eCom Hacks Review: Is Jared Goetz Course Worth It?

It’s one of the largest courses by one of the most influential guru’s in the drop shipping industry, eCom Hacks by Jared Goetz is a drop shipping course with a focus on e-commerce using Shopify and Facebook Ads. You may have heard the name, drop surfing and Jared is the one who came up with that terminology.

Drop surfing is exactly the same as drop shipping, don’t let those overhyped videos tell you otherwise. It’s the same business model, with a different name.

Jared appears on par with gurus such as Franklin Hatchett and Tristan Broughton in my opinion from his free content, offering lots of insights via Youtube and backing it up with a course.

Unfortunately that’s where it ends as he keeps using his Lambo and clickbait style videos to sell himself and the fact he build the fastest selling store in 2017, like dude it’s 2019!

A few others do this and it’s pretty frustrating for beginners as they get sold a dream rather than realistic expectations.

Jared’s course claims to show you how to build a profitable eCommerce business from scratch in as little as two weeks. It claims to be a proven and tested online course that will show you how to build your own 7 figure store in as little as 60 days. Personally I think that statement is a little far fetched for most people but I’m sure it’s possible.

eCom Hacks follows the standard process for creating a new store:

  • How to structure your store
  • Conversion techniques
  • Finding products
  • Working with suppliers
  • Creating and scaling ads
  • Dealing with customer service.

The course claims to be for beginners and intermediates and those with no technical skills or business experience.

By signing up to eCom Hacks you’ll also get access to the following bonuses:

  • Jared’s personal theme (apparently used to make $5,000,000 in sales)
  • Jared’s theme plugins, hacks and features for optimal conversions
  • An advanced Facebook ad training course
  • Viral winning product formula
  • Expert menotrship and community livestreams
  • Videos on how to make $1,000+ per day in 14 days.

Currently the course costs $997-$1997.

eCom Hacks Review

After dropping the cash down to see what this course is all about the first disappointing aspect to the course was just how unprofessional the videos actually seem. They really do look like they have been thrown together in a haste to get the course launched.

The level of knowledge, even from the first few videos is slightly alarming. This guy claims to be making millions of dollars every month from Shopify drop shipping, yet his mismatched information and random statements leave me in a state of confusion. Did I really just pay money for this?

It would be unfair of me to start my review like that without backing it up with some examples, the first video claims you have no investment to make money with drop shipping. Well that’s not true as you’ve just paid for a premium course, you need a Shopify account, a theme, a Facebook Ad budget and probably a bunch of other things such as a product to sell and various plugins. So yes there is a cost to setting up your business and it’s likely you’ll lose money to start with.

eCom Hacks Income Proof

The next thing that concerns me is the video about him showing us his store to give us proof. He shows you a store called TheGadgetsNob which appears to have made $2,790,251 in sales between Feb 1st and August 31 2017. You can clearly see the sales figures appear to be mainly from April to June. He shows us the month of August which did $420,000 in sales.

He goes to Oberlo and you can see between 22nd July and 21st August the store apparently did $620,607 in sales. I’m not sure why he didn’t show you Oberlo for the same time period as the Shopify dashboard to make things clear. Then you’re directed to Facebook where you can see they did $246,000 in ad spend. The product costs were $211,491 leaving a gross profit of around $163,000.

ecom hacks review

Remember he sold you a course showing you how to make 7 figures per month?

His own videos in the course you just paid $997 for aren’t even showing a store making 7 figures per month, let alone 7 figures net profit. After tax and various other expenses I’d say he barely made over 6 figures for the month. Still it’s a pretty healthy sum but far from easy as you’re told on the sales page and unless you had deep pockets it would take a long time to scale an ad to those figures in 2019. As soon as Stripe and Paypal hold your funds in reserve it can be impossible to scale that high.

eCom Hacks Course Content

Getting into the content, the course is pretty short and is very similar to other courses on the market. I’m not sure how many times this has been updated since it was launched at the end of 2017 but it doesn’t look like many times.

Module one is a basic structure overview and includes videos such as:

  • Activating your free 21 day trial of Shopify
  • Opening your store
  • Purchasing and masking your domain name
  • Setting up your phone to make a ching ching when you earn $$
  • Payment methods for your store
  • Setting up support pages
  • Basic SEO meta descriptions.

These videos are fairly basic and straight forward, nothing of much value here that isn’t available for free online.

Module two is about setting up your store and includes:

  • Conversion rates video
  • The $5,000,000 theme
  • Adding a free shipping bar
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • FAQ page setup
  • Minimize images for SEO and social media sharing
  • Adding tracking pixels
  • Customer reviews
  • One Click Upsells – Carthook
  • A seven page series on setting up the theme.

The $5,000,000 Theme Review

Remember I told you about selling dreams? This is actually called Shoptimized not the $5 million dollar theme. Jared might have made $5 million from the theme but can he really call it the $5,000,000 theme if it’s not guaranteed you’ll make the same?

The theme actually costs $167 and can be purchased by anyone from the official website.

You can read my review on this theme or checkout alternatives for Shopify themes.

Module three is about products and includes four short videos:

  • What to look for in a supplier/product
  • Adding products to your store
  • Where to find products for your store
  • Order fulfillment using Oberlo.

Module four is a 9 video series on Facebook Ads and includes videos such as:

  • Setting up FB Ads Account
  • FB Pixel setup
  • Setting up Business page and account
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Ad setup and testing methods
  • 3 x Testing methods.

A really short section on Facebook Ads. There’s barely any information here about the world of Facebook/Instagram advertising let alone other methods out there such as Pinterest, SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping etc.

Module five is some bonus content for eCom Hacks such as:

  • Abandoned cart email templates
  • Custom audience PDF’s
  • Using virtual assistances for customer service
  • Adding a 1-800 Phone Number
  • 20 Conversion Hacks PDF.

eCom Hacks Important Information

There is currently no discount code or coupon code for eCom Hacks. You may need to join a webinar or a live call to get in on the training. Given the level of the content I’m not sure what you can expect on that coaching call other than a hard sell. The only other features are a Facebook mastermind group where you can chat with other eCom Hacks members.

Remember this course has been open for nearly two years so it’s unlikely many people will still use the group.

Final Verdict

This course seriously underdelivered and given I’ve reviewed over 30 of the best drop shipping courses it’s definitely not worth the high price tag. If you like Jared Goetz then I’d say buy the course but given the effort he puts into his Youtube channel I’m not sure what happened in the course. Compared with cheaper impulse buys such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint this is on another level (a much lower one).

My #1 Recommendation
I’ve reviewed a ton of drop ship courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 175+ videos of powerful content on everything from the basics of drop shipping through to product selection and of course over 50 Facebook ads videos. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

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  1. Hi Rhys,
    I want to try to our #1 recommendation, but they are just not responding to my pre-sales query despite a reminder and a week gone. I told you too. No response from you either! Anyways this is my last message and will just wait… Or I am left with just no option but forget you and ecom elites because if no one is responding now, what will be the situation when I join in and you have my money!
    Thanks and regards.

  2. It’s so nice to finally find a review website that puts the readers above their pocket book. I was so tired of looking for reviews and no one being real. I would NEVER allow a referral fee to go to any of them.

    Now, seeing as you’re honest, I’ll make damn sure I follow your links if I purchase anything.

    Thank you!!!

  3. They got me for $5K and DID NOT deliver at all. I was a fool. They double billed me for $2500 twice. I did not notice (yeah, how could I not notice???–just too busy but it cost me big time). I should have looked for reviews like this before I jumped in!


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