eCom Elites Review: Franklin Hatchett Course (My #1 Pick Here’s Why!)

This is the most concise, detailed and thoroughly detailed insiders guide to Franklin Hatchetts #1 course, eCom Elites.

It's the most affordable, most content filled course on the market.

With a huge update in 2019 and minor updates in 2020 so far, is it still the best drop shipping course on the market?

My eCom Elites review will enlighten you on what I think.

This is a real unbiased review by an actual student (me). 

I bought this course in 2017 and have been working with dropshipping for many years.

Advertising Disclosure

eCom Elites Review

  • Rank: Ranked #1 out of 81 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results
  • Length: 30 hours, 21 minutes
  • Price: Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)
  • Updated: April 2020
  • Rating: 5/5


Ranked #1 out of 81 dropship courses (See full list here)


Longest, most impressive course with real life examples and results.


30 hours, 21 minutes


Standard ($197) | Ultimate ($297)


Early 2020


Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is a New Zealand entrepreneur who's been making money online for the last ten years. 

He claims to have been one of the first guru's teaching dropshipping, back in 2015 when very few people were doing this and Shopify was still in it's infancy.

Roll forward 4 years and he's got his own course, teaching you how to drop ship effectively. 

Dropshipping, Franklin says is one of the most lucrative ways to start a business online and make real money.

While many guru's push their magic software claiming overnight success, Franklin has created a course that focuses on real results that will come if you follow the content correctly. 

Franklin's three key steps to success include:

  1. Stop the distractions
  2. Stop blaming others
  3. Start taking action.

Franklin now claims to have numerous successful dropshipping stores and includes real life examples from his course that you can see for yourself. One of those success stories is a tactical backpack. 

Who Is ImRhys?

I started my own dropshipping business over 10 years ago, selling products on eBay and shipping them from a third party website.

Back then platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce didn't exist so I had to make do with eBay.

Around 2014 I made well over 5 figures per month, which allowed me to quality as a US top seller.

But I was losing too much money on eBay and Paypal fees. 

I then created my own website after learning how to code and started selling products directly to consumers.

I saved 15-20% as I wasn't paying eBay or Paypal fees on my purchases. 

But as you can see below, without Shopify or Woocommerce, my website looked really bad!

It was at the end of 2017 that I started seeing courses popping up about starting a dropshipping business online with a new platform called Shopify. 

One of those was Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites which was much cheaper than others which were $997 to $4997. At $197 it was an impulse buy

Frank's a New Zealander and I liked the fact he was a normal guy. He didn't drive a leased Lamborghini claiming he was mega rich.

He had lots of free content on his Youtube channel and actually showed real examples. I was convinced he was the real deal.

Below was the original version of the course, ​​​​the blue template.  

ecom elites review

After buying eCom Elites in 2017, I took my business to the next level, learning a whole range of traffic techniques including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping and the power of chatbots, alongside sales funnels and search engine optimization. 

Until I bought this course I'd never used any of these. I was relying on word of mouth, driving sales from previous eBay buyers and using free social media posts. 

My business now includes 5 stores and makes upwards of 7 figures revenue per year.

Profit is mid 6 figures but that still beats a day job right? Of course it does! 

This is from a mixture of Google Ads and retargeting campaigns on social media.

It's now easier than ever to start an eCommerce business thanks to platforms such as Shopify, web templates that let you setup a site in a few hours, and worldwide supplier platforms that allow anyone to become a dropshipper with zero investment. 

Does Dropshipping Still Work In 2020?

Absolutely, dropshipping isn't going anywhere and is still one of the most lucrative ways to make money online.

You can start your own business fast, without worrying about holding inventory.

Most major retailers such as Walmart, BestBuy and BHPhotoVideo actually dropship their products if you purchase via their online stores. 

Anyone who tries to tell you dropshipping is dead, often has a better alternative to sell you such as local lead gen, or another get rich quick scheme, so don't believe their hype.

Local Lead Gen is probably the worst business for a beginner.

What To Expect From eCom Elites?

eCom Elites is probably the best course at the best price you've been looking for.

While other guru's like to create courses that cost thousands of dollars, Franklin has provided a course that anyone can purchase and implement without worrying about wasting that money.

It's an impulse buy that suits anyone looking to start an online biz.

The course doesn't include wishy washy information and he doesn't need a flashy lambo to sell you on the dream of starting your own business.

If that's what you're looking for, eCom Elites probably isn't the platform for you.

Anyone can get a nice car.. on finance. 

eCom Elites is an insiders look into the world of dropshipping and is perfect for beginners and intermediates looking for a complete A-to-Z hand holding into the process of building an eCommerce store. 

You'll Learn

  • How to setup your Shopify store from scratch
  • You'll customize everything, use a premium theme and create a killer looking store.
  • How to find and source products
  • Work with some of the best suppliers for fast worldwide shipping.
  • How to find winning products, sell products that meet consumer demand
  • And find your first 6 figure product using real life case studies.
  • How to launch your first Facebook Ad campaign
  • Over 30 videos on the entire process for image, carousel and video ads.
  • How to launch your first Instagram Influencer & Ad campaign
  • Find other ways to market your products with this huge platform.
  • How to get organic Google SEO traffic with various techniques
  • Plus a full rundown on Google Shopping and how this can help your business.
  • Using Email Marketing, Chatbots and Follow up sequences
  • The power of these tools and tips can bring more to your bottom line.

eCom Elites Course Outline

The platform uses Teachable to handle the payments which are available via Paypal or Stripe.

This is a good alternative as most courses only use Stripe these days as it’s next to impossible to cancel and get a refund.

The member portal uses Kajabi which looks great on both mobile and desktop, it’s responsive.

The first screen is the welcome video which gives you an overview on how the course will work.

I quickly noticed the number of modules and started expanding each module out, there is well over 180 videos in this course.

The Facebook ad’s module has over 30 videos alone! Since I originally posted this review, I’ve come across over 50 other courses and Franklin’s is by far the most conclusive course on FB ads.

So not only are you getting an e-commerce course but you’re also getting a Facebook ads course that could easily rival and give more value than any of those guru’s Facebook courses that charge $500+ for similar content.

It’s great to see Franklin using Vimeo which offers a variety of video qualities ranging from 360 to 1080p depending on your internet connection.

After trying all four formats, the lowest quality still looked great on both desktop and mobile. As you can see you can change the connection quality yourself.

Below I've gone into each module in detail. You can read each module in depth, proceed to the next module or return to this main review should you need too. 

Module 0: eCom Introduction

This is the first module in the course and Franklin recommends you start off here before diving into the course content. 

You'll get access to two videos and two books, a brief introduction to the course, himself and how to approach the course. 

The main video of interest is the 'Looking at Results' video which shows you a small handful of successful students.

There's over 8,000 students in the course with most succeeding with their dropshipping career. 

Module 1: Store Setup

In this module under version 2.0 it’s been relaid out and now includes videos on a whole plethora of topics including starting a general or niche store and the reasons why you should do one or the other.

The videos go on to show you how to get started with a Shopify theme and if you don’t already know, eCom Turbo get’s a mention which is Franklin’s theme that is used by thousands of successful e-commerce stores.

I use this theme on my own store and it’s much better for conversion optimization.

Videos in this section include: Customization, adding products, setting up shipping rates, taxes and working with upsells, promotions and special offers.

You also get an overview on domain setup (linking your own to Shopify), handling coupons and so much more.

Franklin also looks into the payment methods available for both students based in the United States and around the world.

This is a section often ‘forgotten’ by other guru’s out there so it’s a good two videos if you aren’t a US or EU resident.

Franklin’s course can accommodate students worldwide.

Module 2: Sourcing Products

eCom elites offers well over 3 hours of videos on product and niche selection, how to find products to sell and numerous websites on how to get inspiration to get started.

There are also numerous bonus videos including Print on Demand, Franklin’s 6 Figure Product, As Seen On TV and niche research software.

Here is the content you can view in the course for this module (each point includes a one or two videos):

  • Finding suppliers & relationships
  • Product research overview
  • Finding products to sell
  • Product sales volume
  • Triangle of sales
  • Using trend sites
  • Spying on stores
  • Facebook product research
  • Pricing products
  • Broad niches.

Module 3: Facebook Ads

There is a ton of videos in this section, I’d definitely recommend going through them all if you’re just getting started with Facebook ads. 

There is hours and hours of content here (50+ videos) with a simple follow along process. Bonus videos include advanced targeting such as birthdays and Franklin’s 100k blueprint.

Some of the FB videos in eCom Elites include:

  • Getting to know the platform/how it works
  • Setting up your account/installing pixels
  • Creating FB business account/page
  • Multiple methods, $5/day, blog post/ PPE method, Profit Multiplayer
  • Extensive audience videos (broad, flex)
  • Creating your ads, images, ad copy
  • How to scale your ads effectively
  • Using video ads for better results
  • Retargeting
  • Breaking down the data.

You’ll learn everything from setting up a business ad account to automatic and manual bidding, data mining, conversions, creating every type of ad, pixel installs, scaling and look a like audiences.

Franklin’s course is one a few courses out there that really shows you how to scale your business correctly.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic

Franklin goes through the process of showing you how to setup Instagram, finding influencers, the going rate on what you should and shouldn’t be paying for and how to find suitable influencers for your campaigns.

There’s a few videos in this section, it’s definitely not as long as the Facebook ads section but it’s a vital section most courses are focusing on.

One good post could explode your traffic and sales overnight.

Some of the videos in this section include:

  • Instagram retargeting
  • Finding influencers
  • Influencer pricing strategies
  • How to run IG adverts
  • Multiple Instagram ad setup videos.

Franklins’ course goes into lots of details regarding Instagram influencers. This will ensure you don’t get burned buying from spam accounts.

Module 5: Email Marketing

This module includes a wide variety of videos on how to setup a GetResponse campaign and setting up auto-responders to automatically email customers and/or potential leads (cart abandonment).

As an email marketing expert back in the day I agree with Franklin’s approach and it does work well.

In 2020 I definitely think Facebook messenger retargeting is the way forward over email marketing though.

There’s 15+ videos in this section with two being bonuses on how to use coupons to win customers back and analyzing and reading into your data further. Videos in this module include:

  • Collecting and sending emails from store
  • Connecting email plugin to store
  • Contact flow pixel setup
  • Setting up email tags
  • Setting up automated emails
  • Newsletter creation and sending
  • How to get better open rates
  • Alternative with using Mailchimp (free).

Module 6: Chatbots

This is a brand new module for version 2.0 and it’s good to see Franklin has created an entire module for this topic.

The saying in the drop ship world right now is, if you aren’t using a Chatbot, are you leaving money on the table?

Videos here will show you what they are, how to setup your very own bot and cool features such as sending ads through chat boxes, alert boxes, virtual answers to questions and chat flows! Cool right?

If you haven’t used chatbots before (or like me when I started, have no idea what they are), these videos are included:

  • Basic chatbot setup and installation
  • Setting up default replies
  • Creating advanced chat flows (automatic replies etc)
  • Creating popup boxes or links to your chatbot
  • Running chatbot ads
  • Setting up menus and other tools.

One of the awesome things Franklin shows you to do is how to run ads to people who have already subscribed or used your chatbot.

This is warm traffic and will help you to convert them much better.

When I started learning this module in the course it was pretty eye opening, there is so many possibilities.

Module 7: Sales Funnels

This module is new for version 2.0 and includes a wealth of content on how to create a funnel.

The conventional way was to send a user to a cart page and collect payment.

Funnels allow you to collect payment then up sell them on other products with one click of a mouse.

Funnels also allow you to sell one product only and eCom Elites does this very well indeed.

Franklin is a funnel expert and was recently awarded by Russel Brunson (owner of Clickfunnels) for his affiliate work.

Videos in this section include:

  • Clickfunnels account setup
  • Importing a done for you sales funnel
  • Editing your sales funnel step by step
  • Integrating shopify for automatic fulfilment
  • Connecting payment processors
  • Installing tracking pixels
  • Adding products/variants
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Setting up funnel retargeting.

Sales funnels are big business now and can turn a customer who would have spent say $20 into someone who spent $40. You can create unlimited upsells with the training on offer.

Module 8: Google Ads

Another brand new module for version 2.0 Franklin takes you inside Google Ads and shows you the pros and cons of using this platform vs Facebook Ads.

You could however use both platforms just like Franklin.

Videos here include setting up Google Ads, navigating around the platform, installing Google pixel, retargeting campaigns, keyword research, ad layout and structure optimization.

Franklin has gone and overhauled this module and now there’s five videos on Google Shopping and even a module on scaling with time.

If you’ve considered Google Ads Ecom Academy, while the content here isn’t as detailed, it offers a similar level at a more affordable price.

The value in this module is insane, there is no other course on the market that goes into this much detail with Google and Facebook Ads, all in this price range.

Module 9: Organic Google SEO

I always notice with drop ship courses that the creators are either really good with paid traffic or organic.

There’s a fine line and they either skip one for the other. For example 90% of courses recommend paid traffic whereas others focus on organic SEO.

Franklin does focus on organic however you can quickly tell Franklin is a paid traffic man (which is fine and if you want fast results you need to use paid traffic too) but don’t expect a wealth of information here.

If you’re looking for SEO techniques you may need further reading.

Videos here include keyword research, building backlinks, link outreach andeven using blackhat methods.

Module 10: Top Secret Videos

The last module is classified as top secret but I don’t remember signing an NDA so here they are for you.

I definitely enjoyed watching the Facebook and Youtube spying tool videos.

  • Crush it with warranties (screenshot above)
  • Crafty coupon tricks
  • Using review websites for leverages
  • Building huge fan pages/email lists
  • Facebook Ninja Spying
  • Sneaky Youtube Niches (Spying).

