Drop Ship Lifestyle 7.0 Review: Why I Recommend You DON’T BUY IT

If you’ve considered the idea of starting your own drop shipping business then you’ll likely have come across a video training course called Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly, which claims to give you all of the training and guidance necessary to establish, run and expand a successful drop shipping business online.

I should start off by saying I’m not an affiliate for Anton’s training. What I am going to do is tell you exactly what you’ll receive if you sign up, what to expect and ultimately why I recommend you don’t buy it.

This review has recently been updated (April 2019) to include DSL Version 7. After months of no updates, Anton’s Facebook campaign is in full swing again. Also the refund policy has been updated and is even more complex, so good luck getting a refund if you wanted one.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

If you’re still struggling to understand the concept of Drop Shipping then checkout these resources or I’ll cover this briefly and introduce you to the concept of drop shipping. In short, drop shipping is a way for you to sell tangible products that you don’t need to purchase up front, store somewhere and hope they sell to make a healthy profit.

The traditional way of selling goods was via a brick and mortar store or more recently an eCommerce website. The owner would go to a supplier and buy 100 units of Product X,Y and Z and place an order. The supplier would ship them to the owner, and you’d list them online or place them on the shelves.

Drop Shipping allows you to bypass the inventory component and list suppliers products on your website right away. If someone actually purchases something you’ll go to the supplier and have them ship the item/s directly to your customer in discreet packaging. If they don’t sell, you haven’t lost any money, only the time it took to list the products on your site.

Here’s a simple diagram to help explain the process better, sounds pretty interesting right?

Who is Anton?

Anton Kraly was ‘apparently’ stuck in a dead end job in the USA and decided to move to South East Asia, like a lot of people who want to explore the digital nomadic lifestyle, and ultimately start their own online businesses. Anton claims to have found himself introduced to the world of drop shipping through a friend and started to create his own web stores using platforms such as Shopify where you can create a business within a few hours.

After many successful years of selling and drop shipping products remotely, Anton decided to create a course called Drop Ship Lifestyle (Now DSL for short) to share his knowledge with others. Since then it would appear that due to many affiliates getting on board (more on this later) the course has grown in popularity and is now one of the most recommended courses on drop shipping. Whether it’s actually any good, let’s find out.

One of the biggest promoters of the course is Johnny FD, another digital nomad living in Chang Mai who claims the course inspired him to create his own online businesses too and as such now promotes DSL through his own dedicated affiliate page called the AntonMethod. Johnny use to make around $3,000 per month from drop shipping massage tables and sun beds but recently sold his business for over $60k.

Johnny now has his own course called Drop Ship Lab, you can check it out here (Dead course) and my full review here (Dead). Spoiler alert: it makes lots of recommendations towards signing up for the ‘Anton Method’

Why Is Drop Ship Life Style So Popular In Reviews

DSL was originally launched (2012) with an affiliate program whereby affiliate marketers (like myself) would receive 40-50% per referral to Anton’s course. The entry level price of the course was around $250 back then and an affiliate commission of $125 was every marketers dream, especially when they are starting out. If you follow John Chow you’ll know that earning $2,000 commissions is much better and can help you buy nice things quicker.

So a ton of affiliates started promoting the course on the Clickbank network between December 2012 and November 2014 with no idea as to whether it was actually any good or not. I remember seeing reviews and they were all the same, copy and pasted photos from the sales page.

Most reviews you’ll find online were written pre-2016, have a look around.

Clickbank affiliate program

Affiliates were competing for Google Page 1 Results, YouTube videos and any other way to make a quick buck. CPA networks such as Peerfly and Flexoffers were brokering the offer to their thousands of affiliates who were link building and driving traffic anyway they could. You can see below how the offer looked on Flexoffers when they were paying a 50% rev share, around $125 per sale.

drop ship lifestyle affiliates


So Anton now had a ton of people in the course and was getting so many new signups that he claimed he was now multi millionaire by early 2015 through drop shipping although it’s fairly obvious it was from the 2,500+ members that were now part of the drop ship lifestyle community.

Important: That’s when Anton pulled the plug on all the affiliates that had worked so hard to build his brand and business online. Overnight the affiliate program disappeared without warning and any last commissions were paid out. He would later introduce a new policy, you must be a paying member to promote the course..

So overnight the course was turned into a MLM network, ever heard of MOBE, Wealthy Affiliate or MTTB? Same thing. If you’ve ever searched for a product online to get reviews on, you’ll likely see the writer give it a poor rating with a comparison table with a link to Wealthy Affiliate. While DSL isn’t as popular as Wealthy Affiliate, it’s also a MLM network.

Once you become a paying member of DSL you’re then allowed to promote the course to others. So let’s say you paid over $2,000 to access the course and you want to earn that money back, you can simply refer 2 people to also purchase the course. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this promotional method but it explains how DSL became so popular and why all the reviews online are so positive. That’s how MLM networks work.

Alert: Refund Policies On MLM Networks Are Sneaky
Read the refund policy very carefully on MLM networks. Most offer a no obligation 30 day money back guarantee BUT then go on to say, you must follow the steps and prove it didn’t work for you before a refund is given. The steps often cost much more money to undertake or may not even be possible (i.e. you live in a foreign country).

So What Do You Actually Get?

The course has come along way over the last four years and now claims to be in version 5.0 (Updated last: Jan 2017). To be fair the course has grown over the years but is still built on the same framework that was created in 2012, a WordPress site running Optimizepress.

The price however has increased from $250 for the entry level package to an eye watering $2,997 one time payment for the fully fledged done-for-you solution. If you aren’t fussed about the key components of the course then you can get your foot in the door for $1,997 for the original course. Until January 2017 the minimum entry fee was only $997, so the price has jumped a staggering $1,000 in the last few weeks.

It’s worth noting that version 5 was only a new design and to launch a few more videos. 

Update February 2018: The price keeps changing every month so rather than update this section any further, checkout the official website for latest pricing.

Here is how the course has changed over the last few years.

Version 2.0
Version 2.0
Version 3.0
Version 3.0
Version 4.0
Version 4.0
drop ship lifestyle version 5
Version 5.0

Version 4 of the course was divided up into four plans although for 99% of entrepreneurs you’ll probably choose 1 of 3 plans. Version 5 got rid of the ability to pick between basic and premium and is now combined together. Let’s take a look at them first and then explore them in detail below.

drop ship lifestyle pricing

Basic Package

The basic package comes in at a $997 price point whereas it was about $250 a little over two years ago. The training for the most part in this section hasn’t changed too much and is fairly outdated however the videos have been recreated for version 4.0. To give you an example the supplier research video is similar to the video I watched back in 2014 and is a very ‘basic’ way of finding suppliers. If you can use Excel and Google search, then you can find suppliers yourself.

The basic package includes the full video training course which consists of a ton of videos on introducing drop shipping through to finding suppliers, choosing a platform to build your website on and much more. Several new videos that have been introduced recently include an Adwords for eCommerce course and a eCommerce Design Course which weren’t in version 3.

Anton recommends you stay away from organic search (i.e ranking your own site on Google) in favor of using Google Adwords. If your new to eCommerce and/or marketing this isn’t very smart idea as Google Adwords is very expensive, especially if you pick a competitive niche such as electronics, clothing or beauty products.

Another new introduction is the custom Shopify theme so you can create your own drop ship store right away. Again, given there is over 4,000 other people in the DSL Members Community why would you want to use the same theme for your store as everyone else. Not only will it look unprofessional but you’ll struggle to rank well in Google due to duplicate content in the eyes of the search engines algorithm.


Premium Package

The premium package includes everything mentioned in the basic package with a few extra gems. For an extra $497 you’ll get access to 55 Advanced Training modules, access to the DSLabs, access to private apps and drop shipping software and access to the drop ship lifestyle supplier directory. So what does all this mean exactly?

The Drop Ship Labs section includes checklists, standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and scripts for contacting suppliers. They also include a Shopify app which is designed to automate drop shipping processes but to be honest it doesn’t work all that well.

Again the offerings here are great but using scripts and templates to contact suppliers isn’t going to make you stand out from the crowd. My advice for contacting suppliers is to call them up and find out who you need to speak with. Show some initiative rather than emailing and you’ll go much further in the drop ship world.

The supplier directory is a rather impressive selection of suppliers however for less than $65 I’d recommend you look at Salehoo which offers over 10,000 suppliers around the world rather than the select few in the Drop Ship Lifestyle portal. Comparing the portals, Salehoo is much more detailed with many more suppliers.


Done-For-You Package

The mother of all packages coming in at a whopping $2,997 is the done-for-you package whereby they will setup an entire website for you, so you can focus on learning and building your business. On top of them creating your website, they offer 2 hours of private coaching calls with Anton himself and two tickets to the drop ship lifestyle retreat which is held each year in an exotic location somewhere in Thailand, Vietnam or Laos. In previous years it’s been held in Thailand where digital nomads from all over the world come to network and learn.

I can’t elaborate any further on this package as I didn’t sign up for it. It is worth noting that anyone who has signed up for version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 of the DSL course automatically got retreat tickets each year for thousands of dollars less. If you want to be part of the retreat you can probably do so without paying $2,997 for the privilege, maybe shoot Anton an email?

I haven’t received an upsell for this lately but I’ve been advised it’s at least $3,497 now.

What is Version 5 of DSL?

Version 5 has removed the basic package and combined the premium package into the only offer. They have also added a content module on setting up a USA business from overseas section which I mentioned in July 2016 was missing from the course entirely.

The price has been upgraded to $1,997 for the all access package.

The hard sell, introduction of a proper MLM network.

