.

Franklin has gone and overhauled this module and now there’s five videos on Google Shopping and even a module on scaling with time.

The value in this module is insane, there is no other course on the market that goes into this much detail with Google and Facebook Ads, all in this price range.

14. Get FREE traffic with SEO

Learn how to generate free traffic to your eCommerce store by leveraging the power of Google and free organic traffic, commonly called SEO. 

Franklin includes lots of content on keyword research, building backlinks, link outreach and social media signals. 

Mastering this section could help you to save a lot of money on Google Ads, which can become expensive over time. 

14. Super top secret videos

The last module is classified as top secret but I don’t remember signing an NDA so here they are for you. I definitely enjoyed watching the Facebook and Youtube spying tool videos.

  • Crush it by offering extended warranties
  • Crafty coupon tricks
  • Using review websites for leverage
  • Building fan pages/email lists
  • Facebook Ninja Spying
  • Sneaky Youtube niches. 

15. Regular live Q&A sessions

The videos included six Q&A sessions with Franklin with each one being around one hour long. There’s also a motivational speech which was actually surprisingly watchable, most gurus usually make me cringe watching such videos.

These take place within the Facebook group.

16. eCom Elites Is Regularly Updated

As I've mentioned earlier, eCom Elites is updated once per year in a major overhaul. Every few months minor adjustments are made. 

Since being a member, eCom Elites has been overhauled 3 times and minor updates have occured over 20 times since 2017. As of today, everything is still relevant. 

The content is still relevant and don't fall for other courses that claim to have revamped for a particular year. Chances are they just changed a few videos around. 

I reached out to Franklin to ask about the updates:

"We update our content as and when required, such as Facebook changing the power editor. All the content is the same, things are just located in different places."

17. eCom Elites Is Highly Rated Online

Most people think I only recommend eCom Elites because I get a kickback. But a quick read on my blog will show you over 200 courses I've reviewed. If my intention was to make a fast buck, I'd promote products that pay $1000's per sale. 

This is not how I operate. The course is highly rated because it's affordable and regularly updated. After all, 8,000+ other people have already bought the course

I promote courses that offer value and deliver exceptional training. A quick look on Google will show you hundreds of other positive reviews about eCom Elites. 

Is eCom Elites Worth The Money?

This is the largest drop shipping course on the market. It is also the cheapest course.

When you combine these two features together you will understand just how powerful this course is to your dropshipping journey.

The original course, launched in 2017 was completely overhauled in 2019 and the course now offers the most concise and detailed eLearning platform you'll find out there. Some minor updates occurred in April 2020.

While many guru's come and go, launching courses when the money dries up, Franklin Hatchett has been around for years and eCom Elites now has over 8,000 students.

Course vs Mentorship Explained

It's important to note, this is a training course, not a coaching mentorship. If you want 1-2-1 coaching then you'll probably want to buy a $3,000 package from a coach. You can't expect coaching 1-2-1 in a $197 course.

To get the most value out of this course, you should consider buying the training course and the complimentary theme that goes along with the course, eCom Turbo.

Your total spend would be $197-$297 for the course plus $97-$147 for the theme (depending on how many stores you actually want).

I’ve recommended this course to many of my readers, no one has asked for a refund on either the course or the theme which shows just how much value Franklin offers.

Why eCom Elites Is My #1 Course

Checkout all those guys who ranked this course as #2 and you'll see they are promoting their own local lead generation businesses or a huge eCom coaching programs which costs thousands of dollars and offer a healthy 50% affiliate commission, then claiming they aren't affiliates.

I ranked it #1 because it is the best course, with the most content, at the best price.

Most people starting their eCommerce business have limited money to spend upfront.

Very few people have two or three thousand dollars floating around that they can invest with a so called guru.

Franklin created the eCom Elites course for beginners and intermediates looking for all the information needed to start a successful business in one place, at one low fee.

If you've watched Youtube videos and want to stay on the right track then a premium course such as this, that offers 'completion steps' is probably what you're looking for.