  • Module 11: Facebook Group

    Every eCom elites membership gets access to the private Facebook mastermind group which is rammed full of content.

    I’ve joined many eCommerce mastermind groups and most of them are either dead or the same questions over and over. Franklin had over 6000 members when I had my last look.

    The group is actually very active. Usually with courses that are small you’ll notice a lack of replies to your questions.

    Thankfully with so many students, Franklin’s group is very active.

    Module 12: Live Q&A Sessions

    The videos included six Q&A sessions with Franklin with each one being around one hour long.

    There’s also a motivational speech which was actually surprisingly watchable, most gurus usually make me cringe watching such videos.

    Lastly (at the time of writing) there was a video on flipping websites on Flippa.

    Is it worth the price?

    This is the largest drop shipping course on the market. It is also the cheapest course.

    When you combine these two features together you will understand just how powerful this course is to your dropshipping journey. 

    The original course, launched in 2017 was completely overhauled in 2019 and the course now offers the most concise and detailed eLearning platform you'll find out there. Some minor updates occurred in April 2020.  

    While many guru's come and go, launching courses when the money dries up, Franklin Hatchett has been around for years and eCom Elites now has over 8,000 students.

    Each student paid a one time fee to join the course and gets lifetime updates.

     If that's not commitment to student success I don't know what is.

    All the negative reviews around eCom Elites have an ulterior motive, such as selling you on their own course or recommending an alternative. 

    It's important to note, this is a training course, not a coaching course. If you want coaching then you'll probably want to buy a $3,000 package from a coach. You can't expect coaching 1-2-1 in a $197 course. 

    To get the most value out of this course, you should consider buying the training course and the complimentary theme that goes along with the course, eCom Turbo.

    Your total spend would be $197-$297 for the course plus $97-$147 for the theme (depending on how many stores you actually want). 

    I’ve recommended this course to many of my readers, no one has asked for a refund on either the course or the theme which shows just how much value Franklin offers.

    He started at the bottom (working a 7-6 job driving a digger) and now drives around in a Maserati with the license plate ‘NODEGRE’ – which proves any one can start a business online with drop shipping and succeed.

    Why I Ranked It #1?

    Checkout all those guys who ranked this course as #2 and you'll see they are promoting their own local lead generation businesses or a huge eCom coaching programs which costs thousands of dollars and offer a healthy 50% affiliate commission, then claiming they aren't affiliates. 

    I ranked it #1 because it is the best course, with the most content, at the best price. 

    Most people starting their eCommerce business have limited money to spend upfront. Very few people have two or three thousand dollars floating around that they can invest with a so called guru. 

    Franklin crafted the eCom Elites course for beginners and intermediates looking for all the information needed to start a successful business in one place, at one low fee. 

    If you've watched Youtube videos and want to stay on the right track then a premium course such as this, that offers 'completion steps' is probably what you're looking for.

    You can learn from one of the best, who isn't going to force you to buy upsells, coaching or another membership when the course is updated. 

    Would you rather have $3000 to spend on your business from day one or would you rather have $0 after spending that money on a premium course or coaching call. 99% of people would rather use that cashflow to start their business. 

    Most people starting dropshipping have less than $1000 to spend on their store and it's the perfect business model for those looking for a REAL business online.

    Dropshipping vs Local Lead Gen

    There's many scare mongering tactics out there such as dropshipping is expensive and that local lead generation is the easiest way to make money online with limited investment. 

    Firstly, there's the price of the course, most of those courses are priced upwards of $6,000 just to learn the process. They don't tell you that upfront, until you get on a free (sales) coaching call. 

    Secondly, the competition is fierce with local lead gen. You'll be creating little websites that rank at the top of Google for keywords such as 'New York Plumber' and then collect their email address and sell those leads to local businesses.

    It sounds great but 1000's of people are doing the exact same thing and everyone knows the guy at the top gets all the leads. If you're not in the top map stack, you won't make a dime. 

    You'll be up against seasoned pro's who use shady marketing tactics to get their sites at the top, on every Google map search in the local area and many other websites who are years ahead of you. 

    Dropshipping allows you to place your ad in front of targeted audiences and it's up to you how you sell them, upsell them and convert them in future. With paid traffic you can see results instantly! 

    Oh and during pandemics such as Coronavirus, Local Lead Gen is dead. 

    eCom Elites Real Life Example

    I’ve been making money online for years and I always had a drop shipping store, long before I came across Franklin’s course (It was average though). I was always using Google Adwords and directing those visitors to a collections page on Shopify. Big mistake!

    Never send traffic to, you must send them to product pages. 

    I also was focused on SEO and free social media traffic and that method still works great today.

    I quickly learned that you should be driving traffic to a specific product page ONLY unless you’re building a huge brand which most of you will not be doing. After seeing how these big e-commerce websites were making money it became much clearer through the course.

    For example running an ad to a product page to checkout to an up sell to another upsell you can convert people much easier.

    As you can see this is a far better way of running an e-commerce business.

    Franklin taught me how to use chatbots, something I’d never have considered 12 months ago.

    Franklin also taught me the power of Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers and Clickfunnels.

    The level of support offered in the Facebook group is second to none and I still can’t believe the price of the course given the on going updates, bonuses and additional videos constantly added to the members area.

    If you do join, look out for me in the Facebook group (with over 8,000 other students), maybe we can help each other. 

    eCom Elites Success Stories

    You can easily see on the course sales page some success stories, such as a guy named Andrew who found a winning product and scaled it to $107,000 in 30 days

    Plus there's Brian Kim who hit over $11,000 in sales and had 584 orders. 

    But what about students in his Facebook mastermind group. This is the best way to see if they are actually making money. 

    Well there's a famous saying, those that see success don't show it. And I agree, why would you share your success with others who haven't seen it yet? 

    You don't see famous people sharing their bank statements online. 

    But here's some comments that might interest you. 

    And then there's this guy who made $1,000 in his first 2 weeks. 

    And then there's people like this, who got their first sale. There's so many of these, but this is my favourite. I still remember, my first sale on my Shopify store. 

    Income Disclaimer: I make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future earnings or income, or that you will make any specific amount of money and that you may just as easily lose money. Earnings above are students of the course, not mine or eCom Elites specifically. 

    eCom Elites Discount Coupon Code

    It’s important to note there is no ecom elites discount. Despite what other reviews state, there is no cash back or discount when you purchase Ecom Elites. Beware of scams selling unauthorized copies that are old and incomplete.

    Hope you enjoyed my eCom elites review and after reviewing 81 of the best and worst drop shipping courses on the internet, I can say hands down this is the best one. You will not be disappointed, honestly.

    See you in the FB mastermind and we can help each other.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is eCom Elites?

    eCom Elites is an online eCommerce training course by Franklin Hatchett. This A-to-Z course will help you start a dropshipping business. Join 10,000+ students who have joined this course so far.

    Why should I buy eCom Elites?

    The course is the most affordable yet valuable course you’ll find. There’s over 200+ videos across 9 modules on many different topics.

    You’ll learn about finding winning products, choosing suppliers, creating an optimized store, automating your sales and then there is 75+ videos on paid and free traffic. There’s also a mastermind group with 10,000 other members.

    How much does eCom Elites cost?

    The course has two price points, $197 and $297. The more expensive plan includes additional content and training and is worth the extra $100. Read the review and find out what the additional content is.

    Where can I buy eCom Elites?

    You can buy the course from but be sure to read my review to see if the course is right for you.

    Who owns eCom Elites?

    Franklin Hatchett is the course creator, he’s a successful New Zealand entrepreneur who’s helped thousands of students start their eCom businesses.

    What is the best dropshipping course?

    eCom Elites was voted best dropshipping course by in our most recent guide which you can view on our website.

    392 thoughts on “eCom Elites Review: Franklin Hatchett Course (My #1 Pick Here’s Why!)”

      • Hi Dave,

        Yes it is. Franklins actually a New Zealander himself and has students all over the world. He recommends drop shipping from china which anyone can do without any geographical restrictions.


        • Hi Rhys,

          I’m interested in starting up a dropshipping business again. I backed out too soon after starting one using Shopify and Printful (POD site) back in November, after my first customer received a defective item. (I shouldn’t have let two instances affect me that much, when the store just opened, but it did.). But I think I also needed something like Ecom Elites to learn more about marketing and ads to profit from my store, which is why I’m here. I used Printful because they’re a US company that seems very good, and I use my own designs on the products, but in your comment it says that Ecom Elites only talks about using dropshippers from China, is that correct? So would I not benefit from buying this course, as I do want to continue utilizing a US dropshipper?

          Also I guess I should ask what the benefits are of using a non-US dropshipper, and which ones have you had experience with and recommend?

          Thanks so much!

          • eCom Elites does now discuss a few videos on Print on Demand but I’m unsure how much help you need with that. It sounds like you’ve started using a good company and maybe just an unfortunate learning experience with your first order.

            Just because the course only focuses on international dropshippers you can still get value from the course. The concept is the same, with US suppliers you just have to reach out to them manually as most don’t promote themselves as drop shippers.

            I guess the benefits are:
            – Usually cheaper as places such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand ship lots out and can offer lower costs
            – No need to collect and charge sales taxes (depending on where your business is registered)
            – Easier to ship products worldwide and usually much cheaper if not free
            – Far greater range of products to buy.

            You have to understand all those US drop shippers are buying and importing from China and then on selling so you’re cutting out the middle man.

            The course recommends Aliexpress but there are others such as Banggood, Tmart, Tinydeal and Geekbuying. I’ve used these sites before to dropship.

            Good luck!

    1. HI Dave,

      Thanks for the detailed review. Appreciate this as i am deciding which course to follow.

      Regarding the course by Franklin, does he cover Facebook optimization?

      on another matter, have you heard of Sebastian Gomez’s Spark program? Appreciate your thoughts on this.


      Best regards,

      • Hi Elena,

        Yes he does cover Facebook optimization.

        I’ve heard of Sebastian Gomez’ course however he’s put the price up from $297 one time to $497 per month.

        I’ve not seen the content and definitely think $500 per month is very high, i’d rather spend that on Facebook ads.

        His course seems to offer product research whereas eCom Elites doesn’t but if everyones using the same products I’m unsure if it’s worth $497 per month?


    2. Hey Rhys, thank you for this detailed review.
      I am completely new to dropshipping and I’m struggling to find a good AND affordable course, but I think thanks to your review I found it.
      I’m from germany but I understand english very well, so I hope this won’t be a big problem.
      Is Franklin also showing which apps he uses and recommends for your store?
      Furthermore most courses don’t seem to show the people step-by-step what to do from A-Z and don’t show REAL examples, instead they rush over a stupid ‘dog’ example or whatever, but never show a fully finished example.
      I really want to learn from someone who shows me literally the WHOLE process since I’m a newbie.
      So, is Franklin’s course for me or does it lack any of the above?
      I would highly appreciate a response from you!

      • Hi Patrick,

        This course is definitely the most well rounded and complete A-Z drop ship course. There is real examples and over 100 videos. I only promote courses that I would recommend using and have purchased myself. He really does show the entire process. If you do signup it would be great if you use my link to help me continue to write such reviews.


    3. I wanted to say thanks your blog helped me to save 100$ as I was going to buy dropship lifestyle lab products. Now because you promote Franklins product and I also did some research it seems that really is a great investment in terms of content and price. I came across your blog because your review on dropship lifestyle and your voice is different and seems genuine.
      Thank you again.

      • What was your experience so far? I am about to purchase eCom Elites and for me it is a lot of money. Will it be worth it to invest in this course? (I never bought a course before, but Franklins course seems legit from what I have heard, so I am thinking about buying it)

    4. Hello I was wondering if you have a review on ECOM Master offered by Joaquin Corrales? He does a webinarjam pitch in which he references Franklin Hatchett constantly. At the end of the webinarjam he pitches the sale of ECOM Masters program for $1997.00. The following is a link of what is offered
      That is a lot of money and I can’t find reviews to see if it is actually worth it or not. After reading your review about Franklin and the fact that his course is $197 that is a big difference so the question lies what is the difference and again is it worth it?

      • Hi Jeremy,

        Rumor has it that it’s just a course that includes eCom elites and eCom turbo in one package. I know someone who bought the course and was shocked to see eCom elites simply rebranded as Joaquin’s course, maybe him and Franklin have a deal.

        If there’s anything else worth the $1997 price tag, I’m not prepared to buy and find out 😉

        My advice is buy eCom elites ($197) and eCom turbo unlimited ($147) and you’ll get the best insight to drop shipping.

        • It’s not the case, eCom Masters comes with.

          A free software and app
          live 1 on 1 coaching 24/7 with your own personal coach. Hence the bigger cost.
          Also comes with some other things and we are adding more.

          I would kill my brand if we sold just the course and theme for $2k

    5. Greetings
      As with most shopify courses, this also seems to concentrate heavily on FB ads. Personally I HATE Facebook, and with its current problems (namely allowing 50 + million users info to be compromised and losing 80 BILLION dollars in value) I’m leery about getting involved. Of course I saw the modules on Instagram and Google but the emphasis is on FB. Is this something that is causing concern in your industry?

    6. hi love reading your blog … I have started a store on feb and had very little success with it . so I am planning to buy a course to gain more knowledge . can u suggest which course to buy . also will the owners of the course provide mentorship ???? or any Skype calls ?

      • I recommend ecom elites as the best course for 2018 and only $197. As far as I’m aware there is no 1-2-1 coaching on offer but there is a rather popular Facebook group you can ask questions and Franklin is rather active in there. Maybe you can contact him re the private training?

    7. I already watched a lot of videos on youtube(including Franklin Hatchett), but although there are many good videos and channels, I feel like I need a course. I also like that there is a Facebook group and you can ask questions. I really want to buy a good course that will help me. Do you think this is good course for a beginner who has already had a few sales, but only through Instagram? It would be a big investment for me. I will still have enough money for Facebook ads, so that is good. Should I really buy this course?