As I mentioned before, Drop Ship Lifestyle has turned into a MLM network, and they are really emphasizing this. The sign up page doesn’t include the price of the course until you get to the second or third sales video. For example checkout step 1 and 2 of the sales videos. Once you get to video 3 you’ll be hit with the price: $1,997.

Throughout the sales videos you’re promised of a robust refund policy such as 30 day money back guarantee but make sure you read the small print very carefully. While the terms and conditions are perfectly reasonable, you effectively have to show you have completed the entire course before requesting a refund. If you can’t show them, you won’t get a refund. This contradicts a 30 day money back guarantee.

dsl refund policy

Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Course

So I’ve told you everything you need to know about what you’ll get should you sign up, but here are all my reasons why you don’t need to become a member of this course. Again as outlined above these are my personal views and there’s no affiliate links around here. If you’ve already bought the course you may or may not agree with my views.

Crazy Price

The course is seriously overpriced for what you get (Update January 2017, it’s now gone up another $1,000). Given the course use to cost $250, $500 and recently $1000 prior to version 4 being released the price is rather steep for most people. If you break everything down into individual modules there are far better resources out there which you can bundle together and still leave yourself with over $1,500 for building your business.

Is this course worth over $2,000? Hell no.

If you are really focused on building a drop shipping business you need to sit down and cost everything out. As Anton points out you won’t become rich overnight and building an ecommerce business is tough. You’re going to need to invest money to make money. Anton claims he started his first business with $29 and turned it into $1.8 million but you should set aside at least $250-$500 startup costs on top of the course cost and that’s doing all the work yourself. Outsourcing and hiring help will add thousands more. A good business plan is vital before investing in this course.

Personally I think the vendors have got a little too big for their boots and have hiked the price right up due to the popularity of the course. I think a price point of $500 for the basic and $1,497 for the done for you package is much more suitable for this course.


Shopify Only

The course is built on the basis that you’re going to build your website using Shopify. Should you happen to click on Anton’s affiliate links you’ll send 20% of your monthly Shopify bill direct to their affiliate accounts. The only training they include on setting up your store is with this platform so your tied down to ultimately using them. It would be better if they showed you how to use other platforms such as Woocommerce which is free.

If you haven’t already checked yet, Shopify charge over $300 per year to host you’re store and it’s likely you’ll need the $79 per month plan ($900/year) if your planning on building a larger store. On top of that you’ll need to pay 1-2% transaction fee on every sale, a monthly fee for any third party apps you plan on installing and a credit card merchant fee too.

The default Shopify templates are pretty poor as well so if you want a high quality store it’s likely you’ll need to pay for a premium theme or get help from a web developer. Some of the best sites to use include Themeforest and Templatemonster but this will add another $60-$140 to your startup costs. The combined Shopify costs will add up dramatically on top of the course costs which aren’t explained in the sales pitch.

drop ship lifestyle review shopify pricing


Niche Selection

This part of the course is pretty sub standard and could be improved dramatically. If you look online at negative and neutral reviews of the course everyone seems to be heading the same way. Choosing what to sell is undoubtedly the most important aspect when it comes to building a drop ship business and choosing the wrong niche will ensure your business fails from day one. For example, you’d be a fool to start an electronics business up against Amazon as your cost price will be less than their retail price – I guarantee it.

To Anton’s credit he does offer a niche selection verification whereby he will validate your idea before you get started. Whether this is a good thing or not, I’m not sure. You’ve heard the saying don’t give away trade secrets, so why would you tell someone who owns many drop ship businesses a hot niche you’re thinking of entering, sounds a bit suspicious to me.


No SEO Strategy

As mentioned earlier in this monster review, Anton doesn’t offer any guidance on organic search engine ranking. I’ve read articles where Anton openly states it takes too long to get your products infront of suitable audiences so focus on Adwords rather than SEO. The downside to this is that not everyone has the funds to spend $thousands of dollars promoting their store.

Let’s say you’ve spent $1,997 on the course, $79 on setting up your site and now you need to spend $500 on advertising, how are you going to feel? Chances are, the extra costs weren’t clearly identified in the sales videos? I know the ones I watched definitely didn’t mention anything.

Yes there are free coupons to get started with Google Adwords and yes there is training modules from Anton but the honest fact is that Adwords is tough and inexperienced users will blow their budget within a few hours with no sales and no leads either. Anton simply gives the traffic methods that work for him and SEO isn’t one of them.


The Rest of the Community Got In For Under $500

I brought this up earlier and it’s important to know that 95% of the members currently in the community managed to get in for a fraction of the price you’ll be able to get in for. It was made clear before the course was upgraded that version 1,2,3 members would get lifetime access to version 4 for free. Subsequently Anton lowered the price to $497 days before closing version 3 to increase his cash flow to develop version 4.

drop ship lifestyle 50% off
Source: WarriorForum

So what does that mean for you? Well all current members get free access to the drop ship retreat each year whereas you’ll need to fork out $2,997 to go. Secondly that drop ship supplier section that is in the premium package upwards is accessible by the other 4,000 members already registered and the posts in the DS community are likely to be well outdated by now given the first member joined over 4 years ago.

If you want to get in on the action then just bare in mind most members are no longer using the site as they are either rather successful or found out that drop shipping isn’t as profitable as it once was (most fall into this category).

What if you’re not based in the USA?

Update January 2017: Anton now includes a brief course on this topic.

One of the major flaws in the course is that Anton doesn’t cover anything regarding starting a drop ship business from overseas or outside the United States. Are you aware of your legal obligations regarding tax and overseas business from your own country? If not you should consider seeking independent advice before starting your drop ship business.

To give you a better understanding, I’m a citizen of New Zealand and have never been to the United States but I have drop ship businesses there. If you’re an international business (i.e. New Zealand) are you aware of how you should structure your business in the United States? Probably not.

usa-tax-iconLong story short, you need to be a USA entity of some form or another to work with most American drop shippers. Similarly if you want to work with drop shippers in Europe you’ll need to be a registered European business or sole trader with a VAT number. If you’re from a foreign country like me, you’ll know that’s not possible unless you live there.

Anton’s course doesn’t offer any guidance on how you can/should legally setup your drop ship business using USA/European based suppliers. One way is to register an offshore company in a tax haven in the USA, i.e. Wyoming or Delaware where international entities can register USA companies without ever visiting the country. I wrote a full article on the topic here (Enter your email to get the full guide).

Do You Live Outside USA?
Despite what the sales pitch says, I’ve met people all over the world that are lured into this course only to find out they can’t get started as there is no local information, drop shippers or suppliers to target their intended market. If you’re from Australia, Canada, USA or UK the course will be useful as you can start work right away. If you’re from India or Serbia you probably won’t know have access to local drop shippers, can’t target your own country and must go further a field. This is when you need to setup a USA company, find international suppliers and drop shippers. This brings more costs, and the potential for problems to arise is much greater.

Can You Make Money Drop Shipping?

I get asked this question almost once a week and my answer is always the same. Yes and No. Honestly, drop shipping is not the same as it was back in 2010 when it was hot and Amazon was growing at a slower rate. Back then you could compete with the prices Amazon charges and actually make a profit. Now, you can guarantee Amazon has the best price on 95% of products available to buy online. If not Walmart, Best Buy or another giant will be close behind.

Fast forward to 2018 and Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world with billions of dollars being spent every month through their site. If a supplier could choose a retailer to work with between yourself and Amazon who are they likely to choose? Amazon right. They will guarantee sales and line of credit to encourage suppliers to work with them.

With the launch of courses such as Drop Ship Lifestyle thousands of people are trying to start businesses in the same niche with the same suppliers, selling the same products at the same prices. Let’s say you find a supplier that offers a daily CSV file of the latest products, you can bet your life a hundred other drop shippers have the same file and are selling the same products.

The only way to make a decent income from drop shipping is to be different and I don’t believe drop ship lifestyle encourages this to it’s users. You need to find products no one else is researching, you need to call the supplier directly and you need to grab yourself a custom CSV file and automatically update your site every day. You need to spend money on developing a unique site, providing high levels of support and an experience your customers won’t forget.

Long story short, you can make money drop shipping, if you do it right. 

My Drop Ship Training Alternatives

These suggestions include affiliate links. This is the alternative to the course I recommend you take if you aren’t fussed about joining a community and would rather build a unique drop ship business using various resources.

Ecom Elites

This is hands down the best drop shipping course in the market right now and is created by a New Zealander called Franklin Hatchett. You get access to over 175 videos of nearly 40 hours of content on drop shipping, product selection, Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers and everything in between.

I’ve reviewed my fair share of courses and it would be very easy to simply recommend a $2000 course that gives you absolutely no value whatsoever to simply make money. It just so happens that Ecom Elites is only $197 for full access. You also get access to a Facebook mastermind group and weekly live videos.

It’s an absolute goldmine of information for anyone starting a drop shipping business with Shopify that doesn’t want to break the bank. Join the thousands of other students who chose Ecom Elites.

Checkout Ecom Elites | Read My Full Review

ecom elites review

Ecom Turbo Theme

The problem when starting your Shopify or eCommerce store is that the free themes suck ass, excuse the language but it’s true and unless you’re using a theme that’s optimized for conversions you can probably kiss goodbye to most of your sales.

Every day I see dozens of people complaining that their store has thousands of visitors but no sales. It quickly becomes clear the reason for this is that their theme looks awful on ‘mobile devices.’ Before you spend hours developing your theme on your laptop, test it out on mobile as 75%+ of your visitors will be on a small screen.

Ecom Turbo does everything a good theme should do such as including the photos, price and add to cart buttons above the fold. i.e. You don’t need to scroll up or down to know exactly what you’re buying.

