Ultimate Amazon Seller Review: FBA by Philip Covington Legit?

Ultimate Amazon seller a new course that has been out for a couple of months now by a man named Philip Callington. Today, I will be going through the course, what you get and whether it's worth the money or not.

Ultimate Amazon seller is available to purchase for $497 as an entry level option that you will be able to get started as a beginner.There's a pro upgrade for an extra $100. 

What is Ultimate Amazon Seller? 

A digital training course that shows you everything you need to start a successful Amazon FBA business such as setting up your store and topics such as bookkeeping, taxes, insurance, basic accounting, product research, training, product sourcing, product listing, getting sales, optimizing sales. overcoming problems, scaling and funding your business.

Lastly, you will learn how to build a long term brand as well as getting access to an exclusive private Facebook group. The course was originally launched in 2017 and has been updated many times over the years. There was a massive overhaul in 2019 and this is when the revamped course was launched. Okay.

Currently, the course is available to purchase online.

ultimate amazon seller review

How much does Ultimate Amazon Seller cost? 

Currently the pricing is $497 for the standard package or $597 for the package with the hot product plus plans. The more expensive package includes recommended products that have significant research and testing already done for you personally.

I'm not sure why you would pay an extra hundred dollars for winning product if it really was a winning product wouldn't the guy creating the course be selling these products himself?

Ultimately, if you are a lazy person and you just want to get started straight away, then purchasing the $597 plan is probably your best option. You will get profitable recommended keywords, sales estimates, and a potential supplier that you can work with. I'd take the cheaper plan and find your own 'winning product.' 

Who is Phillip Covington? 

Phillip is a YouTuber who focuses on Amazon and the FBA business model. He's grown quite a following over the last few years with most videos getting some traction. 

He regularly shares his Amazon seller account, and over the last couple of years has shown extensive detail, including his earnings that are available through the Amazon seller central account dashboard.

It's clear that Phillip clearly practices what he preaches. He is making money with a successful business on Amazon and he is teaching students how to do the same. Rough estimates show that Phillip is making over $5,000 per day in revenue selling products through his own Amazon stores.

A lot of the videos on Phillip's YouTube channel are clickbait designed to get you to click through and watch his videos. However, after watching his videos for quite some time, it's clear that he knows what he is talking about.

Philip has priced his course at the top end of a mid range course being $497. It's good to see that he's not trying to fleece you out of $2,000 by selling a course promising a lifetime of doing no work and getting paid all the time. Amazon FBA takes a lot of work and effort to get set up and it's no easy ride.

You could make a lot of money, but you could also lose a lot of money if your products don't sell.

Ultimate Amazon Seller Review

The course currently consists of 27 modules and 270 videos, downloads, and other resources.

The course is hosted on teachable, which is a great platform ensuring your videos look and feel great on every screen including mobile, desktop and tablets. 

That's an average of 10 per module, which is not a huge amount. However, some modules have lots of videos and content, while others have only a few videos.

Module 1: Business Setup

The first module is about setting up your business. First and foremost, you need to have the foundations in place.

Phillip gives you a good understanding of how to set up your Amazon FBA business. While the course is great, it does take an emphasis on you being an American citizen. An example of this is when Phillip goes into the structure and shows you how to set up a limited liability company.

If you are based in another country such as Australia. I wouldn't rush out and set up an American LLC until you've spoken with a tax advisor or accountant about what your tax liability might be in Australia or your country of choice

if you are not based in the U S there are some lectures on being an international seller. However, I felt that the content here was not that great.

Module 2: Bookkeeping, Taxes

Module two, bookkeeping, taxes, and insurance. In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping and why you need to keep accurate records of what you sell on Amazon FBA.

This will make it incredibly easy for you when it comes to filing your Texas, which ultimately you will have to do if you are setting up as I business now.

Insurance is something that's not often talked about because you're not actually selling anything to anybody in particular. However, Phillip goes through the process of why you would want to insure your stock and how you can get the best price for your insurance.

Lastly, the videos look at employer identification numbers, E.I.N and how to apply for it as a US or Non-US citizen. 

Module 3: Business Accounts

Module three looks at business accounts. In this video and module series, you will learn how to establish your business accounts correctly. 

Now, don't worry if you're not an accountant, it's very straight forward and Phillip goes into detail on different lectures such as business checking accounts, doing business as and sales taxes.

I recommend using Xero, MyOB or Waveapps. 

He also then goes through the profit and loss statement. And lastly, the balance sheet. Now he'll go through and show you everything you need to know about these different, um, financial factors. So if you are completely ignorant to, to finances and accounting, it will all become clear in the course.