You can learn from one of the best, who isn't going to force you to buy upsells, coaching or another membership when the course is updated.

Would you rather have $3000 to spend on your business from day one or would you rather have $0 after spending that money on a premium course or coaching call. 99% of people would rather use that cashflow to start their business.

Most people starting dropshipping have less than $1000 to spend on their store and it's the perfect business model for those looking for a REAL business online.

Dropshipping Vs Local Lead Gen Exposed

There's many scare mongering tactics out there such as dropshipping is expensive and that local lead generation is the easiest way to make money online with limited investment.

Firstly, there's the price of the course, most of those courses are priced upwards of $6,000 just to learn the process. They don't tell you that upfront, until you get on a free (sales) coaching call.

Secondly, the competition is fierce with local lead gen. You'll be creating little websites that rank at the top of Google for keywords such as 'New York Plumber' and then collect their email address and sell those leads to local businesses.

It sounds great but 1000's of people are doing the exact same thing and everyone knows the guy at the top gets all the leads. If you're not in the top 3, you won't make a dime.

You'll be up against seasoned pro's who use shady marketing tactics to get their sites at the top, on every Google map search in the local area and many other websites who are years ahead of you. 

Dropshipping allows you to place your ad in front of targeted audiences and it's up to you how you sell them, upsell them and convert them in future. With paid traffic you can see results instantly! 

Oh and during pandemics such as Coronavirus, Local Lead Gen is dead. 

eCom Elites Standard Vs Ultimate Explained

There's currently two price points. I bought the Ultimate version so I could review the entire course. The differences are highlighted on the sales page. 

However, at the time of writing (June 2020) the difference is the sales funnel training is not included in the Standard plan. 

I feel like the sales funnel academy is a crucial part of the course, as you don't have to use Shopify, and is great for single product stores, i.e. selling one product. 

Additionally you get access to a large number of Google Shopping tutorials, which are much cheaper than Facebook Ads. It's a better option to find targeted buyers. 

Lastly you get some done for you sales funnels, and two free books. All this is definitely worth the extra $100 so if you can afford to do so, Ultimate package is a better option.

Can I change from Standard to Ultimate after purchase?

We actually reached out to Franklin's team to ask. They advised you can pay the difference to upgrade at a later date. This is a limited time offer though and can't be relied on. 

If the fear of missing out is too great, buy the Ultimate package straight away. 

My eCom Elites Journey So Far

I’ve been making money online for years and I always had a drop shipping store, long before I came across Franklin’s course (It was average though). 

I was always using Google Adwords and directing those visitors to a collections page on Shopify. Big mistake!

Never send traffic to, you must send them to product pages. 

I also was focused on SEO and free social media traffic and that method still works great today.

I quickly learned that you should be driving traffic to a specific product page ONLY unless you’re building a huge brand which most of you will not be doing. After seeing how these big e-commerce websites were making money it became much clearer through the course.

For example running an ad to a product page to checkout to an up sell to another upsell you can convert people much easier.

As you can see this is a far better way of running an e-commerce business.

Franklin taught me how to use chatbots, something I’d never have considered 12 months ago.

Franklin also taught me the power of Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers and Clickfunnels.

The level of support offered in the Facebook group is second to none and I still can’t believe the price of the course given the on going updates, bonuses and additional videos constantly added to the members area.

If you do join, look out for me in the Facebook group (with over 8,000 other students), maybe we can help each other. 

eCom Elites Discount Coupon Code

It’s important to note there is no eCom Elites discount. Despite what other reviews state, there is no cash back or discount when you purchase Ecom Elites. Beware of scams selling unauthorized copies that are old and incomplete.

Hope you enjoyed my eCom elites review and after reviewing 81 of the best and worst dropshipping courses on the internet, I can say hands down this is the best one. You will not be disappointed, honestly.

See you in the FB mastermind and we can help each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCom Elites?

eCom Elites is an online eCommerce training course by Franklin Hatchett. This A-to-Z course will help you start a dropshipping business. Join 10,000+ students who have joined this course so far.