Ecom Turbo is completely customizable and you can do pretty much anything you want. With prices starting at $97 with lifetime updates it’s definitely the best and most diverse Shopify theme on the market today. Don’t spend $200 on a fancy theme as frankly your customers don’t care, they just want to know what they are buying.

Ecom Turbo is far superior to Anton Kraly’s theme that you get with your $2,000 membership fee. Personally I’d buy this Ecom Turbo theme and do everything myself.

Checkout Ecom Turbo Now.


Next you’ll want to sign up for Salehoo which is a wholesale and drop ship supplier directory which has been around for over 10 years. With over 10,000 resources to checkout in a wide range of countries including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Europe you’ll be able to find drop shippers quickly.

salehoo review

Salehoo provide the contact details and minimum order quantities, setup fees (if any) and much more helpful information on all suppliers in their directory. You can get started for roughly $67 and ignore any upsells they promote to you on signup.

Limited Time Offer: $1 TRIAL

Salehoo are currently running a $1 trial. This is limited to the first 50 signups.

Click here to get the special price.

Shopify or Woocommerce

Just like Anton I do think Shopify is a good hosted platform for creating your website especially if you’re new to ecommerce. For around $29 you can get started but do checkout the pricing structure above as the monthly price will fluctuate depending on your sales level.

There are plenty of premium themes you can choose from when installing Shopify but they run around $180 each so I recommend checking out a third party vendor such as TemplateMonster or Themeforest where you can get Shopify themes from $80 – $140.

shopify vs woocommerce review

If you know your way around web hosting and wordpress then I’d recommend building a website using the Woocommerce platform which is a free plugin from Woothemes and is very customizable. For even better customization you can pickup premium plugins on Themeforest for $5-$12 each. You will need to host your own website using reliable hosting.

Both solutions offer credit card processing applications although Shopify is much easier to process credit card payments if you’re from the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom as you can use Shopify’s very own payment processor. If you’re like me and from a country where credit card fraud is still in it’s early days of prevention you’ll need a merchant account with your bank and a service such as Paypal credit cards, Braintree, DPS or 2Checkout. I personally use Stripe.


Now you’ve got your store setup and added products you should start to promote your store. There’s tons of free information out there on how best to do this but the best way’s I’ve had success with include:

  • Setup a Facebook page, post 3-4 times a week. Buy 300 likes from Fiverr to start your page off.
  • Setup Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and post 3-4 times a week.
  • Add your website to Google Maps. Use a PO Box if you’re worried about using a home address.
  • Guest post on blogs related to your website, offer freebies in exchange for reviews.
  • Print business cards or promo vouchers and leave them everywhere you go.
  • Start a Facebook ads campaign or Google Adwords simple campaign.


Drop Ship Lifestyle Conclusion

To conclude I have explained in detail what’s covered as part of drop ship lifestyle and why I recommend you don’t sign up. personally I believe the amount of information online that will help you succeed with drop shipping is there and doesn’t need a $1,997 price tag. If you do want training and a complete step-by-step guide, with help and support I would recommend Ecom Elites due to the reduced price ($197) and additional assistance with operational measures rather than just building your business.

ecom elites review

Checkout my other drop ship course reviews:


Lastly, If you want to see a review of someone who bought the course and is now promoting his affiliate link, watch the video below. You can make your own comparisons from this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Drop Ship Lifestyle cost?

The program currently costs $2997 or $4997 USD depending on the plan you purchase.

I’m don’t live in the USA, is Drop Ship Lifestyle for me?

You will find it very difficult working with US dropshippers as you need a tax and reseller ID, there is a short guide for bypassing this but it’s complex. That’s why many courses recommend dropshipping from China or South East Asia.

What’s the best Drop Ship Lifestyle alternative? 

The best alternative is eCom Elites which costs 10x less and offers 3x more content. I’ve done a full comparison, you can check this out on the article.

Who owns Drop Ship Lifestyle?

The course is owned by Anton Kraly. It’s been around for well over 7 years and has thousands of students.

Can you still make money with dropshipping?

Of course you can, this is an evergreen niche however paying such a large sum for a course is questionable. Remember you still need to spend money on ads and building your business even after buying a course.  This is why many people buy cheaper courses that teach similar/the same content.


Last Updated on June 6, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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164 thoughts on “Drop Ship Lifestyle 7.0 Review: Why I Recommend You DON’T BUY IT”

  1. Hi Rhys! Thanks for visiting my blog! I just subscribed coz you seemed genuine and sincere. I read this full article and it made me think that you were absolutely right! DSL is a rip-off. I signed up with them last 2013 and I live in the Philippines and I wasn’t able to execute the business simply coz Anton didn’t really discuss about setting up a business if you’re living outside US. Although I contacted Johnny FD through his facebook page, he did tell me that I have to secure a form to be a US trader or somethin’. Anyhoo, I also noticed that you forgot to link the article where you wrote about ” Delaware where international entities can register USA companies without ever visiting the country. I wrote a full article on the topic over here.” Looking forward to read that article. Hope to hear from you. Cheers mate! =)

    • Yes, I agree with you, they have a great sales pitch but they offer no help for anyone outside the US and Canada. Store Coach does offer a complete course which usually costs $97 which is included free with a paid membership with them. DSL’s advice is fine if you want to work with China drop shippers where tax/legal setup is a bit less important but working with USA ones is not just a matter of emailing them and getting setup. Thanks for pointing out the missing link, you can check it out here.

  2. Hi, have you done a review on wealthy affiliate? I did look up on google for your review but couldn’t find anything. I see a ton of people promoting wealthy affiliate showing the success stories of people. Its a MLM network, so not easy to find honest reviews.

    • Hey, I haven’t done one, it’s crossed my mind a few times to do one however as you’ve said it’s an MLM and 99% of people in a MLM network only actually make money by promoting others to join. The other 1% follow the course and do actually start a website or venture but how many actually make money? My advice would be to start a blog and promote other peoples products, i.e. Amazon Associates or Clickbank products instead of paying $49 a month for WA.

      • Is ecommerce dropshipping business model in US still profitable? I am just starting out on Internet Marketing and don’t wanna lose my money and time on something that isn’t working anymore, I don’t mind low profits, profit of $300-400/month starting out would be more than okay[is that achievable?] but don’t wanna lose the invested money. would love to hear your honest opinion.

        • Yes it’s profitable but only if you find a niche that hasn’t been over saturated yet. I’ve seen many people fail by choosing the wrong niche, for example electronics or brand name clothing. For example, one of my dropship stores deals with a particular type of adventure sports products – you have to find a gap in the market ;).

          If your just starting out I’d definitely recommend building Amazon Affiliate sites instead, that’s what I’m doing now as well for more passive income profits.

          Drop shipping requires a marketing budget, handling customer service, dealing with fraud, returns and uncertainty that a supplier might vanish overnight. You really need time and money to succeed at drop shipping in 2016. It’s possible, but most will fail.


          • Hey man

            Thank you for the informative blog. Do you still think Amazon affiliate is worth the time investment?
            If so, how should one begin promoting their products?
            Thank you for your time!

      • Wrong! WA is not MLM it teaches exactly what you recommend – start a blog etc.
        There are 2 main reasons people promote WA:

        1- The course is great and the support incredible.
        2- The affiliate program pays 50% in recurring commissions.

        There is a free membership and no one needs to promote WA to succeed at affiliate marketing. It’s a proven business model that takes time and effort. You know because you are a blogger as well.

        • I 100% agree. I’ve actually been a paid member of wealthy affiliate since 2014 and I’ve never signed people up for it.

          I love their hosting and the amazing support they have. I deleted my entire blog once and hadn’t personally backed it up. I sent in a support ticket and BAM, site was back online in less than 10 minutes.

          Their training is great for creating a blog, finding affiliate programs, and their support cannot be beat.

          A lot of training programs only allow people who have purchased to be affiliates because they want their affiliates to have first-hand experience with their product.

          I’m more leery of companies that allow you to promote without ever having tested or seen the product in action.

          • not sure about wa i tried it but found it difficult and couldnt afford the monthly fees plus if you dont have a niche you stuck at the beginning and setting up the website was hard if youve never done anything like it before. I watched the videos and followed the steps but it was still hard so i got a refund and left

          • Their training is great? What nonsense!

            The lessons are generic and the entire community is one huge circle jerk about how everyone is going to be hugely successful. They don’t actually teach a beginner anything in depth.

            For example, Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic but the lesson in WA only covers the basics. It doesn’t even mention a tool like Tailwind. Similarly, there’s nothing on traffic generation or anything else.

            Comments are bartered for and some morons actually think you’re interested in the stuff they’re writing and demand responses to their comments. They miss the point that it was all done in order to barter a comment for your own blog.

            There’s also Kyle’s statement that WA is a recognized authority and that your posts on WA will rank high in Google. Most people go ahead and create a bunch of pages and guides which helps WA increase their own content size. But guess what? WA never ranks anywhere on Google.

            The entire business is setup as a self perpetuating income machine for the two founders. It isn’t a fraud but it isn’t helpful either. It’s in that gray area where it is fully legal but ethically compromised. There is not a single successful blogger who remains on WA for long. That alone should tell you everything. By successful I mean someone who’s been making >$3000 consistently or close to two years.

            Final question: Is that sun glass wearing woman still running her stupid $40,000 per month case study project? You know, the one who wears them ‘because her future is so bright?’

  3. Hi, good article. However, I’m confused why you follow it with a raving video review for the course? Are you just showing an example of an affiliate trying to sell it as well?

    • Yes, I’m glad you’ve reminded me as I notice some missing text outlining, ‘Now have a look at a review of someone who purchased the course’ and compare. Will add this now. Thanks, glad you enjoyed my article.

      • After seeing that video, it’s definitely a must not to do the course.