      • It’s definitely the best course for a beginner, there is so much information in the videos you will get your money’s worth. It depends, do you need help starting your business/Facebook ads? There’s hours and hours of content on how to do so. If so then the course will definitely help. If not then you don’t need the course. Personally in the world of drop shipping and paid ads, $197 is a small investment especially when you need to spend thousands to make those high numbers you see in the drop ship course sales pages.

        • What do you mean when you say “especially when you need to spend thousands to make those high numbers you see in the drop ship course sales pages.” I do not have thousands to spend more like one thousand. I have to get some return on that money. Thanks. This has been a very educating post too. I am very happy to spend only $197 instead of $997 foe Ecom Profit Masterclass.

          • Hi Rose,

            To make those numbers you see on guru pages, $100,000 revenue you need to spend 50% of that on ad spend.

            Of course you can scale slowly, i.e. spend $50 to make $250 and then reinvest.

            Good luck with your ventures.

    8. Hello,

      So I have been researching Dropshipping and everyone says there program is the best. As I read your article you are an affiliate marketer of the company which means you make a profit if we use your link. With that said you wouldn’t say anything bad about the company and this is the problem when we are searching for a program to use. I have researched DSL and now I’m looking at e-com elite. With everyone being a affiliate marketer with the companies how do you know who to believe because everyone seems to benefit from the sale.

      • Hi Stephanie,

        Well firstly everyone says their program is the best but as I’m an affiliate I could quite easily work with any guru promoting their course. I only recommend the absolute best and in my opinion Franklin’s is. I buy all the courses I review. Also I’m recommending a program that makes me a very small percentage per customer signup (it only costs you $197) whereas I could easily promote a $2,000 course and make $1,000 per sale?

        It’s also important to note I’m not offering a ridiculous bonus to signup for the course like some of those affiliates out there. In fact right now I’m offering no bonus whatsoever, simply relying on visitors who value my content to use my affiliate link.

        If you decide Franklin’s course isn’t the right one for you, I wish you all the best with your business.


        • Thank you for your honest reply, I will continue to research. I’m very interested in choosing a program however, just scared as I’m a newbie. I realize its only 197.00 vs. 2000.00 however, that’s still hard earned money.


          • Good luck and I agree re the hard earned money, which is why Franklin offers a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked, most other courses only offer 24 hours so it’s good to see eCom elites wants you to succeed but will happily give you a refund if you want your money back.


            • Don’t rely on the refund, it only applies if you have reached certain targets within a time frame.

    9. Hello ryhs. Love your content. Especially your review of dsl which I haven’t checked thoroughly. Im deciding on whether I should purchase the savage affiliates or the econ elites. I consider myself an intermediate level marketer but pretty good with technology. I’m efficient with Google AdWords and analytics but I’m looking to start on a tight budget. I’ve seen frank say in one of his videos that it takes $500 to get started on ecom. Would you suggest that I start with savage affiliates before diving into ecom elites?

      • It depends on your situation Karl, if you have limited time and are looking to setup ‘passive income’ then definitely savage affiliates is the way to go. Personally I’d start here and generate some income, then reinvest that in drop shipping. If you want to scale paid ads into drop ship sales then go for ecom elites but in all honesty you’re going to need more than $500 before you start to make sales, unless ofcourse you get lucky and your first products/ads are a success.

        • Hi Rhys,

          Just ran into your page a few hours ago and I’m really finding it helpful. Thanks and keep it up.

          Also, could you just go into a bit more detail on start up costs. I’m also starting on a tight budget, so if you think a newbie would need more than $500 to start drop shipping, what range do you think should be expected? I should add I’m just looking for a bit of extra cash for starters, not to become a millionaire yet ($500 monthly is my first goal). What should I expect in terms of start up costs including a paid course like ecom elites?

          Thanks man.

          • I think you need at least $500-$1000 to get really started with drop shipping. You need to learn how to use an advertisement platform such as Facebook Ads or Google adwords and unfortunately the days of getting clicks for a few cents are long gone.

            You would need to factor in the cost of a platform such as Shopify ($29/mo), product research (maybe a few test units?), a domain name ($10) and the rest can go towards ad spend.

            You can definitely get started with $500 but a more realistic figure before earning a return on your investment would be around $1000 unless you get very lucky and your first product is a success.


        • Can you please go over a little bit more detail about which business is best for a newbie with only $1000 to invest: Ecom Elites or Savage Affiliates. I want to create $5,000 a month and eventually make that mostly passive income with maybe 10 hours a week of online work. Is this possible? Thanks.

          • Hi Rose,

            Well it will take you time to achieve that level through affiliate marketing but if you want to create passive income then it’s probably the best way to go. If you’ve only got $1,000 then you’d probably be better focusing on building a few web properties and scaling them up as you can spend your own time and effort (for free?) building them? You don’t need to rely on ads.

            So to answer your question you’d probably be better buying Savage Affiliates.

    10. Hi, Rhys
      Thank you for a great review 🙂
      Does Franklin teach how to choose a reliable aliexpress supplier?
      And how to contact them to get a good discount and service?
      Does he teach how to outsource and find workers and how to manage a team of workers and what tasks to give them or the outsourcing part is very basic?
      Is there really a live facebook every week as stated on the leading page?

    11. Thank you Ryhs for all your amazing reviews!

      Your site is beyond a gem!

      I am about to set up both, dropshipping and affiliate sites and ready to sign up for the EcomElite program first (as the front end of my dropshipping site is already in process).

      Question is regarding affiliate program.

      Which of the two do you recommend – AZN Bootcamp or Savage Affiliates? The issue that I’m having is time, being limited with time (as I’m still a nine to fiver) while both of these programs are packed with so many hours of content.

      What are the difference between the these two programs and what make sense to sign up with (first)?

      Keep up your great work!!

      • Hi Ash,

        Definitely go for Savage Affiliates. AMZ Bootcamp hasn’t been updated in many months now and is twice the price of Savage Affiliates.

        Until Franklin launched his affiliate course the best in the market was AMZ but now I have to say Frank’s course is far superior and half the price. The main difference is the video numbers (Savage has far more and touches on the entire affiliate site whereas AMZ only focuses on building Amazon sites, although you do get access to cloud living too which includes some general videos too)>

        If you jump on my Savage link you can reach out to me if you have any queries re building your site.


    12. Hey, I bought Tai Lopez’s course two months ago. A lot of generalized stuff. Haven’t been able to generate any sales. Looking to buy another course but they are all very expensive like Adrian Morrison’s course or Alex Becker course. What are your comments on that?

      • I’d stay clear of any course over $500 which both of those are. More expensive courses mean very little unfortunately and actually the smaller priced courses tend to offer far more value for money. As you’ve read eCom elites you’ll know this is a course I highly recommend.

        They offer 135+ videos across 10 modules, weekly updates and a Facebook mastermind. For $197 I think it’s probably the best course on the market and I would avoid Alex Becker as he simply tries to up sell Market Hero which is his $97/mo software package. Adrian I have not much experience with.


    13. Ryhs, hi…!

      I signed up for both courses (via your link).

      Have a question regarding structuring and naming the startup sites being built.

      Where is best to email you.


    14. Hey Rhys, nice Welsh name there brother, any Welsh heritage? Just want to say thank you for your honesty and the effort you put into your blog, both the detail and the engagement with those asking questions! I see you have written a lot of posts and answer the vast majority of question’s which tells me you care. I have been checking out Franklins videos and he does seem to have those same qualities! Just said to the missus, you good old Kiwi’s have always been straight talkers, and rather than just sell the dream, you give it to us straight. I know many will appreciate that in the business world! I’d certainly rather meet you lot in business than on the rugby field! haha. The latest video i just watched on Franklin was on the true expected cost to start up, and i seriously appreciate his honesty, that certainly bodes well! So i have decided to have 1 final shot at a drop shipping course and will throw my lot in with Ecom Elites. I too was soooo close to signing up with DSL, i am a Torah believing Christian, and believe the Lord dropped your blog in my path just to stop me signing up with DSL, whether or not it was placed there for Ecom Elite is another matter, i am confident that people can succeed with Ecom Eilte and will know in time whether or not that will be the case for me, but i am gonna give it my best shot and i’ll be using your affiliate link, i honesty believe the value your blog provides in directing us to the right path is worthy of us giving something back to you, rather than some other affiliate selling another dream just to get what they are really after. I really liked your answer above to the question regarding you being an affiliate with Ecom Elites, i did honestly wonder myself as you were both Kiwi’s but after weighing all things up, i trust what you say thank you for the direction. I’ll be sure to send any one i can your way who may be in a similar situation. I also look forward to checking out the rest of your blog posts and chewing on and gems you might have! Much love and blessings! Shane for Wales 🙂

      • Hi Shane,

        Yes originally Welsh hence the name 😉

        Thanks for taking the time to signup. I’m unsure who you registered as though as I can’t see a Shane Stokes on the list but welcome to eCom elites.

        Thanks for your positive comments, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the training Franklin has to offer.


    15. I signed up for Ecom Elites and still haven’t received any confirmation email, ive talent a screen shot of my transaction . I contacted Franklin and he said he was out and would sort it when he got home, thats was an hour after the transaction, i have still revived nothing and Franklin didnt get back in touch, so i have gotten in touch with pay-pal and asked for a refund! I seen your post about it taking 15 mins to come through, but nearly 3 days is ridiculous

      • Please send me your signup name via the contact form and I’ll try and help. I can’t see your name ‘Shane Stokes’ as one of my referrals. I understand your frustration however it is an automated process so maybe the email went to spam or was blocked by either your email provider or his. It’s also the weekend in NZ, agree with the 2 days in terms of digital delivery but you need to allow some time. If you still want your refund, I’d suggest contacting him again as Paypal disputes just cause problems for both parties.

    16. I tried paying for the course and i put in my credit card information and everything and submitted but didn’t get any verification if the payment went through or not. Please advise. Thanks

    17. Thanks Rhys, the time you invest in replying to everyone speaks to your sincerity. As with earlier comments, just the New Zealand factor lend credibility. I’ve yet to come across a dud, online or a bricks and mortar capacity.

      I have already purchased Franklin’s course, and there is no doubt it is full of content and great value for money, however, the lack of professionalism, ( much eating, drinking, constant fiddling with his hair, umming and aring) was for me, a real turn off. As was the constant apologising for bad grammar and spelling. Clear, concise delivery would have added considerable value to his obvious bank of experience and knowledge.

      That said, I have utmost trust in your honest reviews of this and other products, so I am now going back to bite the bullet and run through the entire bank of videos. Much as I tend to want information fast and to the point, I think I’ll limit my time to five videos a night in the hope of staying the distance.

      • Hi, Thanks for pointing that out, however, I like to just chill and be in my element when I teach. Most teachers will stand in front of a whiteboard and write things that make no sense to people. What makes it worse is they will happily sell you that content for $1000s. In all honesty, I wouldn’t really worry about how I act or my apologizing because I’m trying to teach you how to start a business online and that’s all that matters. What matters is you getting results and I think you will hold your self back by worrying about the specifics of how someone acts in the videos. I’m actually a very socially awkward person so I tent to relax to calm myself. When you see me playing with my hair its because I’m getting socially awkward. Anyhow good luck on your online journey and I hope you find what you need to succeed. I actually don’t recall eating and drinking much in the videos.

    18. Bonjour Rhys, thank you for this detailed review.
      I am French guy and I’m struggling to find a good and expert course to learn dropshipping : with your review, I think that Franklin’s course are the best for me.
      I’m from France and I’m not understand english language very well , but I understand when the vids are subtitle, like his videos on youtube (subtitle auto generate).
      Are the Franklin’s course videos subtitled in English ?
      I would highly appreciate a response from you!
      Thank you very much.

    19. Hiya Rhys!

      I just want to say thank you for your honest reviews because it really helped me make the decision to purchase the eCom Elites course and eCom Turbo theme.

      I’m all set to begin my journey to ecommerce success!

      Thank you and God Bless you!

    20. Hey Rhys,

      Awesome review. One question. Would you personally recommend pursuing dropship courses or affiliate courses? Which method is best nowdays? Well that’s two questions but they’re kinda similar lol.

      • Hi Zack, Definitely recommend affiliate marketing these days as my #1 recommendation then #2 would be drop shipping. Have you checked out Savage Affiliates by Franklin, probably the best course online right now imo.


        • Awesome. Thing is that i was used to doing aff marketing via seo and was making 4 figures back then in 2010. Only Google came in and slapped my sites. So now I’m back and planning to do ecom. Will probably implement abit of both..

    21. Hi Rhys,

      Thank you for your review but i just have one question does this course cover high – ticket product?
      Personally i think that it’s really hard to sell products under $100 per unit! I would prefer to sell small amount of units per day with high ticket price then put a lot of efforts and costs for selling large amount of units with low – ticket price!

      Thank you Kai

      • FYI, you don’t necessarily need a course to get into high ticket drop shipping, but for the time being, you could try searching through Udemy for the right course (which doesn’t gratuitously cost three or even four figures for nothing but rudimentary info that can easily be found elsewhere for free, unlike the courses promoted by “gurus”).

    22. Hie Rhys,
      Great article, many thanks.

      I live in Thailand also, im in France right now for disability check-up.

      I have a small side income with me so going into drop shipping doesn’t seems to be very risky thought I want be confortable with the subject.

      So what best ?
      Take Frankin’s training and while learning, start ,running the business or should I fully absorb it before running anything?

      And what is approximatly the duration of this full course if learning on full day basis.

      Thanks Rhys.

      • Hi Jeff,

        Yes I’d recommend taking the course and absorbing before deciding if it’s something you’d like to spend time and money on. I’d say it’s a 2-3 day course if you watch the videos non stop for 7 hours per day.

