G7FX Review: Is Nirav Trading Course Worth £998?

Today we're checking out G7FX which is a course by Nirav NV from the UK and whether it's worth the price tag or not? Can you make money with this business model or will you drain your bank balance? 

Forex and day trading has become popular over the last few years, especially since COVID as people are looking for side hustles to make money online.

Unfortunately there is now a trend where there's scammers targeting these people offering forex signals, courses on how to trade and goodness knows what else, all backed up by lavish Instagram stories of rented cars and private jets. 

So will we find the same with this course? 

What is G7FX?

G7FX is a course offered by Nirav that focuses on aspects of trading such as futures and institutional. Unlike other e-learning content, G7FX is designed to provide formal and professional format for those interested in entering the trading world.

Trading can be an incredibly profitable and allow those who do well to live in comfort and luxury. However, it is also known to be severely risky.

With factors such as stock prices and foreign exchange rates, it can be hard to step foot into this industry. The G7FX course is designed to provide all information for beginners and experts alike, to gain both profit and knowledge.

g7fx review

Who is Nirav N.V?

Nirav is a British private trader who has 16 years of experience in the trading industry. He is based in the United Kingdom, where he trades in the Pound, Crude Oil and The S&P 500.

He is currently the Head of Proprietary Trading at G7FX. Before he transitioned into being a full-time private trader, Nirav worked at several high-profile companies.

He worked for 6 years at Barclays Investment Bank which brought in a revenue of $10.53 billion in 2016. While at Barclays, Nirav and his team managed up to $5 trillion, all of which came from the foreign exchange market.

Nirav’s educational background reflects his success. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cass Business School, where he studied Investment and Financial Risk Management.

Nirav graduated with honours, also known as a first-class degree in the United Kingdom. After university, Nirav pursed post-graduate education at CFA Institute, where he passed the CFA level 3 exam.

Nirav came to start the G7FX course after leaving his job at a trading firm. Backed by experience from some of the largest corporations in the world, Nirav wanted to share his knowledge and passion for trading. He was astounded by the lack of reputable sources about trading, which encouraged him to create G7FX.

What’s included in the G7FX course?

Nirav has two courses, one designed for beginners and one for seasoned professionals.

The Foundation Course starts with the absolute fundamentals, which should take at least 90 days to completely cover. The lessons in this course are designed to mimic education and training that would be provided at a professional trading firm.

The Foundation Course has 4 modules. The first is ‘Your Career Path: Business Plan’. Nirav teaches the differences between futures and standard foreign exchange markets.

The goal in this section is to establish a business plan and timetable. The second module is ‘Raw Data: Time and Sales’ where students get a firm understanding of supply and demand.

Module 3 is ‘Why Does Price Move?’. Here, Nirav explains depth of market (DOM), and how to interpret institutional order flow using it. The final module is ‘Foundation Course Summary’ where there are real life examples given to apply what has been taught.

After 3 to 6 months studying the Foundation Course, students are encouraged to try out the Pro Course, which comes with a Footprint free of charge.

Here is where content gets more complicated, as there is more information provided for advanced analysis. The first stage covers market and volume.

The second stage looks at volume weighted average price (VWAP), static and dynamic value. Real life examples are also provided in this section.

The final stage covers cumulative delta and is where the provided Footprint will be employed.

How much does the course cost?

The G7FX Foundation Course and Pro Course can be purchased together for £998. However, there are often special discounts available. Currently, both coursed can be purchased for £798.

Those unsatisfied with the course are eligible for a full refund. A refund needs to be requested within 30 days from the date of purchase for it to be processed.

All major credit and debit cards are supported. Those interested can pay using MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Any testimonials for the course?

Based off Trustpilot, the G7FX courses have a rating of 5 out of 5 from over 85 reviews. However they are a paid member of Trustpilot which allows them to remove negative comments, which might explain why it's so highly rated with only Excellent reviews. 

Therefore as a paying member of Trustpilot, I'd take these reviews with a grain of salt. When I initially reviewed this course there were a few negatives which have of course now disappeared. 

Aryan left this glowing review:

“This course is exceptional. I have probably saved years of going down the wrong path looking at signals and moving averages which I can see now were destined to fail.”

