eCommerce Paradise Review: Best High Ticket Dropship Course?

Are you looking for the best high ticket dropshipping course? Well eCommerce Paradise could be what you're looking for. But at $997, is it another overhyped course or is it really one of the best courses to learn about this hot new trend.

I have access to the course, went through all 22 modules to see what exactly you get, whether it's worth it and ultimately if you can learn anything from the training.


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Best high ticket training course offering lots of content.


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eCommerce Paradise Academy Review

Product: eCommerce Paradise

Creator: Trevor Fenner


Product Type: High Ticket Drop Ship Course

Designed For: eCommerce entrepreneurs

Verdict: Good content, but expensive course.

Best Price: Use this link, join his mini free training, then get the 'secret' price for the full course.

eCommerce Paradise is a high ticket dropshipping academy that claims to show you how to build, launch and grow your own profitable store by selling expensive items that have bigger margins. The platform of choice for setup is Shopify.

The course focuses on using USA local suppliers which makes this a very difficult business model for anyone living overseas and not a US citizen. Most suppliers will ask for a reseller ID which you can't get without a US based business.

Another recommendation is to use credit cards which again may only be available in the United States or Canada. What works for someone in the United States re credit scores, probably won't work for someone starting a business in other countries.

However the actual dropshipping material is impressive, you get access to a wide range of modules and video lessons. For those with deeper pockets, Trevor and the team at offer done-for-you custom Shopify store theme setup. They also offer a few other services including:

  • Done for you conversion optimization
  • Done for your email marketing
  • Done for you Google Shopping Ads.

Who is Trevor Fenner?

Trevor is a digital nomad who relocated to South East Asia to live an independent lifestyle and start his own eCommerce businesses. Alongside his stores, he created the blog where he started to document his life and business experiences.

I remember getting a comment on this blog early on from Trevor who was also growing his user base and backlinks.

So it's fair to say he's been around for a while and he claims to have over ten years of experience in the eCom space.

Originally starting with low priced products, Trevor found bigger profits to be made selling high ticket items. Pick a high priced product and sell it for much more is the motto when it comes to big ticket items.

Over the years Trevor has bought and sold eCommerce stores and claims to have made many 6 and 7 figure stores in the process. When he's not blogging, creating course content or running his stores he is over on Youtube where he shares video training with a relatively small subscriber base.

Trevor also has a personal blog where he shares tips and tricks on entrepreneurship, travel, skateboarding and digital nomading.

As we can see from this photo on Instagram he's making most of his money teaching other people how to start their own courses.

What is eCommerce Paradise?

This is a digital course that is hosted on the Teachable platform available to purchase for $997. There are many different upsells and additional coaching that you can choose to bundle along with the course too.

If you're located in Europe or Australia you'll likely have to pay 10-25% VAT on top of the purchase price of the course, which can make things rather expensive, especially if you're not registered for Value Added Tax or GST in your country.

Currently the course offers 220 videos across 27 modules. That is a HUGE course and one of the biggest courses I've reviewed. Don't look at the module count though as some modules have only a few videos, while others have lots. Others include the usual BS, mindset etc.

eCommerce Paradise Important Details

The course offers a full 30 day money back guarantee however you must show that you've applied the training and attempted to start your own business.

This course isn't designed for people who don't take action. You can't go through the course, decide it's not for you and expect your money back.

With that said, you can get a full refund if required. You cannot get a refund if you access the bonus materials. Take note once you go through these content templates, spreadsheets, research reports and outsourcing templates you forego your right to a refund.

You will need to have $500 - $1000 to use as startup capital. This is in addition to the course fee for eCommerce Paradise.

Trevor also recommends you have a full time income behind you to help you incase there's any unforeseen costs.

eCommerce Paradise For International Students

As I mentioned earlier, one of the big disadvantages to using local suppliers is that most won't work with randoms from international countries. They'll often ask for a reseller ID or social security number to ensure you are a genuine person.

If you're from USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Ireland you probably will have local suppliers you can work with.

If you're from a foreign country then you'll probably encounter the same problem I faced when I started my eCommerce businesses back in 2015, so I wrote a full guide about how I overcame this.