        Hope this helps 🙂


    23. Hello Rhys

      Liking the review and seeking to join using your affiliate link once these unanswered (in my head that is) questions are cleared up.

      1) Did I miss the bit where you said how much you earned in one month from Shopify after taking the course?

      2) Also do you know whether still need to purchase additional add-ons or are the eCom Turbo and eCom Elites suffice for initial traction?

      3) You say ‘review to come with Ecom Turbo’. Is your review ready?

      4) “you’re going to need more than $500 before you start to make sales, unless of course you get lucky and your first products/ads are a success.”
      Is the $500 for adverts only or needed for add-ons purchase?

      Thanks for reading my questions.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your comment and appreciate if you choose to use my link.

        1. I’ve been drop shipping for years, I didn’t start after following this course but after reviewing over 19 courses so far this one of the best. I’m making 10k+ after my ad expenses per month through 2 stores.

        2. You don’t need to purchase additional software/apps to start. eCom Turbo comes with the apps needed. You do need a Shopify plan ($29/mo 14 day trial) and a payment processor, assume you’re from UK? So maybe you can use Stripe and Paypal. You can do your own niche research for free.

        3. Yes you can read my eCom Turbo review here.

        4. The $500 is additional for the ad spend. Franklin has over 50 videos on Facebook ads and you’d use this $500 for following along and setting your first ads up. There’s no mention of $500, that’s a number I’ve given from my experience for newbies starting the drop shipping game but that’s business right, high risk high reward.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.


    24. ‘Let me know if you have any other questions’.

      No more (for now? LOL)

      ‘appreciate if you choose to use my link’.
      Will do! Afterall you’ve helped make up my mind here because heard about this course before (and so many other Shopify courses) and your review is the most thorough. Also I agree that many ‘review’ but never purchased product they’re reviewing!

      Even doing further research whilst awaiting your reply to my questions, there’s been nothing but good reviews from actual users.

      So credit where credit is due. Note sign up wont be from this email though. Will PM you via your contact me page detailing proof of purchase. I like to keep my promises.

      Will read the eCom Turbo review now.

      • Great thank you 🙂 Just make sure you can see ‘Rhys’ in the footer on the Zaxaa checkout page, this will ensure I get the sale, I’ll be able to see your name in my logs anyway 🙂

        Yes there doesn’t seem to be many unhappy people after buying this course 🙂

        • Dont worry!

          Ignore or delete that comment

          Wasnt a question and couldnt see an edit button after clicked submit button. 🙁

          Was happy to find out there’s an option to pay annually for a Shopify plan rather than monthly and was quoting the sentence from the source.

          Liked your eCom Turbo review.

          Yes will ensure Rhys is showing in the footer and will point out my purchase receipt details using your contact page.

          Looking forward in letting you know how I got on.

    25. Thank you so much for your insightful and concise reviews. They are definitely extremely helpful. I plan on purchasing the ecom elites course. Just wondering your thoughts on Justin Cener and Tai Lopez…? Thank you again for the tremendous value that you add.

      • Hi Austin,

        Not a huge fan of either, I’ve done a review of some of Tai’s courses on this blog. Justin Cener I have no experience with.


    26. hey man dope content all around, came here from looking up dropship lifestyle reviews. I was going to buy it but decided I would rather buy franklins course. Do you have any reviews on USA dropship suppliers, think aliexpress is pretty over saturated right now. Keep up with the reviews m8!

    27. Hi Rhys,

      Good and well researched review!

      Few quick questions:

      1. Before I start setting up the store, will this course teach us to find the best products to sell and validate the products I choose to sell and can I check with Franklin if the suppliers are legit ?

      2. Is there any one-to-one support by Franklin?

      • Hi Nicole,

        The course won’t help you to find your own products. It will give you the help and advice to find suppliers and niches but ultimately finding the products is up to you. There is a Facebook group where you can get help and there are platforms for niche research such as BigBigProduct and Product Mafia, Pexda etc.

        In terms of coaching, I don’t believe he offers any right now and at $197 it would be impossible to offer any at that price point. He is active in his Facebook groups and I think he has a separate course called eCom Masters if you need coaching but I don’t believe he does the actual coaching, his business partner does.


    28. Great review. I’m still looking around for the best course for my needs.
      Need one that focuses on mid to high ticket items for dropshipping with sourcing direct in the U.S. from brands and distributors. Have found several so far but they are lacking in numerous ways.
      Also, any best course that focuses on Woocommerce?

    29. Hi Rhys,
      My hubby & I are in our late 50’s & hubby declared bankruptcy 12 months ago. We are looking for another income stream to help us get back on our feet as we have lost our house of 25 years. We have no experience at all in dropshipping. Is Franklins course suitable for total novices and how much will we need to invest before we see any income? Thanks

      • Hi Lynda,

        Yes Franklins course is a perfect A-Z course for starting a drop shipping business. Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact idea on how much you need to invest to make a return as it entirely depends on the niche, products you pick, ads you create etc. I’d say you need a minimum of $500-$1000 on top of the cost purchase price to get started however like all businesses you may need to spend more before you start to see the end results.

        Sorry to hear about your personal situation and hopefully you can create an additional income stream after learning the drop ship buisness model. Franklins course is definitely the best course for beginners and his theme eCom Turbo is perfect for creating your store fast.

    30. Franklin’s course is awesome. I was going to spend $2000 on another course but so happy I bought Frank’s and spent that $1800 on my first campaign. It wasn’t a winner but my 3rd product went viral! Thanks mate.

    31. With 197$ course. Is this course for begginer to pro? I have no knowledge digital marketing and want to try. After i try this class. Are there more class to expand our dropship bussines?

    32. Apologies if you’ve already answered this. Deciding between Franklin’s course or Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja course. Do you have any opinion regarding David’s course? Thanks!

      • Franklin offers way more value if you’re just looking for videos and guidance. Ninja masterclass is a more complete course where going to actual events and masterminds is more of the focus. I guess it all comes down to price, I’d choose Franklin’s if I was in your shoes.

    33. Would welcome the opportunity to know what your thoughts are on Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja course? It is a lot more expensive, but he seems to be killing it and some online reviews from him have been mostly positive. I am torn between Franklin’s and Kevin’s, so your opinion would help.

      Also, have you ever heard of Storeless by Precious Ngwu? Thanks!

      • Hi, I’ve already reviewed Shopify Ninja Masterclass in another post, please click on reviews, it’s near the top.

        I don’t review products by people such as Precious as these people simply create dozens of product launches every year exploiting the success of other trends. They simply move on to another product or technique once the launch is over.


    34. Hi Rhy,

      I am soo relieved to have come across your blog. Such amazing help wth the good, honest reviews!

      I’m wondering if you’ve reviewed Fred Lam’s Zero Up fr Shoppify? Comes with app that actually helps with niches, ready-to-launch..

      Contemplating between Franklin’s course and Fred’s. Tks A zillion.

      • Hi, Sorry Fred Lam simply launches lots of courses so I won’t be reviewing that one. I only review courses of gurus that claim to actually make money through drop shipping or ecommerce. Fred simply coaches others.

        I’d go with Franklin’s course, it’s nearly 10 times cheaper as well.

    35. 1 more question please. How much it needed to start 1 dropship store? Inculde theme, daily ads. And what if we have small credit card limit? Can we still start up? I have no basic in this so i need your input.

      • You need a minimum of $500-$1000 to effectively get started I would say. More the merrier though as it will take time and patience to do testing and conversion optimization. Thanks

    36. Hi Rhys,

      I note that on June 10, 2018 when asked a question on affiliate courses, you answered: “Definitely recommend affiliate marketing these days as my #1 recommendation then #2 would be drop shipping”. Can you explain to me why?

      In May 2016 I became involved with Dynamix 7, an affiliate course. Have you heard of them and if so what is your opinion? I did not like their marketing approach They first “hooked” me with a small spend but in order to have access to their complete package I spent a total of USD $5990.00 (roughly AUD $6800.00). While I had 5 days a week of phone access with Arizona, via a Melbourne #, to ask any question, and I could book myself in whenever it suited me for 1-on-1 lessons, I was an absolute newbie and really had no idea what I was doing other than trying to build a web site, and what it would look like.

      I ultimately insisted that I see a “finished product” so they did one for me on cordless tools. I gradually made sense of things with this as a guide. However, I couldn’t settle on a niche and I have been inactive for the best part of this year. I have now decided that my latest niche would not be a great seller. The web address is written below. The domain name is overdue payment for renewal – $9.95 for a year. I still have access to my back office with an active account # and password. I assume once I pay my arrears I could continue with lessons etc …. if only I had a niche!

      I still consider myself a newbie. If you were in my shoes what would you do …. make a fresh start with Dynamix and the USA …. or make a brand new start with an NZ or Aussie organisation as in Hatchett or Broughton …. or even take the latter option while hanging on to the available tools and features such as “thousands of ebooks” from Dynamix? Would being involved with 2 different groups at the same time cause conflict and confusion to a newbie?
      I’d be really grateful for your opinion. Thanks!

    37. Hi Rhys,

      I’m a mom of two looking to start an online business to create passive income for my family. I’m based in US and have a few questions:
      – Will you recommend this course to someone who’s brand new to the business? I’m looking to start small and grow, will I need to buy any add on courses to get started?
      – Does the course provide guidance on business structure setup? For example, how to set up an LLC piror to launching the business to ensure personal property protection?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Moni,

        Thanks for your comment, I think you need to decide if you want to start an ecommerce business or affiliate marketing. eCom elites hits on ecommerce but Savage Affiliates looks at affiliate marketing. Drop shipping and ecommerce isn’t passive as you have to continously run ads to see a return.

        Both courses offer an A-to-Z approach and are suitable for beginners with over 100+ videos on the entire process. You shouldn’t need additional courses in the future and Frank doesn’t upsell you on another course either.

        In terms of the LLC, no there is no material and as Franklin is in NZ it’s probably better to follow your own local process for starting a business. Ultimately tax should be paid at the location of the business or soletrader so this would be different for everyone starting their business.

        In terms of protection, I don’t think you’d need any until you start to build a brand and at that point you’d probably be better seeking the advice of a lawyer or trademark protection expert. Unless you’re doing serious numbers (6-7 figures a month) I don’t think you’d need to worry about this just yet, focus on learning how the business model works first.


    38. Hi Rhys,

      Great review. You said earlier you prefer Affiliate Marketing as your first choice of business model & Drop shipping as #2. Can you explain further why? Thanks!

      • Hi Jay,

        Affiliate marketing is a one time setup with minimal ongoing expenses. A good website with powerful content can continue to make money for years after the content was initially written. Drop shipping requires endless paid traffic or else you probably won’t make many sales. You can rely on free traffic but it’s far more time consuming and slow. With Affiliate marketing you target people who actually already want or need something so it’s far easier to convert free traffic. My views on this anyway, both work but I prefer long term results.

    39. Hey Rhys great info. Do you know anything about the value of patrick sargis courses. For 997 he sets up your store for you. For someone who knows very little and doesn’t want to screw things up is it any good?

      • Hi Mike, Sorry never heard of this course or service, please provide a link and I’ll look into whether it’s worth reviewing it in the future.

    40. Hi, your work is wonderful and really helpful those of us that don’t know where to start and more important how (because almost everybody thinks in buying a course but these days you don’t really know if it’s going to worth it, specially the pricey ones).

      I’ve been looking for a dropshipping course for the past 3 or 4 months, I just read this review and I am pretty sure that I’m gonna buy it, but I have some doubts and wonder if you can illuminate me:

      First I live in Venezuela, and don’t have an easy access to a USD bank account, only PayPal, this would be a problem if I start a dropshipping business?

      And 2 is strictly necessary to have a LLC right from the start of the business?

      Excuse the long comment but I really work hard to get my money so I don’t want to invest it something that could be good but doesn’t gonna return to me.

      PS: Sorry for any grammatical error or something like that.

      • Hi Manuel,

        Yes you can use Paypal or maybe also 2Checkout.

        You don’t need an LLC or a USD bank account to start a drop ship business. You can simply be an individual for tax in your home country.

        Like all businesses, risk = reward.

        You definitely can start a drop business from anywhere in the world.

    41. Hi Rys was about to buy DSL big course at just over 5k mainly because he talks high ticket items supplied from USA but won’t now any tips for buying established stores would love to hear from you over in Picton thanks

      • Hi Craig, I wrote this post a while ago on buying Shopify stores. Not sure if it’s worth it to be honest. Best to spend the money building your own store than drop 20-30X revenue on a store that might die out within a few months. Picton, nice place 🙂

    42. Hi Rhys, great review!
      I’m more into affiliate marketing (rather than drop shipping).
      Also, I have zero knowledge and don’t wanna spend extra money on different services (that may be required for me to use in this course).
      Is this course for me?
      Thanks in advance!

    43. Great review Rhys:

      I’ve been researching DSL, watching their intro videos, in order to decide which direction to go in getting into drop shipping. Franklin’s course has moved into the #1 position based on your writing and reading comments here. Before I invest, can you tell me if Franklin’s course can be used in conjunction with a WordPress website rather than Shopify?

      Thank you,

      • Hi Monty,
        Yes you can however Franklin recommends Shopify as it requires no maintenance or updates as it’s a cloud hosted platform.
        I have a Woocommerce store too.

    44. Great info, I see Franklin is re-pitching his course online but it appears to be no updates from the original course he has put out. His videos are showing screen shots of students results from 2016. FB has undergone significant changes since then in regards to ad content.

      I emailed him on his onlinedimes email address over a week ago but he doesn’t write back. Not a good sign I guess.

      Can you tell me if he is updating his course or does he actually provide in depth updates that are current as of 2018?