G7FX Community Group

Those who purchase G7FX courses get direct support from Nirav himself through the Members Only Blog and Support. This community provides interaction and engagement amongst like-minded individuals. Nirav is know to be extremely responsive and active on platforms such as Discord. His courses come included with a Footprint worth over £1000.


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Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Rhys Dale

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13 thoughts on “G7FX Review: Is Nirav Trading Course Worth £998?”

    • G7FX
      This guy/company is a scammer! Offered $25K for proof in presentation but went to collect said was no longer offered and didn’t want to hear anymore. Copyright of presentation was made in 2023! Funny how when you contact the company they blow you off but when you post a review and tell the truth the company wants it deleted!
      Company flags the Truth and now wants removed claiming defamatory! I contacted them and told them I would contact different agencies and was told in writing to go Right ahead! DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!

  1. How much did you get paid to write this Fake Review ? He is a scammer and people can easily see this by searching his name on Forex Peace Army. Another user has also posted the links in the previous comments.

    If you are genuine, please do your research and amend this review before it results in more innocent people falling for his scam. If you are a paid actor, I guess this comment wil be deleted very soon.

      • say hi to “ManzilFX”, he is the crypto millionaire without ever showing himself.

        he used reverse psychology “If you are a paid actor, I guess this comment will be deleted very soon.” he thinks we are idiots, and he is smart. oohh of course why shouldn’t he?, after all, he is the crypto millionaire without ever showing himself.

  2. That’s good to see that my comment was posted Rhys but surely writing a review means getting all the facts and give an informed opinion to your readers? You certainly cannot look past the evidence of him telling lies about his past and stealing other people’s content among many other claims which have been proven. If you haven’t come across them, here is a review for you and your readers to read which summarises all claims.


    • Firstly my review was written BEFORE you discovered that thread.
      Secondly, I’m not looking past anything. If someone’s done the research that indicates that then good for them, it gives my readers another aspect.

      • he is the man who writes that thread. after all, he is the crypto millionaire without ever showing himself. it is so funny… the first time I show that crypto millionaires have time to find and comment on sites.

  3. hi, my name is james black…i am from milwaukee, wi and i actually bought g7fx course and paid for mentoring. The bad thing about his course, it is my opinion someone will not be successful trading with just the pro course. You need the mentoring behind it. I am not going to get into the reasons behind it but it is true.
    Thank being said, I bought the course dec 2, 2020 and it took me about a week and a half to finish. I started simulating trading and I felt that I was missing a piece. Somedays profitable and somedays not. On jan 18, 2020 i started the mentoring which was 8 weeks. About a month into mentoring, I started live trading and have had only one losing trading day. its march 20, 2021 and yes, i have had only one losing day….
    NV is from London and he is more of a trader than teacher but the results for me speak for themselves. Like I said before, if you can’t afford the mentoring (I think i paid around 4,000) dont take the course. You definitely need the mentoring part to succeed.

  4. I love how people say he is a scammer i have done the pro course took me 4 months and it’s has changed my game if you think different it’s cause u didn’t put the work in after doing his course

  5. I am a newbie,I have purchased Nirav course and completed. His education is worth it. I find it to give you an some advantage rather be blind in the market.

  6. I find it funny that Forex Peace Army has some of its own problems, such as warning its users to be careful of scammers’ refund scams that go on inside the Forex Peace Army (the Forex Peace Army is full of scammers). When I first opened an account there Forex Peace Army just texted me warning me about scammers… At that point, I thought how can I be sure that man is legitimate who writing reviews. I have noticed that “ManzilFX” writes a lot of reviews about scammers, most of which are against G7FX. My research about ManzilFX led me to discover he is a crypto millionaire without ever showing himself. You can find him on Instagram by searching “ManzilFX.”. Absolutely ridiculous…

    I don’t know who to believe…?

  7. I will add that today being 10/04/22 after purchasing G7FX course in May 2020 during the height of the uk lockdown it has been the only training that makes sense and profit. You will need to take a good deal of time away from your normal trading habits and an even bigger look at yourself to be honest. All that said many I have shown the principles to have used them to good effect more quickly that I. No that says something. Not for all but don’t slag off something you 1 do not own, or 2 wish you did. Rant over.


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