eComm Hacks Mastermind Review: Zak Folkman’s Course

Despite the name being very similar to Jared Goetz’ course this is a brand new course by Zak Folkman called eComm Hacks and is a course being widely promoted on social media including Facebook and Youtube. Should you spend $1,997 on this mastermind or is it another overhyped course?

Other reports online indicate the course owner is actually called Zak McFasho.

eComm Hacks is touted as a course to grow your income around the lifestyle you choose by creating ‘wildly profitable Shopify stores’ that earn from zero to six figures per month.

The course claims to offer the following:

  • 6 week ‘university’ program
  • 12 months Adzwedo enterprise account
  • 10x Conversion booster theme
  • Perfect checkout optimization plugin
  • List of the top five most profitable niches for 2018
  • Exclusive Facebook mastermind group.

Who is Zak Folkman?

After seeing his endless ads on my Facebook feed I had to do some digging as I had no idea who he actually was. He claims to have built many 7 and 8 figure businesses online using nothing but basic store creation and advertising. A businessinsider post claimed he attended a boot camp in Los Angeles last year with the likes of Alex Mehr, Billy Gene, Shawn Whalen, Chase Hero etc.

These are some pretty big names in the internet marketing space and they all promote high ticket courses on the latest trends such as Crypto, eCom etc.

So are they actually making money from e-commerce and drop shipping or are they simply selling courses? I’m not sure.

As we’ve seen from his Facebook Ads, he does know how to market himself and his products. But is it all hype?

Big ad spend = get people into the course and then upsell them on other products, i.e. Adzwedo.

eComm Hacks Review

ecomm hacks review

The course is split up into six modules, most of the content is available in other courses that don’t cost near two thousand dollars.

Module 1: Shopify Setup

This module will give you an insight into how to find products using various product testing methods and how you can ‘piggyback’ on other people’s success without having to do any of the research yourself. Sounds perfect for lazy people but we all know that business isn’t that easy.

You’ll also get videos on what to look for when choosing your next product and how to find products using his premium software called Adzwedo which costs $97 per month, but you get a free 12 month account as part of your mastermind subscription fee.

You’ll get an introduction on the perfect Facebook Ads campaign using his 1/5/9 rule which is taught in a similar capacity by other gurus out there and on free Youtube videos.

Lastly is the usual Shopify store setup videos on how to create a fully functioning store in 30 minutes.

Module 2: Facebook Ads

This module includes the usual Facebook Ads setup and how to create the perfect campaign as mentioned in the module above.

You’ll also learn everything you need too about working with small budgets and solving leaky ad budgets

You’ll learn how to stop your visitors from scrolling, hijacking their attention and channeling them to buy.

You’ll learn how to send the most targeted traffic at the lowest possible price all day.

Unfortunately the sales page overhypes this section of the course and most of the content is fairly standard Facebook ads content.

Module 3: Single Product Funnels

This module is all about using Clickfunnels to force your visitors to stop scrolling and simply look at one product, checkout and then upsell them.

You’ll learn how you can boost your return on investment overnight and you’ll get Zak’s favorite upsell to maximise your cart value from day one. You’ll get a template from his direct branding to create a unique buying experience customers will love.

Lastly you’ll get a case study on how Proactive built a billion dollar empire using funnels.

Fairly standard content in this section that’s widely available online already.

Module 4: Maximising eCommerce Profits

You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to setup a recurring subscription to get paid every month.

You’ll learn how to boost average customer order value and how to influence customers to purchase more of the same product from you over time.

Lastly you’ll learn the pricing strategies used by Zak in eComm Hacks.

Module 5: Follow Up Sequences

A fairly standard module on email marketing and using an autoresponder to communicate with visitors/buyers.

You’ll learn Zak’s techniques for growing your email list and getting new clients for free.

Module 6: Create Your Own Products

The last step includes videos on how to build a brand and find local US suppliers.

You’ll learn how to secure extra funding (focused for US residents)

You’ll also learn how to create your own products including white label and plr.

Lastly you’ll learn how to create and setup a virtual team to run your business for you.

eComm Hacks Bonuses

The first bonus is a 12 month subscription to Adzwedo which is valued at $2,997 and this is confirmed via their website. I’m not sure who would actually pay $3k for a piece of software that they’ve never used. The $297 monthly plan seems like a much safer option for most businesses.

In short it’s a Facebook Ad builder that allows you to quickly create and manage ads that sell. The software claims to write all your ads for you and you only have to fill in a few blanks and choose your target audience and the software will do the rest.

Sounds like a push button make bank software pitch.