      • Hi Dave,

        The course has always been updated as and when it needs to be, for example when Facebook launched new features or removed the ad features and replaced them with the new feature roll out in 2018. The method works exactly the same as it always has done and as Franklin learns of changes the videos have been updated. I believe the testimonials in the video are going to be updated in the future.

        To answer your question, the course is updated regularly and has been many times in 2018.


    45. Thanks for this review Rhys. I really want to get started dropshipping and this looks like the perfect course to get started. I headed over to the site from your link and am about get on the course. I saw on this review (https://www.*********.com/ecom-elites-review/) that you can get access to a Private Mastermind Group. I wondered if this offer is still available and I would get this access from your link? Thanks fin advance. Peter

      • Yes you will get the exact same access through my link.
        It’s just a Facebook group for members only of the course.
        Hope this helps Peter/Jay.

    46. Hi Rhys,
      Im currently in my 1 month running a shopify store. But today my fb ad account got banned due to unknown reason yet, havent heard from FB.
      I kind of stuggle with the right products, even going to websites u recommend pexda e.g. The products is either old or are sold in amazon for really cheap price which we cannot compete.
      For FB ads im still doing trial and error. Therefore j havent much success in dropshipping.

      1. Do you recommend Franklin or Tristan course for my above need?
      2. I have no idea what is affiliate marketing, and what sort of impact it will have. Do you care to share a little with me?

      Im open to business ideas, and want to start making money legitimately. Thanks for sharing

    47. It is required to buy Franklin’s theme whth his Course? I’ve already paid to have a general store store built with a paid theme so I don’t really want st spend the xtra $$ if not necessary.

    48. HiThys also wish to get your point of view regarding Patrick Sargis’ DFY Shopify course je is marketing for $997.00 as a complete DFY store optimised for $10 )00 per month using instagram The website you can take a look at is
      Appreciate any feedback regarding this course thanks !

    49. How do you determine if his student success stories are real? He shows a lot of income reports, but anyone can hire a person from Fiverr and create those income reports to look authentic and real. Where are the actual stores and affiliates sites that his students created?

      • Hi Augustin,

        The course has over 3,000 students so I’d like to think they are genuine. You’re right you could buy a review or fake your own screenshots but that could happen with anything you buy and Franklin is definitely a legit person. Personally I never include such references from the sales pages when I write my reviews, I believe the course content is worth the price and it scores so highly in comparison to other courses.

        You can find real examples in the FB group but it would be unfair to access successful stores as most new beginners copy the entire store, products, ads and expect similar results.

        Hope it helps.

    50. Where are the links to the student stores and affiliate sites? If they were real, wouldn’t you see some real sites online? Income reports can be created on Fiverr to make it look authentic. There are a lot of other entrepreneurs who show real sites created (ex: Steve Chou listed VivianVou as one of the sites he helped mentor). Is Franklin willing to show some of his student sites? The point is not to steal, it’s to look at how it’s done.

      • Hi James,

        The difference is eCom Elites is not a mentorship, it’s a training course and the price reflects that. You won’t get Franklin helping setup your site (yes he does provide help and guidance but not the entire done for you process) or running it with you so showing examples is simply not possible unless people specifically post in the FB group saying, ‘hey Franklin add my site as a testimonial’

        Even then, if you had a successful store you definitely wouldn’t give yourself the competition from the thousands of people that have no intention of buying the course and simply want to steal the winning products and ads.

    51. Aside getting this course and the turbo theme, what other tools would a beginner need to have a successful drop shipping business?

    52. Hi, which course you will recommend, for someone trying to find suppliers in the USA, I am planning to start online retailing.

      • Hi James, there is no real course that focuses purely on USA suppliers. Given the nature of courses being for a worldwide audience most focus on an overseas source. USA drop shippers are easier to find by working backwards, i.e. finding a good product on eBay or Google, copying the image url and plugging it into Google and trying to find other people with the same products, this will usually reveal the manufacturer or distributor. You can then contact them to create an account. Real USA drop shippers usually don’t publish as drop shippers either so you need to do lots of networking to find real ones to make good margins. I’d recommend eCom Elites for a full overview on online etailing.

    53. Appreciate your help in the Facebook group the other day, your true to your word, helping beginners like me at every opportunity. I literally read every post on your blog this week, over 200 of them!

    54. I’m sure you’re aware of drews review basically copying and pasting everything you post, looks like a 5 year old wrote it. One look at his review and you can tell he just wants a commission on anything he can write about.

    55. HI,
      I am very interested by this courses, did they provide any help for the Tax issue ( My store are located in EU and sells

      products with dropshipping-Alixpress in differents market : USA – EU – maybe Brasil – UK …) did they provide help how to

      manage sell tax in EU – in USA – in Brasil – in UK etc.. for an EU company dropshipping with Alixpress

      did they talk about the best way to pay in Alixpress (credit card or other) and how to pay in bulk or one by one products (so

      afraid to have a problem with bank, with such a lot of purshase each days) did they give a tips how to manage paiement to

      Alixpress (with a less banking fees and with no problem ) same question about collecting money when I buy to differents market

      ( what best to use paypal or credit card , with no problem if a i will a hundred of credit in my bank) is it worthy to use for

      exmple revolut bank with they’re mastercard prepaid etc….

      last question : any good training to this topic :
      Print on demand business
      Dropshipping on Amazon – ebay – …
      Affiliate business

      Thank so much Rhys for all your help

    56. Hello, I was wondering if you knew of eComm Hacks University by Zak Folkman? His course is very expensive, like $1,997. Love to hear your thoughts. And what course do you think is the best for the money? I’m considering ecom elites

    57. You provide a ton of value on this blog mate. I spent over 2 days reading everything and you’re right, Frank’s course looks awesome and so affordable. Almost an impulse buy.

    58. When I go onto EcomElites without your affiliate link, I actually see two options, a $197 package and a $297 package. However, when I go onto EcomElites with your aff link, I don’t see those options.

      May I know what is the difference between the packages and if its really significant?

      I am interested in getting Ecom Elites so some clarity could help a long way. Thanks!

      • If you want a secret, you get the full bonuses through my link at $197. This offer expires tonight so if you want them you better act quick.
        You get 6 bonuses as per my review you can see them on the last section.
        They are definitely worth the extra $$ but for you it’s free until tonight.

        • I saw this comment too late, gosh 🙁
          I’m planning to purchase it but I’ll need to save up first. Any idea when this offer will be available again?

      • Yes it’s definitely worth it, Franklin offers a ton of value in his five bonuses which include:

        Complete Step By Step Sales Funnel Academy!
        Complete Google Shopping Ads Academy!
        Done For You Complete 7 Figure Funnel!
        BOOK: My Top Selling 6 Figure Products!
        BOOK: My Top Selling Niches Of All Time!

        The done for you funnel is worth the price alone given you can pay hundreds for proven funnel builders. The two books are awesome too and very informative. Hope it helps

    59. Hi Rhys…I came on your review site by accident and I’m really glad that I did. I have not only gone through your reviews of the products but also the customer reviews on the site.
      Now, I too join the many many happy guys who liked your honest, no BS reviews. You are really very open and I really appreciate it. Most of the guys are there promoting some crap and trying to make something out it on the side.
      I would like to get into dropshipping. In fact, I was just on the verge of buying Tristan’s course. I have followed him from the time he first released his course priced at $97. Then it was raised to $197 and now it’s priced $297.
      After reading your review on Franklin’s course, I decided to go for it. But before committing, I thought it better to through some of his youtube videos. I understand that apart from the cost of the course, there is a pretty sum for the ads. I thank him for his honesty and putting down the amount involved.
      Let me be frank, I can buy the course. But I’m not sure if I can keep going with the adds till I find a winner. So do you think its better that I try his Affiliate marketing course?
      Please help in taking a decision.
      Thanks and Regards.

      • Hi Rajan, Frank’s course is much better for a complete A to Z on drop shipping. Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money but it takes a LONG time to see results compared with drop shipping. I’d buy Franklin’s ecom elites which offers the bonuses and will give you a good start. Like any business there is costs involved, the affiliate course you’d still need hosting, website, links, seo etc..

        I think if you sit on the fence too long the courses will keep going up. I hope it helps and if you need help inside ecom elites let me know, I’ll try to hellp out.

    60. Hi Rhys…I just purchased the eCom elite course using your affiliate link.
      Once again thanks for helping me take that decision.

    61. In your opinion, are the 5 extra bonuses included in the $297 pack worth it for an extra $100?

      Really contemplating buying this course because it’s far cheaper than all the other eComm courses I’ve seen.

      • Hi Aiden, I believe the bonuses are worth the extra $100. The main part i’d say is the Google Adwords section and sales funnel training. If you compare other courses that offer Google shopping training you’re talking another $300-$400 for the content so you get that included in the $297 course. Definitely think this is the most affordable course with nearly 180 videos on e-commerce.

    62. Is the primary purpose of buying this course so that I can then turnaround and sell this course as an affiliate? I really have no interests in MLM and many of these courses turn into that. The “sales funnel” approach continues to be red hot for affiliates so I’m assuming it works the same way for a drop shipping store?

      • Hi Sam,
        No it’s not. There is no mention of affiliate or reselling the course.
        This is 10 modules rammed full of drop shipping content.
        There is no upsells or hidden costs, just the front end price.
        Let me know if any other queries?

    63. Hi!

      I have a store for digital products. I make my own products. I am not into dropshipping. So is this course suitable for me? That is, to learn marketing and other things needed to run a store.

      • Hey, absolutely this is the course for you. It’s an e-commerce course at heart with a focus on drop shipping. I guess if you have your own products already you can skip the product selection module 🙂 There’s still another 8 modules and 150+ videos that would be relevant to you including Facebook Ads and Google Shopping (requires $297 option).

        Let me know if you have any other queries or if I can help in the Facebook group after buying the course.

    64. Hi Rhys,

      I happened to stumble upon your review of eCom Elites and found it to be very helpful. Thank you for your honesty and detailed review, it’s rare to see such reviews nowadays as many are just out to make quick commissions.

      I was actually looking at by Devin Zander before I came over. promises to help you find hot selling products for dropshipping. It also comes with an app that imports the products from Aliexpress into your shopify store as well as automated order fulfillment. It comes with training videos too although it’s not as comprehensive as eCom Elites.

      1. Could you tell me if eCom Elites offers a similar software too? If not, does the course recommend tools for automating this process?

      2. Does eCom Elites teaches only dropshipping from Aliexpress or does it cover dropshipping from other sources or even companies in US? My personal experience with Aliexpress is that the product quality can be quite bad at times. Shipping can be quite slow sometimes too.

      You mentioned Savage Affiliates in earlier replies, if I need to make serious money like $8-10k/month within a year, would you recommend I do dropshipping or affiliate marketing?

      Thank you.

      • Hi Rebecca,

        eCOm elites doesn’t offer software. There are many free and premium services out there that offer the same software.
        Oberlo, Dropified, Shopzie all offer the same functionality.

        eCom elites only really looks into Aliexpress drop shipping.

        I would recommend Savage Affiliates if you are looking for long term results, you won’t make money in the short term, drop shipping is better for short term profits.

    65. Can you give feedback on whether to get Ecom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint + Tristans Google Ads Training. I have been onto ecommerce for 4 months, failed 3 stores, and lost about $600. I know alot about ecom (I’ve watched definitely over a 100 videos on YouTube). I just want to know what’s the diffrence between the two, should it benefit me more to get Ecom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint + Tristens Google Ads as someone who genuinely know a lot about dropshipping.

      Best Regards,

    66. Hi. Do you think it’s too late in the game to find a good product and create a profitable business in drop shipping now a days? Great review btw.

      • No I don’t, I think there’s going to be an endless number of winning products and hungry buyers willing to pay money for them.
        You just need to find the right product.
        Thanks for the comments.

      • Hi Alicia,
        I’ve heard of him but he keeps launching courses and new products, this is a sign he only focuses on making money from selling information.
        Not to mention the excessive pricing.
        I prefer eCom Elites.

    67. Great review. I was going to buy the ecomm-hacks course for the $1997. But not now. I think I’ll be ordering the eComm Elites course instead. I always felt it was too much money. And FYI with the hacks it’s anotger $299 a month to be able to chat on their VIP Facebook page. No thanks! Glad I found your blog. Thank you.

    68. I want to purchase this coarse,so can you tell me the expenses for my 1st month including coarse,ads,clickfunnels and other expenses.

      • Hi Gautum,
        $197/$297 for the course, domain name ($10/yr), you can use Shopify to start your store ($29/mo), a premium theme for your store (eCom Turbo $97) or use a free one. Facebook Ads I’d suggest a minimum of $100-$200. If you’re drop shipping there would be no other expenses aside from any premium apps you may install on Shopify. Hope this helps.

      • Hi MB,
        Well the video series is pretty outdated (2017) but does offer good content. If you wanted a comparison to this premium course there is over 175 videos updated for 2019 in here.
        I’ve never used or got involved with ecomempires or their FB group, they do seem to offer lots of value but as it’s free you’re just a number rather than a community member which you get from a premium course.
        If you’re not able to invest in a free course then yes, they are good free resources if somewhat outdated or limiting.

    69. Hi Rhys!! I tried making the the purchase using your link. It says my card can’t support this purchase contact support. I’m actually off today and would like to purchase this through your link. Can you help me today?

      • Hi Mate, Maybe Stripe is blocking the transaction for various reasons. Best way if you’d like to credit me (very grateful) is to use Paypal the Paypal option but then pay with your credit/debit card through their platform instead. I just tried it and it was an option to pay via card via Paypal. Hope this helps? 🙂

    70. Hi,
      Thank you for this useful review. I am using you affiliate to join this course. My question is do yo recommend the standard version or the ultimate version of this course? Is it worth it to pay extra to join the ultimate course?

