Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review: Kevin David’s Course [UPDATED For 2019]

Quite possibly one of the most popular Shopify courses finally gets an appearance on my blog after many readers asked for a review. Right now the price is nearly 50% off at $997 or 40% off as 3 payments of $397. When the course and coaching program first launched it was well over $2000. Today we’re going to see if Kevin David’s course, Shopify Ninja Masterclass is worth the money or wether you should stick to the cheaper drop ship courses on the market, there is quite a few.

This personal review has been updated for June 2019.

shopify ninja masterclass review

Kevin David is a serial entrepreneur with his business interests spread across multiple verticals including Facebook Ads, Amazon FBA, Shopify drop shipping and various other affiliate marketing courses. He claims to be making over 7 figures per year from multiple Shopify stores and also has a popular Youtube channel.

After watching his Youtube videos it’s obvious Kevin knows what he is talking about. It’s clear he knows how to market his products and services too as the sales page is pretty impressive.

I went and bought the $997 course which is actually quite steep given you can courses such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint for $197. Those on a budget probably aren’t suited for this course.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review

Once you purchase your coaching membership you’ll get access to the full course which includes five different modules and a wide range of videos. I was actually expecting far more videos than what’s in the course given the price tag. However compared with other courses I’ve reviewed and subsequently given low reviews too, it does have lots of content.

The videos are all filmed in high quality, I can definitely listen to Kevin’s voice and it’s clear he knows his stuff. There’s many gurus who struggle to convey their content but Kevin makes it seem like he is the real deal.

There are five individual modules from product research through to setting up your store, finding suppliers and drop shippers, marketing and finally scaling your store. There’s also a bunch of bonuses.

The bonuses are regularly updated but at the time of purchase I received. Yes they were quite interesting but very short and most of them included affiliate links such as the Clickfunnels training and Amazon Merch.

  1. Finding new niches (13 page .pdf niche guide)
  2. Finding new trends for 2018 (8 minute video)
  3. How to create made to order business (3 page pdf)
  4. Print on demand business (33 minute video, Amazon Merch)
  5. Setting up sales funnels with Clickfunnels (2 page pdf)
  6. Free DoneForYou funnel download (Share URL)
  7. Using Clickfunnels to explode sales. (15 minute video)

Let’s take a look at the course content and see what you get in each module:

Module 1: Product/Niche Research

In this introductory module you’re introduced to a short welcome video by Kevin on how the course will run. The first video is pretty much the only video in the course that includes a power point. If you hate the conventional power point presentation then you have nothing to worry about here.

Next is a video on how to choose the best niche for your store and the mistakes to avoid as a new drop shipper. This video is the first proper video in the course and is split screen with Kevin on camera and the content on the screencast. Kevin uses Word documents to discuss points and goes into lots of detail.

Next is videos on how to use Aliexpress to find suppliers. It’s important to note that Aliexpress is the recommended method for finding drop ship suppliers. If you’re looking for local drop shipping then you won’t find it in this course. A 30 minute video here goes into detail on the website and extensions you can use to make your life easier. One of these tools is ‘Trend Hunter.’

Next is a video on how Kevin uses a few tricks to find the best selling stores in the world and mimic their products. This is pretty basic and involves using Aliexpress. Next you’ll learn how to find products using a premium tool called Intelligynce which costs $$29 per month. I actually recommend this and have done a full review here too.

Following this is three videos on how to find winning products using various websites and trade shows including Amazon, the Shopify app store and other platforms such as web tools for finding the most popular Shopify stores.

The next videos include using free tools including thieve and Google search to find weekly winning products. There is lots of content here and if you’re a beginner looking for a hand holding process you’ll find a complete video at the end of this module that will show you the entire process step by step.

So far the quality is actually pretty good and Kevin presents well.

Module 2: Drop Ship Suppliers

This topic is poorly handled by most drop ship courses and very few actually recommend using additional suppliers away from Aliexpress. In Ninja Masterclass the module focuses on Aliexpress and the first video focuses on using Alipay to stop your account from getting banned or suspended which can happen if you start to process lots of orders.

The next video shows you how to contact suppliers and is followed by a video on how to deal with manufacturer pricing to ensure you get the best deal for your drop shipping margins.

There is a script you can actually download and use to contact and send to suppliers. This is followed by a video on how to order a sample for your testing before actually selling anything to customers.

Module 3: Shopify Store Setup

If you still need help setting up your Shopify store then you’ll find lots of videos here. I won’t run into detail about what videos are included but I recommend using a premium theme such as eCom Turbo or Booster Theme which will speed up the process and save you having to install tons of apps and plugins.

Kevin includes 15 videos on the entire process, everything from starting your very own Shopify trial, through to installing and configuring Google Analytics, adding reviews, pop ups, email optin forms, countdown timers etc.

Again all these videos could be skipped by simply installing a theme such as eCom Turbo which offers full customization from the main dashboard after installing the theme.

Module 4: Marketing Explosion

The primary marketing focus in Kevin’s course is Facebook Ads, which is definitely the most popular way to drive paid traffic to your store. The first video includes a setup guide.

The next video will give you an introduction into the word of Facebook vocab and what different words mean. Do you know what ATC, PPE and WC stand for? If you answered no, you’ll know exactly what they mean once you go through the course. You’ll also learn the 3 key pointers Kevin believes you need to succeed with FB ads.

Next is a video on how to master your marketing objectives and the lifecycle of your ads. You’ll then learn how to use audiences to target your ads to people who are likely to click on and buy? your product or services.