I actually started a US based off-shore company based in Delaware. You could do the same, but it takes time, money and the main problem is understanding your legal and tax obligations.

Before diving in, consider the advice of a tax expert who understands international and off-shore tax law. Your local accountant probably wouldn't understand so pay for a professional to assist you. The biggest issue is understanding USA tax and it's impact on your tax in your home country.

This is why so many international students prefer starting with low ticket items they can get from local suppliers in their own country or from platforms such as Aliexpress where no barriers to entry are present.

Modules 1,2,3: Getting Started

The first module in the course includes a few videos on how to access the mastermind group, creating your new email address and what you need to own and operate an internet based business.

Module 2 includes the millionaires mindset which is 5 videos on achieving the right mindset. I'm personally not a huge fan of content such as this but you do learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, setting goals, planning for success and business ethics.

The first noticeable thing is how detailed the videos are and how interested Trevor Fenner really is on the topics. You can tell he's passionate about his course.

Module 3 goes on to look at what high ticket dropshipping really is and what the best products are to use.

There's additional videos on why you're going to be using Shopify to create your store, as well as tools and software you need to be prepared for your drop shipping conquest.

There was a video on niche research in Australia and a few success stories.

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Module 4: Niche Selection

It's pleasing to see Trevor spend so much time on the niche selection in eCommerce paradise because most courses struggle with content here. You can expect 9 lessons in this module covering the entire process he goes through.

It started off with a well detailed video on product niche and category research. This was followed by a video on pricing for profitability and choosing your ideal target market. Similar to many other courses there was a discussion on generic brands or using named brands.

Videos followed looking at search volumes, bets trends and seasonality. You then learn the best ways to find drop ship friendly suppliers and how to brainstorm new ideas for working with suppliers.

Module 5: High Ticket Market Research

One of the biggest modules on market research is accompanied in module 5. It's clear Trevor is passionate about helping you find the best products and niches to target in eCommerce Paradise.

I'm not going to go into detail on every video in this section bt you will learn how to research niches from Niche Research. You also get access to a bonus spreadsheet which has been included for you. There's also videos on using future competitors for your own gain.

You'll learn how to extract categories, determine average product prices, check keyword search volumes in Google for specific keywords. You also learn about trending and seasonal categories which you may wish to avoid.

You'll learn how to reverse engineer your competitors to find out who their suppliers are and how you can work with them instead. There's videos on using MAP policies and checking reviews to find the good and 'bad' suppliers.

You also learn how to use tools such as Facebook to better understand Facebook audience insights and target markets to target.

Further on in this module you will better understand shipping, products, industries and competitiveness.

You get content on business to business and business to consumer (B2C) so you can decide which business model you wish to target. There are many different types of businesses you can sell too.

Lastly there is a video on how to understand product difficulties and which products to avoid. You can use the done for you bonus here which includes a supplier database with premium dropshippers you can use right away, cool right?

Module 6+7: Niche Research

Module six includes four niche reports for products that Trevor has had success selling. These include pitching machines, bathroom products, wine coolers and electric fireplaces. Each video is 15-30 minutes in length and goes into great to show you why these are good niches to use.

It's great to see over the shoulder training like this and helps beginners to better understand the training from the next module.

And moving on to module seven you have six lessons on deep niche research. The first videos look at finding the best selling products and then what additional upsells and cross sells you can market by finding accessories and addon's.

You'll learn learn how to find your competitors offers, products and how to do effective keyword research for content marketing. You also learn how to find Influencers, blogs and forums where you can get backlinks for your content.

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Module 8: Business Formation

This module looks at a USA perspective which is where most of the people who ultimately buy this course must be from. If you're International like me, some of the content here is irrelevant.

However your country likely has similar business structures around sole traders or limited liability companies. You also learn about the best business bank account to setup as well as getting a credit card if you can.

There's videos on how to setup a business Paypal account and getting yourself an accountant. There's a final video on whether you need a virtual office which usually offers a telephone answering service.