        I’m honestly astonished by all these web marketing gurus that really know nothing or close to nothing.

        This was a really good review.
        I’m not going to buy anything.
        But this was a well written article.
        Thank you.

  4. Hey Mate, great honest review. Probably the only drop shipper online not trying to cash in on the affilaite “reviews”!! I was going to be a complete newb and get into it…thanks for the heads up! Think Store Coach just does a lump sum now instead of subscription based, is that true?
    Main question, I am a resident of NZ also and was wondering what are your views on dropshipping here & Aussie?? smaller populations but no AMZ FBA!!

    • Hi Eoghan,

      Yes I don’t need to get involved in the MLM network and make money that way, if all those members were making money through dropshipping they wouldn’t need too either. Store Coach use to be a one time fee but they recently changed to $49 per month after you create a free account.

      I tried drop shipping in New Zealand but due to the small population and Trademe opening their doors to international sellers it never really worked out, unless you find a niche product. I can’t speak much for Australia but I’ve used some of the dropshippers there that I found on Salehoo.

      I’ve made most of my $$ using my USA and UK dropshippers but the profits are nothing like they use to be back in 2008-2012.


      • Thanks for the insight and reply Rhys. ..much appreciated.

        Out of curiosity what would be, in your view/experience, the average “decent” profit margin that can be attained nowadays through dropshipping ?

        • They will be very low nowadays unless you can find a niche that hasn’t been explored yet. For example I saw someone on post on Drop Ship Lifestyle forums saying they are drop shipping detox water bottles which cost $2 and retail for $17.

          I personally never drop ship products I can’t make 50% on and the products must be over $100. Once you factor in sales fees, merchant fees, returns, marketing and labor anything less isn’t worth it these days unless your selling lots, i.e. a $5 product x 1000 a day instead of 5 x $100 items a day.

          • Excellent advise Rhys, really do appreciate it. Do you have any recommendations of merchant accounts to use your kiwi cards/bank accounts?

            Storecoach recommends 2checkout…at 4% +0.45 per transaction nz!

            PS cheers for the affiliate link 😉

          • I use Braintree payments for my stores as they accept kiwi businesses. Once Stripe launches officially here I will probably switch across to them. For my US business I use Braintree as well. I think Storecoach recommends 2Checkout as it’s universal so much easier for first time drop shippers but yes bit pricey but they do charge alot less on chargebacks and disputes compared to other companies so it does level out.

          • I’m not sure, usually I just pick someone that offers a slightly smaller package than the normal. Try and get USA likes if possible too. I don’t have a go to guy for FB likes.

    • Hello,
      I listened to a lot of SEO Audible books. I have heard to be cautious on buying likes for your FB. If Google police find out. your site would be placed in a sandbox. How much truth is there to this, I don’t know. I feel if it gets the ball rolling and you are sincere to be a good and trusting brand. Then you proceed. The truth of earning a successful dropship business is to do your research. it takes time and dedication. You must have relevance and dedication to your website. The main search engines are very wise since the age of black hat and white hat techniques. The algorithm of the web crawlers have become smarter and Google pays good money for smart people. Thank you so much for being so true to the cause. Anton is nothing more than someone that is offering a platform for lazy people wanting to get rich quick.

  5. Hi there,

    I really liked and appreciated your article. Like everyone else, I’m just starting out and looking to maximize my effort and investment. You mentioned creating an Amazon affiliate site, do you recommend any specific resources to learn more about that?

      • Hi Rhys, I also really appreciated your review on Dropship Lifestyle. Anton made me a believer but I was an ex auditor for a bank who unfortunately got laid off due to cost cutting. I am just starting out on learning about dropshipping and affiliate business. I live in Canada so it was an eye opener to land on your review about the tax implications.

        I started with creating a WordPress site myself building it from scratch. I bought a software that provides data feed to import products from Amazon to my site. I created a site which was affiliated with Amazon. I managed to refer them a couple of sales with little promotions but it was strictly friends that patronized my site and the sales got referred to Amazon. Now, here are a couple of problems and big ones too. First, the couple of sales referred to them from my site I did not get paid for any commission. I wrote them and they said the products did not fall within their rules. What? It is their products!!! I asked what are these rules. They wouldn’t tell me as they said it is their proprietary information. They do have some guidelines but these guidelines are very general that don’t really tell you much of anything. So the 2 orders did not count!!! My only guess is that the products sold were from 3rd parties selling on Amazon and Amazon did not pay commission for these products. But how would I know which products are good and which are not if they can’t disclose me their rules! Second, they also did a review of my sign-up and decided altogether to close my account, after I have launched my site and established all the product links. Why? What happened was when I was signing up, it asked me to list the site that I could be affiliating with Amazon. So, being new to this business, I listed a few website names I registered and signed up. Well, the reason why Amazon closed my affiliate account was based on the reason that my other sites were not up yet even though one of these sites was up and running and fully functional. It was so immensely frustrating to deal with Amazon. They are a giant and they can do whatever they want. So hard lesson learned. I no longer want to be affiliated with Amazon but I rather sign up for other affiliate programs that actually want me to promote their businesses and pay people fairly for the work they do.

  6. Hi Rhys,

    Good Article. I would be luck enough If I have read this page before I purchased the DSL recently. After me scanning the members area and the contents of training, I 100% agree with your reviews and not recommend anyone to purchase this course.

    When I asked for refund, the support team is not willing to refund my purchase, though I raised it within 30 day period. Can you please throw light on how to get the refund, is there any alternate way to get the refund. Is there any way to file a case with my credit card company to get my money back. Please help.


    • Hi Bellton, If you paid with credit card then you should be able to claim a refund through Visa or Mastercard by contacting your issuing bank. The website clearly states 30 day money back guarantee so I would have thought Anton would have refunded you. Good luck contacting your bank.

    • Did you ever figure out the refund situation? I’m in the same situation but I haven’t asked for the refund yet because I’m afraid they will not follow through.

      I did pay by credit card so I’m not sure if the credit card company will help.

      • Hi Dina, Did you find the course doesn’t relate to people located in foreign countries? If you paid by credit card you can have more lucky getting a refund, call your bank.

  7. Excellent summary, hope this gets some traction as opposed to the affiliate crap littered everywhere for this course so people can have an unbiased look at it.

    I think it speaks volumes that the only non-affiliate link reviews that you can find are generally negative.

    Anton & Johnny basically got rich via affiliate income from selling dreams, not dropshipping. Very unethical, untrustworthy guys in my personal opinion, Johnny especially, but hey, C.R.E.A.M, dollar dollar bills y’all!

  8. Thank you – I was contemplating Anton Kraly’s course to add products to my niche legal service website but was worried about how it applied outside the USA. Wish there was more info for Aussies and Kiwis – both have great businesses creating boutique products and there are willing entrepreneurs to sell them! Would like to see more local suppliers offering drop ship for us. Kind regards Deborah Culhane

    • In theory any business could drop ship for you. Most of the companies I work with didn’t have anything advertised on their websites. I called them, told them I would increase their sales for free if they shipped goods without an invoice and plain packaging. Results = long term partnerships, hope it helps.

        • Hi Ed, you provide them an invoice under your own company name.. After all they are paying you for the goods, not the supplier so you give them an invoice for the products as if you were shipping them. Buyer will never know that you’re dropshipping.

  9. Hi Rhys,

    Excellent review, you said that is hard do drop shipping this days unless you find a very good and not overcrowded niche , does store coach can teach me that, or I’m going to have to take the Amazon affiliate stores route, which I don’t like too much because that’s base in Amazon commissions and those are very low.

    What do you think.


    • Hi Luis,

      No problems, glad you found it helpful. Store Coach and Drop Ship Lifestyle both struggle to provide in detail how to pick an undercrowded niche… if they helped provide this then everyone would probably go out and start doing it. That being said, store Coach provides much more valuable info on choosing a niche.

      With regards to niche affiliate stores you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket, i.e. you can use Walmart, Best Buy, Jet.com or other affiliate programs too. You could also add info products from Clickbank or Jvzoo to your sites.

      Hope it helps, let me know if any more queries.

  10. Can you make a course review for “Create A Profitable Online Store” by Steve Chou please? and provide pro and con on what you believe of these course.

    Thank you

  11. Hi Rhys, I’m from Singapore and I would like to know how to setup using proper legal procedures.

    Using fb ads to drive traffic seems to be the most popular ways but it will eat you alive burning away all your budget.

    Store Coach does teach how to setup in Asia countries?

    • Hi Winson,

      Store Coach does not show you how to setup in Asian countries so to speak, they show you how you can start a US based business from outside the USA. There are many different setup procedures for different countries and it would be too much content to cover for every country.

      Usually you just need to form a company and then ensure your taking account of all your operating expenses and profits..

      If your concerned about Facebook Ads then maybe checkout some cheaper traffic sources such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

      Good luck

  12. Yeah, unfortunately I bought the course. I would recommend staying away from it…the information is not worth the price at all. If you do buy it plan on having your inbox fill up with hundreds of emails from Anton selling you more sh**.

    • I agree with you on those emails, I used a different email address to avoid those autoresponder messages. He is constantly spamming his course on Facebook ads too as ‘Sponsored’ posts.

  13. Oh, and there are a lot of good reviews because he has contest for the best five minute video review. You can win a bunch of crap in my opinion but people go nuts for it. Paid/bribed reviews..it’s sad

  14. Rhys,

    Thanks for the review, I enjoyed it a lot. Your writing style seems very transparent and honest. Do you have reviews of other dropshipping or ecommerce products? I’ve seen another blog make a dashboard with several reviews side by side.