The second bonus is classified as the ultimate Shopify theme and apparently worth $497 but it’s just a license key for Shoptimized which is a premium Shopify theme similar to eCom Turbo, Booster Theme and Konversion Theme.

The third bonus is a conversion ship to lower your abandon carts and increase sales. It’s very similar if not the same as Conversion Pirates script which doesn’t actually work any more on new stores as of February 2019.

The fourth bonus is a short PDF list of the top 5 profitable niches which you can download and view. You’ll get a few sample products from each niche. It’s unclear what the benefit of the report is as everyone will be out to try and sell the same products that are probably already saturated.

The last bonus is of course the Facebook mastermind group.

eComm Hacks Facebook Mastermind

At the time of writing the Facebook group had 314 members with 70 of those being added in the last 30 days. The group requirement is that you must be a paying member of the course, that means Zak has made over $600k from this course alone if those 314 members all paid full price.

In the last 30 days there have been 180 posts, an average of 4-6 posts per day showing you that this group is fairly active.

The course has been active since 31st July 2018 and includes some pretty big name moderators.

Important Information

There is no refunds, all sales are final. I’m not sure whether that encourages or discourages you to sign up but as Zak states on the sales page, you’re either in or you’re out, all sales are final.

Final Verdict

This course is overhyped and comes from a master of ad copy and selling Zak Folkman. If you look at who he associates with you’ll see they all launch huge courses on the latest trends and then simply move on to the next big thing once they’ve cashed out.

Last year they were promoting Crypto and look how much that crashed shortly after. Each person in their ‘syndicate’ will promote each other’s course with webinars and up sell additional software to create passive income.

Now there is nothing wrong with those marketing tactics and you do get access to a high quality course with a few bonuses but in my opinion that is definitely not worth $2000. You can get the same level of content (if not better) from those smaller courses that cost $197 – $497 and you’d have $1500 left to start your business.

Remember you’re going to need to spend money on setting your store up, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and all that comes at a cost. You could invest $2k into a course like this or you could spend much less and use the remainder to actually build a business. I don’t believe you’ll get more value from a course like eComm Hacks vs a course with thousands of members providing far more value and content in their own Facebook mastermind group.

The lack of refund shows you there is a question mark over the value offered. If the course was fkn amazing as we’re told on the sales page, why would there be such a process in place. If you get the value you expect most people wouldn’t even batter an eye lid at asking for their money back.

A Better Solution

I recommend anyone considering of dropping this much cash into a drop shipping course to look at alternatives such as eCom Elites which cost $197-$297 and offer the same level (if not better) value and a large community of over 10,000 students. Then I’d spend the $1700 I’d just saved on learning everything I could possibly need to know about Shopify, Clickfunnels and drop shipping and start my Facebook Ad campaign and learn, test and split test $1700 and I’d still be saving money. I’d hope you’d make money during that initial $1700 too.

I’m not going to simply drop an affiliate link for eCom elites. Read my review and be your own judge.

[wp-review id=”3814″]
Best Drop Ship Course
I’ve reviewed a ton of drop ship courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $297. You’ll get access to 185+ videos of powerful content on everything from the basics of drop shipping through to product selection and of course over 100 traffic generation videos. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.


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6 thoughts on “eComm Hacks Mastermind Review: Zak Folkman’s Course”

  1. Chase Hero, Zach Folkman, The Watchers and all of their associates are scammers. They made their money with diet rebills from 2009 until around 2015. Direct response marketing scams such as diet rebills are no longer viable in the US due to scrutiny from the FTC and merchant processors so they’re now “gurus” offering coaching or in internet marketing jargon “bizzops”. This is their real business. It is not crypto, real estate, forex, e-commerce, or providing consulting services to Fortune 500 companies as they claim.

    They lure in the uninformed and gullible by showing off their flashy lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram with not only their own profiles but paid advertising. Their coaching programs teach nothing. The supposed easy opportunity with e-commerce is simply not there. It is a rat race to the bottom with drop shipping on Facebook. While some are able to make money, they’re not merely drop shipping, but have built actual brands. Affiliate marketing in any shape or form, is not a reliable or stable business, and it is certainly not one capable of supporting a lifestyle like the one Chase and Zach portray.

    Just know that you are the product! If you want to learn how to build a real brand with a real product then do the work! There is no easy road; network, do your research, educate via the thousand of free videos on YouTube covering Facebook ads, e-commerce, etc.

    If you want to listen to blather from Chase Hero then go and listen to him speak. He says nothing just repeats vague motivational quotes e.g., “tie your cleats”, “show up”, “put in work”. Nothing more then a huckster…


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