Google Ads Ecom Academy Review: Tristan Broughton’s New Course [Updated For 2021]

Tristan Broughton is back with a brand new course specifically for those looking for training on Google Adwords. There are many courses out there that focus on Facebook Ads, Tristan actually has his own but there are few courses that discuss Adwords in great detail. Google Ads Ecom Academy could be a game changer.

Let’s check it out.

I’m a big fan of Tristan’s courses and his e-commerce course was enjoyed by many of my readers and subscribers. Recently Tristan reached out to let me know about his latest course, Google Ads Academy Review so I decided to take it and post it for you all to see.

For those of you that don’t know, Tristan Broughton has been in the e-commerce game for many years and has a wealth of free information over on his Youtube channel. When he’s not sharing new tips and tricks, he’s managing his various Australian and International e-commerce businesses from his home.

Fortunately you can’t easily lease a Lambo in Australia like those American guru’s so you won’t see Tristan flaunting his course standing next to one or claiming he has one either (not yet anyway).

Tristan’s eCom course scored highly in my best drop shipping course for 2019 and one of the reasons for that was the high level of detail and accuracy that you simply can’t find in any other course out there. Google Ads Ecom Academy offers the same high quality information at a reasonable price.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

Currently the price is $397. Most people will find the $397 option offers the best value and it’s the one I chose myself. Your login details will be emailed within 15 minutes of sign up and you can login right away.

Once you’re into the members area the first thing you’ll notice is how much content you actually get access too. I’m not going to bore you with the sales page, I assume you’ve had a look at that before deciding to read this review.

Below you can see the members area welcome video and the modules listed down the right hand side. You’ll quickly see that currently there is 9 main modules which can be expanded out.

google ads ecom academy review

Videos are filmed in super HD with the following default options available (360 – 1080P) through the Vimeo platform. You currently can’t download the videos for offline viewing but the course displays well on both mobile and desktop so you should have no issues watching wherever you’re located.

The course currently featured the following:

  • 9 modules with 60+ videos
  • Private Facebook mastermind group
  • Ability to be an affiliate for the course.

Let’s dive into the course content and see whether this course really is worth $397 or not.

Module 1: Setup

I’ve spent many years working with Google Adwords myself and it’s always a hassle promoting your offers. For example you definitely won’t be able to throw up an affiliate link or 301 redirection like you can do on Facebook or Instagram. Google Ads will scrutinize your ad and your website before approving your ads.

The course starts off well with a store setup video on how to ensure your e-commerce store is correctly setup for approval. I recommend spending time watching this video before jumping the gun.

You’ll quickly discover that Tristan likes to add information to word documents as he reads through the content. Some might find that too much but I have to say I prefer it over powerpoints which are always pretty vague. Tristans found a unique way of doing his videos and you’ll see this in his free Youtube videos too and I think it works well.

Following on from this video is some additional videos including the legal pages you ultimately need such as terms of service, privacy policy and if you’re from the EU the data protection and cookies alerts you must display on your website. Without these your ads may get approved initially but then revoked under a manual review. It’s not worth the risk, don’t skip these videos.

Other videos include app + merchant center setup, setting up your shipping and delivery timeframes, and ensuring your conversion tracking and optimisation tracking pixels are in place. This is a crucial step to ensure you can track what’s working and what’s not. Without it you may as well throw your money away right now.

If you haven’t started your store yet then you’ll probably want to do that first. You can’t sign up and run ads for affiliate offers (unless you’re very clever) on Google Ads so checkout his drop shipping course or Youtube channel on how to do that.

Module 2: Product Research

One thing about Tristan that you rarely find in other guru’s is the level of detail and knowledge you probably haven’t seen anywhere else before. This module includes 9 videos that are all as interesting as each other with lots of detail.

For example the first video is called, ‘Criteria’ and talks about the Google product selection criteria for using with Google Ads. You see you can’t use any product with Ads, it simply won’t work. Tristan will help show you the best selection process, what to stay clear of and where to focus your attention. There are recommended tools such as using a VPN to change your IP to find out what’s working for other people.

Another couple videos are the actual product research and how you can go out and find other stores that are using Google Ads and then either copy or seek inspiration from them. There’s various tools and websites you can use for this. Tristan spends a great deal of time going into detail on each.

There are then videos on tools such as Semrush, CommerceInspector and Ahrefs which do cost money so if you’re a beginner you’ll either need to signup for a free trial or invest in a membership. Other free tools mentioned include CJ, Similarweb and of course using Facebook research methods.