    Just a thought… it would be helpful for other people like me who are looking for additional education but inundated with more and more ecommerce training courses.. Seems like theres more courses than honest legit reviews.


  15. Hi Rhys I was about to sign up for antons course
    Your blog opened my eyes a bleeding in disguise
    I am grateful
    However I am about to start a drooshipping business and plan on creating a website on Shopify for my niche

    I have selected a niche and would like to understand how can I know if the niche I selected is saturated because in every niche there are sellers

    And as far as I understand unless your buying from China all other dropshippers anywhere in the world have prices which they would offer you maybe 5 percent less as compared to the store price if you sell their items in your Shopify store which is not possible to make a profit what is the go around for this

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated
    Kind regards

    • Hi David, I recommend opening a Shopify store on the 30 day trial, list 3-5 products and go out there and promote your site via Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. If you get sales and make money then there is a demand for your products. You could do lots of keyword research but ultimately putting your drop ship products in the face of consumers will show you if it’s a saturated market or not.

      Your correct on the statement re drop shippers unless your niche is something with big markups such as clothing, supplements etc. If your selling mainstream products you’d be lucky to make 5-10% per sale.

  16. Thanks for your views on the DSL programme Rhys. I’m UK based and key for any business start up is undestanding country based regs tax and trading.. I currently sell private label products on Amazon.com. I intend to open up a UK wholesale / drop shipping sales channel to test sell products sourced in the UK / Europe before inventory purchases. Any comments on this strategy ?

    • Hi Colin, I’d definitely recommend a drop shipping sales channel before dropping a ton of cash on stock, you can then test the waters with lower profit margins but a much smaller investment upfront.

  17. Nice article, are you based in Auckland? Very interested to hear about your dropshipping sites in the US. I currently run three businesses from Auckland and looking to reach out to the US. Your help would be much appreicated

    • Hi Nelson, I live in Wellington. I primarily use sites in the US that I reached out to and asked if they would drop ship for me. It sounds like you might be wanting to expand your local business and ship to the USA? Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with that, as when I went to the post office and courierpost the price of shipping was ludicrous. You can reach out to me via my contact form and we can discuss further.

  18. Hi Rhys, great article. I have been searching for an honest review on this product for a while now, Im glad I came across yours. Im also from NZ and I’ve wasted quite alot of money on online ventures in the past couple of years, im 22, got a small family and cant really afford to waste much more, I have a few thousand to my name and im just wondering if you think drop shipping is a good idea for me to pursue? or will there be to many obstacles being from nz?

    • Hi Mani,

      Drop shipping is a good idea however it’s not as profitable as it once was. If you do buy the course, it will cost you many thousands more to actually setup properly. If you checkout my USA drop ship setup guide, you can see that it cost me over $7,000 to setup a USA business before I could work with USA suppliers.

      I’ve worked with New Zealand drop shippers and long story short, there are only a couple of big ones which most smaller retailers already use so competition is rife so the only way to make money from drop shipping in my opinion is in the Canada, USA, UK or Europe markets due to the size.

      I would explore amazon affiliate marketing instead.


  19. Hi Rhys, great advice. Im also from nz and have wasted quite a bit of money in the past couple of years trying online ventures, im 22 with a small family and cant really afford to waste much more. I have a few thousand left to my name, do you think its a good idea for me to invest this into dropshipping or will i run into to many obstacles being from nz?

    • Hi Mani,

      I’ve answered your question below. Many obstacles from NZ but definitely possible. You need to factor in other costs such as advertising on top of the course fee, business entity setup etc.

  20. Very accurate article. I was briefly promoting the course until I actually saw the scam with my own eyes in Chiang Mai. It’s quite sickening and should be brought to more people’s attention.


  21. Hi Rhys,

    Nice to see someone being brutally honest! I signed up for the course in 2016 – paid $1200, selected a very lucrative niche – I have done near $500K in revenue for the year, and then went on to Coach for DSL as well. Granted, I was not new to the game, I am a User Experience designer by trade and even worked a couple years for Amazon. I know my success was largely all in part from my existing knowledge, not the DSL course. I did glean some basic info from the DSL course that I now know I could’ve found on other blogs.

    My biggest beef with DSL is the dishonesty and downright defrauding of their customers I witnessed as a Coach for them. Since I am professionally experienced with Design, I coached students on their store design, because DSL training doesn’t cover this – purposefully I think so that they can push their $3K done-for-you sites. Anyhow, on several occasions I coached students that paid the big bucks for the done-for-you sites only to find that they were 95% the same as other students’ of mine sites… in the same niche even! I alerted the students to the injustice and told them to demand a redesign for a UNIQUE site, they paid $3k after-all!

    Another issue I have is all the niche-stealing that goes on. Had it happen personally. I consulted with a fellow ‘Coach’ that is now a Paid Employee of DSL, about my very lucrative niche, because he was more experienced and I assumed ethical, and low and behold, two months later, he opened a store in my same niche. Confirmed by the WhoIs domain information even. That is very unethical and unjust if you ask me.

    Not to mention, the other coaches who have no professional experience in what they are being paid “Coaching” fees in at $90/hr cost to the students, all give very basic and very contradictory information to the students. What a mess. Another income stream for Anton to upsell Coaching packages. These coaches and the DSL paid employess know what everyone’s niches are, and they never advise the students to not go in to over-saturated niches, like stand up paddleboards, standing-desks, fireplaces, firepits, and ceramic pizza ovens.. just to name a few. Shame on them!

    Needless to say, I don’t drink the DSL Koolaid and have ventured out on my own to share my conversion design and user experience knowledge with people. I really only wanted to help others from the beginning and help them see success too and fill the gaps of the course they bought. Check it out: https://diydropshipdesign.com/
    I’ll be sharing all of what I know from design and usability standpoint, with how it’ll impact your conversions and ROI.

    Again, THANK you for being honest, and I am happy to share my experience further with you too. Hope to get acquainted and feel free to use me as a resource too.

    Cheers! Sarah

  22. Hi, I actually bought the DSL course and I agree, it was expensive at $1,497 when I signed up. I didn’t know until later that former customers got in for about $500. It’s also nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone from DSL when you have questions, etc. If not for people like Earnest Epps no one would have good answers when they have “real” questions for successful DS people on the forum, which is a shame.

    Thanks for the write-up. Also I agree that the niche selection, which appears to be the most critical – and difficult – part is not appropriately covered. That’s a very disappointing factor. New people can expect to struggle very much with this. It’s not fun, and slows you down very badly.

    Funny you mention Amazon affiliates – coincidentally I did hear about that via Johnny FD’s podcast and started 2 Amazon affiliate sites recently. And advice regarding that? And how long before you started getting some income?

    I’ll take a look at the StoreCoach info. I hadn’t heard of it before.


    • GetItGoing – Some constructive criticism for you, don’t take it to heart, but please pay attention.

      I see you all over the various guru and digital nomad blogs, following JohnnyFDs terrible advice while lining his pockets and basically wasting your money without a clue, as well as defending his and other shady behaviour like a blind sheep. All the time and money you’ve spent on crappy courses like DSL and chasing fleeting business opportunities you could have learnt a real skill, coding, SEO, whatever, and been in a much better position today. Everyone told you DSL was a rip off and Johnny only promotes it the way he does to get money etc. but you never listened, you just called everyone haters or whatever else. Step back and wake up. Stop chasing these shiny objects and whatever the hot business at the moment being sold by marketers and course sellers is and invest in yourself and a skill.

      I hope you take this advice, or else you’ll be stuck in an endless circle being taken advantage of without realizing.

  23. Hello Rhys,

    Great post, really clear, detailed and well-explained 🙂

    Given this huge increase of price, which other dropshipping courses would you feel to suggest, especially at a different and lower price?

    Maybe that has also knowledge that can be used outside US, especially Europe.


  24. Just an FYI, Wealthy Affiliate is not MLM. You do not receive tiered commissions like in MLM programs. In addition, their MAIN course is designed to teach you to build a website based on your own niche, promoting companies like Amazon, or other smaller affiliate programs.

    Of course, people gravitate towards the recurring, large commissions offered by Wealthy Affiliate, which is why you see so many sites promoting it.

    It is a good program though, and you are not required to promote their company.

  25. Hi Rhys, thanks for a long and helpful review. I also live in NZ. Can you please give me your overall honest opinion about starting drop ship business from here(just as a few hundred bucks per week auto pilot easy going thing)?
    Thanks, all the best!

  26. Thanks so much Rhys, I was recommended to do this course as I am looking at starting my own online business (manufacturing done here in Australia) and the person who did paid for it has been very successful. However I was concerned about the cost and if DSL was right for me before moving forward. Now I will steer clear. Thanks again!

  27. Wow! Started reading your review Rhys two hours ago….just got to the end now ant it’s 1am local time. Very valuable piece you have in here.

    Surely, will stay away from DSL. I will continue to build my knowledge about drop ship with write up like yours and hopefully we get it right with the drop ship I just started with Shopify.


  28. Hey Rhys,
    Thank you for the an amazing review. I agree with everything you’ve said.

    In your review you recommended Shopify and Salehoo for setting up a website. What’s your opinion about Sellerbot? is it a good reliable platform? It charges 69 USD a month, do you think it’s worth it?

    • Hi Adam,

      Good to hear, I haven’t actually used Sellerbot so I have no idea if it’s worth it but at $69 a month it seems a bit steep when there’s free apps like like Oberlo which is a Shopify plugin for integrating with Aliexpress but much cheaper. Personally I’d build my own site rather than get tied into a hosted solution that likely can’t be relocated if they ever hike their fees or go out of business.

      Hope it helps ?

