eCom Domination Review | 4.0 | James Beattie Course Worth It?

James Beattie’s course, eCom Domination 4 is here and claims to show you how to start a wildly profitable 6 figure store and get 200 sales within 30 days. Over the 9 week course, you’ll get an insiders look into the world of eCom and build a successful business with weekly coaching calls, community and all for only $1,997.

So is eCom Domination the course you should buy or is it overhyped?

Who is James Beattie?

James Beattie is an Irish based dropshipper, entrepreneur and online Youtuber who has been around for many years with his first course, eCom Insiders and most recently eCom Domination which is now in version 4.

He claims to own a number of 6 and 7 figure eCommerce stores that focus on dropshipping and does share his own earnings on his Youtube channel and in Facebook groups.

He now runs a number of courses including a free course, an insider academy which costs $49 per month and includes bi-weekly live training sessions helping you to grow and scale your ecommerce business. Lastly there is a Facebook Ads for eCommerce course that costs $500 but doesn’t look like it’s been updated much since 2017.

Over on Youtube he regularly updates videos and has 30,800 subscribers at the time of print. These videos include various methods and the usual clickbait style cover photos. It is clear he knows what he’s talking about and he’s a joy to watch.

Of course there’s no escaping the luxury travel and flash cars and over on Instagram you can see his successful businesses have allowed him to travel the world.

eCom Domination Review

ecom domination review

The course is promoted on Clickfunnels and the landing page is hosted there as well as the checkout page.

The actual course content is hosted on which means videos look great on all devices you might be using and you can also change the video quality depending on your type of internet connection. The teachable site is responsive and there is a mobile version if you were accessing that way.

Currently the course costs $1,997 or there’s an eCom Dom 5x Pay Plan for $597 x 5 = $2985. So you’d be paying an extra $1000 just to part pay which is crazy. Other reviews claim it costs $6,000 but what they’ve done is just looked at Teachable’s sales page and didn’t actually buy the course.

The course mentions clearly there’s a 30 day money back guarantee with no asterisk or terms but if you read deeper into the terms and conditions you’ll find out there’s actually a 10 step process you must show to claim that or it will be rejected. You are also prohibited from asking for a refund if you paid in monthly instalments.

Course Content

eCom Domination is an 9 module course or as James likes to call it, 9 weeks.

The modules go as follows:

  1. Creating your store
  2. Product research and sourcing
  3. Facebook Ads fundamentals
  4. Facebook Ads advanced
  5. Email marketing
  6. Alternative traffic sources
  7. Managing operations
  8. Moving to the next level
  9. 7 figure mindset
  10. Case studies.

The course is primarily a Facebook Ads and dropshipping course. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but I question a course that only recommends one traffic source when there are dozens of different options out there that would suit beginners and intermediates alike.

If you’ve been watching James Beattie’s free videos or his free Shopify course then you might find some of the content is irrelevant for you. So with that you’re paying $1,997 for 5 or 6 modules of juicy content. Also with Facebook Ads changing their platform in the coming months, the course will need an update to version 5 pretty sharpish.

Week 1: Creating Your Store

The first week in this course is to do with creating your store and rather than call each video a lesson, James has called them modules. So every video is actually a module.

The first few modules are the usual BS about the road that lies ahead and what to expect. This then progresses into the actual store creation. You’ll learn, through a one hour over the shoulder training video how to create your Shopify store from scratch.

This includes installing a premium theme (checkout the best ones here), customizing colors and adding a logo. You’ll also add pages and all the basic things your store needs before you can start trading.

The videos then get detailed looking at different payment processors and how to configure your shipping timeframes and settings.

You then learn about installing a product fulfillment plugin that can automate your orders and help with product and order management.

The videos then change direction and start looking at how to increase your average order value, increasing customer lifetime value and dealing with customer support. There are plugin and app recommendations from James in this section for dealing with each topic.

