Best Affiliate Marketing Course For 2020 (Buyers Guide)

I’ve been making money online for a long time now, affiliate marketing being one of my main sources income alongside drop shipping and various SaaS businesses. If there’s one thing you get out of this article is that to make serious money you need multiple income streams.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to create multiple income streams as you can get started with limited start up costs. In fact you could probably start your first affiliate website for under $25.

But going out as a lone ranger in the affiliate world will only set you up for failure. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that and spent a fortune in the process. Don’t be like me. After years of struggling I actually spent the money on a decent affiliate marketing course to guide me.

Even then I had to spend lots of time on my own researching, testing and tinkering until I found my success.

I focus on niche websites and affiliate with platforms such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, JvZoo and of course directly with businesses as they pay you top dollar.

Now before you go out and look for a cheap course or a guru who claims they’ll show you the latest and greatest you should be very careful. There are many people out there that will sell you a dream that doesn’t exist:

  • You will not make money overnight.
  • You will not become a millionaire from one site
  • You will not sit on your ass doing nothing making money on autopilot
  • You will not be sipping cocktails on a beach (yet anyway).

But if you’re willing to listen to the training in great detail, start small and find a gap in the market you can definitely succeed. Unfortunately there are people out there who will steal your content, your ideas and success for their own satisfaction. Take my blog, there’s one jealous guy who keeps reposting my content.

Don’t be that arsehole. And don’t be an affiliate loser using unethical affiliate marketing tactics.

If you can work ethically then you can easily start your own affiliate empire.

Best Affiliate Marketing Course 2020

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Now I’ll be honest if you decide to sign up for any of these courses I’ll get a small commission. You might say well that’s why I recommend them as the best. The real reason is I want you to succeed and given the best course is actually the cheapest by a country mile it proves my intentions.

I want you to succeed with affiliate marketing. My 50+ sites aren’t at risk because you’re new to the business. There is enough niches (billions) for all of us to get in on the action too.

1. Savage Affiliates

Best Affiliate Marketing Course

This course is HUGE and Franklin Hatchett knows his sh*t. You may have seen his Youtube channel where he discusses the best ways to make money online and his businesses include affiliate marketing, drop shipping and sales funnels.

Franklin was the fastest ever entrepreneur to get a free car from Russel Brunson of Clickfunnels for signing up well over 100 paying members ($97-$297) per month in eight weeks. That’s a 40% commission which means Franklin is earning at minimum $4000 – $12,000 every month from one affiliate offer.

Rumour has it he has lots of businesses out there and I’ve seen him buying new sites over at Flippa and on his own website so you rest easy knowing he’s the real deal. I suggest checking out the sales page to learn more about him or checkout his Youtube channel.

The Course Content

You’ll get access to over 100 videos on the world of affiliate marketing including general affiliate promotion as well as setting up niche websites. You’ll get an insight into how to choose a niche, domain and setting up your first affiliate site through to building content, organic SEO, link building, traffic building and choosing the best offers to monetize your website.

The members portal is rammed full of content that’s constantly being updated. When you’re done with the content you can head over to the exclusive Facebook mastermind group and ask questions, learn from other successful students and get access to tutorials, case studies and knowledge.

Savage Affiliates Verdict 

While Franklin doesn’t offer 1-2-1 support, you can definitely ask him questions in the Facebook group, the price tag is an impulse buy and you’ll get hours upon hours of content to soak over. Compared to other courses out there you can save money and spend that on your first websites or affiliate campaigns.

Current Cost: $197 | Sales Page: | Read My Full Review

Pros of Savage Affiliates
  • Focuses on A-Z of affiliate marketing
  • Over 100 high quality videos
  • Franklin is an affiliate himself
  • Popular Facebook community
  • Live Q&A streams, webinars
  • Very affordable one time fee
  • Ongoing updates.
Cons of Savage Affiliates
  • Nothing I can think of.

2. Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is one of the most influential people in the affiliate world and his course Super Affiliate System sure does deliver some of his best training. John’s been making money for many years and offers lots of free value through his webinars and free training. He owns affiliate websites making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you listen to John you know you’re getting the best content and yes unfortunately it does come at a cost. It’s not the cheapest course out there but it’s far from the most expensive and you do get access to an entire course that covers everything you could possibly need to learn affiliate marketing.

The Course Content

The course claims to have made five 7 figure marketers with sufficient proof that has happened but like I said before you shouldn’t buy a dream so make sure you buy a course based on the content it provides. Super Affiliate System is a course focused on promoting other peoples products and services primarily through running traffic such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

John does provide training on organic SEO and setting up your own website for affiliate marketing. You’ll get access to over ten hours of content including creating engaging ads that work and if you do like to copy and paste there’s plenty of ad copy, images, swipe files, templates and plugins you can download.

There’s even look a like audiences you can download and upload into your own campaigns.

You’ll also get access to John’s highest converting offers, the best affiliate networks and a gateway into some high ticket affiliate offers that will allow you to create a recurring income quickly. Other core skills taught in the course include copywriting, data analysis and finding new niches.

Super Affiliate System Verdict 

The course is far more expensive than Savage Affiliates but does offer a completely different take on the world of affiliate marketing. If you don’t like the idea of creating your own niche websites then this course is perfect as it offers both site creation and promoting other people’s offers using Ads.

The done for you downloads are great but you should adapt them as other students will be accessing the same content. John Crestani isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so checkout the webinar and see what you think before buying the full package.

