Google Sniper Review: Does It Still Work In 2020?

Google Sniper has been in the Clickbank marketplace for years and is now in version 3.0 with thousands of sales to it’s name. In this review I’ll look at whether Google Sniper 3.0 lives up to expectations in helping you make money online or is Google Sniper just a complete scam!

The tag line for Google Sniper 3.0 is to create small niche specific sites that will rank on the first page of Google – usually in the first three positions to allow you to receive lots of traffic which will in turn generate lots of income online.

Many of the reviews online date back to 2013 and 2014 however this product is still a best seller on Clickbank so I’ll give you the full 2020 lowdown.

Google Sniper Review 2020

  • Product Name: Google Sniper 3.0
  • Product Vendor: Clickbank
  • Niche: Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $47
  • Guarantee: 60 days
  • Website:
  • Verdict: See Below.

What is Google Sniper 3.0 ?

Google Sniper 3.0 is a product produced by an internet marketer called George Brown and claims to help affiliates produce “consistent online income” by creating small niche websites, getting them ranked in Google using various techniques and then profiting from affiliate links and sales.

The course helps affiliates to setup basic websites and then stuff them full of keyword rich articles so that Google will rank their pages higher in the search results. If your looking for a quick way to rank on Google for upcoming product launches then launch jacking or Youtube marketing is a much better solution.

Google Sniper 2018 focuses on building backlinks once you’ve created content for your website. In a rather strange twist of backlinking it involves outgoing links to other authoritative websites and blogs rather than building internal backlinks.

Although back linking is seen as a way to ruin your search engine optimization by some I can confirm it is a good way to boost your sites rankings. If your site has authority – which is obtained through building backlinks then your website will rank higher.

Very few online marketers starting out don’t really know about backlinks so if your looking for a course that explains how to do this then Google Sniper is a good place to start.

google sniper review

Google Sniper Course Overview

The main section of Google Sniper 3.0 is a five step system on how to build the sites, how to rank the sites and how to outsource the building of the websites (upsell module here) and tons of additional training.

The next section is the Sniper X section. This is where George keeps Google Sniper up to date. With updates on the system, training videos, and coaching webinars. This is my favorite part about the course because every two weeks they do a case study. Where sniper members get help with there live sniper sites. (Sites that are making money. Just more proof that they still work today.)

Next you have the Google Cash Machine. Here you are taught methods to make some quick cash and at least get your initial investment in google sniper back.

Then there’s the Rolodex. This is just a quick place to find all of the resource mentioned in the course, as well as some new ones.

Lastly is Support. This is a place that you can get all your affiliate marketing related questions answered in a short amount of time. Much different from other programs out there that either have no support or they never answer you back. As well as a glossary and FAQs.

google sniper review overview

Getting Started With Google Sniper

The original cost for the Google Sniper program is $47. Depending on when you purchase the course you might pay more or less than this price due to sales or promotions. Once you complete the course and get started there’s some additional costs you’ll need to consider:

Domain Name – You’ll need to buy domain names for your site. For example my domain is and I bought this through Godaddy. They use to be a cheap provider however I’d recommend using Namecheap where a .com or .net costs $10.69. Get yours here.

You’ll want to ensure you buy a domain that matches the niche your promoting. Let’s say you chose a niche targeting people who snore, you could buy something like, I’d recommend you only purchase .com, .net, .org or a country level domain such as or

Hosting – You’ll need to host your website somewhere too. I recommend Lightningbase as they are an independently owned company. Lots of people recommend Bluehost or Hostgator however their reviews are pretty poor. You can get a years hosting at Fatcow for around $28 which is perfect for your niche websites.

Once setup with your hosting you’ll want to link your domain and hosting together using nameservers. If you signed up with Lightningbase and bought your domains with Namecheap you can checkout this guide on how to setup name servers.

BackLinks – The course says you can build backlinks yourself however this takes heaps of time which you might not have. A solution to this problem is to buy backlinks which you can do on sites like which have thousands of different packages available. If you haven’t signed up to Fiverr yet then do so here and get $5 free credit.

Click here to Go to Google Snipers Official Website.