Does eCom Elites work in 2020/21?

Absolutely, the course and content is still relevant. Plus the business model still works too! You can easily start a dropshipping business during COVID-19. 

Why should I buy eCom Elites?

The course is the most affordable yet valuable course you’ll find. There’s over 200+ videos across 9 modules on many different topics.

You’ll learn about finding winning products, choosing suppliers, creating an optimized store, automating your sales and then there is 75+ videos on paid and free traffic. There’s also a mastermind group with 10,000 other members.

How much does eCom Elites cost?

The course has two price points, $197 and $297. The more expensive plan includes additional content and training and is worth the extra $100. Read the review and find out what the additional content is.

Where can I buy eCom Elites?

You can buy the course from but be sure to read my review to see if the course is right for you.

Who owns eCom Elites?

Franklin Hatchett is the course creator, he’s a successful New Zealand entrepreneur who’s helped thousands of students start their eCom businesses.

What is the best dropshipping course?

eCom Elites was voted best dropshipping course by in our most recent guide which you can view on our website.

Income Disclaimer: I make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future earnings or income, or that you will make any specific amount of money and that you may just as easily lose money. Earnings above are students of the course, not mine or eCom Elites specifically. 

28 thoughts on “eCom Elites Review: 17 Reasons You Should Buy It!”

      • Hi Rhys – would you say this is the minimum ad spend to break even or start making profits? I’m seriously considering signing up for this course, but I’d hate to spend money only to find out further down the line that I can’t afford the necessary investments to make this work. Thanks!

        • You need at least $500 to get started with ads. I’ve said in the past $250-$500, but paid ads are more expensive than they were in the past years.

  1. Hi Rhys,
    Which course do you suggest if you want to
    1. Build an ecommerce store on Shopify 2. Source local suppliers not drop shipping
    and 3. Bulid the brand on Instagram
    ( maybe also how to using influencers. I was going to get Start and Scale but after reading your review I decided against it)

  2. Hi Rhys,

    Does the course teach you how to incorporate your company if you are selling to US and you are not a US citizen, living in another country? I’m living in Australia and I have bought dropship lifestyle course. I’m in my 2nd week. From what I have gathered in their forums, many international students had to register LLC in Wyoming (recommended) and fly to US to create a bank account because they are not US citizen and couldn’t create one online or over the phone. Some has mentioned opening an online bank account with which allows overseas US company owner to open online that has gov guarantee of $250k. They also paid for virtual office to have an US address for the store.

    So I am now at a stage where I am not sure if I should incorporate my company in Australia and setup US bank account with Mercury or maybe Stripe is sufficient? Then still pay for a virtual office for the US address? How am I going to register for sales tax if I am not a LLC? So confused now LoL.

    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


    • No the course doesn’t cover this. You don’t need to setup a US company to sell to the US, only if you want to sell US products from a US supplier to a US customer. You can ship from overseas to the USA, this is the method taught in eCom Elites. Some courses focus on US dropshipping, but you’re right it’s a headache for non US citizens and you need an LLC and register for sales tax. Plus you’ll have the IRS looking into your financials, which will likely require an accountant in Australia that knows about US taxation. I did setup my own Delaware LLC many years ago to start dropshipping within the USA, but using a service like Aliexpress you wouldn’t need to do this.

  3. Hi Rhys,

    What do you think about sourcing products from Aliexpress? Do you source from them for any of your dropshipping stores or do you know anyone who is using them and has been successful? I really enjoy the eCom Elites course but I just can’t get onboard with the whole Ali thing. Suppliers are the most important aspect of the DS business and there’s no guidance in the course on how to find good local ones. I can’t see how selling very cheap products from China with 30-40 days shipping time could generate tonnes of profits. Some members of the eCom Elites boast about making $25k a month and it makes me even more suspicious in terms of their credibility. Thoughts?