The last video is on a section called, MyIPS which is a tool used for finding other Shopify stores. I’ve used this before to find the best sellers for any Shopify store and wrote a similar guide you can read for free.

It’s a pretty interesting module and compared to other courses on the market, offers a lot of product research. Remember this is primarily an ads course, you’re getting lots of additional value included in the price.

Module 3: Product Uploading

Yes, we’re only in module three and if you’re still reading this you’re probably interested to learn more. This module includes 8 videos on product uploading to your store and conversion optimisation strategies.

Videos in this section including pricing your products correctly and how you should effectively do this for Google Ads. Yes it’s actually different to Facebook as you’re targeting buyers ready to shop.

You’ll also get videos on importing from Aliexpress with Oberlo, product feed integrity, product images and title selection, writing killer product descriptions, adding tags and working with CJ Dropshipping and lastly using apps for up selling your customers.

If you’ve bought Tristan’s drop shipping course before then you may find you can skip this module as there is some overlap. If you haven’t seen it before then it’s worth making sure you’ve covered the basics Tristan recommends.

Module 4: Google Ads Mastery

Okay the module is short at only 4 videos but the videos are long and include lots of content. If you’ve never worked with Google Ads before then this is the gold dust you’ve been looking for.

The first video is an overview of the Google Merchant Center and if this sounds confusing, it’s really not. Tristan goes into lots of detail here and within a few minutes you’ll be on to the next video looking at the interface and the different sections and colomns. Again this may take some getting use too but if you’ve used Facebook Ad manager it’s very similar.

The last two videos are to do with bid and budget strategy. I recommend watching closely as Google Ads are different to other traffic sources you may have used before and you can blow through your budget within minutes if not setup correctly.

Module 5: Shopping Campaigns

This is one of the longest modules in the course and if you’ve never used Google platform before you’re going to get exposure to a whole new world and you’ll probably be very impressed with this new traffic source for your business.

The first video is very important and is called currencies, I suggest you check it out before progressing any further to avoid any mishaps. Tristan is using Google Australia and all his bids and conversions are showing up in Australian Dollar. It would be fair to convert this at 1USD = 1.32AUD so you’re not bidding crazy amounts higher than Tristan.

When Tristan bids 50 cents you’re probably bidding 36 cents in the US.

Makes sense?

If so then checkout the other videos in this section including, creating a test campaign, drilling item ID’s, adding locations, ongoing drilling, enhanced CPC and tapering down bids-copy. I thoroughly enjoyed this section and even myself as a serial e-commerce store owner learnt something from the module.

Module 6: Campaign Optimization

This module goes further and helps you optimize your campaign further across five videos of various lengths. You’ll learn how to exclude unprofitable products, exclude search terms that are unprofitable, create device bid adjustments, bid reduction on converting products and finally location bid adjustments.

You really need to complete module 5 to complete this module as it expands on a campaign that has been running for some time. If you’re learning you can watch the module and go back later to action.

I won’t go into too much detail about each video, this review is well over 2,000 words already so if you’re passionate about expanding on the lessons taught in module 5 this is a great addition.

Module 7: Campaign Scaling

We’re nearing the end of the course but fear not the last few remaining modules offer lots of great content including the campaign scaling module which features videos such as, single product campaigns, international geo setup, international geo campaigns, switching bid strategy and lastly TROAS startegy.

Module 8: Search Campaign

This module is fairly short and includes two videos of various lengths on running a search campaign. You can look over Tristan’s shoulder as he launches a search campaign creation and a brand campaign creation.

It’s a short section but does offer lots of value.

Module 9: Remarketing

I noticed this was a new addition to Google Ads Ecom Academy and other reviewers weren’t mentioning this part of the course. You’ll get access to a three part series on how to setup Google retargeting campaigns. From my own experience I have found Google remarketing campaigns far more effective than Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Tristan will show you the entire the process.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Google Ads Ecom Academy is sold under a 30 day money back guarantee, which should be more than enough time for you to go through the course and see if it works out for you. One caveat is you must make use of the tools and resources in the videos and if you do yet don’t see the results you’re hoping for, you can contact Tristan directly and ask for a full refund; few questions asked.

Final Verdict

Like all my reviews I watch all the content before publishing a review. If you have been reading my blog for sometime you’ll know I’m a big fan of Tristan Broughton as he launches affordable courses rammed full of value that you won’t find anywhere else. Yes this course is probably a little steep but I have searched high and low on line and can’t find a better Google Adwords course out there. Drop Ship Lifestyle is an obvious contender but at $1,500+ it’s seriously overpriced in comparison.