  29. I think there’s lots of gray area here. DSL is not a perfect course. There are problems in the community. But I don’t see any valid reason to dismiss it entirely like others in this comments section just because it isn’t. Other courses might be a better deal at this point. I don’t know for sure, I haven’t taken them.

    Some people just want to say that Anton or Johnny haven’t made any money drop shipping and they’re just making money promoting things and I just don’t think that’s true. I’ve met people who are doing it.

    Again, there’s gray area here. Some people are inclined to think everything is a scam because not everyone can get results. But you can apply that absurd logic to everything. Didn’t become a professional writer or speaker? English class is a scam!

    • Hi Mr ‘Anonymous’

      Unsure why you feel like you don’t want to leave your name or email but your IP address is in Texas which funnily enough is where both the two individuals you mention are from but you’re perfectly entitled to your opinions too.

      Johnny and Anton both sold their drop shipping stores and then started a course on it, that says it all, money is made selling dreams not through actually drop shipping. Neither are actively drop shipping any more if you follow their blogs.

      You’re right about it being a grey area and it’s ultimately up to you whether you signup or not. I’ve given a personal opinion and that is, there’s better free or low cost options out there that won’t cost $2,500+


  30. Hi there, I actually bought the course this year and on the day 16 I could not follow the lessons and decided to stop and asked for the refund which I did not get it. they asking me to mail them attachments of spreadsheets after each lesson to see if I actually completed the action task after each lesson . this is according their politicise which I didn’t know anything about it . can somebody help me with advice how I actually can claim my ’30 day money back guaranteed’ Thanks in advance

    • If you paid with a credit card call your bank and dispute it. If you paid with debit or paypal you’re probably not going to have much success there so you’ll have to do what they say.

  31. Very Honest and knowledge post as compared to other online resources which are full of affliates. I live in US and wanted to start dropshipping. I have been getting emails daily from DSL about the course and they have reduced the price to 1997$ for limited time but I wan’t sure if I should take it. But I think your post made me realize that whatever they are going to offer wont work for me. First off, I am building my website using Woo commerce because I can have more control. But his course is only based on Shopify. Do have any blogs regarding woocommerce and SHopify? Thank you!!

    • Hi Pratima,

      Thanks for your comment, I don’t know of any good comparisons, I’ve used both and definitely prefer Shopify as it’s a hosted solution, you don’t need to worry about hosting, installed ssl certificates or ensuring it’s online 24×7. Anton promotes Shopify as he gets a 20% monthly cut (probably more as he’s referred so many people) from your payments (same as me if you used my Shopify affiliate link). There’s other material in his course that you don’t need to pick the platform yet but again is it worth the $1997 price tag?


  32. Hi Rhys, thanks for the honest advice. Whats your opinion with Amazon Australia launching soon – should I dropship or affiliate with them? Is there a bonus getting in early with Amazon Austraila for dropshipping since the market is still untapped here in Australia?

    • Hi Marcus,

      You could affiliate with them, I think you already can for some of their products like eBooks and music. I wouldn’t dropship from Amazon, your customers will likely be disappointed or annoyed to see their items show up in an Amazon branded box with a lower invoice.


  33. Thanks Rhys, you have saved me $2000 I owe you a drink! I am tired if been ripped off by people selling dreams and not actual useful information

  34. Never buy their course. I bought the done for you and i was tricked. It is never what they show on their website. you have to do all your work and little coach. it is totally waste of money. Unless you are dieing to waste money, never buy this course.

  35. Half the course is missing, this is definitely not worth $1497. I feel sorry for anyone who buys the done for you package, it’s freaking $5k for setting up a Shopify store. The Shopify theme and app suck too as everyone is using the same one, don’t be fooled by Anton’s FB ad campaigns dolla dola bills yo.

  36. Hi Rys, I wish I have come across your review before deciding to jump ship and buying Anton’s DSL course for almost USD $3k (The Done-For-You Package) back in 2016. I am still kicking myself hard because I am base in (Brunei) Asia and I have difficulty in launching my store simply there’s no Merchant Account provider that will work with my country. The only way is to open an account with my local bank and used their Merchant Account Provider (MerchantSuite) base in Australia to have a fully functional internet payment gateway solution.

    With that being said, the Merchant Account Provider supports several Shopping Cart Solution such as WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart etc. I am now deciding between OpenCart and WooCommerce, which do you recommend to start off with?

    Additionally I already have a US registered business in Wyoming (no US bank account), do I need to provide these to suppliers from Salehoo? Thanks in advance for reading my comments and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Sven,

      Given you have a US business, why don’t you get a US or Hong Kong bank account and then register with Stripe? Then trade through your US business. It sounds like your using your personal name in Brunei?

      The basis for needing a Brunei bank account is that your business is there but if your business is USA then you should get a US bank account. This may require flying to the US or finding a bank that will setup an account from overseas.

      There’s offshore company formation companies that offer bank account setup services for around $400 too.

      If you do go down the Merchant Account route then I definitely recommend Woocommerce. Opencart is a developers platform and definitely not very user friendly in my opinion. Woocommerce also offers one click upsells (see this article) and awesome plugins.

      In terms of Salehoo, yes it’s likely they’ll need your business details before they’ll work with you.

  37. Hi Rhys,

    You mentioned you’re still running dropshipping stores, just curious, are you in niche stores? Are your suppliers all US based? I know you promote the Amazon affiliate program, but I’ve already gone too deep in dropship model investment and timewise to learn a new method at the moment. I’m working on my own brand with my own designs, but need my other dropship stores to generate sustainable profits (a few months old, did alright over the holidays) to buy me the time to grind. Are 5 figure (monthly profits) no longer feasible? Is future of dropshipping going downhill?


    • Hi Charles,

      Yes, for my small number of stores I still have, they are niche focused. I only have one store that is a brand, personally not a fan of creating my own brandable products, would rather sell other people’s products.

      My suppliers are all USA based, I want a good reliable link with my payment merchant and definitely don’t want to be cut off when my customers wait 3-4 weeks for delivery. My suppliers deliver via DHL express within 3-6 days anywhere in USA.

      Drop shipping has turned into a numbers game. Gone are the days where you could send people to the homepage and they’d spend a fortune. You actually have to put your products in front of consumers, whether that’s through paid ads or good SEO. I’m a SEO guy at heart and most of my products I can easily rank in the first 3 results for the buyer keywords.

      For my other stores I rely solely on Facebook and Display ads, it’s all about the return on investment. Facebook keep changing their platform and it’s becoming harder to make money but if you have experience creating winning video ads you can still make a small fortune quite quickly.

      All these drop ship courses recommend sourcing from Aliexpress, Anton actually focuses on USA but it’s not worth $1997 to tell you that. I recommend finding your products and working backwards, find the local distributor or manufacturer and find out who will drop ship for you. If you promise big numbers, people will jump at the chance to work with you.

      In answer to your question, 5 figure days are still possible 😉 but 5 figure net profits are less likely as your ad budget is likely rising. Drop shipping will always survive (most big US retailers drop ship), but cheap China drop shipping will die out I recon as more and more people get ripped off or frustrated waiting 4 weeks for a piece of crap to show up.

  38. Hi Rhys,
    Firstly thank you for the advise. I was so close to buying. Thank you thank you.
    I am based in the UK and have my mind set on starting a UK based dropshipping site.
    Do you have any advise on starting a site based in the UK?
    Thank you for your advise untill now.

    • Hi Joel,

      I guess it would be no different to starting a company in the US or NZ. Just form a company and then find a supplier and setup a store and test some ads and different products. Personally you might find your limiting yourself to just drop shipping within the EU, maybe you could sell internationally?

      I recommend starting a general store to find what sells before scaling up.


  39. Hey mate, I must admit how impressed I was with your concrete review of the DSL course. Happy to have saved the $2k. Cheers for your help!

    I’ve been already running two stores on Shopify with a gross revenue of 60k combined over 3 years. However, I have started to lose a lot of sales since my full-time commitment to a job. Now the job is finished, I want to get back into it. Hence, I’m planning to do the e-Com Elite course. However, when trying to go via the link to the Turbo Shopify theme – it is not working 🙁 Please advise on where to get the great theme?

  40. I got ripped off through the DropShipLifestyle and they refused to give a refund. I would advise against anyone purchasing!

  41. Awesome Review!!!

    You saved me thousands. I would have fallen for the ‘full store’ since I thought they knew better than I did.

    Now, Im now sure about anyone!!!!! Im more interested in the big ticket drop shipping. Someone mentioned Earnest Epps and I know he has a ‘built to sell” high ticket course. I also see AJ or Aref as he has changed his name. But, they all came from DSL!!!!!!!

    I looked on youtube, but I dont know who to trust. I know I sound nuts. I just want this to work and dont know who to believe and dont want to spend thousands to find out who is not real. Ill spend that for ads but not robber gurus.

    What do you think of big ticket Rhys?
    Who do you trust as trainers now… I Dont trust any gurus!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You for the Honest Reviews 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,

      Personally I don’t think you need training on big ticket especially if you know how to drop ship already. If you don’t then I recommend ‘ecom elites’ you can see my post on the course here. Franklin didn’t come from DSL and doesn’t come across as a ‘guru’ only charging a small fee for his course. I’ve recommended many people to signup for his course.

      Big ticket just requires a local drop shipper in my opinion and a healthy margin to sustain the higher ad costs. And a higher level of risk when you inevitably will get chargebacks/fraud coming through your store.

      Good luck


  42. While watching Anton’s presentation, I did some googling and found this review. Thanks for that.

    BTW – current price is $1,297. Cheaper, but probably still more than it’s worth.

    Regarding the refund, their sign up page actually says they expect to see proof of effort before they will refund you. Definitely pays to read the fine print.

  43. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks so much for the review. That’s extremely useful!