Week 2: Product Research & Sourcing

This week eCom Domination looks at different product researching methods with a long introductory video on how to choose the best products for your store. This is then followed with a shorter video on automating product research. James then shows you how to validate your product findings and whether they’d be a good product to promote.

Module 3 looks at how to find high quality suppliers on Aliexpress and how you can wheedle out the scammers and find the genuine suppliers.

Once you’ve got a good product and supplier, James shows you how to write amazing product descriptions that will help with sales.

There’s a video on using various spy tools to find winning products and ads for your benefit. I’ve actually reviewed 17 of the best research tools here which could be helpful in your business too.

Lastly there is information on how to legally sell licensed products.

Week 3+4: Facebook Ads

I’ve combined week 3 and 4 together into one section as they both look at Facebook Ads. While the first week you’ll look at the basics and how to set everything up, week four looks at more advanced topics. Both weeks are very short though! I’ve seen some courses with over 50 videos and James has 14 videos.

The first videos look at Facebook Ads, what it is and why you need it. This then looks at setting up your business manager and the different types of ad types and objectives. You then look at various Facebook targeting options and how to create ads and ad copy.

You’ll then launch your first Facebook Ad by following along with James and then analyze the data that Facebook provides you.

In week five, eCom domination looks at audiences, scaling, retargeting, manual bidding for both local and international traffic. Most of the videos are detailed and offer lots of insights into the successful Facebook ads method for promoting your products.

If you follow closely you definitely can be as success as James.

Week 5: Email Marketing

This week is 4 short videos on getting started with email marketing using various platforms out there. You’ll learn how to setup a cart abandonment sequence to win over lost sales and how you can boost your front end sales without remarketing.

You then also discover an email series for new customers as well as advanced methods.

Week 6: Alternative Traffic Sources

While I said earlier the course is primarily a Facebook Ads + dropshipping course, there is additional videos on using Instagram Influencers and basic SEO and Youtube. The problem is there’s really limited information which will leave you confused.

For example there is a 20 minute section on creating an Instagram account, finding Influencers and negotiating with them. This is the basic process yes, but there’s far more to the process to actually be successful with it.

You’ll also learn some basic search engine optimization research and using Youtube to promote your products.

Week 7: Managing Operations

This week you’ve got 4 videos on building a team and handling bulk fulfilment.

There’s not much to say here other than most of the information covered here is probably available for free on his Youtube channel.

Week 8: Moving to next level

There’s one video of 23 minutes on building a brand and how to turn your general store into a successful brand.

Week 9+10: Mindset & Case Studies

I always hate when guru’s give long mindset videos and this entire week is dedicated to a 4 part mindset video series.

Clearly when you’re buying an expensive course you’ve already committed yourself to trying to start a successful business.

The last module includes four case studies on Facebook Ads rapid scaling techniques. These short case studies show you real life examples from James’ experience. It can be a good way to learn from someone else and see their results to give you inspiration for your own store.

Final Verdict

eCom Domination 4 is a short dropshipping course by James Beattie and in my opinion has lots of nuggets but given the huge price tag of $1,997 it’s not worth it. There’s dozens of other courses out there that are much cheaper and offer much more content and value for money.

James is a likeable guy, he knows a lot but I’m unsure why his course is so short and only looks at Facebook Ads. Rather than continuously uploading free Youtube videos to drive traffic to his course, he could take a few weeks off and actually upload videos beginners need to start a successful eCommerce business.

Some of those videos I refer to include extensive product research using premium tools, various Facebook Ads testing methods, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, other social media platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Chatbots are also up and coming in 2019 and there’s no mention of this in his course.

If I compare this to the best drop shipping course out there, eCom Elites which is 10 times cheaper than eCom Domination and offers 200+ videos and the same level of coaching and support there’s really no comparison.

You can read a full review on eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett or checkout the full course today.

James’ course if it was priced at $297 would be far more affordable and reflect the true value offered in the course content. You don’t even get 1-2-1 coaching for that $1,997 price tag.

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