      • The ultimate version comes with some great bonuses however the main benefit to the ultimate version includes the complete Google Ads and Shopping module which would cost $300+ as a standalone course if you bought something such as Google Ads eCom Academy. Personally for the extra $100 it’s well worth it in my opinion. Good luck and thanks for using my link if you do decide to use it.

    71. Hi Rhys,
      I am not sure whether I read any mitigation on delivery with third party fulfillment. Is there any metigation on long delivery in this couse?
      Thank you for your articulate article

      • This is not included as there are so many 3rd party fulfillment providers.
        It is a topic you could ask in the extensive FB members forum?

    72. Hi there! I happened to come across your review on this course when I was looking through your review for simplified dropshipping. I’ve taken million courses including simplified dropshipping I still have not reached success. I’m not a newbie I’ve been trying for over 7 months now. I feel like I’ve tried almost everything an spent thousands of dollars. The amount of positive feedback for this course sounds very promising. Do you think this is good for me hoping it’s my last course I’ll ever buy? Or is it mainly for new dropshippers?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Carolyn,

        Well I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy that course too much but the idea behind a course is fairly similar. eCom Elites does go into a LOT more detailand combined with a good premium theme will probably be the last course you need. The FB group connected to the course also offers lots of insights and engagement. It would be wrong of me to say you will succeed with this course but you may have a better chance.

        The $297 course touches on Google Adwords and Sales Funnels which many courses don’t cover in great detail. If you haven’t had much luck with FB ads then it’s a good option. Let me know if any other queries.

    73. Hey Rhys,

      Was looking at another course until I saw your review of ecom elites and did some more research, with a lot of recommendations on the web.
      Do I really need clickfunnels to make it work? Or is more than possible to get the course and theme, get shopify and basically start learning (and pay for ads)?

      I like Brunson (have one of his books) but not ready for clickfunnels I don’t think. Would like to work toward replacing my day job before really paying big premiums so I am not supporting a bunch of expenses with my job and the risk of them not paying for themselves.


      • You definitely don’t need Clickfunnels, you can use Shopify.
        Most people use funnels after they find a winning product and want to scale fast. It removes the element of a visitor clicking away from the product you ultimately want them to buy. You can start small and scale as your business takes off.

    74. Hello Rhys,

      Thomas here in Dallas, TX. I’m buying eCom Elites course this afternoon. First time ever to dive into the world of ecommerce and internet marketing. I’d like to focus on using US based suppliers/manufacturers to provide future customers with faster shipping times. Any insight on that? Appreciate your help.


      • There’s limited insight in the course but the concept is the same, find a supplier and become a reseller. Margins are often tighter but you can always look at high ticket items. As you’re US based already it’s fairly easy to get a reseller ID that will allow you to work with US suppliers. There’s a backwards trick to finding US suppliers using a reverse image search in Google, I haven’t done a post on this yet but this blog gives a good insight. Hope it helps?

    75. Hey Rhys,

      Thanks for the review and I like how you have taken the time to respond to all the posts.

      If you do purchase the $197 course, is there option to upgrade to the $297 option down the track by simply paying the extra $100?


      • I’ll be honest Ryan I’m not entirely sure. I’ve seen people post similar questions in the FB group and got told to PM him but that’s all I’ve seen, can’t confirm it works or not, or if it’s still possible or not.

    76. Hi Rhys,

      All set to go on this course. My only question is how many hours of content are there in the bundle for $197? If you could get back to me soon, I am ready to purchase through your affiliate link today!

      Thanks man, and big ups on the awesome reviews, keep up the good work.

      • Hi Cian,
        Well theres over 175 videos the last time I checked in the full course, take out approx 30 videos for just the $197 course, I’d say this is at least 8 hours of content but that’s a rough guess. It is by far the largest course on the market and I’ve reviewed nearly 50 courses in the last 3 years. Appreciate if you do decide to use my link, you won’t regret it.

    77. Hey Rhys
      How good need to be my english to do affiliate or dropshiping business. And second can i pay with debit card? Thanks:)

      • You don’t need good English, just a drive to succeed and can outsource any work needed.
        Yes you can pay with debit card, choose credit option and put debit card details.

    78. Hey man!
      i have two questions. First can i do dropshiping or affiliate marketing without perfect english? I mean i can understand what someone talks but i think i have problem when i need to speak to someone, or need to write high quality blogs with no gramatical mistakes.
      And second can i pay with debit card because i see only paypal or credit card payment options?

      • Hi Stoyan,
        Credit card option allows you to pay with any debit card, so should work provided your card is Visa/Mastercard/Amex.
        Yes you don’t need perfect English, you can outsource any work if English writers are required.
        Plenty of places to buy such work such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Facebook groups etc.
        Hope this helps?

      • Hi Gloria,
        The $297 version of eCom Elites. includes the complete Google Ads Shopping module with 20+ videos on the topic.
        It also includes the sales funnel training with Clickfunnels
        It also includes four bonuses including two eBooks written by Frank.
        For the extra $100 it’s more than worthwhile given most Google Ads courses cost $300+ on their own.
        Hope this helps make a conservative decision on which option to buy?

    79. Hi Rhys,
      Thanks for the post, I am very confused here, should I sell high ticket items or low ticket items?
      I saw a website called dropship lifestyle where he explains to sell only high ticket items. I am from India and a beginner. I don’t want to spend more than $100 on ads, is it possible?
      What would you recommend affiliate marketing or dropshipping high ticket products in the US, as I know I saw a post affiliate marketing vs dropshipping in dropship lifestyle where he recommends dropshipping. What are your thoughts about it?

      • Hi Raj, You definitely won’t be able to start drop shipping with $100 ad budget. It takes time and lots of testing. I’d say a minimum of $500-$1000. I also wouldn’t start with high ticket as it’s too risky. You need to factor in returns, damages, fraud etc.. You could get into trouble quickly unless you have cashflow to help you which is why low ticket is a good starting point.

        If you only have $100 to start then affiliate marketing is an option as you can write for free using your own time or outsource to another writer. It takes a lot of time to see results though.

        I recommend doing both, you can create passive income through affiliate marketing. Drop shipping requires endless traffic to generate sales unless you know SEO and can rank for major buyer keywords which is quite tricky.

        Hope this helps?

    80. Thanks or the quick reply, there is so much scam in the internet claiming people making 6 figures in months after launcing the store. As you mentioned it does take time, I appreciate that.

      Can I do both drop shipping and affiliate marketing on a single website?

      I have two more questions why do you recommend to go with a general store, many gurus tell to focus on building niche specific stores and tell not to make your own Amazon and it would more ad budget to test all kinds of products I think.

      Which course do you recommend for FB ads? I don’t think ecom elites is updated since 2018. Which course do you recommend for drop shipping and affiliate marketing in 2019?

      • It’s important to note eCom Elites was last majorly updated in 28th November 2018 with smaller updates added on a regular basis. Very little has changed since then in terms of Facebook or Google Ads so not sure what specifically you’re looking for from a course that was launched say in the last 3 months? Most poor courses simply copy each other and the ones that featured on this blog were created in 2017 or 2018 and get a few updates here and there too.

        You need to decide what you’re going to do, both are different and you’ll need different sites setup for both methods. Start with one, then apply another.

        Most guru’s seem to recommend general store too, like me. This allows you to test pretty much any product and find what works for you. Building a niche store means you can only test products in that niche.

    81. Hi Rhys,
      Did you review built to sell course by Earnest Epps, who teaches how to dropship high ticket items?
      I see all the high ticket courses are the same as DSL, built to sell, dropship cookbook and others have the same content and teach the same methods.

      I see in his FB group, people posting screenshots of stores making 5-6 figures and selling their stores in the group.
      Is it a scam, I mean is it really possible to sell using the methods everyone in the high ticket ecom courses teach.

      Just who invented high ticket dropshipping? every one of the courses tells the same things to make $300 profit on every sale. Even the module names are the same and the content is the same.

      And one final question, whom should I trust if I want to do high ticket dropshipping?

      • Haven’t done a review yet, it’s a course I bought but haven’t posted up yet.
        Probably not a scam but it’s revenue and means nothing without looking at expenses.
        Take Mcdonalds, they don’t make $5 every big mac they sell. They might make $2.50 after the cost of ingredients and the box and employees time. Then there’s the fixed costs such as rent, electric etc.. etc..
        Most of these courses simply post screenshots that mean very little.
        High ticket drop shipping is simply the term for selling expensive items, it’s more lucrative to sell one item at $2,000 than 200 items at $10. The profit might be the same but work required may be less.
        It’s a myth as you might need to run more traffic just to get one sale.
        Most courses copy each other, Franklin’s eCom Elites and Drop Ship Lifestyle were the first two I came across. Most other courses seem to copy their success. The price for DSL is crazy expensive and not worth it.
        I’d trust eCom Elites to learn drop shipping. You can learn high ticket yourself once you master the art of drop shipping. There are far more risks but then again high risk high reward 😉 Just be careful.
        Hope it helps?

    82. Hi Rhys,

      Im learning a lot from your reviews. Got a question here, does the Ecom Elite course include payment gateways. The reason I asked is because this has been a major set backs for dropshippers out there especially those who live outside the US who could only use paypal. Also does it also cover on how to put up LLC if you are from outside US. Lastly, how about information on using agents other than Ali express, is this covered at all. Thanks in advance for your insight on this.


      • Hi Peng,

        There is content in the course for payment gateways but not sure what specifically you are looking for aside from Stripe, Shopify and Paypal. Are you looking for a local gateway, there are a few if you’re in Bahrain like 2checkout. Franklin and I both live outside the USA and I have found alternatives for credit cards too that I use.

        No there is no content for LLC, Franklin is NZ based and uses international drop shippers. Not many course creators are actually located outside the USA and would put their face to telling others how to setup a legal identity in the USA given the tax implications. Best you speak to an offshore or international tax advisor first. I actually wrote a guide on how I did it 2 years ago but the bank I used no longer accepts drop shippers.

        Unless you want to definitely use US drop shippers you could just register a business in your country, isn’t it tax free there? 😉

        Agents, again not currently as giving 4000 people access to one agent probably wouldn’t do anyone any favors saturating the agent. There’s a new tool launched by Nick Peroni and the tan brothers you could checkout for an agent, I’ll do a review in the next few weeks.

        Hope this helps?

    83. For the clickfunnels part, does he teach how to use a free gift to collect emails followed by upsells and downsells and where to get traffic from?

      Looking forward to your reply before I get!

    84. Hi Rhy,

      I am interested to join the courses. I love your review writing. It’s honest and concise.

      I would love to connect with you personally and learn from you. Do you have your own courses or something?


      Is there any special private group that you have for those that join through your affiliate link?

      I am from Malaysia and i would love to be your mentee if that possible.

      • Hi Daren,

        Thanks for the comments, I don’t have my own course as I actually drop ship and affiliate market so no need to sell my own courses.

        I also don’t offer mentorship at this time, I’m actually making more from my own business so my rates would be far too high for mentoring and then it would be unfair on a beginner to pay such a premium.

        No Facebook group either, it’s an idea I’ve thought about but again productivity does go down if you’re on social media daily! Franklins FB group offers lots of value for those that buy the course.

        I provide the affiliate link if people choose to give me some credit for this blog and the articles. I also stand by that Franklin’s course is the best eCom course in the market at one of the lowest price points and worth the money.

        I’m in the FB group for eCom Elites, maybe we can meet there 😉


        • Hi Rhys,

          Thanks for taking the time to reply to a beginner like me.

          You are my role model and I want to be like you one day. You inspired me to be a online marketer and as a content writer as well. My English is not good but I will improve it as much as I could so that I am one step closer to be “Rhys”.

          Hope one day I am lucky enough to be able to learn directly from you. But first let me strip this beginner title and upgrade myself.

          Franklin are lucky to have you as his affiliate. You are the best. See you in the group Sir!

          Your future mentee wannabe,


    85. So, you provide an honest review feedback about this course, free of influence, but the link to join the course has your referral code. Also, searching for the website name on google doesn’t return any other results other than this website, there’s no ‘real person’ linked to this website. How do we know you don’t work for ecom elites?


      • Hey Fishy,

        As mentioned in the top of the article, I recommend the course. It would be easy to recommend a course that gives the fattest commissions but my intentions is to give advice on what I believe is the best value for money course online.

        I am a real person.

        I don’t work for eCom Elites, I’m an affiliate for them.

      • Hi Jay,

        Unfortunately not, they are separate businesses although both owned by Frank so you have to buy one after the other.
        I’ve asked him about a double deal before but the systems aren’t integrated.
        Hope this helps anyway?

    86. Cheers for clarifying I’ve seen so many sites so I probably have multiple cookies stored for affiliate links.

      Which links will give you the commission of both the products?

    87. Hi Rhys,

      Thanks for clearing all the doubts and give great advice.

      I join the course through your link. I felt extremely grateful to be able to stumble upon your site.

      Hope to be able to connect with you in the group.


    88. Hi Rhys,

      I receive 2 portal once i sign up. One is lead to teachable and the other lead to .

      Which one should i start ?


    89. Rhys

      Cheers any offer software you recommend as welll?

      If so please list with you link.

      I’ll get them all in one go if I can stretch the budget


      • Hi Jay,
        In terms of software, I do use Clickfunnels myself for driving higher conversions too.
        Also you may want to use a product research tool , there’s many in the market. I can’t recommend the best one though.
        I’ve reviewed a few on this blog.

    90. Hi Rhys

      After doing this course. How many people % are actually able to make am income from dropshipping. Is it really worth the effort or is it saturated.

      I have 2 custom brands in health food and cosmetics and I wish to eventually promote these.

      But I want to know what is the success rates ?

      • Hi Adam,
        To be honest, it’s not easy to tell and I doubt anyone has done research into it. The reason is success stories rarely leave feedback. Failures do calling it a scam. It’s the same with most review platforms unfortunately.

