The Last Amazon Course Review: Unbelievable Value?

The last Amazon course claims to be the ultimate online course for selling your products on Amazon and is a course that is 45 hours long and includes 350 videos for a monthly membership fee of $1 per month or $10 per year. There is a lifetime membership access for only $18.

The course claims that it is the most affordable Amazon FBA course around and offers no upsales and provides a 30 day money back guarantee. Is this unbelievable value or a hidden scam? 

The sales page claims to have 20,000 students and is created by a guy named Brock Johnson from the United States who is 27 years old.

What is the Last Amazon Course?

The course claims to offer industry expertise from people such as many coaches such as, Sean Smith, John Jonas, and a wide variety of other business owners and wholesale experts.

When you sign up to the last Amazon course, you will be greeted with a members area, which includes access to version three of the course, which includes 375+ step-by-step video tutorials, as well as frameworks, templates, checklists, and frequent updates.

Important: To access the Facebook group, you need to be a lifetime member of the course, and the exclusive live streams will be coming soon, they are currently not launched yet.

When I first saw this course, I was a bit confused as to why it was so cheap. However, looking further into the frequently asked questions, there does not seem to be any gimmick or any catch with this course.

The course creator wants everyone to have access to the best information and experts in the world to live in a positive, critically thinking world.

I know what you're thinking. It sounds too good to be true. However, your risk is only $3 if you sign up for the monthly plan (billed every 3 months) and that offers a 30 day refund, so you can also get a refund as well.

Now, do you really need to watch all 375 videos in the course? Of course you don't. You can watch whatever videos you want and given the low price, you're probably going to get lots of value from this.

There is a beginner course as well, which has three hours of content. However, the main course is much more detailed and provides lots of strategies and techniques.

However, you probably will not need all of these, but it's always handy to come back if you need to.

The course is currently sold on Udemy as well, and also a lot of content is posted to Brock's Instagram and YouTube. Looking at the comments on YouTube and Instagram, there are a lot of happy students who have purchased this course. If you consider other Amazon FBA courses cost upwards of $997. You are definitely getting a lot of value at a low price.

Signup For Last Amazon course

When you decide to sign up for the course, you do need to purchase every three months at once, so that will be $3 every three months.

However, your first payment is fully refundable within the first 30 days of purchase. You can choose to pay with credit card or PayPal. One of the questions when you are signing up is your level of experience.I'm not sure what purpose this field serves.

However, you can choose between beginner, existing seller and advanced seller, which is someone that is making over $10,000 per month in sales. There is also a coupon code box, but I could not find a coupon for this course.

Last Amazon Course Review

In terms of the content in the course, it provides a introduction.

Product Research

As well as product research whereby Brock Johnson shows you exactly how to find the best products to sell on Amazon. There is over 70 videos where he dives deep into multiple product research strategies, how you can find the right products to sell, and ultimately how to evaluate your product ideas for the best chance of success.

Sourcing Products

The next module looks at sourcing your products and you will learn the. Right way and the wrong way of finding and importing your products. You will learn several ways on how to properly source your products, recognizing the highest quality, the best price, and other sourcing strategies to be an effective Amazon seller.

Shipping Products

You will then learn how to set up a shipping plan from A to Z, and this includes many videos and information on handling your products. You will then learn how to list your product on Amazon and how to optimize your listing.


Brock will show you how to create highly converting product listings, using keyword research and how to get the most amount of sales. Simply having a good product is not enough these days with Amazon FBA. You will then learn how to launch your product and how to run effective pay per click advertising campaigns.

Building Business

This is accompanied by how to get your first reviews as well as important tactics that are vital to your businesses success. You will then learn about branding and how to choose a logo for your brand and how to create this. This will help you with your long term success in your industry within Amazon.

Business Basics

You'll then learn how to save on currency transfer rights when it comes to purchasing and dealing with suppliers. You'll also learn how to protect yourself, your business, and your tax with different money saving methods. You'll then learn the various scenarios that happen, such as removing hijackers from your.

Amazon Accounting

Amazon account listings and how to deal with situations that arise that are out of your control. You'll also learn about policies and ensuring that you're compliant with Amazon at all times. There's a video on outsourcing and how to scale your business and. Buy back your time by using virtual assistants for your business.

Lastly, there is a section on legal and Texas and why you should get an accountant or financial tax advisor earlier on in your business.

Is Last Amazon Course Updated?

The course is regularly updated and provides many updates. Now remember, you're getting access to the course for a really low fee, so you can only expect so many updates.

However, so far we are in version three of the course. Lastly, by purchasing access to this course, you get access to exclusive deals that have been negotiated with other Amazon software providers and fulfilment centers.

An example here is online software for product research, such as Jungle Scout. You will get a discount on some of these products.

What I Think of Last Amazon Course?

Wow, what a steal this course really is. For $18 you get lifetime access to the biggest collection of information on Amazon FBA you'll find on the planet. This makes expensive courses like Ultimate Amazon Seller look like a tiny course at a huge price tag. 

Ultimately, the course is recommended, offers a lot of videos, many hours of content, and you do get access to that Facebook group provided you purchase a lifetime subscription.

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