    I’m late to the party but still very interested in dropshipping. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind having a look?

    1. We’re about 2 years after the article, do you still think Ecom is the go-to option?

    2. You mentioned this can be an issue. I’m from the EU but based in Singapore, my partner is in EU though. Does the Ecom Elites program provide any guidance in similar cases?

    3. Frankly, isn’t it too late to still start dropshipping now? I am very motivated to do it right but just asking for your honest opinion here 🙂

    Thanks again for this great blog!

    • Hi,

      1. I think it’s still going strong. Look at Amazon and the founder is increasing his wealth by millions of dollars every hour, that shows there is still huge money to be made online and as more and more traditional stores close their doors on the high street, ecom is definitely the way forward.

      2. The eCom elites program doesn’t offer much in the way of structuring your business. It entirely depends on where the transaction occurs and where the stock is located. If the stock is in EU and your sending within the EU then you must register and collect VAT. It’s a grey area I’m afraid.

      3. It’s never too late to start, provided you do something unique. Simply copying the other million drop ship stores won’t cut the mustard. My advice is to add value to a drop ship product and go after a different category.

      For example, complimenting an existing product with a solution to another problem your buyers never thought they had.

      Good luck!


  44. Hello there I think that DSL course is overpriced now 5000 dollars, but drop shipping is still alive you must gain experience and do your own homework and DO NOT buying anything over 50 dollars, the better content is for free online look for it. In a comment I saw you talking about low profits… well the market is saturated! but anyone can easily make 100 dollars/day. But the whole system now is about automation, automation, and automation. my 2 cents.

  45. Hi Rhys,

    I am in the process of setting up a Shopify store. I am in India and I wanted to ask you if you know of any company or agency in the US that I can use to setup a US bank account from India. I googled it and all the info I am getting points at ‘having to be physically present in the US to open a bank account.

    Thanks, Ankita.

  46. Hi Rhys,

    The content is really good and helpful. I will definitely use the link you provided to purchase this product.

    I wanted to know if Ecom elite proide drop ship suppliers contact information? Also, If there is information regarding using the website other than shopify based??

    • Hi Bharati,

      eCom elites doesn’t provide contact information, if they did that thousands of people would probably be using the same supplier.

      They recommend using Aliexpress and other drop shipper directories.

      My pleasure, you can use this link for the best price on the course.

  47. Good grief: my husband died March, 2015. April 1st I signed up with Anton. I sent him THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, because he kept changing his training, adding to his training, niche not good enough,, and he was not available to answer questions, of which I had a lot. Money out, money out, money out. Then when that particular course was ALLLL DONE, he changed what he was doing. By the way, MOBE was shut down by the FTC. Read it on net news.
    I spent $150,000 in two years trying to learn internet marketing, terminology, technology. None of it sunk in,
    All my experience was in Health Delivery Management, 40 years of it
    I finally found Worldprofit, they teach from the get go. $99 a year. George Kosch, retired military is owner. I’ve learned more from him and CEO, Sandi, in 6 months than I learned in 3 years with people like Anton Kraly. I’m 80 years old, and still want to learn something new, and make money to boot.

  48. I signed up for Anton’s course in 2016 and learned some optimization techniques and clumsy traffic methods he uses, actually he didn’t even teach the traffic section it was somebody else lol. Later on, I learned from some other more advanced drop shipping guys how to set up way better paid traffic funnels and now I’m using those methods and getting a way better ROI. Honestly, Anton was never friendly towards me, never replies to my emails, only replies to some comments in his group but always with short answers. He knows how to run a webinar and sell, sell, sell, but then you get in there and find out the app he offers doesn’t work, the theme is sub-par, half the training isn’t even by him, and after the launch, he pretty much drops you off and tells you to go read the forum and ask the community for answers to your questions. I’m not even sure if he runs his own drop ship stores, lol. I actually got most of the best tips from his coaches, whom so i took what i learned from him and many other ecommerce mentors and made my own course that goes way more into depth in all facets of a high-ticket drop shipping business. thanks for writing this review and i agree that his course is way over priced for what you get, especially since there isn’t a business startup section and he doesn’t show any real world examples. he only shows two demo sites, chandaliers and paddle boards, both of which are not good niches to get into. his “top niches” blog posts are always half-filled with garbage. his community is filled with people who dont have anything against literally copy/pasting a competitors site and throwing up ads. its happened so many times and even happened to me. pretty sad group of people. the small amount of successful drop shippers out of 5000 (i’d say close to 50-100 people) branched off and formed their own groups, like the canadian drop shippers, drop ship downunder, built to sell academy, easy ecommerce wins, and ecommerce paradise which is my website.

  49. I totally agree with this review of the Dropshipping lifestyle model hoax. I call it a hoax, because I bought it and paid the ridiculous amount advertised on the site, thank God I didn’t pay for having them create my site, that would have been another $1K dollars! During the 21 day training, I didn’t learn much, except for pick a niche that has the following three factors: a product whose price should be above $200 USD, that has no brand loyalty, and to target upper class folks as your potential customers. At any rate, 21 days of just verbatim and simple instructions posted on videos, where you pretty much do all the work based on some videos he posts from inside his website. His training is way overpriced for something a 10-year-old can do. And the worst part is that he pushes on you as part of his package, his theme, which he does not offer technical support afterward if need to. Also, his list of suppliers database is a joke. What a joke! That list is obsolete and old. The whole thing is a scam and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

    • I also was sucked in to Dropshipping lifestyle. I reviewed the course as soon I purchased. It was generic and he left out a lot of information that is required to succeed. I asked for my money back and he told me no. He said I had to complete three or four models. I did and he still wouldn’t give me my refund. His refund police is no good. Beware of this guy. It’s not worth the 1700 hundred dollars.

      I found useful information for free on youtube

  50. Thanks for the honest review.
    It’s sad how easy we can be tricked into ‘Internet success stories & plans’ from so-called gurus.
    Nice to get a reality check.

    I came across DSL via Johnny FD – who preaches about how important ‘honesty & transparency’ is to him – so much so that he publishes his monthly income report on his blog each month…. I see there is nothing in their about affiliates from the AntonMethod… guess he is not as honest and transparent as he says.

    Have unsubscribed from DSL email list.

  51. Hi Rhys!
    Thank you so much for your review. I bought the course and used the link that you provided. Thank you for coming with it. You are a life saver…

  52. Anton scammed me out of $1300.!!! I bought his course with his promise of online support. After not getting responses to 9 email and messages, I requested a refund under the money back guarantee. They responded to that email! I was refused the refund because I didn’t complete the course. I couldn’t complete the without the online support!

  53. hi Rhys. Talk to me. I am a novice. I actually may be no more than a novice. I only heard about drop shipping less than 24 hours ago and I have no idea what I am doing other then I need to be able to start making money in 2019 and ultimately leave by job. I need it. my Family needs it. Which course takes me by the hand and quite literally does it all for me, step by step, including setting up my store, emailing, marketing, traffic and so much more that is leaving me confused. Outside of you being an affiliate (I am definitely buying and likely from your site) Which course will you honestly honestly recommend if you had no skin in the game? Thanks.

    • Hi Damola,

      Well I hands down recommend Franklin’s course, eEcom Elites. Its probably the best $197 you can spend and a million miles cheaper than DS Lifestyle. Affiliate or not I’d recommend this course and given how easy it would be to promote a $1000+ course and take a hefty commission the fact I promote Franklin’s course shows I’m here to help fellow entrepreneurs rather than peddle the biggest course.

      I’d suggest reading my review of his new course and deciding for yourself. There’s over 150+ videos on all the topics you mentioned, the entire process if you like. I’ve recommended the course to many readers who end up on my blog and everyone is very happy after, I imagine you’d be the same.

  54. seems the DSL course has changed a bit since review, now in V 7. has new modules ( expanded niche seletion, stuff on overseas setups) and full access to his forums, recordings of his o/s events, and lots of training in his DSLabs suite.

    on site, the course costs $3k and $5 for the help of having your store made for you ! that is way overpriced. but if you do his webinars, as of March 2019, entry price is $1495. compared to other offers in the e- world, it seems reasonable enough for what you now get.

    Rhys your main complaint is its overpriced. but thats subjective i guess. i see a few here saying content is not great, but what i dont get is that SHOPIFY have just announced his course WON the best E-Commerce category for a course. it cant be as bad as ppl are saying. why would Shopify categorize it as #1 E-commerce courses ??? has to be reasonable doesn’t it for that award.

    can Trust Pilot be trusted or manipuated? b/c he has 12 reviews there, 11 x 5 star, one x 1 Star ( for not refunding the cleint!) what does that say. can it be trusted, b/c its a small sample of ppl who think its a GREAT course. !!

    to me the big ticket idea for Dropshipping and faster delivery from US warehouses makes sense, thats why i was interested. Dropshipping some that crap out of aliexpress worries me. i have a bought enough of that crap to know how shoddy it is.

    anyway, i must say, i looked at the value of the Ecom Elites course you recommended… and really i have to agree…. its hard to pass up for value for money, and your glowing support of it, affiliate income or not…. it seems like a great deal.

    and i will probably go for Ecom Elites instead of DSL. at least i can start there… and if i make serious $$$, i can choose to do DSL later, if i feel that way inclined.

    thnx for the blog and review. BTW – have you looked at Fred Lam and his ZeroUpLabs dropshipping offerings again about $1500. has his own theme, and s/w that sucks all the pics off aliexpress and makes a store for you in minutes and handles all the orders automatically, plenty of FB advertising etc. looks pretty good on first appearance.

    • Hi Rod,

      Yes you could say it’s subjective re the pricing but after reviewing nearly 50 courses over the last two years, it’s a fair comment that it’s seriously overpriced and you’re in agreement there.