        I’d say you’re buying an educational course. You can finish it but it’s up to you to get a the job. Some fail and some succeed. Some become millionaires but most are average.

        There’s always money to be made drop shipping, it’s how you sell.

        It might be a question for a shared Facebook group? I know from eCom Elites FB group there is many success stories.

    91. “1. In all how many hours of video (approximately) is your ultimate coaching programme, valued at $297?

      2. I see that in your funnels section, you are mostly covering clickfunnels… Though I have not used funnels and am a newbie, I have read lots of blog posts that clickfunnnels gets tricky when it comes to using it with shopify. There are newer funnels like 10minute funnels, which help set up with a few clicks instead of the long drawn process in clickfunnels. Then I see a couple of funnel sites like funnelbuildr and trifunnels that are made exclusively for shopify and trifunnels seems the cheapest and best.. They help with funnel setup too….

      Also, I got a 60 day trial of samcart and want to put it to best use. They seem to offer one product stores that integrate directly to shopify and seem pretty easy to use. The best part is that their support is SUPER AWESOME.

      Can I expect help with these alternate funnels (other than clickfunnels) from your course?

      3. Does your price cover future updates like new videos in the future? I dont see youtube and pinterest covered…

      4.. Can I ask as many questions I want in the facebook group or to you directly. I understand that you have too much to deal with, but i want to make best use of my purchase and once I take off the number of questions should reduce or even drop to zero!

      5. In the unfortunate situation of me needing my money back(this is the last thing I want to happen as it will be a waste of my time and your time, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan), do I need to use the theme or apps you suggest? I see you haven’t covered this in your refund policy, so I want to crosscheck as I have purchased license for the shoptimized theme. already…

      • Hi G,

        I’m going to answer your questions, I’m not sure why you would want to resell licensed copies of eCom Turbo?

        1. There’s over 175 videos, over 20 hours of content.
        2. Clickfunnels is the only platform covered, yes there are other platforms but those are much smaller and used by a handful of people, trifunnels for example is really basic and hasn’t been updated in a while. We can’t expect Frank to create videos on all the small players.
        You can use Samcart but it’s far too basic for creating decent funnels.
        3. Yes future updates are covered, v1 members got v2.
        4. Yes you can in the group, Frank answers most questions that he can once per day.
        5. There is a refund policy mentioned here on the sales page. You can use any theme you want, eCom Turbo is not a requirement for this course but videos may reference his theme. There’s no mention of Shoptimized in this course for obvious reasons.

    92. Hi Rhys, I read your review about eCom Elites and about The Product Winner Blueprint and i would like to know which one should i buy?

      Let me explain you…

      A weeks ago i strated my first store and it didn’t go well (0 sales), so i used FB Ads but i think not well. I watched a lot of videos about Facebook Ads, about Apps that can help me on my store, etc (most of them of Spanish-speaking people, because i’m from Spain). I think I’m a beginner in FB Ads, and i think i need help to search good products and targeting on FB and other social networks. ALso with the products description, etc.

      In short, I’m a beginner, but I have used several weeks facebook ads and I have searched for different products but I think I don’t do anything right, so I would like to know which course to buy from the two mentioned above?

      It is very important for me to get right with this purchase.
      Thank you.

      • Personally I think you’d be better buying eCom Elites as the course has been updated for 2019.
        This includes Facebook and Instagram Ads. There are over 60 videos on the topic, I’d recommend watching them all.
        The course is cheaper too, but you probably want to get the $297 version as you get Google Ads training too which is worth it!

    93. Hey Rhys!

      Appreciate your review, ill definitely be following your site more often. Ive been clicking on your link to Ecom Elites several times over the past few days really trying to decide for myself at a personal level. Ive just purchased the course and Im excited to get in and hit the ground running. Let the Games Begin!

    94. Hi Rhys,

      Just found your blog recently and wanted to say thanks for all the value you create! I am about to start my eCommerce journey and want to try my hand at dropshipping.

      First let me iterate that I have read several of your course review posts and nearly all of the associated comments over the last few days. I will try to ask questions from angle that haven’t been directly answered before as to save us both the hassle.

      I was looking at Dropship Lifestyle for a while but after reading your opinion, maybe I was just getting caught up in the hype. It sounds like you are squarely in the eCom Elites camp which is definitely a better entry price for me as I’m bootstrapping.

      Initially I was drawn to pursuing higher ticket products as I believed that it would be less busy work and higher margins as well. After seeing your stance that it can also be riskier as it would require more ad spending and could lead to headaches with returns, fraud, etc. I am wondering if I am off base here as well?

      I have professional sales experience but nothing related to eCom so I would definitely label myself as a true newbie. Do you believe that starting with the eCom Elites process selling lower ticket items first to learn the ropes, see what works, take less hits overall on mistakes, and then adapting that strategy towards higher ticket items would be best? I know you mentioned eCom Elites is not geared towards higher ticket items but I was wondering if it provided enough insight towards that once I was comfortable with the basic skillset or would I need to pursue a different course for that as well?

      I’m also interested in affiliate marketing as I would like to start a blog soon but want to get steady dropshipping income rolling first. Sounds like I should pursue your recommended Savage Affiliates when the time is right and I will definitely use your referral links when purchasing any courses.

      Lastly, if it takes about $1000 to launch a dropshipping store with all the initial entry costs, about how long do you believe it takes to earn your first sale and then start seeing a profit? I know many are not successful on the first go and may need to cut their first attempt and start anew in another niche requiring similar startup costs. Just trying to get an idea for my expectations.

      Thanks again for all you do!

      • Hi Nate,

        Thanks for your comment and good to here you’re on your eCom journey.

        Drop Ship Lifestyle is expensive and offers little value compared to other courses. The main stance is they say to focus on US suppliers vs Aliexpress. What they fail to mention is that international entrepreneurs can’t use US ones without a social security number or reseller ID. You need to setup a US company which is.. pretty tricky and has lots of tax implications. The course also hasn’t had an update for years, they just keep rebranding it and charging more.

        Yes you’re right about high ticket drop shipping, if you’ve got a larger budget to start with you can definitely do it. With only $1000 you’ll need to start with more impulse buys that people are prepared to buy. I always recommend learning small and growing rather than jumping in the deep end with eCom.

        Once you learn low ticket, there’s no reason why you can’t do high ticket yourself. People seem to think they need a course for this but you’ll already have the experience on how to deal with high ticket. You’ll just need to look at different traffic sources but eCom Elites offers Google Ads which is what most people doing high ticket use.

        Yes focus on one business model first before launching affiliate sites, they take up lots of time to write and create content. Savage Affiliates is being updated in the next few weeks so definitely a good course to learn the ropes there too, one of the cheaper courses out there too.

        Unfortunately it’s impossible to tell. I’ve launched ads that are profitable from day one but I’ve also lost money. When I started I spent $500 and then started making money but of course in 2019 ad costs have gone up, new technologies and platforms and there’s retargeting and other methods to win back users.

        I’d say you should see results if you follow the course as recommended by Frank.

        But if you don’t then don’t give up, keep trying new products and ads. That’s the beauty of eCom. You’re only one product and ad away from making a fortune..especially if it goes viral.

        Hope it helps, thanks for the comments mate.

        • Wow, thanks for the lightning fast reply!

          With Savage Affiliates being updated soon, do you know if there will be a price bump? I haven’t had time to research AM nearly as much as DS in general so not ready to take that plunge quite yet. I don’t like to pull the trigger on something until I’m dead set on giving it my all but I also don’t want to miss out on a better deal.

          I am living abroad but from the US with a SS#, citizenship, etc. so obviously starting a US store this way is not an issue right? I assume the legal process is not that tricky for a nomadic native?

          Do you still recommend DS overall as a viable way to make a good living online? I know it can get a bad wrap sometimes as being over saturated but I feel that most of the feedback we see online is just from the haters who didn’t do what they needed to. I know you mention we are all just one niche & ad away from a fortune but is it honestly just a mixture of preparation/learning, consistent effort, and good market timing?

          Any other general advice for a highly motivated newbie?

          • I imagine there will be two versions, $197 and $297. Unsure exactly but that’s what happened with ecom elites.
            Yes sounds like you won’t have any issues starting US store and US suppliers then. Straight forward.
            DS is a good way to make money and yes if you prepare, learn, put in the effort and market correctly then you can succeed and you have more chance of successing than with affiliate marketing which takes a lot longer to see results.
            I’d recommend getting a product research tool. I personally use Sell The Trend and Intelligyence.
            Hope it helps.

    95. Hey Rhys,

      I’m interested in the course but i’m wondering if it goes into any detail about branding your business? I’m currently a beginner and I know that building a brand for stores are becoming quite important.

      If there isn’t, is there any course/ youtuber you recommend watching in terms of creating more of a brand for your store?


      • Yes there is content on branding your store after you’ve found a winning product/niche. If you’re just starting out I’d recommend testing with a general store then branding as it’s much easier to brand with winning products. Another course you could checkout for further branding is Tristan Broughton’s course which focuses more on this topic and private label. I’ve done a review on that course here.

    96. Hi Rhys,

      Thanks for the detailed review. You have convinced me. I’ve one question though. If I buy Standard version now, can I upgrade to Ultimate later?

      • Hi Asif, I believe so by contacting their support however I’d recommend buying the ultimate now in case the price rises. Of course you’d need to buy the new price later. Right now it’s pretty low compared to other themes out there. Thanks for the comments about the review.

    97. Hi,

      I found your page after I saw an ad on Facebook offering a course about internet sales, costing something around 3K. All the promises sounded amazing and I kind of like internet and sales. But I just can’t throw that amount of money into something that I just don’t have a clue what it is about. So I started my research and read your reviews. Made me feel more comfortable and I am definitely following your opinion regarding what courses have the best value. But my question is, as a complete ignorant to this subject, is the Franklin Hatchett’s course a good option for dummies? I mean, I couldn’t understand ANY of the terms you used while explaining it. That’s how much I understand about sales on the internet.


      • Hi Cindy,

        Of all the courses out there, eCom Elites offers the most rounded package for newbies and beginners. If you don’t understand the terms now you will definitely after watching nearly 200 videos on everything there is to know about drop shipping. It’s the most beginner friendly and one of the cheapest courses out there too.


      • Garbriel’s is more of a case study than a course. His has 50 videos on more niche topics, this course has nearly 200 videos on an A-to-Z approach for drop shipping and is better suited to newbies and beginners.

    98. Is there anything out of Anton Kraly’s Drop ship lifestyle that would be better than ecom Elites? If price wasn’t an issue, which course would be better out of these two? Does ecom elites update the course even after you purchase it (life updates to keep up with changes)?
      Thank you for your review.

      • Hi Mike,
        Personally there is no difference, if anything DSL is lacking in a lot of areas compared with eCom Elites.
        eCom Elites is regularly updated and all existing members get those updates. V2.0 was launched in December and all original members got access to the more expensive plan he now offers.
        When changes are made such as the Facebook ads modules, all existing members get the updated videos.
        Hope this helps?

    99. Thanks for a great review Rhys.

      I read you said you’d start with affiliate marketing to generate some income, then reinvest that in drop shipping.

      But you also said that AM is long term + takes longer time to see results.

      So am abit conflicted as to which should I start with first and focus on?

      Am looking to do both eventually but just not sure which to strategically start with and focus efforts on.

      Am willing to allocate time and some money (~$1-3K) to either biz to start and build from there.

      Thanks and appreciate your advice.

      • Sorry there’s two types of affiliate marketing, you can create content which takes a long time (this is what I meant by long term) or you can drive paid traffic to other peoples offers with ads (fast results). The latter is easy to get some cash while you build your store.

        However if you already have that much to invest then you’d be better starting drop shipping from day one and focusing 100% on the model.

        eCom Elites would be a good place to start and learn the key concepts and business model and product research, traffic etc.

        Let me know if you need any help.


        • Thanks Rhys,

          Appreciate your suggestion. I have 5 followup questions.

          1. Ok maybe $2K instead of 3K. Will that be realistically enough to start for dropship?

          2. Do you think it’s practical and strategic to start with Savage Aff first, e.g. focus on building content etc for 3-4 mths then start dropship after?

          Or realistically would we have to focus on building more content for AM over longer period, in order to have multiple sites, products etc. (as you said prob need to have multiple). Which will take 6 mths – 1 yr to build.

          3. If start with AM, Savage Affiliates, which one does it recommend – Creating content or paid traffic?

          I read you said if you were to start again, you would start with AM then DS.

          4. What is your main reason you suggest to focus 100% on DS model?

          5. If I do that, when do you think is a good time to start AF later?

          Thanks so much.

          • 1. Yes it’s enough to start.
            2. It’s entirely up to you, I would do drop shipping if you had the capital. If not then do affiliate, as Frank says in his Youtube channel, you only need $100 to start with affiliate (+the course).
            3. He discusses both, free content generation and paid traffic. There’s over 100 videos on the topics.
            4. DS is a way to make serious money if you get the right product. I’ve made over 50K profit in 7 days once from a new product (sales were 250k). You’d never make that from affiliate marketing unless you were rank #1 for best credit card which would be impossible to get.
            5. How I see it, once you are making 2-3k per week without doing much, other than checking ads and testing new products (which could be outsourced to a VA) you should start spending that money on content and growing your portolio. Again it’s entirely up to you, many people would rather scale their store to 10k a week and live a life of luxury rather than waste time creating affiliate content.

    100. Hi Guys,

      The course is now on and you can pay with credit card and Paypal. Unfortunately in June the Paypal option is now hidden and you must click on the Credit Card drop down to change it to Paypal.

      See this photo for a screenshot of how to activate Paypal.

      • I think all newcomers should start with a general store, find some winning products and then build a brand around that.
        This is taught in the course and is a much easier way to learn.
        I do this with all new products, test them on my general store then move to niche store.