Current Cost: Up to $997 | Sales Page:

Pros of Course
  • John is a proven super affiliate
  • Hours of content
  • Done for you ads
  • Copy and paste scripts/templates
  • Covers wide range of topics.
Cons of Course
  • Could be too pricey for some
  • Content is slightly older
  • Many students.

3. Authority Hacker Pro

This powerhouse of a course is owned and operated by internet marketing experts Gael Breton and Mark Webster and stems from their free training you’ll see on their blog. Their course is designed to show you a step by step process to setting up a high quality authority website.

An authority website is a stronger more powerful version of a niche website and if you’re looking for a real life example, my blog is perfect. I write about lots of products, services and tutorial but my main focus is on affiliate marketing, drop shipping, e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

Other examples include sites which purely focus on one area such as a chainsaw affiliate website.

Launching such a site may seem quite daunting but if I can do it, you can do it too and Authority Hacker Pro will show you the entire process from start to finish using purely white hat optimisation and link building strategies.

The Course Content

Authority Hacker Pro offers a free webinar on the front end and converts into a premium course that costs $997. It’s not the cheapest but does offer hours and hours of content that you can get your teeth into. The membership area looks sleek, modern and professional.

You’ll learn how to setup your website correctly, the art of basic SEO and the importance of on page optimisation, you’ll also learn content creation and how to create the best content you can for your authority site. There are modules on social media marketing and using tools and services to boost your authority site fast.

A great Facebook mastermind community is included and probably could be worth the price tag alone. There are many members in the community that are all helping each other.

Bonus content includes templates, done for you strategies and link building videos.

Authority Hacker Pro Verdict 

It’s not as cheap as Savage Affiliates but does offer a different perception to working in the affiliate marketing industry by focusing on building an authority site. If not correctly you can make a sh*t ton of cash from an authority site but it’s not easy. You’ll need to invest time, energy and yes money into building your site.

If this sounds like a good fit for you then you can get started a high quality training and community.

Current Cost: From $997 | Sales Page:

Pros of Authority Hacker
  • Focus on authority site building
  • Hours of high quality content
  • Passionate mentors
  • Great Facebook community
  • Awesome member portal
  • Regular updates.
Cons of Authority Hacker
  • Quite expensive for beginners
  • Some upsells for full access
  • Authority sites aren’t easy business.

Savage Affiliates vs. Authority Hacker Pro vs. Super Affiliate System?

So you’ve read my basic review on each one (I’d recommend checking out the full review of each) and you’re trying to decide which course to go with?

Well as we discussed each offers a different take on affiliate marketing. I’ve summarized them again here:

Overview of Savage Affiliates

If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start this is the perfect course for you. It looks at micro niche sites which are stupidly easy to start as well as creating review styles sites, running ads to offers and other techniques for making money with affiliates.

Franklin is an affiliate himself and I know that for a fact as he’s on the Clickfunnels leader board which is pretty hard to do! The Facebook group is packed with content and the price is only $197 one time which is an absolute bargain.

Overview of Authority Hacker Pro

If you want to make the big bucks from one website then you need to start an authority website and this course is definitely the place to learn how to that. It offers a ton of content purely on the topic of authority sites. If you’re looking for other affiliate content then you’ll probably have to pass on this course.

The members community is popular and there’s lots of bonus content. There are quite a few upsells to get the full package and at $997 it’s not the cheapest course out there so would probably suit someone who has already learnt the basics of affiliate marketing.

Overview of Super Affiliate System

John Crestani is a super affiliate who knows his stuff and this course would suit someone looking for an all round course that touches on lots of different techniques to making money as an affiliate. The price tag is quite high ($997) but you do get done for you content including copy and paste templates, scripts and ads.

There isn’t as big a community and some content needs a refresher but there’s lots to learn here.

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Why No Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama?

You won’t see these programs featured on my blog as one of the main reasons they appear so popular is the number of people promoting them rather than actually using them. Lesson one of Wealthy Affiliate is to promote your affiliate link. Lesson two is a questionable way of driving traffic to your affiliate link so it’s not a program I support on my blog.

Wealthy Affiliate does offer good content and hosting although personally I’d host my site on my own web hosting with my own domain so I retain ownership of my affiliate websites at all times. Affilorama has a similar business model and many hidden upsells so again I don’t recommend this platform for beginners.

This is my personal opinion, if you disagree then check Google. I guarantee you’ll only see positive reviews.



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  1. If somebody tells you that affiliate marketing is simple and it will take little to no effort at all to make a decent amount of cash online then they probably have something that they want to offer to you … if affiliate marketing was that simple then everybody would be making a decent income online.

    The programs you have identified here all seem legit and a great way to start with affiliate marketing.

    Many thanks

  2. Just got and been through most of the Savage affiliate training (not the paid ads part, cause i’m not at that point yet)…and seriously, it’s probably the best out there.

    There are a few programs out there that cost 500, 1k or +2k, and simply don’t come close to it. I know cause i’ve bought them. So to say that Savage affiliates is “expensive”, is just not true (if compared to the rest).

    It’s very good.

    • Yes there’s fees to actually start your business, such as $2.95 a month with web host. No upsells or additional products required as there’s free alternatives.

  3. Thanks for this. It looks like Authority Hacker has two different courses, one is The Authority Site System and the other is Authority Hacker Pro. I’m guessing you’re referring to the Pro? Do you know much about the difference between them?


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