eCommerce Empire Builders Review: Peter Pru Course Worth It?

I’m sure you’ve seen Peter Pru advertising, eCommerce Empire Builders on Youtube and you’ve considered learning more but decided you wanted a full in depth review before you do? I don’t blame you either, there’s a lot of these guru’s marketing on Youtube, interrupting your videos, claiming to show you how to make money online.

The course costs $997 and is available as two instalments of $597 however this may rise at any time without notice.

What is eCommerce Empire Builders?

eCommerce Empire builders is also known as eCommerce Empire Academy and claims to be worth $2997. You also get access to an elite mastermind which is a Facebook group with other members of the course. This is accompanied with other content and bonuses.

You also get access to weekly live question and answer sessions along with recordings if you can’t make the training.

You also get access to a 7 figure funnel template library and a few real case studies.

The bonuses include a 30 day empire business calendar as well as a product picker and a private 1 on 1 strategy session with Peter Pru.

Who is Peter Pru?

Peter Pru claims to be a successful eCommerce expert who focuses on building sales funnels with Clickfunnels.

He’s earned his title in the 2 comma club which is reserved for entrepreneurs who’ve processed 1 million dollars through a funnel on Russell Brunson’s platform.

Over on his website he claims to have built many successful 6 figure stores and then decided he should give back and teach others how to start their own online eCommerce stores through his course and training program called eCommerce Empire Builders.

Peter Pru claims to have been featured in publications such as Forbes, BuzzFeed and Entrepreneur however when I tried to find some reference to him on these platforms I turned up empty handed. Maybe those self published press releases have now been removed from the site ;).

Peter is a regular poster on Youtube, where he claims to have built a $2,300,000 dropshipping business. He has 18,500 subscribers and regularly posts videos with those clickbait titles such as [DON’T SHARE] titles. Most videos seem to get less than 2 thousand views.

eCommerce Empire Builders Review

ecommerce empire builders review

The course focuses on drop shipping using sales funnels rather than Shopify. This means using a platform such as Clickfunnels which also happens to give him a fatter affiliate commission on all the students he recommends using this platform.

While you can definitely setup a successful funnel, it’s a harder platform for beginners to use, especially if you’ve got no sales and marketing experience before buying the course. It’s important to note that before you buy the course if you wanted Shopify.

Course Content

The course is split up into 6 modules:

  1. Foundation
  2. Funnels
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Facebook Ads
  6. Scaling to 7 Figures
  7. Ongoing monthly funnel hacks.

Module 1: Foundation

The first module follows the usual mindset videos, getting you motivated and how best to follow and use the course.

It’s a pretty short introduction and probably you’ve seen thousands of these videos online.

Peter Pru has his own take on this, so it’s worth a watch.

Module 2: Funnels

You’re now introduced to the funnels section and how to get started with Clickfunnels. You are shown how to use his affiliate link to signup and in return he’ll give you some free share funnels. You can then download these to your account so you don’t need to create those funnels from scratch.

I recommend customizing your funnels so you don’t look like every other student in his course.

It’s a pretty basic but interesting overview into the world of drop shipping funnels.

Module 3: Email Marketing

Next up is an entire module on email marketing which will require an additional platform or you can use the built in feature with Clickfunnels.

Peter will show you how to collect emails and setup an email marketing sequence to retarget customers and get them back to your store to complete checkout. We call this abandoned cart but as you’re using a non traditional shopping cart platform it works slightly differently.

I thought this section was pretty short but does cover most of the essentials of email marketing.

Module 4: Influencer Marketing

Usually this section would be quite detailed but Peters course was fairly short and only covered Instagram and Youtube Influencers.

Peter runs through the entire process of using IG Influencers for shoutouts, how to find people and negotiate rates.

Module 5: Facebook Ads

If you’re a regular reader on this blog then you’ll know I always slam courses that have next to no content on Facebook Ads, when other courses have over 100 videos on the topic. Unfortunately for Peter his module includes little information too.

You can’t really make someone an expert in Facebook Ads through a few videos.

There is a lot of unanswered questions and most of the content is from 2017-2018.

Time for an update?

Module 6: Scaling to 7 Figures

The last main module includes scaling techniques used by Peter to get from 5 or 6 figures to 7 figures.

As Peter is a two comma club member, it’s fair to say he knows what he’s talking about here and it’s proven through his award.

Monthly Funnel Hacks

Each month Peter will dissect someone else’s funnel and recreates them within his own Clickfunnels account.

Some previous examples include Tai Lopez and Lady Boss.

Just because they appear to be successful funnels doesn’t mean they actually make money.

However it’s good to see how he recreates the funnels in these follow along videos.

You also get access to live and previous recordings of question and answer sessions.

Refund Policy

If you implement what Peter show’s you and you don’t see a positive ROI within 30 days, not only will he give you a complete refund – he’ll GIVE you an additional $997 for wasting your time!

As identified in the terms and conditions you have to complete the homework and show them you’ve made an effort. You can’t simply download the content, watch the videos and then request a refund.

The biggest catch is that they say they will help you attempt to fix your problem and if they can’t only then are you entitled to a refund. I have a feeling they’d make it pretty difficult to get a refund, rather than give you $997 cash on top of your refund.

Final Verdict

eCommerce Empire Builders by Peter Pru is a very short course, only offering six modules. Given the price of the course I was expecting a lot more content. You can be your own judge as to how much content a course needs to have to justify the price, for me it’s a lot.

The course does offer weekly Q&A sessions and ongoing support, however it’s more about funnel hacking, rather than drop shipping. Peter Pru is a two comma club winner, so he knows his stuff, but if you wanted to build a small eCom business, this might not be the course for you, despite the name of the course…

After spending $997 on the course, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $97-$297 per month just to start your business. This wasn’t mentioned on the sales page or webinar either, so may come as a shock to you if you just bought the course.

So after spending $1100 you’ll still need to run traffic to your funnel. It’s likely you’ll need $2000 to get started with eCommerce Empire Builders.

I want to learn Shopify drop shipping?

It’s probably the best eCommerce business model right now and is better than trying to learn sales funnels. You can setup a Shopify store within a few hours and start building a real brand or business.

Some of the important topics in my opinion that are missing from Peters course include; Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Sales Funnels, Search Engine Optimization, Chatbots and Instagram Influencers. Given Peters course price, you’d think these topics (which are important) would have been included.

Given the course is fairly new, the Facebook group is pretty small and I imagine you’ll have to wait a long time before it becomes a thriving community.

So my alternative that I recommend is eCom Elites which costs $297 and includes 180+ videos across a wide range of eCommerce topics mentioned above plus Facebook Ads, Instagram, Scaling and all the crucial topics included in eCommerce Empire Builders.

The other major benefit is the 5000+ strong community you’re getting access too when you join.

I’ve done a full feature length review on this platform, or you can click here and checkout the sales page. (You also get a full length section on using Clickfunnels if you wanted to learn sales funnels too).



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  1. Thanks a lot for this mate! I sat through the webinar and i was kinda impressed by what he spoke but was also skeptical about his Forbes accomplishments and something about this Funnels thing just didn’t add up…I’m glad this course was here! Hopefully you are not some Affiliate of ecom elites though

  2. This is very helpful information, I have signed in with Peter Pru . I will see how things go and later come back after I have set up shop to let all you hopeful e-Com’s see how I really feel about this wonderful world of earning online

  3. Don’t do it! I have had the worst experience ever with this crooked company. They have horrible customer support and I have been taken from 1000 dollars and they have ghosted me with no response.

    The course was not that helpful and they didn’t even provide all the things promised. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

    Please human to human don’t work with this company!


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