Google Sniper 2020

This is a very basic run down of the costs associated to creating your site, then the monthly costs and the potential income you could make with Google Sniper. This will vary with some affiliates like myself making 5 figures a month with others making $100.

Let’s say it takes you 1 week (20hrs) to create your first website of your own time. If you were to outsource this as recommened in the course you could find a Filipino for $4 an hour – so $80 to create your entire site. Your hosting through Fatcow is $28 a year and a domain name is $11 for the year. Your total setup cost for the site is $39 if you did it yourself or $119 if you got help. So now you make 50 sites in your first year.

Let’s say you spend another $20 building back links taking your total to $59 or $139. Each month you’ll spend $20 on more back links.

Your site only needs to make a couple of affiliate sales each month to make money. Allow the first 2 months to make no profit so come month 3 your likely to make a sale or two. We’ll say from month 3 on wards every month you’ll get 1 more sale than the previous as your site grows.

Now imagine your promoting a $2500 product with a 5% commission structure – a TV from Amazon maybe. You’ll make $125 per sale.

Month 1: Spent: $59 – $0 Income

Month 2: Spent: $20 – $0 Income

Month 3: Spent $20 – $125 Income

Month 4: Spent $20 – $225 Income

Month 5: Spent $20 – $350 Income

Month 6: Spent $20 – $475 Income

Month 7: Spent: $20 – $600 Income

Month 8: Spent: $20 – $725 Income

Month 9: Spent $20 – $850 Income

Month 10: Spent $20 – $975 Income

Month 11: Spent $20 – $1100 Income

Month 12: Spent $20 – $1225 Income.

Spent: $279 – Income: $6550/year

50 Websites * $6550 = $327,500.

Now that’s from 1 website, imagine if you had 50 websites? Of course they aren’t going to all make this much income but it’s easily possible. Now imagine if you sold 10 televisions a month on commission or even 100? Well I know it’s possible as I’ve done it myself.

google sniper course

Click here to Go to Google Snipers Official Website.

What are the Pros of Google Sniper 3.0?

  • Simple way to get started with affiliate marketing using a hand holding approach
  • If you want help learning how to build and develop websites
  • Simple, Easy To Follow Processes
  • Clear pricing structure of $47 however there’s a few up sells at checkout
  • There’s a proof section called Sniper X where you can see real sites in action
  • There’s a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Good way to find niches that are untapped and haven’t been exploited yet
  • Ability to make passive income once your site is all setup.


What are the Cons of Google Sniper 3.0?

  • This is not an instant money making solution. Your sites will take weeks or months to rank for specific keywords
  • The sales page promises things that aren’t going to happen for 99% of buyers
  • This isn’t a copy and paste system as the sales page makes out – requires lots of work
  • Building sites takes time, money and effort. You’ll need to invest in all three before seeing results.


Why is this product only $47 if I can make $1,500 – $2000 per day?

Face it, your not going to make this much in a single day with this method. The claims by the product creator are to entice you in and commit you to buy with such claims however you could quite easily make this in a month or week with this method. If you find a really hot niche then you might even make $1000 per day however the course specializes in niches that are small so the potential to make $2,000 a day is lots of work indeed.

This is a simple concept and is how millions of people make a living online – I’m one of those people. While I already knew what was covered in this course it backed up my own wealth of knowledge that has taken me many years to learn. You’re going to get all that knowledge instantly should you buy this product.

Last Thoughts

Google Sniper has come a long way and is one of the most sold products on Clickbank ever! So you know you’re not buying some fly by night product that won’t work or promises things that are completely false. If I was just starting out in internet marketing then I would 100% recommend buying this course as for $47 it is an absolute steal.

If your bored of your standard 9-5 day job and struggling to make ends meet then setting up niche affiliate blogs using free traffic is a great way to supplement your income. I know people who started with this course when it was version 1.0 that are now making $10,000 per month from 1 site alone and they have 50 sites!

If you can watch the sales pitch and ignore all the over-hyped screenshots and fast cars then you’ll see this product is a high quality business course and start making money in the next few months when your first site is up and running.

Google Sniper Review 2020

Click here to Go to Google Snipers Official Website.



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