But don't take a random guys advice from the internet, get an accountant too.

Module 4: Amazon Setup

Now that you've set up the foundations for your business, it's time to create your Amazon FBA account.

You will go through the process of registering on the Amazon platform, and you will also learn from Philip how to decide on your store name and why you should choose a great store name early before you start scaling your business.

Lastly, you will go through the process of setting up your Amazon seller account using the dashboard, understanding how Amazon FBA works, understanding how the storage fees and billing system works, and also what sort of products are prohibited from being sold on the platform.

I recommend spending a lot of time on this module.

Getting a good understanding of what you need to do and what you should not be doing on Amazon so that you do not get your account temporarily or permanently banned in the future. 

Module 5,6,7: Product Research

Ultimate Amazon seller provides great product of research across three modules.

It goes through the process of showing you how to find products using various different platforms. I recommend using essential tools such as sell the trend and jungle scout, which is an Amazon plugin which you can purchase.

Additionally, I've also done a review on this platform in the past. Phillip then goes through his hot product picks.

So if you opted for the advanced package, then you will have this module available to you as well. 

Module 8,9,10,11: Sourcing

Now that you've decided on what products you're going to sell, you're probably wondering where you can actually purchase those products from.

Ultimately without a supplier, you don't really have a business on Amazon FBA. In the course. Phillip goes through the process of sourcing from China using platforms such as alley express and Alibaba.

Additionally to this, he goes through. Finding suppliers domestically in the United States, as well as from emerging markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

You'll learn how to identify products that you should not be selling on Amazon FBA as well as products that potentially could make you a lot of money. Additionally to this, there's training on the following topics:

  • Buying products and mitigating your risk 
  • Getting quotes,
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Getting the best possible deal
  • Ordering product samples
  • Avoiding getting ripped off from your suppliers.

Phillip goes through the entire process of creating your products, designing your product logo, creating your packaging, taking your photos, creating a UPC code, and the Amazon F N skew, which are all important and required factors before you can list your products and services on Amazon. FBA.

Module 12: Amazon Policies

Phillip goes through the process of looking at Amazon's policies in detail.

Now, a lot of people, before they start their Amazon FBA business, go out and pick a product that they think will be amazing, but it actually cannot even be listed on Amazon's website.

There are over a billion products listed on Amazon, however, some products do fall into specific categories that cannot be listed on the platform.

Some of the topics that Phillip covers in this course include the dangerous goods, the baby products, packaging requirements, the boxed units policy, the poly bagged item policy, the small item packaging requirements, the product detail page policies, and that the Amazon small product packaging policies.

I recommend watching all these videos in detail before going out and purchasing your product or whenever you're going to be listing on Amazon's website

Module 13: Product Listings

This module follows on from module 12 and includes everything you need to know about creating your product listing.

Some of the videos in this section include product variations, product bundles, understanding keywords, setting the different price points on your listing, and a few tricks and tips on how to optimize your click through and conversion rate. 

Module 14: Getting Sales

Now that you've got your product listing you're all good to go.

This module focuses on optimizing your content. Some of the features that Phillip recommends optimizing include the titles, the images, the description, the bullet points that appear at the top of the listing when someone loads the page as well as the back end keywords.

Phillip goes through the process of identifying why product reviews are critical to your business and ensuring the success of future sales.

There is a video on following up with your customers, encouraging them to leave a positive review after they have purchased the product.

Module 15: Optimizing Sales

Hopefully by now you will have started to receive some sales on your product listings, if not, continue focusing on module 14 and how you can get more views and optimize your listings further in this module.

Phillip goes through the process of identifying different ways to scale your sales.

  • Some of these include:
  • Amazon sponsored ads
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Facebook social media marketing. 

I'm not going to go into too much detail here as it's all in the course, but you will get an in depth training on each of those three points and how to get a positive return on your investment and.

Different campaigns have different objectives, and Phillip will show you the best one to promote with each one.

So for example, it may be a money off promotion or a free shipping, or buy one, get one free incentive that you can use alongside these promotional methods. 

Module 16: Amazon Sponsored Ads

The quickest way to get your product seen on Amazon is through Amazon sponsored ads.

In this module, you will learn the different methods for doing, sorry. Such as different keywords to target different sponsored posts.

You'll learn how to create an ad setting manual as well as campaign bidding strategies. You'll learn how to improve click through rates and how best to optimize on different mobile devices.

Module 17,18: Problems

Phillip goes through the process of identifying the main problems that you're likely to come across. Some of these include; Competitors stealing your products or your product listings.