Module 9+10: Shopify Store Setup

Module 9 and 10 is where eCommerceParadise really turns up a gear with over 40 videos on the entire process. I'm not going to go into detail with every video as this review would be thousands of words longer than it needs to be.

The first 10 lessons are basic videos on an introduction to Shopify, best apps you should install, how to create a product, a collection, a page, a blog post, a menu and the best Shopify themes for high ticket dropshipping. Trevor recommends using Shoptimized which I've reviewed here too.

You then learn how to edit Shopify template code, installing your Google analytics tracking codes. Trevor goes into detail about how to set this up. You could also add additional pixels and codes here too such as Facebook but that comes later in the course.

You also learn how to use Shopify analytics, add discount codes, mask your domain name name, create staff accounts, add files and setup URL redirections.

Module 10 then goes into deeper detail on how to find a domain name name for your business and link this to your store. You will setup your email using GSuite and add and incorporate your own logo and 1800 phone number (again relevant to US only).

Half way through this module you learn how to create homepage banners, add demo products, create collections, add menus, create an about page. Trevor has included done for you downloadable content templates for creating about videos and pages.

You'll be told to support a charitable course which can help with sales, as well as creating a contact page, satisfaction guarantee page, shipping policy page and warranty page. Again all these pages come with downloadable templates, although I'd recommend editing these first before publishing them.

eCommerce Paradise shows you how to create terms and conditions, privacy policy, financing and brands pages which are all vital when running a high ticket dropshipping store.

There is then links to purchase the Shoptimized theme which you can get for a good price here.

Lastly there is basic SEO videos on creating meta titles and descriptions and adding Google webmaster tools.

Trevor has gone into a lot of detail and it shows. If you're a beginner you'll learn a lot for sure!

Module 11+12: Supplier Onboarding

The first module includes videos on how to find suppliers and which ones you should use. There's videos on how to contact them through calling or emailing. You get given done for you scripts to follow but I'd recommend editing these and being a little bit original.

You'll learn how to fill out dealer applications and get all the necessary information from suppliers. Again if you're not US based I think you're going to run into issues here.

Module 12 looks at onboarding suppliers and how to upload their products. You may need to use third party apps to integrate with stock lists to ensure you're not overselling products that are out of stock as well as products that might have changed price.

There's videos on adding product tags to integrate with your premium Shopify theme as well as videos on making all images the same size so the theme loads them correctly. You then learn how to compress images to avoid heavy and slow page load times.

There's videos on creating brand collections and how to target long tail keywords for products. You can then add sales taxes for specific supplier products to specific sales taxes.

For those that don't know you must charge US sales tax on all orders that are shipping to a billing address within the same state. i.e. a New York buyer must pay sales tax if your supplier is based in New York. If they are based in Florida, they don't.

Module 13: Conversion Optimization

eCommerce Paradise looks at conversion rate optimization which is something most courses cover but in far less detail. Trevor looks at apps you can install to showcase reviews to encourage buyer interactions. He also shows you how to create store wide gift offers.

What happens when your buyers leave and return? Usually the cart is cleared but not with the help of this application.

You then learn how to setup smart and instant search as well as Conversion plus apps.

Lastly you'll learn how to install Lucky Orange which allows you to track live visitors via heat maps.

You finally learn how to optimize the checkout page which I've written about here.

Module 14: Social Media Marketing

This is a fairly basic module and most people will have some experience with social media platforms. You'll start by learning how to create a Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram page. You then learn how to setup a buffer for automated social media posting so you save time and money.

You'll learn how to setup IFTTT which is a social media syndication process for getting backlinks to your website.

Trevor also recommends using InstaZoo for Instagram Engagement Automation.

Module 15: Email Marketing

There is a 2 hour long video in this module which includes training on setting up and using Klaviyo which is an eCommerce email marketing platform that can be used for sending out automated emails for promotional, abandoned carts and even to people who have already purchased.

Rather than going blind and creating your own email templates, Trevor includes a bunch of downloadable ones.

Again I recommend you edit these to make them more unique to your business.

Module 16+17: Paid Ads

Module 16 includes a one short video on using a retargeting app for dynamic retargeting ads.

