Simplified Shopify Review: Scott Hilse Drop Ship Course

Another new course to launch in the last couple of months is called Simplified Shopify by Scott Hilse who claims to show you everything you need to start your one product Shopify drop shipping business and make thousands online. His claim to fame is a single iPhone case that has allowed him to travel the world (USA?).

Like all my reviews, I bought the course and will go through and tell you what you get, is it worth it and ultimately whether it’s worth the price tag. Right now the course is inline with the lower end courses I prefer at only $297.

The first major problem I see is that Scott Hilse purchased a trademarked domain for his course. I give it a matter of months before Shopify take a dislike to that domain and send him a C&D which will ultimately end up in the course being rebranded. Always seems to amaze me the lack of awareness around domain sales and building a brand using someone else’s markings.

Edit November 2018 – It’s now been rebranded.

Moving on, the sales page is the usual screenshots of revenue and Scott has a good sales pitch. I have to say I was impressed by his motivation and interested to see he was invited to Tai Lopez’s 300 group which does offer some credibility to his story. What I didn’t like was his use of revenue figures, which mean jack sh!t.

Scott is a typical guru who talks about revenue and simply forgets that businesses have expenses or cost of goods. He fail’s to talk about gross or net profit per day. Great you made $700 in sales today on your Shopify dashboard but after ads, cost of goods sold, VA’s and refunds he probably made 15-20% of that. Problem is, selling a course claiming you made $100 per day doesn’t sound as good. Also the chances you’ll make over $118k revenue from one product like him is slim to say the least.

So let’s dive into the course and see what you get:

Simplified Shopify Review

Once you’re into the members area you quickly see how small and short this course actually is. A good look down the videos showed approx 26 different videos of various length. To give you an insight the first video was 6 minutes long. Scott does present well as I mentioned earlier and it’s reflected in the course too.

simplified shopify review

It’s good to see you can download the videos for offline viewing and there are complimentary slides on some of the videos which you can also download.

In the first video we see his store which hasn’t been blanked out like most other guru’s. The url is and redirects to – we can see the elusive phone case he claims to have peddled to over 6 figures in 7 months. It’s a $10 case with $4 worldwide shipping.

One of the strange things here was the title of the video, $1600 per day template when the store dashboard shows only $256 in revenue for the day. If you look further into the stats the store barely scrapes past $450 per day with one day back in December 2017 where he made over $1600 revenue. Slightly misleading I think.

Moving on the video starts to quickly show you the premium theme which blows on mobile so probably you should invest in a premium theme such as eCom Turbo or Booster Theme before following through with the remainder of the video.

The next video goes on to show you how to setup the backend of your store. Useful information here if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing and fairly basic Shopify administrative tasks, refund policies etc.

Then you have a video on connecting your domain.

Section four and five goes on to talk about Facebook Ads. So now we’re told how Scott drives traffic to his store, funnily there is no mention of this anywhere on the sales page. You’re shown how to setup a basic Facebook page, then set up Facebook business ad account and install the pixel, fairly basic videos but explained well.

Moving on we get a rundown on Scott Hilse’s best way to do product research, again nothing ground breaking here and similar to most other courses and free videos on Youtube. The usual Facebook search, using the Info section and various online tools.

Importing products and then testing them with the FB pixel follow and again if you’re new to ads and e-commerce then it’s likely you will get value out of these videos.

Section nine goes on to talk about what Scott calls, the freedom funnel. This actually just meant installing a bunch of free apps to boost your store’s conversions and optimization. Again a premium theme such as eCom Turbo will include all this out of the box but if you’re looking to save money you can install the freemium one’s he recommends.

A random video on how to get tons of free Facebook likes was next. Want to know the secret? Invite all your friends to like your page. Maybe you don’t have 1488 friends like Scott, pointless video. You do get to see another site owned by Scott called My Luxury Rings but it’s now closed and has 18 likes.

Next you get to learn about creating and starting your first Facebook ad campaign. Tips on what to look out for and how to ensure you’re careful before running serious traffic. Scott has two methods and shows you both. Method one he shows you how to make a video for your ad.

Some super short videos on fulfillment follow, I recommend checking out Dropified for your store if you’re doing serious volume. If you’re just starting out Oberlo is another option (free) but very limited.

Next a video on when to form an LLC. Probably pretty irrelevant to most people who are based outside the USA and drop shipping from China to USA. Only time an LLC is recommended is if you’re USA based or thinking of starting an offshore LLC in Delware or Wyoming from overseas to work with US suppliers to ship within the US.

A startling video on how to go from 100 to 10,000 orders with Facebook ads. We know this is taken from somewhere else as Scott has never made more than $1,600 per day. 10,000 orders would be over $160k per day revenue which obviously has never happened or the course would be marketed differently.

Then we get into the videos such as how to outsource, manual bidding, free traffic sources, when to convert to a niche store, when to sell your store and other various videos which offer value.

Facebook Mastermind

One of the additional benefits about the course is the ability to join the Facebook mastermind which is where you can interact and communicate with the course creator, Scott and other members of the course. It’s not as large a mastermind as you’d expect but as numbers grow, so will the content and community. I’m not one for joining all the groups of courses I recommend but it is available to you if you’re starting out.

Money Back Guarantee

There is no mention of any refund offered by Scott Hilse for Simplified Shopify drop ship course. There is also no mention of any requirements or limitations in requesting a refund of the course fee. There is no coupon and no discount code for the course.

Final Verdict

Simplified Shopify is a fairly short drop shipping course by Scott Hilse and does offer lots of value in places. It’s slightly concerning that figures mentioned in the course and sales page don’t match up or factor an account for business expenses. Also just because Scott got lucky from one product doesn’t mean you will be.

There are a wide range of courses out there that offer nearly 5 or 6 times the content for far less money. If you’re intent on buying into Scott’s name/brand then you’ll probably get good value but if you’re a beginner or intermediate looking for a complete A-to-Z course then this is definitely not for you.

Best Drop Ship Course
I’ve reviewed a ton of drop ship courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 175+ videos of powerful content on everything from the basics of drop shipping through to product selection and of course over 50 Facebook ads videos. Read my review or checkout eCom elites today.

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Last Updated on February 10, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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5 thoughts on “Simplified Shopify Review: Scott Hilse Drop Ship Course”

  1. Hi Rhys,

    I was wondering if you are aware of “The Wholesale Formula” (TWF)? I watched a few webinars this week featured on a You Tube channel called Wholesale Ted

    Thanks for the interesting review information.



  2. Thanks Rhys , I’m looking around to start a drop shipping store , was consider Scotts but not after reading your review , looking into Kevin Davids course , abit pricey but he’s seems very committed with lots of helpful content , and offers money back if you dont make it within the first 2-4weeks , he offers his complete setup course for $1000 just yesterday, he offers a lot of support with his fb page , he urges u to use Amazon ,(obviously he gets kick backs from this) , not now I will be looking into other’s as well eg: Franklin hatchett , he seems pretty genuine.
    But u have given me food for thought thank u.

    • Mike, Hatchett’s course is definitely the best in terms of affordability and content. I don’t believe any guru who claims to setup a store for you for $999. Anyone can setup a store, actually making money from it is the hard part.
      Make sure you read the money back guarantees, most require some form of proof to show you applied the training, tried, failed and tried again before being eligible.

  3. Thanks Rhys you’ve given me food for thought , I’m a newbe so I’m looking around , was looking at Scotts not not after reading your review , I’ve looking into Kevin Davids ? Abit pricey but lots of content support , or Franklin hatchett ?
    Will look at your other reviews
    Thank you mike m


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