This also includes competitors leaving negative or fake reviews so that your listings appear further down the list than theirs.

Some of the other main issues include getting your Amazon FBA account hacked. Getting your Amazon FBA account suspended, running out of inventory, or getting fake infringement claims against your products.

Module 19: Beyond Amazon FBA

Ultimate Amazon Seller primarily looks at Amazon FBA.

However, Phillip recommends that you diversify your business by using platforms such as Amazon FBM, which stands for fulfillment by merchant, as well as setting up a Shopify store.

Module 20,21,22,23: Scaling Business

In these modules, there are 15 different lectures that cover a wide variety of different topics in a three part series.

Part one looks at Financing and budgeting as well as outsourcing and how these different factors can influence your business and allow you to scale faster. 

Part two looks at setting up email marketing campaigns to target existing clients to win them back for future sales.

It also looks at the process of. Wholesaling on Amazon and selling business to business rather than business to consumer.

Part three looks at expanding your business using Amazon in different countries. You can ship your products to Amazon warehouses all over the world and then use fulfillment by Amazon to sell to local markets.

Module 24: Building Your Brand

Towards the end of the course, you finally start to learn about the benefits to creating a brand.

The reason Phillip doesn't recommend doing this at the start is because you need to establish what products are actually selling on your store and which products are not.

Once you've established that, you can then build a brand around those products.

You will learn different types of branding, such as registering your brand with Amazon. So competitors can't steal your brand using the Amazon shopping events calendar to drive traffic at different times of the year.

You'll also learn how to use lightening deals via social media promo codes and using Amazon associates, which is an affiliate platform for allowing other people to promote your products on their blogs or news sites. 

Module 25,26: Amazon Services

In these two modules. Phillip goes through the process of Amazon selling coach, which is a training course provided by Amazon to ensure and help you become more successful with their FBA program.

Lastly, there is a video on Amazon prime day and how you can dramatically increase your sales.

Module 27: Business Insights

The last module in the course provides a video on different mindsets and how you can learn from other people who are already successful with Amazon.

FBA examples here include Tim Ferriss, Mark Cuban, and Arianna Huffington.

Final Verdict

Phillip Covington is a well-established online entrepreneur and utuber who focuses on documenting his journey with Amazon FBA. It's a similar offer to Wholesale Academy

He currently claims to be making a full time online income from Amazon and his course sales. For $497 he will show you how to do the same with your business. Now, before you rush out and buy this course straight away, you should take a good look at your personal situation.

If you are from the United States, then definitely Amazon FBA is a very lucrative business. You buy a product, you ship it to Amazon, you create a listing, you get some reviews.Then hopefully sales.

If you're from a country like Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, Asia, you're living in Bali or something like that, Amazon FBA may not be for you.

The problem is you're going to need to set up a business that's registered in the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia, where Amazon is already established within this marketplace. Now it's easy for someone to tell you to start a limited liability company. It may only cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

However, long term each year, you're going to have to pay an accountant to file your annual return. You're going to have to complete your accounts. You're going to have to keep records of all your transactions. You're probably going to have to pay state and federal taxes if ​your country. 

​Now before you start a United States company, consider your tax implications. 

Aside from this, you're also paying $497 to a guy who is creating a course on Amazon FBA. Now, if he was making so much money from Amazon FBA, why does he need to create a course?.

Thousands of students all over the world to start selling similar products as himself on Amazon. The problem here is that the person at the top of the listings, so let's say we searched for electric hairdryer, the person at the top there is going to be making most of the sales.

If you're stuck down on the third of the fourth page, chances are you're not going to get very many sales.

Another problem with Amazon is they like to group products together. So let's say you decide to sell a specific type of hairdryer. And another business down the road is also selling that hairdryer rather than create five or six different listings like you might see on eBay, Amazon basically puts them into one.

Amazon shows the lowest price and the best reviewed seller at the top. So let's say your competitor has got five stars out of five, they've sold a thousand products and their a couple of cents cheaper than you. Amazon is going to show their price and their specific product on the sales page, you're going to be on the right hand side where it says available from other sellers.

Ultimately it's going to be a race to the bottom. If you can create and sell a product at the lowest possible price and also make money, you're going to be on the left hand side mopping up all the traffic. With that said, the best alternative that I've got for you right now is drop shipping or affiliate marketing. 

And what happens if you buy $30k of products you can't sell? Amazon charges warehousing fees, return to sender fees and this is on top of the 20% you must pay per product you sell via their site. 

In terms of content, Ultimate Amazon Seller is a great course, in terms of the business model, that's up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not. 


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