    • Well most products are sourced from China and then sold in retail stores so when you’re just starting you can look at Aliexpress, but you can consider other companies too such as Banggood. Delivery times are longer, but ensuring you clearly identify this to your visitors then being a global shop is often not an issue if you’re selling cheaper than US websites. However the reason eCom Elites doesn’t look at local suppliers is because the course would then be specifically related to one country. If you’re from the UK and he was talking about USA suppliers, you probably wouldn’t buy the course. There’s 100s of other courses out there that focus on local suppliers, which means tighter margins and reseller/tax ID’s which will shut out entrepreneurs from 196 other countries. The final part about members boasting about $25k a month, I can’t speak for them, but like any business it depends on various factors and probably has no bearing on your own. How I see it, this is a training course on dropshipping for a specific type of dropshipping. If you want US based or UK based dropshipping, I’d buy a course specifically to that country, but finding dropshippers isn’t hard, finding ones that offer decent margins is. There’s far more profit to be made from China, than from USA as you’re buying from the source. A USA dropshipper has simply cut your shipping time down, but that costs a premium.

  4. I’m interested in buying eCom Elites. Do you think it’s possible to earn $3k profit and up just using the free SEO traffic method? Great detailed review by the way!

    • Thanks for the feedback, it’s definitely possible, I make more than that from my own sites using organic SEO but it does take take, it’s not overnight. You also need to optimize your pages, especially your categories as this is often where most people fail with their stores SEO. You can checkout eCom Elites here.

  5. Thank you for the thorough review. Does the course cover how to source and engage UK suppliers directly, rather than relying on third party drop shipping platforms?

    • It doesn’t cover the UK specifically as Franklin is based in New Zealand, it mainly focuses on China based drop shipping, with some local content. However the principles are the same when it comes to using a local supplier, contacting them in a particular way and setting up a partnership to dropship, or using resources to find UK suppliers that offer blind shipping already.

  6. Hi Rhys,

    Thank you for such a helpful article. My question is, apart from $500 to have with you for ad spending, how much more money should one keep aside in order to cover the costs of the products sold? For example, while setting up a print on demand store, how much would be needed at first to make secure profits and not hit a financial dead end?

    Thank you!

    • Well I’d say you need another couple hundred dollars set aside, but the beauty of dropshipping is you don’t buy the products until you’ve been paid so there’s limited risk. I can’t answer the second part of your questions as it depends entirely on your product selection, store setup, ads etc.

  7. Which Shopify package does he recommend for starters, just so i can make an annual bugdet on the fees i’ll be paying for the shopify plan. I’m trying to create a budget before i join….i just need a little more details. Thanks

  8. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks for the thorough review of eCom Elites. You’ve almost convinced me to buy the course. But after reading a few comments about dropshipping from outside the US, I’m a little tentative again. I live in Australia. So what should I be preparing before starting a store or even buying the course.

    I’ve heard things like LLC and other tax stuff thrown around. But I’m not too familiar with e-commerce. Do you have any thoughts that would help me move forward? I know there are people certainly dropshipping successfully while living in Australia, so it’s possible. But I don’t have any credible sources to ask around for help.


    • So LLC is for USA businesses, not needed if you’re dropshipping from China. You can start as a soletrader in Australia, just get an ABN for free. Pretty much that’s it, you can start a company later on but for now to prove the business model you can operate under your own ABN. Then I’d buy the course or just setup a Shopify store and get started creating your brand or multi product store. You will pay tax, but only on your profits, so I’d recommend keeping a log of all your sales, expenses (including product costs) and then your net profit. This is what you’ll note in your tax return each year and pay tax on. As you grow you may want to speak with an accountant to help you to claim tax deductions or ways to lower your taxes. I’d then get a credit card from American Express to get points for your personal travel, by using it to fulfil orders with your supplier. Then repaying this card as quickly as possible to avoid interest. As you’re dropshipping you won’t have too many costs before selling a unit, except Facebook or social media ads and of course your Shopify store and domain name. Personally I would only start preparing after going through a course or free Youtube training incase you decide this business model isn’t for you.


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