Ultimate eCom System Review: Steve Tan Shopify Course

What happens when you sell millions of dollars on Shopify? You start your own course and the Tan Brothers who claim to be doing 8 figures per month are the latest to offer their masterminds and Shopify courses online.

Today we’re going to be looking at Ultimate eCom System review which is Steve Tan’s Shopify course.

I’m a member in some of their groups and it’s fair to say unlike most guru’s that get a mention on this blog, they know their stuff.

They have several 7 and 8 figure eCommerce stores.

Both living in Singapore, they travel the world building their businesses and recently helped launch Wiio which is a tool for helping drop shippers get their goods shipped out of China faster than using a platform such as Aliexpress.

Shopify come down hard on guru’s who claim to make money from drop shipping, showing their huge screenshots of their dashboards which are clearly faked. Steve Tan has been around for a long time and so has his course so it’s fair to say those numbers are clearly genuine.

Another promising sign is their bright Yellow Lambo and if you’ve ever lived in Singapore you’ll know cars are literally 3 or 4 times the price of the USA and leasing is pretty much out of the question. It’s clear Steve Tan net worth is quite high!

Both of them offer a free Facebook group called eCommerce Elites mastermind which is one of the biggest eCom groups on Facebook.

They regularly host masterminds in luxury villas in Thailand for $10-20,000 per person.

Ultimate eCom System Review

ultimate ecom system review

I came across a video ad of Steve Tan promoting his free webinar for his course, The Ultimate eCom System.

Unfortunately this looks like a fake live webinar that’s actually hosted on WebinarJam which makes it look live but it’s just a recording. Another obvious sign is, ‘questions have been disabled for this event.’ Steve reads out people who have cleared commented on the original webinar which of course we can’t see.

Steve likes to show screenshots of his multi million dollar stores.

Anyway the webinar started and I sat through it, there’s a $5,997 bonus of the winning product research strategies recordings if you sit through to the end.

The Webinar Pitch

The webinar reads like a sales pitch from the 90’s. It’s endless and scripted well.

Firstly Steve Tan claims to have helped thousands of students worldwide. There are then dozens of proofs about struggling entrepreneurs and how they turned their lives around.

Peter Francis made $82,000 in 2 months.

The webinar and subsequent training is designed for newbies wanting to start eCommerce, have freedom to travel anywhere they want, escape the 9-to-5.

‘This webinar is going to change your life.’

There’s a lot of dream selling going on here. I guess we have to come to expect this in new Shopify training courses these days.

There is endless success stories for any one with doubts.

Will You Be So Successful?

Yes you could be successful but you will need to invest money to make money.

You need to look past these photos of supercars and luxury holidays, working from home and making millions.

What is the O.S.C.A.R Hack?

Firstly, Googling this search term shows absolutely nothing. This is a term developed by the Tan Brothers that he claims all his students have implemented.

Steve just needs to reveal what this is, it takes him nearly 30 minutes in his Webinar to reveal it.

It’s their own intellectual property that other guru’s simply don’t teach.

4 Secrets of $12 Million Dollar Store

  • Setup store in 8 minutes (Shopify)
  • Get started with zero inventory
  • Find winning products
  • How to setup FB ads.

The Sales Pitch

Steve Tan invites you to purchase his Shopify training course which is called, The Ultimate eCom System and costs $1497 or three payments of $597. This is the same course that was floating around last year and cost $2,000.

If you don’t buy the course straight away you’ll get bombarded with sales emails every day.

Steve claims the course value is $7,500 which gives you access to four weeks of training across 11 modules and 90 videos walking you through the complete A-Z systems that they use to run their 8 figure eCommerce empire.

You also get access to a service called, ‘Monthly Market Spy Sessions’ which is a monthly service where they spy on various ecom campaigns and give their take on them. They teach you how to look for things to swipe and ‘steal’ for yourself and give you the lowdown on whats working for other people..or failures.

You also get access to a service called product picker cheat sheet which is a monthly update to a Google document that takes the guess work out of picking profitable products and shows you their best monthly picks. Apparently the spreadsheet is updated reguarly with their favorite niches. (Requires signing an NDA for disclosure).

You’ll also get access to a few bonuses, the first being the Facebook Examples Ad Library which is a selection of done for you example ads that will give you new ideas and includes a walk through video as to why the ads worked.

Another bonus on how to make your ads go viral with a viral ad checklist.

You also get access to a Facebook mastermind group where you can ask questions, post your fears and share your successes to motivate others.

Lastly is a list of the top 500 Shopify stores so you can model your own store off a them.

Steve Tan Shopify Course Review

The course offers many features but the price is quite steep for most people. You do have to consider that Steve and Evan Tan are apparently making millions of dollars every month from drop shipping so it’s expected that the course would be priced a lot higher than others out there.

The course is beginner friendly and designed to work for total notices without any prior experience but is also designed for those looking to make a million dollars per month.

The course is split up into four weeks:

  1. Finding winning products
  2. Launching and testing
  3. Building your team
  4. Scaling systems.

Ultimate eCom System Refund

It’s made clear on the sales page that this course offers no refunds. You either buy and deal with it if you’re unhappy with the level of content or don’t buy. That’s the impression I got from the sales pitch. ‘You’re either ALL IN or all out.’

With that said ensure you know that you’ll need to spend money to make money and you won’t make money by simply buying the course. You’ll need to do work.


Ultimate eCom System by Steve Tan is a detailed four week (90 videos) introduction into the world of eCommerce drop shipping. It’s fair to say Steve Tan knows exactly what he’s talking about. The one down site i see is that you sit through a webinar and are shown screenshots of multi million dollar stores. Face it, unless you’ve got a credit card with huge credit you will not be scaling your own store anywhere near those numbers in the first few months.

The course was actually launched last year and has had limited updates, the price has actually dropped from $1,997 down to $1,497 too. I also have to question the bonuses given every member is getting access to the same winning products, done for you ads and viral ad cheat sheets.

Regardless, the guru behind the course, unlike most courses does actually do what he says and that’s make money from drop shipping.

If this is worth that high price tag then it’s a perfect course, if you just want to learn eCommerce drop shipping then you can do so for a much lower price in my opinion. If you consider courses such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint that are over $1,000 cheaper.

Remember, buying a course doesn’t equal success. You need to spend money on your store and ads regardless of what course you buy. 

Would you rather buy a $197 course and spend $1300 on your business? 

I would.