    101. Rhys,

      I’ve been DS for a 6 months now. Ive made some sales but have fallen flat. Do you think ecom elite would be the way to go for an intermediate person?

      • You’d probably be better buying Tristan’s, Product Winner Blueprint (review) if you’re an intermediate user as it focuses on more advanced scaling techniques which it sounds like you need.

    102. Rhys,

      I saw your review in Commission Hero which was great as I was about to buy it. What do you think about John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System? Also is there an affiliate program that you would recommend that is based on the fast approach (paid traffic directly to products w/funnels ofcourse).

      • Hi Ricky, not a huge fan of that course either, personally I like Savage Affiliates, it’s cheap and covers all topics including paid traffic with funnels. V2 is coming out very soon too which means a lot more content too. I’d rather buy a course for $197 than $997.

    103. Rhys,

      What would you recommend for someone with no experience in any of the above mentioned? I am at retirement age still working as a Mechanic. I almost bought into Crestani’s affiliate program, changed my mind.

      • Depends how much time you can commit, if not much then drop shipping and eCom Elites is a perfect A-to-Z approach for learning. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time to start with.

    104. Also which option do you think is better to get going faster given I can commit all day to it, affiliate marketing (paid traffic) or ecom (shopify)? Thanks. Also what is your view on digital products using samcart?

      • Drop shipping is faster to get going. Not sure what you mean about digital products, you could create your own but you’d still need to market your product?

    105. So for digital products meaning ebooks that I create or courses. I would still have to market them. And paid affiliate marketing would take longer to get going vs DS? If I am not new to DS but tried and failed several times would you recommend Tristan’s blueprint or something else?

      • Correct, you said you failed so were looking for a better course on scaling techniques, for that I’d say Tristan’s course is the way to go. Why move to affiliate marketing if you have experience with DS? Just keep trying.

    106. Well, with the little success I had, I had to deal with customer complaints, refunds, long shipping time with Aliexpress and I found that to be a hassle. So I was figuring affiliate marketing would be more hands off while creating an email list using the paid traffic method. Let me know if I am off base here. And your feedback here is very much appreciated! Love the real talk.

      • Version 2 was launched November 26th. Likely next major update would be end of this year.
        Whenever Facebook or Google changes are made, videos are updated on a regular basis though.

    107. After the initial cost of the course how much will I need to get started? I will be stretched very thin and won’t have a lot of money for ads in the beginning.

      I guess what I’m asking is, bare minimum, how much should I need in the very beginning? Not counting the course cost. Thanks!

    108. Hi,
      I’m a newbie as well. Do you actually have to buy the products you’re going to sell in your store? or you buy them only once you have received the order from the client?
      Also besides the course itself and the ads, are there any additional expenses I have to keep in mind?
      thanks in advance

      • Correct, you don’t buy them until someone buys from you and you pocket the difference.
        No other expenses aside from the store, additional apps and theme if you want premium one.

    109. Rhys, hi i bought Franklins course today. i didnt buy at first peruse and he got me with the refollow ad in youtube. i assume you still get the affiliate comms, which is only fair IMO b/c i found out about him thru this site. you might like to follow up with franklin if you like, or i can if you want me to if it didnt work. cheers rod (just about to go thru it now !)

        • thnx Rhys. well i was a bit confused, b/c i watched Tristan too on youtube, and man, i really like him a lot. no fuss, full of great info. wasn’t sure which course really. went with Franklin, perhaps more for newbies which i am, so why not start there. anyway i have no qualms later buying Tristan’s course. i firmly believe in education. one little nugget can make you 10x the course fee and more ! i’ll try to keep you updated or might see you inside Franklin’s FB page. cheers

    110. Rhys, thought i read that Franklin included his shopify theme as part of his course. think i am in error there. must have got muddled. can you confirm which is correct? thnx.

      • No theme included, I mentioned that it would be good if Franklin offered his theme with his course for a little more but that’s not been implemented by him as they appear to be two different companies.

    111. Hi Rhys, Thanks for the detailed review and other awesome stuffs you do here. I want to buy the course but need to inquire about other things I need to set up my dropshipping Shopify store. With your other reviews, I should need the following
      – Intelligynce
      – Ecom Turbo
      – Shopify fee
      – Oberlo fee
      – Domain registration
      – Advertising budget

      What other tools or Shopify apps do you think I would need apart from these? I just want to make sure I have everything before diving in. Also, I intend to run the business from Nigeria

      • Hi Sasil,

        I’d say you’ve got the basics, if you buy eCom Turbo then you get a whole bunch of apps included, so after that you can see what’s missing.
        I don’t believe you’ll have any other costs, maybe an accounting program.

    112. Hi Rhys,

      Thanks for the review. I’m a newbie, and a student without lots of money. Which course would u recommend, the eCom elites or savage affiliates ? Thanks a lot for your help

      • Answered your emails, depends on your budget. Low budget then Savage, higher budget go for dropshipping with eCom Elites.

      • Hi Conan,

        That course you’re talking about is by Tristan Broughton, you can read my views on that course here.

        Franklin’s course offers Google Shopping training at a more affordable price but it’s not as detailed as Tristan’s Google ad specific course.

        Hope it helps?

    113. Hi
      Thanks for the full review .
      I have a few questions before buying the course ,_does it still work in 2019 ?_i have a very limited amount of money so i want to know exacly how much money i will need to start this busines in general
      I am a student , the next year i will go to a different city and my father can’t afford to pay my rent and education expenses so i trust you and i have great hopes that the course will be super helpful for my situation right now . I would be grateful if you could answer those questions. Thanks

      • Yes it works in 2019 and it will work forever, most businesses dropship, even Walmart and Amazon. You will need $500-$1000 on top of the price of the course to get started.

    114. Hello Rhys

      Just bought the course using your affiliate link. Thank you so much for the excellent work you are doing.


    115. Hi there, thanks a lot for your content. Great stuff here. I’ve got a couple of questions.

      – besides the average of 1000$ to get the business started, how much money do you have to invest monthly to get a revenue of 500$ monthly?
      – how long does it take to start making some profit once you start from scratch? (I know it takes some time and it’s not 48hs) but not a year either.
      – does the content from this course apply worldwide? Because it seems that everything is about the US and I’m not sure if that would work on Central and Latin America.

      You’re completely right about the price 197$ is pretty reasonable. I’ve paid 1500$ for Sam ovens course and that’s on my list of the most stupid things that I’ve done in my life so far. That’s why I just go for something that really provides some realistic results or proof that it’s legit.

      Thanks a lot and keep it up, your efforts will pay off sooner or later

      • Hi Rafael,

        I can’t really answer your first question, drop shipping isn’t an investment in a typical sense. You put money in but there’s no guarantee you’ll make money. You could lose it all. But you probably will make money but it would depend on your cost of goods, overheads and ad cost. Also it depends on how good your product is.

        I’ve seen dropshippers making money from day one, others struggle for weeks. Again it depends on many factors but buying a course such as eCom Elites can give you a much better chance of creating a successful campaign from the start rather than learning by yourself for months.

        The content applies worldwide, Franklin lives in New Zealand so it’s not solely focused on US based students.

        Sorry to hear about Mr Ovens course, unfortunately online the saying, you get what you pay for doesn’t exist as cheap courses are often better than overpriced junk.

    116. Hey RHYS, I am totally newbie in ecom industry so should I start with old version of Franklin Ecom Masterclass or should I get new version i.e. ecom elites? is this suitable for beginners me????? what is difference in between old version & new version? Is old version take more deeply? or its just replicate in new version with advanced update?

    117. Hi.

      Thank you for a great review.

      You write that this course is affordable and I agree with that. So is there no difference between this course and the courses to $2k+ that the big names are charging?

    118. How many courses have you reviewed and what´s the absolute best to buy from 0-5000 Dollars in regards to Ecommerce?
      Still the eCom Elite?

      +(If you know) What person would you highly recommend for taking as a Mentor 0-5000 Dollars?


      • I’ve reviewed over 50 courses over the last 3 years. eCom Elites is by far the best and a close second would be Product Winner Blueprint by Tristan Broughton.

        I can’t recommend a mentor as I’ve never used one nor paid for the exclusive services of one so it would be unfair to recommend. You’ll struggle to find a genuine mentor, anyone who’s actually making decent money online isn’t going to have time to mentor someone 1-2-1.


    119. Hi Rhys, sorry if this has already been asked, but is this still a good course for general e-comm learning? Ads, funnels, email, customer building etc? I’m starting an e-comm store but not dropshipping. Hoping I’d still find benefit from all the other modules that aren’t about product sourcing etc? Thanks 🙂 Sarah

      • Hi Sarah, Absolutely, you can apply the same training to an eCom business. You’ll find benefit from all the modules as you don’t need to dropship.

    120. Hi Rhys,

      First, thanks a lof for all these great reviews,
      Im interested about purchasing this course and
      (1) I would like to know what other great resources would you recommend to add to maximize your

      (2) Do you recommend this course if Im living in Europe (France) ?

      (3) Which courses do YOU recommend to learn for other streams of income ?

      Thank you for your time and your help 😉

      • Hi,

        Aside from the course, a good converting theme is crucial. Here’s a few to consider. I think eCom Turbo or Shoptimized is best.

        I also recommend a tool for product research, here’s 17 tools you can use. I prefer Sell The Trend.

        2. Yes the content is relevant for anyone worldwide. You can apply the material for France.

        3. I recommend checking out affiliate marketing, Franklin has a course on this too. You could also checkout social media marketing which is another lucrative business.

        (all links are internal to posts on my site)

      • Hi, The course is updated all the time. Most recent major update was earlier this year.
        When Facebook major changes are made the course is updated.
        Yes I recommend Product Winner Blueprint but it’s more of an intermediate course. Franks is an a-to-z course.
        Hope it helps?

    121. Hi! Thanks so much for this review! I already have a shopify store with jewelry that it designed and made by us here in Canada.
      I am looking to get more traffic to the site and optimize for conversion would this course be right for me?

    122. Hi Rhys, thank you for the review.

      Do you know if this courses also teaches how to do business with Amazon FBA as well?
      Do they teach whitelabelling as well?

    123. Hi Rhuys
      thanks for your review
      I was wondering my main concern about starting a drop shipping business is the hassle with the process of buying the good and ship to the customer that purchase on your website. I think Oberlo is fixing this problem but is this the only option out there?

      Also about using a print on demand usa based service even if we are not in the usa I am in canada we will have to set up sell tax so to your experience do print on demand service automatically do this for you? I mean they know where they are located and where they ship to sonit makes them easynfor them to collect tax…can you share with us about this?

      thanks Rhys for what you do here it really helps people understanding what option is the best!

      Thanks again!

      • There’s many options not just Oberlo, Dropified is another good one.

        If you’re in Canada but selling to US then you will not need to collect sales tax from US customers but if your supplier is based in say Florida and someone from there orders via your store then yes you can automatically collect tax on your store and then pay the tax to the supplier for the POD products, they check the buyers address and charge you tax accordingly. Alternatively just build that tax into your product price or disable the ability from someone in that state to checkout.

        • Hi and thanks for your reply.

          I also heard that some states collect tax not from where the product is ship from like florida to florida but also to where is delivered like florida to Texas for example… like Texas may ask fo taxes. How do you deal wityht that?

          Ohh one more thing with POD for example if somebody buy a shirt from me at 30$ and tax are 5% this makes 1.50$ in taxes but then I order from the POD company for 15$ so taxes here are 0.75$ do I have to keep the 0.75$ taxe remaining aside? and once you file for taxe you will have to pay 0.75$ remaining to that stated (1.50-0.75=0.75$)?
          I mean POD company will keep the 0.75$ as their taxe obligation and I will also have to keep the 0.75$ remaining on the total 1.50$ also for tax obligation as I get credited for the 0.75$ tax I paied to the POD company? Hope it make sence…

          Does tax set up and everything is explaine in the EcomElite course?


          • Hi, Sorry you’d be best speaking with a tax advisor or accountant as every situation could be different. Tax is not covered in the course as students could be from 1 of 197 countries where different taxes apply.

    124. Hi Rhys! Thank you for the comprehensive review. If I could rewind the clock I likely would have purchased his products. I purchased the Ecom turbo theme last fall. I started setting up my Shopify store with it and then got away into something else. I’m looking for someone who knows the theme well and can help me by finishing up the setup of my Shopify store. Everything is time and money and right now I don’t have the time. Thank you so much!

    125. Hi Rhys,

      Thanks man for such a great and detailed review. I’ve read 6 other reviews about eCom Elites, but yours is outstanding. You’ve done good job, appreciate it. Mostly because your statements I’ve decided to start with eCom Elites and I’ll use your link to make the purchase.
      Besides eCom Elites, I’m going to but eCom Turbo theme as well .

      Thanks again. If there are any questions throughout the process, I’ll reach you out.

    126. Hi Rhys,

      I’m doing the dropshipping with Alidropship instead of Shopify, do you think this course can apply for Alidropship because there has some modules are related to Shopify. Tks.

      • Absolutely. You can make use of all the modules, with the exception of Shopify. I’ve used Alidropship too, same principle applies for everything else re products, ads, support etc.

    127. Hello Rhys
      Sorry for my broken English.
      I’m having 5 yrs of exp in digital marketing and I work for an agency. I’m familiar with Google ads, FB ads & SEO. However, I never had any exp working with e-comm clients. Do you suggest this course would be right for me?
      My requirement:
      I want to learn about e-commerce from scratch & pitch this as a service (Build Store +marketing). Being a non-technical guy, will this course help me build a store & learn techniques to bring more sales?
      Or pls suggest a course that would fit my requirements.
      Thank you!

      • Yes, you need to purchase ads. There’s no such thing as a business that doesn’t require you to spend money.


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