      In terms of Shopify’s claim I have no idea, Shopify have their own free course so it doesn’t make sense to direct to DSL with no affiliate link, I can only assume they are using a tracking pixel on the success page which would trigger when someone actually checks out giving them a commission. Anton is also a big Shopify affiliate, if every student signed up under his link he’s probably their biggest affiliate for simply sending traffic to them so that would explain why his course won the award, win win for both. I highly doubt Shopify bought any other courses to compare.

      Trustpilot can be manipulated, the vendor simply claims they don’t know who you are and unless you uploaded proof of purchase the reviews can be deleted. I’m sure they had more 1 stars last year but hey a course of that size should have more reviews regardless.

      I wouldn’t read too much into the US drop shipping, Anton’s course simply shows you a quick reverse image lookup on how to find suppliers and then you have to manually contact them. You don’t really need a course to tell you that. You simply find a manufacturer and cold call them to get signed up as a dropshipper and if they don’t offer it, convince them to.

      Ultimately my review is based on my opinion and was written over a year before eCom Elites got a mention on my blog. Personally I think there are many more courses that offer far more value at a much lower price. eCom Elites is my go to course but there is courses such as Product Winner Blueprint which offer a far more rounded package at a fraction of the price too.

      In terms of Fred Lam he is a serial product launcher and jumps around the latest trends, similar to Tai Lopez and Alex Beckr and I don’t do reviews on these guys as they simply charge thousands for basic courses with the intention to upsell a monthly recurring subscription model.

      Lastly, not a huge fan of those one click stores, winning products are what you need, one product and a sales funnel and lots of warm traffic and you can get started. Without traffic you don’t have sales so main focus needs to be on that vertical.

      Let me know if any other queries or comments.

      • thnx for the detailed reply. After spending some days thinking ,reading your blog and others and researching, im with you ! You dont need the large spend especially with guys like Franklin. ill take your advice and im going to buy his course. seems there are shopify apps that do some of the things Freds s/w does anyway. Franklin’s course seems value packed for a very fair price. i’ll use your link as you introduced me to him.

        re DSL trust pilot reviews, it was the .au version, so Aussies only. and yes there was mention of a few 1 star reviews, but now removed it seems. anyway, dont need that extra dollar spend for material as I’ll use Franklin’s.

        BTW – i got here a convoluted way, from Reddit blog post about ppl dissing DSL. one person stuck up for DSL and another replied to read this blog ( yours). so i clicked and thats how i found you ! glad i did !

  55. You literally saved me $1,000 today. I was ready to hit the join button, but decided to do some research first and I’m so glad I did. I should know by now that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Thank you for writing this in-depth review. Going to check out Franklin’s courses now.

    You deserve ALL the good karma out there! 🙂

  56. I bought this course when it first became available on Warrior Forum. I’m pretty sure the price was $29. Back then Anton claimed that he was already a millionaire but got bored in the US and decided to go travel in South East Asia. When he first went to Thailand he kept a travel blog for a little while. It was pretty funny, this supposed millionaire was staying in $10 a night guesthouses and living very frugally (nothing wrong with that in itself).

    It’s unbelievable how expensive the course is now. I didn’t think it was very good value even for $29. I would steer clear from anything where Anton and JohnnyFD are involved.

  57. I became very Leary when the initial free “live training”webinar and live Q and A kept loading and loading. You should just say its pre-recorded instead of trying to deceive ppl. Which I knew before-hand anyway

  58. Hey thanks for the review, much appreciated.

    Based on your experience, what are you views on sites like SaleHoo and WorldWideBrands?….worth the money?

    • Well I do have a Salehoo trial that many people seem to use, you can check it out for yourself for $1. It’s targeted more for US, CA, UK and AU residents. Some people hate it, others love it, it depends how you use it. Most people want to get instant access to drop shippers no one else is using, you won’t find that on those platforms so they cancel it. You need to contact suppliers and create networking opportunities, then go for the ‘wanna let me drop ship?’

  59. Plain packaging but what about if the client isnt happy with the product and wants to return ?
    Thanks man. I was just about to buy Kralys course. For this i really thank you.

    • Most good suppliers handle this process, or you can use your own mail forwarder and handle the process.
      Good to hear about the course.

  60. Thanks for the honest review. I signed up for the 2 hour webinar today and will cancel that due to lack of enthusiasm. I’ve heard many times that the courses the gurus sell are their bread and butter. This pricing is excessively over the top (I did not know how much until I read your article). It’s been years since I quit online marketing due to huge financial losses and was tempted to get in to it again. After your review it all came back to me the extra cost to running an online business added to the initial mega “foot in the door” fee. Thanks again for stopping me cold and allowing me to live a normal life away from a computer screen. I think I will walk my dog and breathe in some fresh air.

  61. Great review! I’ve actually bought Anton’s course and starting have doubts around some of his recommendations and the lack on information or relevance in some areas. Some info seems useful but incomplete.
    I’m interested in finding out more about how to register an offshore company in the US. Could you kindly share the article you’ve mentioned?


  62. No need to pay

    I followed the free seminar after reading some bad reviews,then compared notes with an acquaintance who was unfortunate to fork out the membership cost. I can confirm the paid content is just a rehash of the free content. The free content is decent, nothing new yet useful if you are a newbie.

  63. I just had an awful experience with this company. I should have known based on the cheesy infomercial video where he kept saying he was live but referred to 2017 a few times that it was a company built on integrity.

    The claim of money back is a lie. Unless you actually set up a store?!?!? I went through the first few bits of the course and found that the company I wanted to start was not a viable option based on their criteria. That’s not good enough for them to “approve” a refund. I am assuming it’s because they get another kick back if you set up shopify.

    Stay away from these guys. There is more than enough information in his free video. The course is basically a repetition of the video.

    All around horrible experience with the sole purpose of making money with endless upsells and a cheese sales funnel.

  64. Hi Rhys
    I’m really grateful for your post and all your other posts, you write really informative stuff about ecommerce and I have read tons of your posts, and I hope to get them in action and getting out my money from it. You did a fantastic job reviewing DSL, as I was almost about to pay for it…. However, I want to comment on few aspects of this review and want to hear from you what’s your perspective on my up bringing.
    So first off your reasons why not to buy this course is the fat price, so personally I don’t think its that so fat price for the value you get outa here, especially when you go through the link of his webinar u get it for 1,500, and as I will explain later why I think it’s a fair price
    Next reason I want to comment on is for the niche selection, you’re totally right there must be done a very deep research on this, but I think from what I have read in his post and watched lots of YouTube vids, I see that he spends a lot of time in this area and teaches it very in dept, as I also recently chat with few of his students – in the process of researching him – that they have a very clear understanding on niche selection and they’re being highly successful with it. So might be you watched the V5 and now with V8 its much more upgraded, but I feel its important to note this that he added a lot in this area.
    Regarding USA, I’m a US citizen so it doesn’t talk to me this problem, but I am almost sure he added in latest versions a full explanation on this.
    Also what you say in regards to the private DSL theme that tons of other ppl are using it, I want to ask what is with eCom turbo that you prefer? This theme isn’t used by tons of others?
    So basically from whatever I have watched till now from Anton’s YouTube vids I see that he spend lot of time explaining the niche selection which this is his 1 of his main uniqueness of his course, thru you need a very unique and undersaturated niche and from what it seems to me is that he does it in length, at least the latest versions….. Also what he does with contacting suppliers seems to me a very legit way, as he teaches how to contact them professionally and teaches lot of tricks on how to get them do what you want.
    The only reason I am not buying it is because I fell already a victim for someone else garbage…. So I don’t have the money now for this…. So I try to follow him on YouTube and his blog to figure out the path.
    Lastly, I am totally not arguing with you in regards to how he loves money to suck out of poor ppl, not to mention Johnny FD…. And they increase the price and are doing all the affiliation just to sneak out another coin…. But after all I definitely see the value in it.
    I wanted to share my opinion, and I would love and really appreciate it to hear back your thoughts on this.

    • “especially when you go through the link of his webinar u get it for 1,500, and as I will explain….”

      Not anymore, you don’t!

      And as far as “I also recently chat with few of his students – in the process of researching him – that they have a very clear understanding on niche selection and they’re being highly successful with it.”
      …you would have to have STUMBLED on those students by yourself because Anton is either unwilling or unable to reveal the company names of any of his students who have had ANY success in creating a profitable website.

      Go ahead…..ask Anton; he steadfastly REFUSES to name any successful businesses that were created using his system. When challenged, he uses the lame excuse that he would “never jeopardize their privacy”………which is complete and utter BS because WHAT up and coming entrepreneur DOESN’T want their company NAMED in PUBLIC as a SUCCESS?!?!?

  65. Anton kraly says to never get a supplier from a directory where you have to pay. He says a directory where you have to pay to see the suppliers are just middlemen. You have recommended salehoo and i went to check it out and its a paid directory site which Anton says to never use. Now I’m confused.,

  66. I am in the program rite now & having second thought.I want to exit but was asked to set up a fully optimized store to get my $$$$ back.

  67. For people in doubt… I bought the course and I am happy with it. If you have the money and are serious about this I think it is a good investment. The course has been updated a lot lately. Good luck!

  68. When you said, ” For example, you’d be a fool to start an electronics business up against Amazon as your cost price will be less than their retail price – I guarantee it.”……I’m sure you MEANT to say “your cost will be GREATER than their retail price.”

    However, I knew what you meant……AND thank you for confirming everything I suspected about Anton being a scam artist. MAINLY because he refuses to divulge (or is just UNABLE) the name and URL of a SINGLE SUCCESSFUL GRADUATE of his program.


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