Sell The Trend Review: Best Tool For Winning Product Research?

Can you still find winning products by using tools that claim to offer the best product research? The quick answer is, Yes you can. But there are many tools out there that simply copy other tools products, upload counterfeit or knockoff products or make bold claims that are blatantly untrue.

One tool that really impressed me recently was Sell The Trend.

I’ve been on most of these tools before and Sell The Trend has gone much further than I’ve ever seen before.

Anyone can signup to this platform for a free trial to see how much research they provide.

Once you’re into the dashboard you’ll see over 1.6 million products active across Shopify, Aliexpress, Amazon and Facebook. At the time of writing this article there were 1,676,539 products of which 17,688 were new products. There was 5,259 hot trending products and 145 new stars which I assume are products other people have marked as ‘hot.’

The dashboard looks sleek, especially on my 27″ 4k monitors.

The first section that catches my eye is the tutorials section which included 9 HD videos on how to use the platform. There was also a link to the support Facebook group which had 514 members. So clearly other people are using this tool.

Sell The Trend Review

sell the trend review

The dashboard includes sections titled:

  • The Nexus
  • Aliexpress
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Facebook
  • Tools
  • Help.

Under each of the main platforms included sub categories such as ‘hot products, trending products, new products, all products, favorite products, hot stores, trending stores and on the rise.’ Of course each is only relevant to each platform, so stores for Shopify and products for Aliexpress and Amazon.

The first noticeable thing was Amazon, very few winning product tools claim to offer Amazon products, a nice feature.

At the time of writing, baby monitors were the hottest trend on Amazon!

The Nexus

This section claims to be the holy grail of winning product discovery and I have to agree, it’s pretty impressive.

You can search products or navigate through the endless list of products. I like the filters by newest.

There is an image of the product, how many stores it’s selling on, product name, price, last seen, first seen, link to the original store found, link to the product or best alternative on Aliexpress, Amazon and Facebook.

I’m going to checkout this phone case, it claims to have been ordered 70,000 times.

You can also see the number of orders (I assume estimated), product cost from what was found on Aliexpress, selling price, profit margin and total sales (again estimated I assume).

You can then click on the product research tab and view a real trends chart, view all the other stores selling the same product.

You can also check if the product has an Aliexpress video.

The best feature here is the Facebook targeting which gives you tabs for quick start, interests, brands, websites, pages, magazines, jobs, societies, tv and movies to target.

Where they don’t have targeting, you can create your own with the built in audience builder.

The entire product research has been done for you. It’s literally copy and paste.

You can go ahead and click on the product stores, I chose

And then you can click the link to Aliexpress and find the exact same product selling for $4-$5.

You can click on the link to Amazon and it appears no one is selling on there yet. Could be a good FBA product.

You can also search for the product on Facebook and view posts, ads and videos using this product.

I found a video ad that had been viewed 3.5 million times linking to a $39.99 sales page, wow!

There is so much power in this Nexus tool, the research is very detailed!


Aliexpress offers an explorer view so you can see the movers and shakers and products that are selling well.

You can filter and sort products. You can also view by category, niche and trend points.

You can also use their pre-defined categories for hot products, trending and new products.

It’s a much easier tool for searching Aliexpress to find products.

Again you can click through to buy the product or view further product research.


You can use the Amazon explorer to view products from and a link to try find them on Aliexpress too.

You get a product ranking, daily variable up or down, average sales, ratings and categories too.

You can also view their pre-defined categories for hot products, trending and hidden gems.

Some popular products also have their Nexus product research tabs.


This tool allows you to search products or specific stores that are using Shopify.

It would appear they have a huge database of all Shopify stores, probably from and they are trawling for new products on all the new and existing Shopify stores.

That’s good for us, you can search products and view specific niches, categories and of course filter and sort products by a number of categories.

All products link to Aliexpress, Amazon and the official store the product was found.

