EcomX Mentorship Review: Paul Lee Course Worth It?

Looking for an EcomX Mentorship review? This is a Shopify mentorship by Paul Lee, who claims to be a successful and active 7 figure dropshipper since 2016. 

I got access to his course, training and mentorship, which is an 8 week intensive series, with all the necessary personal support to start a successful business. 

Apparently, unlike a traditional course you'll actually get mentorship. Now the first obvious question is this. If you're making 7 figures per month/year, why would you coach some students 1-2-1? 


Ranked #17 out of 81 dropship courses (See full list here)


80 videos + mentoring


Over 15 hours




Mid 2020


Currently the course costs $1,997 USD or 2 payments of $1,099. This is an 8 week course, that then costs $500 per month if you'd like to continue your mentoring after the first 2 months. 

  • Rank: Ranked #17 out of 81 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: 80+ videos and mentoring.
  • Length: Over 15 hours
  • Price: $1997
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Paul Lee is a Youtuber who has been featured in Oberlo. He claims to be verified by Oberlo and Shopify but I'm not sure what exactly that means. Does it mean he did an interview with them? Or have they independently looked over his tax returns? 

Paul Lee is responsible for setting up many different Shopify + Clickfunnels stores, driving traffic with Facebook Ads. One of his stores is called HUSKYBEARD which was a beard care business around in 2018 that didn't last that long. 

Paul is a Korean American entrepreneur who is around 24 years old. Based in New Yorka he's previously mentored students under another brand called 

I couldn't actually find any other stores that he owns, however until a few months ago he was very popular on Youtube, offering his 11,300 subscribers a range of videos on Coronavirus dropshipping, Facebook Ads testing and various general videos. 

ecomx mentorship review

What is EcomX Mentorship? 

EcomX seems to be the new version of eComSwift, atleast the two domains seem to redirect towards each other. While other gurus focus on running their own 7 figure stores and selling courses in the form of training videos, Paul Lee is offering mentoring. 

This is 1-2-1, and made clear on his sales page. Over on Instagram there's many testimonials and student successes, namely in the form of InstaStories. 

However it's actually group training, not 1-1 at all! 

The mentoring lasts 8 weeks, it's not clear what happens after those 8 weeks if you're still not successful. This is a major gripe I have with paid mentoring, it definitely won't work for everyone, and if it does work for you, after 8 weeks you could well be on your own unless you pay $500 a month. 

You're not paying an hourly fee like you would with a consultant, so there comes a time when the mentoring they're providing you can't be worth their time, and when you're making 7 figures from dropshipping, surely you'd be more focused on growing those stores to 8 figures.. no?

Paul Lee claims:

The program comes with various training on product research, Facebook Ads and work review/feedback each week. Additionally you get access to the EcomX Facebook Mastermind group. 

EcomX Mentorship Review

In terms of the actual course content, the training is very limiting. This seems to be broken up into around 80 videos on various topics. Some videos are super short while others are much longer.

The course starts with the usual welcome videos and how you can make a lot of money with dropshipping on Shopify with Facebook Ads and Aliexpress. 

Most of the videos are filmed in his soundproof studio on a decent condenser microphone. The camera quality wasn't that great but definitely watchable. 

I get that impression that Paul Lee knows his stuff, and he is very approachable and easy to understand. He does make a lot of wild assumptions in his opening videos about how you can see instant success with dropshipping, but of course it's dependent on your situation. 

The video training then goes through topics including product research, competitor spying using Big Spy and Ad Spy as well as Droppoint Site. 

You learn how to start a store using Shopify. 

You'll get a ton of content on Facebook Ads, copywriting the perfect ad and product page. Then you'll learn how to setup ads on Facebook and Google, as well as adsets, scaling, custom audiences, adset moderation, testing strategies, lookalike audiences, microtesting and finally reatrgeting. 

There's videos on ROAS as well as finding new interests to target and 10X CBO strategies.  

The course basically concludes with guidance on trying new products, extensive product research such as finding 20 products in a week, and how to setup and manage your VA's. 

Basically the training follows the same style as the numerous other dropshipping courses out there. 

Ecom X Mentoring

I asked a few students that had taken the mentoring course and they felt it was worth the price for the 8 weeks however as mentioned it's group coaching if more than 1 student has subscribed at the same time as you. They thought it would be certain intakes like 1st of every 2nd month, so all students were on the same level. 

How can you offer mentorship to all new students? As Paul mentioned earlier he can spend about 30 minutes per day on his mentoring, but if you have 10 students enrolled aren't you going to have to spend 30 minutes with each student on different topics?

That doesn't make too much sense to me, which is backed up by my thoughts on, if you're making 7 figures dropshipping, wouldn't you just spend your time doing that? Instead of training up some beginners who have no idea what they're doing? 

EcomX Refund Policy

There is a 15 days action based guarantee from the original purchase date. You need to contact them by the 1th day and include proof you did all your work. 

This proof includes watching no more than 50% of the content. You must find and add 20+ products into the product testing sheet as described in week 3, advertised at least 2 approved products from the spreadsheet with Facebook Ads and spent atleast $75. 

This to me is a load of BS. So he wants you to watch only 50% of the course to get a refund. Assuming you watch until week 4, you're potentially watching too much of the course to get a refund. Usually refunds require you to watch the whole course, then do the work and if you still fail, you get a refund.

Not here. 


Personally I always question mentoring for such a low fee. It's not clear how much mentoring you get until after you signup, and by then it's too late to get a refund. Secondly, there is a general course here as well but there's many similar courses out there that offer the same level of content. 

If you're making 7 figures, why do you need to train other people for $1997? It's fine creating a course that's created once and sold thousands of times, but offering mentoring for a low fee, i.e. assume 30 minutes per day for 8 weeks, 5 days a week as Paul claims, that's around $50 per hour.

Personally for $50 per hour to train someone to start a 7 figure store is quite low in my opinion. 

However this is just my perspective and you can do your own research before jumping in. 

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Last Updated on September 24, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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1 thought on “EcomX Mentorship Review: Paul Lee Course Worth It?”

  1. Hi IMRHYS, Paul Lee here!

    I appreciate that you took the time to review my mentorship program with a very un-biased, logical perspective!

    I respectfully would like to make a few corrections to a few statements that you made.

    My comment about “how I spend 30 min a day” was referring to my own dropshipping stores, not my actual mentorship program. This is even stated in the screenshot. I have hired 10 VAs to run my dropshipping stores, so it’s largely automated, which allows me to have enough time for mentoring.

    Students do have personal 1-1 access to me via Facebook messenger and it’s not just 30 mins. Students have the flexibility of reaching out to me anytime and get all their questions will be answered. Their is no fixed time or cut-off time. It varies according to how many questions the student might have, how much work my team and I need to review on that day, etc. Not only that, but we have 3 calls/week, which are always 1hr+.

    And in regards to my 15 day refund policy, I did this to ensure that students give the mentorship their best shot. Previously, many times students would cancel and refund after 30 days of me giving my time and energy, when they had taken no action at all. This 15 day action refund policy guarantees that all students get a refund if they put the work in. I also placed this 50% watch policy because my content can be ripped off and resold, this was in place to protect me from others illegally distributing my course. And even having said this, many times I am lenient and do give students a refund even if they don’t qualify according to the time window or watch amount. I am never strict with this policy.

    I once again would like to clarify that it has 1-1 aspects as well as group mentoring, and also it’s not just 30min/day. I’d appreciate if you could update those comments, but if you’re not willing, I understand.

    Again, thank you for your time to review and I appreciate that you spoke honestly!


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