If you’ve tried and failed with Facebook or Instagram Ads then an alternative traffic source that’s far more reliable such as Google Ads is probably something you should consider. Google Shopping offers immediate sales if you get the right budget and strategy and Tristan’s course will help you achieve that. Adding a retargeting campaign and upsells to your website will boost your conversions.

Google Ads makes things much easier. For example you don’t need to screw around creating videos and annotations for them to target social media users for every new product you promote. You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars testing and improving your pixel. Lastly it’s a lot less common for your account to be randomly banned without explanation.

This is a course from a bloke who clearly makes money from his own stores and has a side hustle going promoting his course to students all over the world. The main draw point is he doesn’t overhype his course or Youtube channel with fake cars, rented Airbnb’s and gucci clothes to sell his course. Yes there are a few screenshots of successful students but they aren’t making millions like other courses claim.

Closing Arguments

If you’ve started your store and are looking for a boost in sales or you’ve had little to no success with social media ads then Google Ads is the way forward. I believe Tristan Broughton has brought his A game here with Google Ads Ecom Academy Review and the course is worth every dollar. Currently the course is the lowest it will ever be and if you’re sitting on the fence you’ve really nothing to lose with a full money back guarantee.


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Last Updated on January 10, 2021 by Rhys Dale

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12 thoughts on “Google Ads Ecom Academy Review: Tristan Broughton’s New Course [Updated For 2021]”

  1. If we do not have enough cash on hand, do you think eCom elites Google ads would be sufficient to learn the basics of Google ads? And also what’s ur recommendation/verdict btwn eCom elites’ FB ads and Google ads info vs tristan’s FB blueprint and Google academy course combined? Thanks!

    • Hi Kai,

      I think it would be more than enough to get started with Google Ads and you shouldn’t need to buy both.

      You’d also get FB and IG Ads course in the process.

      Hope it helps

  2. Hi Rhys,
    thanks for the great review. Im interested in getting this course. may i know if there is any discount code i can get if i get this course? thanks

    • The only available discount is if you buy both of Tristan’s courses, which comes at $497 (you save $197 compared to if you bought each course individually).

  3. hi – i want to start dropshiping course – i dont have money problem
    1- please show me which course is best
    2- which one is better google ads of facebook ads?

    • I recommend eCom elites for the course, $297 offers the entire eCommerce course and Google Ads training.
      It depends on your product/s but I prefer Google Ads as buyers are cash ready and willing to spend money!
      For a huge Google Ads course, Tristan’s one is a great option (that’s the review you just read!)

  4. I already bought the ecom bundle along with Franklin’s course and theme. I just want to get your opinion on what someone who has experience in dropshiping like a year ago would use, FB ads or Google Ads?

    • Jake, it would depend on your products. Without knowing more it would be hard to judge. Usually if it’s something a buyer is actively looking for, i.e. a new TV then you’d be better going Google Shopping, if it’s a more impulse buy then Google Ads and if it’s a low ticket, impulse purchase then Facebook Ads.

  5. If I am totally new to Drop Shipping and Google Ads, then this course is worth to buy and implement? What you say? Is it worth for totally new beginners for Drop Shipping and Google Ads?
    I want only Google Ads for Drop Shipping? Please recommend. I am totally new to Drop Shipping and Google Ads. Is that I buy this course, learn it and implement it. Is this course sufficient for totally new beginners (both for Drop Shipping and Google Ads)?

    • Yes it’s a great course if you only want to learn Google Ads for dropshipping. It’s sufficient for beginners.
      You can buy his Ultimate package and get both his courses too, that would give you a better understanding of drop shipping too.
      So Product Winner Blueprint + Google Ads Academy.

  6. Rhys, hope you’re doing good,
    – is the course has been updated in 2021 with the new google updated ?
    – is there any alternative especially for google ads or this is the best i can get ?
    – In comparison with Ecom elit which one do you suggest ?
    -Finally, what is the best dropshipping course out there in 2021 ? (Pls mention The cheapest as well as the expensive/value)

    Thank you for your help really love your blog keep it going bro.

    • Yes the course has been updated for 2021. I’m sure there’s other courses for Google Ads out there, but this is my favourite one as it’s a lot more detailed. This is a different course to eCom Elites, as it focuses purely on Google Ads, not eCommerce dropshipping. If you want that you’d need to buy the top package which includes the Product Winner Blueprint course. It depends on budget, this is a more well rounded course, but eCom Elites is a cheaper option. For me the best dropshipping course is eCom Elites based on content and value for money. Next would be this course by Tristan.


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