Most stores include the product pricing, estimated traffic, estimated tech spend and when the product was last found. It’s a pretty cool search function.

The other tool is the store lookup and you can find all Shopify stores and search by type and whether they are using any tracking pixels.

All stores also display the traffic, daily orders, tech spend, Alexa rank, social profiles and products with links to Aliexpress.


The last main source of data is from Facebook. There is an Ads Explorer and Trackable Ads section.

The Ads Explorer allows you to see the best selections of Ads their software has found.

This includes recent ads as well as a collection of older ads. You can filter ads by post date, post type as well as by engagement such as post count, likes, shares and even comments.

This is a really neat tool for finding winning product ads and their sites.

I like to use keywords such as ‘free, buy now or’ to find eCom ads. Many people link out to to their stores so it’s an easy way to find ads.

Additional Tools

Currently there are four tools on offer through the Sell The Trend platform. These include:

  1. Audience Builder
  2. Video Creator
  3. Engagement Rating Calculator
  4. Discovery Machine.

Audience Builder Tool

This tool allows you to enter a keyword and their software will automatically generate keywords and audiences you can target over on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

You’ll be able to target interests, brands, magazines, jobs, societies and public figures.

Perfect if you’re struggling with Facebook Ad targeting. Here’s an example I did.

Video Creator Tool

The video creator could easily rival the likes of Clipman which charge a monthly fee. You can import photos through a product URL of any Shopify store or you can upload your own images. Next you’ll choose image options, select your music, add text options, choose a frame rate and finally create your video.

You’ll notice the site imports photos in seconds, you can then select image order by clicking on the images.

You then add set text options including a top bar, bottom bar, final screen and brand name. You then add royalty free music which is actually provided for you too. With a minute your video will be created and ready for download.

I threw this together in under 30 seconds, check it out here.

This tool is pretty cool and given it’s included in your membership it’s awesome.

Engagement Rating Tool

It’s a fairly basic tool but it provides an engagement rating based on the number of followers, likes and comments.

You can also use Twitter by entering the number of retweets.

It gives you a result from 0-100.

Discovery Machine

Like to play lotto? This tool is exactly that. You click ‘Spin Again’ and it will show you awesome products that you might never have considered using.

You can click to find the product on Amazon, Aliexpress or Facebook Ad.

You get four per spin and can do it as many times as you like.

A cool feature but unsure how often it would get used.

Final Verdict

Wow, this tool is a combination of all those winning product tools and offers a ton of value for only $39 per month. You get access to Aliexpress, Shopify, Amazon and Facebook data for finding winning products. You also get extensive searching filters for finding and sorting the data.

The data actually loaded pretty damn fast considering how much data must be working away in the background. Products were updated in real time and most products had lots of information. Quite a lot of products had the Nexus research which definitely helped too.

I enjoyed the Shopify store search and product search for Shopify as they clearly have access too all the store data so you can view social profiles, Alexa ranks, traffic stats, estimated sales and tech spend along with links to their products found on Amazon and Aliexpress.

The extra tools such as Facebook Video Ad Creator and Audience Builder were cool features that other tools rarely offer.

You get a 7 day free trial and it’s probably worth it. Whether you go premium is up to you but I’ll be keeping my subscription for sure. Renewal is $39 per month with 2 months discount for yearly renewals. There is fast 24/7 support for all members.

Last Updated on April 30, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Hi Imrhys,

    Cool, review… I’d never heard of this before I read your post. Would you rather this tool, Ecomhunt or Intelligyence?

    • I like this tool and Intelligyence. I did a review on Intelligyence last year too. I use both.
      Personally not a huge fan of eComHunt, I think it’s overrated.

  2. RHYS——That’s a lot of info. to digest! What route would you suggest for a newbie who has limited funds & basic tech skills???

    • Easiest option is to buy a course and learn, but there’s plenty of Youtube videos. A small one product eCommerce store is the best way to start.


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