Best Google Shopping Courses To Get Your Products Top of Search [Updated For 2019]

Tired of wasting money on Facebook Ads with no results? If so then have you considered Google Shopping? Probably not, that’s why you’re here and looking for a new traffic source?

Google Ads is a relatively old way of promoting your products and was around long before social media but the newest feature that’s dominating the e-commerce industry is Google Shopping

Today I’ll show you the best Google Shopping Course and how to learn and make money with it.

The primary benefit of Google Shopping is you can get up and running within minutes (subject to approval from Google), there’s no need to waste time creating video ads, long sales ad copy or constantly find new products.

You need to ensure your products are related to buyer intent keywords, i.e. people searching Google to buy. An example is a rice cooker.

People wouldn’t impulse buy this on social media like a cool t-shirt. If you’re not selling goods people are actively searching for this method probably isn’t for you.

You can take what’s working for other drop ship stores and from your existing store, get to the top of Google and make money on near autopilot. Really!

best google shopping course

Best Google Shopping Courses

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1. Google Ads eCom Academy (Tristan Broughton)

google ads ecom academy review

It’s a course that was created with Google Shopping at the forefront and an integration with Google Ads. He’s launched a few courses and products in the world of e-commerce so you can guarantee this course delivers. I actually bought it and learnt a few things myself.

You get access to over 60 videos on Google Ads across 7 modules. Combined with this is a powerful Facebook mastermind group, regular live events and a few bonuses you really can’t go wrong.

The course includes live examples of his own stores, products and real case studies.

There is no other purely Google Ads course on the market right now and if you’re not making money on Facebook, it’s probably worth a shot to look into Google Shopping.

This is the best Google Shopping Course for 2019. 

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2. eCom Elites (Franklin Hatchett)

ecom elites review

Version 2.0 of eCom Elites is one of the best e-commerce courses on the planet. Secondly Franklin has overhauled module eight with an entire section on Google Ads and Google Shopping. There’s a huge arsenal of videos here on the topic and you’ll learn how Frank makes money with shopping ads.

The course is cheaper than Tristan’s and you also get over 150+ other videos on the entire world of e-commerce and drop shipping. While not purely focused on the topic of Google Shopping you will get a full understanding on the topic and further improve your sales.

If you’re looking for a complete e-commerce course alongside  just Google Ads, I’d buy this one.

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3. Shopify Ninja Masterclass (Kevin David)

Kevin David is a big name in e-commerce but it comes at a huge price tag which most people might not be able to afford. The course usually costs $997-$1997 but does offer lots of valuable videos on e-commerce as well as Google Shopping videos.

There is a section on Google Ads but it’s not as detailed or concise as Tristan’s or Franklin’s courses.

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4. Google Shopping Success (Dennis Moons)

This is a new course that I found but it has been around for quite some time and costs $247 for one time access. You’ll get access to four modules on the topic of Google Shopping and learn things such as product feed setup on both Shopify and Woocommerce, Google Merchant centre and more.

If you’re looking for a focus away from Shopify this course could be good for you.

The course goes into lots of detail and includes 40+ videos (5+ hours of HD content) similar to Tristan’s course, not quite on the same level though but does include notes on each topic, bonus checklists and a ROAS calculator. There is no real life examples of the stores.

The membership area is very easy to navigate and looks great, definitely another course to consider. It was overhauled in October 2018.

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Final Verdict

There you have it, the best Google Shopping courses for 2019. Now before you rush out and spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook Ads or Instagram course, just have a look at how much you can invest in your business, if it’s a low amount then you’ll probably find running Google Shopping ads a far better option.

If you’re selling products people are actively searching for, then it’s a no brainer. You show up at the top of Google.

You could rely on SEO traffic but this method will get you sales right away.

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Last Updated on January 22, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Hi. Just to clarify with you. Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass has some Google Ads training? But in your review, you mentioned nothing about google ads in Kevin David’s course except for google analytics and google search. If Kevin does offer Google Ads training, in which module will that be? Thank you

    • There was none when I reviewed the course however that was some time ago now and could well have Google ads included. I’d check the sales page for an updated list of modules included 🙂


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