Alishark Review: Find Winning Products FAST

In this Alishark review we’re going to look into the platform, what you get and ultimately if it’s the best winning products resource tool you can subscribe too, or whether there are better alternatives you should consider.

Alishark claims to be a spy tool for dropshippers looking to find winning products based on analytical data such as sales history, sales trend, prices, order volumes, ratings and social signals. They claim to give you everything you need to find winning products fast.

Currently they offer a 2 day trial for only $1 so you can test their service. The price then renews at $20 per month should you wish to stay. There’s only one plan and it includes unlimited searches, access to all data, the ability to save products and access to daily added products.

To get started with your trial you need to create an account and start a Paypal or Credit Card subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

AliShark Review

alishark review

Once inside, first impressions are pleasing. It looks like the app has been built from the ground up with user friendly design. On the left you have the various search filters. Across the top you have a few options including ‘Products’, ‘Saved’ and ‘eBay.’

At the time of print there was 1,419,017 products you could search through.

New products added this week were 259,226 products with 35,860 added today.

Main Interface

Products are sorted into rows and include a small image, title and the number of sales today, total orders to date, added to wishlist and the product rating, niche, price and whether the supplier offers Paypal, Dropshipping and ePacket/AliStandard.

It’s not clear where they are pulling this information from but given you can filter by eBay or Aliexpress I’m assuming it’s from their servers.

On the left menu you have a series of filters including, ‘Categories, Niches, Top Countries, Shipping and Ships From.’ All these filters include tons of different sub filters. For example you can choose all major countries, drill down into the specific niches and even search by shipping time.

You can also search by products with a video as well as:

  • Price to and from
  • Total orders number
  • Orders between two dates
  • Daily orders between two dates
  • Number of votes between dates
  • Number of wishlist adds between dates
  • Number of weeks since product was found
  • Accepts Paypal (Supplier)
  • Accepts Dropshipping (Supplier).

Product Details

Clicking on a product, you can view lots of data about that specific product.

The first is the niche category followed by the product title. You also get icons if the product accepts Paypal, includes a video on the Aliexpress listing page (which I think is an awesome feature) and icons if the supplier offers ‘dropshipping’ and of course ePacket/AliStd shipping.

You also get the price and number of votes pulled from the Aliexpress page too. There’s also a total orders and ‘adds to wishlist’ counter too.

Meanwhile the images for the product are scrolling along nicely, and the quality is actually pretty decent too!

At the bottom of the page, you can view the date the product was added to AliShark and when it was added to Aliexpress, to check it’s actually a winning product.

There’s a quick view table on the number of sales today, yesterday, 3 days ago, for the week and for the month. I found the ‘month’ field didn’t appear to work and simply showed the wishlist numbers instead.

There are four buttons which are very important. The first takes you to the Aliexpress product page, the next allows you to add the product to your store. There is also a ‘generate video’ button which is great for finding the product video. Lastly you can view similar products.

The video generator takes you direct to AliShark’s built in video creator which allows you to add text overlays, buttons, ending screens, time between images, logos, emoticons and even add royalty free music to your ads. You can then generate and download the video, read for uploading to Facebook Ads.

Of all the video generators I’ve used with these product research tools, AliShark’s is one of the best.

Viewing Trend Data

Scrolling down the same page you can view the ‘Product Performance’ which is a graph for the last 30 days showing orders per day. You can also show the number of wishlist adds per day.

There is then a 12 month all time sales data trend which shows you the curve of the sales volume.

You then get to see the top countries buying the product from Aliexpress as well as the top dropshippers and the number of orders they’ve made. While their usernames are masked out, you can see which countries are likely to be ordering the most.

Lastly is their ‘beta’ matching pages section which shows the other sites with the same products. I’m assuming they are comparing the titles, images and supplier details etc. You get to see the platform, price they are charging and page title.

Here we can see one store, using word for word the same details from the supplier.

eBay Module

This section appears to be a new feature in Alishark and allows you to view over a million eBay products including photos, titles, price and number of orders. Again I’m assuming they are pulling this data from eBay public auctions.

You can see the number of orders today, yesterday, over 3 days, over 7 days and over the last 30 days.

You can use search filters to find products based on, ‘Unpopular, Highly Popular and High Margin.’

There is also a niche box so you can find products based on any niche of your choice. These niches are super detailed too, for example rather than ‘Outdoor Sports’ it actually had a niche for ‘Archery’ and ‘Yoga.’

You can click on each product and view the total orders, when it was added to Alishark and the number of orders. Again there is a quick view of sales for the last few days and month.

If you wanted a quick way to download eBay images, you’ll be able to with the moving gallery. The sales data isn’t as detailed as the Aliexpress products, probably because it’s not available. There is a product performance grid and All time sales data which didn’t seem to be operational.


Alishark offers some of the best winning product data you’ll find online. There are many expensive tools out there but at $1 for 2 days and then only $20 per month, it’s clear AliShark’s intentions are to help you find product inspiration for your next eCommerce venture.

You can use this tool as a great platform for aiding you in finding products for your store. The sales data pulled from Aliexpress and eBay makes this a very good tool as those big sites are difficult to navigate and search effectively.

If you’re looking to find winning products on eBay, or to simply pick up a deal yourself for business or leisure then the eBay filter and data is perfect. For example in my example there was a sale on Puma shoes from the official retailer that you might not have been aware of had you not had the tool!

This is one tool, that I’ll be keeping for my own business. Combine this will Sell The Trend and you’ve got a huge arsenal of analytical data for your eCommerce business.

Did you enjoy this AliShark review? Let me know if you signup.

Last Updated on July 24, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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