You then learn across 11 video lessons how to setup paid ads with Google Shopping and Bing Ads.

When dropshipping with high ticket items it's often ineffective to target platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Personally from experience, using Google Ads or Shopping is the best way to find buyers actively looking for your products.

You'll learn how to install the Google Shopping feed app into your store and how to setup your first ad for free.

You then add Google Ads conversion and tracking pixels to your store and optimize your ads.

Next you'll do the same for Bing. I have to admit I was expecting more content on setting up paid ads. It looks like Trevor has another paid course which you can buy but this also costs $997.

Module 18: Advanced Conversion Optimization

Module 18 goes into further detail with conversion optimization and mainly looks at additional apps you can use within your store. Judging by some of the videos, it's definitely clear Trevor Fenner knows what he's talking about as some of these apps I've never even considered.

It starts with adding a product review app followed by Clearsale for detecting fraud. You then use Klarna for financing (if available to you) and the Norton shopping guarantee which can be added to add trust flow to your store.

Other apps that get a mention include Trust Guard, Clyde which is an insurance and warranty upsell app. Shopper reviews and JSON-LD by Verge get a mention as well as how to add a content protection app to stop thieves stealing your content.

A good watermark software will help with image protection too.

Lastly there is videos on optimizing sales pages, collection pages, thank you pages and upsell pages.

Module 19: Youtube Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, Trevor Fenner is a Youtuber so it's only fair to see a Youtube marketing module in his course. There is only 5 videos though but it covers the basics such as setting up and optimizing your channel, creating an introduction and creating sales videos.

You then learn how to set up TubeBuddy for video optimization.

Lastly you'll learn how to create unboxing, review style videos which may or may not work for your niche.

If you were selling $50,000 kids playgrounds, this might not work! Maybe a setup or install video would be better!

Module 20+21: Managing Your Store

Module 20 looks at creating an eBay store and listing products there. There's no further information here and seems a little out of place.

Module 21 looks at managing your store from order fulfillment through to dealing with fraud and bad debt.

You first learn how to use Aftership and integrating this with Klaviyo to ensure customers get shipment tracking notifications. This will help to reduce customers opening disputes with Paypal or Stripe (or your payment provider).

You learn how to create a blog for your store as well as processing orders, dealing with returns and refunds.

One of the major problems with high ticket items is dealing with returns but Trevor makes a good video on how to deal with these.

Videos on how to handle out of stock orders, customers who received damaged, stolen or defective items.

You then learn how to use follow up emails, dealing with Shopify payments stuck on hold and creating professional quotes for business customers. It's a very detailed module and you'll learn a lot.

Module 22: Order Fulfilment

There's only three videos on order fulfillment and this involves setting up accounts with freight brokers to get the best shipping costs (again irrelevant for non-US based). You also learn how to educate customers to choosing the right shipping options.

Lastly a video on creating a bill of lading.

Module 23+24: Outsourcing & Scaling

Module 23 looks at how to find and hire a virtual assistant through various platforms such as Filipino's speak English from a young age and it's the number one place to find an English speaking VA for a few dollars per hour.

You learn how to post a listing, interview staff, on board them, pay them and manage them.

You also learn how to use PatLive to setup a virtual receptionist and call answering service to make your business seem customer focused. They then email or text you the callers details and you can call them back. Sometimes they can even put the call through to you directly.

Module 24 looks at a 7 figure scaling process.

Module 25+26: Buying & Selling eCommerce Stores

This module looks at selling your business and how to prepare for a sale, what value to place on your business and asset transfer details.

You also learn how to buy a high ticket dropshipping store by finding the best and worst deals, paying a deposit, questions to ask and how to determine value of stores.

Trevor recommends using EmpireFlippers which is one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling websites.

There is a case study for buying a site so you can follow along.

Module 27: Bonus Content

This bonus content is different to the 7 bonuses you get through the course page. I'm not going to share those with you, have a read on the sales page and decide for yourself if that's something you're interested in having.

These three bonuses in the actual course include niche research coaching calls, an advanced email marketing strategy session with Trevor and sales training with Trevor's mate, Ryan Garrido who claims to be an expert salesman.