You’ll go on to learn how to conquer Facebook ads with further targeting objectives. Some of the content here was a little out of date, I’m unsure if the course will be updated with the new FB interface. You’ll learn how to get lots of social proof to get your cost per click/engagement down as low as possible.

Videos including retargeting, optimising for winners and losers, how to use influencers, Instagram marketing, blogger influencers and how to use email marketing follow. There’s lots of content here which is actually pretty impressive if you’re a beginner. Intermediates may find they already know a lot of this content.

Lastly there is another similar to video from earlier with a start to finish Facebook campaign setup so you can follow along and see exactly how Kevin sets up the entire process, pretty cool!

Module 5: Scaling & Expansion

Are you still reading? If so then you’re doing well as this was a monster review. Hopefully you’re getting lots of value and in module five you’ll learn how to scale and expand your e-commerce store. I was surprised to see some rather interesting videos in this section on marketing methods and retargeting I hadn’t considered before such as Snapchat ads!

You’ll learn how to interpret your Google analytics and use it to your advantage for behaviors and reporting. You’ll learn how to use insights and where you’re getting customers from. OK in hindsight this is basic Google analytics but may be handy for eCom beginners who’ve never used Analytics before.

Lastly there are videos on how to create lookalike audiences with Facebook, using your Facebook pixel to retarget customers and potential customers, custom url audiences using platforms such as Rocketlink, how to add on page customer service, hiring and using virtual assistants, using snapchat and lastly manychat to boost sales and conversions.

Facebook Mastermind

One of the additional benefits about the course is the ability to join the Facebook mastermind which is where you can interact and communicate with the course creator, Kevin and other members of the course. The mastermind is actually full of content and lots of members. It’s obvious this is a large course with lots of members. I’m not one for joining all the groups of courses I recommend but it is available to you if you’re starting out.

Money Back Guarantee

The Ninja masterclass course offers a 14 day money back guarantee so if you have any queries or are unhappy with your purchase you can request a refund of the course cost. You need to ensure you follow their action plan policy as simply changing your mind isn’t grounds for a refund. There is no coupon and no discount code for the course.

Final Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed the content in the Shopify Ninja Masterclass course and Kevin does seem to know what he’s talking about. After watching his Youtube videos it’s obvious he’s not a faker claiming huge numbers to up sell his course. While he may be a guru for creating his own course, he does offer lots of value and content at a relatively low price point. If you’re looking for a course similar to eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint, Kevin’s course might just be what you’re looking for. Personally I’d opt to buy Franklin Hatchett’s course and spend the $1800 I’d just saved on actually building my business. I’ve done a full length review on eCom Elites here, I’d recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself.


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  1. I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me! I hope you continue to have high quality articles like this to share with veryone!

  2. Rhys,

    If course fees were not a matter, which courses would you recommend for the following

    Beginner dropshipping
    Intermediate / advanced dropshipping
    Facebook ads
    Google ads
    Affiliate marketing

  3. Hi Rhys
    Thank you for your time and effort, You have made my life so much easier.
    I wanted to ask you about Jon Mac, I watched his webinar and he offers a package which comes with access to his platform called which basically makes some pretty big promises, was wondering if you have any opinions about him or his product?

    • Hi Adis,
      You’re welcome, I haven’t used or heard of anyone using it. It looks like a glorified Shopify platform? I guess you could always try the 14 day trial and see for yourself? Personally I’d stick to Shopify or Clickfunnels.. or both.

      • Thanks, Rhys 🙂 I didn’t jump in to check out his product cause I’m a complete novice so I’m not sure what to look for. I have read your reviews on both Franklin Hatchett & Tristan Broughton dropshipping courses which pointed me in the right direction. Really appreciate those reviews btw, I’m going to get started with Franklin’s course to build up some knowledge & understanding and then I might give commerceHQ a crack ^_^
        I’ll let you know how I go. All the best bro,
        Take care

  4. Hello Rhys,

    I love your blog a lot. I am looking for something to make money online that is simple & not too overwhelming. Shopify seems a bit overwhelming for me and I’d like to look into something else. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Rhys,

    Great write up on Kevin David’s course, though having read your other articles I choose to go with Frank’s eCom Elites course as it is better value and also he has some great tips on his Youtube channel.

    Just a side question, would you recommend Thrive Leads and Mailerlite as a combination for list building and funnels if someone was on a budget as opposed to Clickfunnels and Aweber? Can Mailerlite and Thrive be used on WordPress and Shopify?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi David,

      Yes you can use Thrive Leads and Mailterlite with WordPress for list building and funnels. It doesn’t work with Shopify. Another option you might like to look at is Builderall which is a cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels. Finally you could also use Optimizepress and Mailchimp.

      • Thanks Rhys, just one last question does Frank include Print on Demand in his eCom Elites training course? I’m just starting out the course but can’t seem to find anything on it. Just looking for different avenues to branch out on rather then put all my eggs in one basket.


  6. Hi Rhys,
    Great write-up, very detailed, well done.
    I loved your insights and input to the Ninja Class review.
    One of my questions is from your experience, how quickly on average are folks making after 1-month?
    I ask only because of ROI and time to make money back and start making money.
    Thank you,

    • It would be impossible to say John, most people don’t post their success online, only their failures.
      From my experience i’d say it all depends on re-investing and scaling. What you’re selling etc.

  7. Hello Rhy. Is this review still feasible? Is Frank’s course still your highest rated? And can drop shipping work for someone based in Africa? I am scared to make such an investment and find out that location is a barrier. Please reply


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