You also get access to a facebook mastermind group which currently has 93 members. It's a small group with on average only 4 posts per day. Trevor claims this is worth $1,997 but I doubt anyone ever paid that price to get in to such a small FB group.

eCommerce Paradise Discount Coupon Code

After days of searching there does not appear to be any eCommerce paradise discount code. There are a few websites claiming to offer discounts such as 50% or 90% off. These are scams and are selling bootleg copies of Trevor's course.

You will find the best price for the course on the official website, don't trust coupon sites.

There is a free mini course offered by Trevor, this gives you the best possible price for the full course.

Is eCommerce Paradise Worth $997?

After going through all the modules in the course I'd have to say the course content is very high for the price tag. Many courses out there seem to be priced $997 and have less than 50 videos whereas Trevor has included well over 200.

There are many bonuses included, they claim to be worth an extra $15,000 but they are all self rated.

Trevor has a successful blog and brand and compared with other courses he offers a lot better content.

Is high ticket dropshipping for me?

You first need to look at your country of origin, i.e. are you based in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom? If you are then great, you'll have many local suppliers to work with.

If you're not, then you're really going to struggle to find suppliers who will accept you. It's not unheard of, but you won't find many US suppliers setting up a foreigner to sell thousand dollar products to other people in the USA. The money is leaving the country, then coming back in via a different account.

Many people are drawn to high ticket dropshipping because of the quick profits to be had. To be fair they definitely can but they also can bankrupt you. Trevor recons you only need $1000 to start but I'd say you need much more.

Imagine selling a $2000 item for $3000 and you fulfil the order. The item then breaks and the buyer wants a refund. You get the item returned to the supplier who refuses to refund you because it's been deliberately damaged by the buyer. It's highly likely your buyer will file a chargeback with his bank if he can't get a refund from you. If the bank sides with you, you're now $5,000 out of pocket.

$2000 for the item you paid the supplier for, plus $3,000 the buyer paid you.

Now if you had $5,000 in the bank you'd be fine, but most people don't as they only see the need to sell the item and pocket the difference.

Now imagine selling a $50k item or more.

You need cashflow in the bank before dropshipping expensive items, that's why most people start with low ticket and then scale up as they grow.

Learn low ticket first, scale later

If you've read my review from top to bottom then you'll see most of the training is likely the same for high ticket as it is for low ticket. With that said, most people start with low ticket and then move into high ticket once they've learnt the process and got cashflow behind them.

Likewise if you're not from USA, CA or UK, you can get started with low ticket right away by using sources such as Aliexpress.

One of the best courses to learn how to sell low ticket items is eCom Elites and costs $197. You can then spend the extra $800 building your first store and ad campaigns. Then one you scale, definitely look at high ticket or even buy a course such as eCommerce Paradise.

I've done a full review on eCom Elites here which includes access to 200+ videos and extensive product research, Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and SEO. There‚Äôs also a Facebook group with thousands of other students! You can read my review and compare for yourself.

eCommerce Paradise Verdict

This is a legitimate course and isn't a scam or get rich quick scheme. You will need to put the effort in but you will get results if you try. I'd say the closest competitor to this course is Drop Ship Lifestyle which I think is not worth $3000 at all. Trevor has put together a great package here.

The disappointment comes when you see it's primarily aimed towards US based individuals. You can skip a few modules if you're a foreigner but the real issue is finding local suppliers then.

At $997 it's a good course (join free training and get best price on full course), lots of content and if you're looking for high ticket training it's one of the best. If you're looking for dropshipping training as a whole there are many more affordable courses out there in my opinion.

eCommerce Paradise FAQ

What is eCommerce Paradise?

eCommerce Paradise is a high ticket dropshipping academy that claims to show you how to build, launch and grow your own profitable store by selling expensive items that have bigger margin

How much does eCommerce Paradise cost?

The course currently costs $997 for lifetime access.

What is the best eCommerce Paradise alternative?

The best alternative is eCom Elites which costs $197-$297.

What is the best dropshipping course?

eCom Elites was voted best dropshipping course by in our most recent guide which you can view on our website.

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