Zero To One Thousand Review: Is Tanner Planes Genuine?

This is my zero to one thousand review, a drop shipping course created by a 16 year old called Tanner Planes. I’m always very skeptical of kids who create training courses especially ones this young as they have only a few years of business experience.

He’s been making Youtube videos for two years, you know the clickbait ones where he flaunts his wealth, leases a supercar and rolls around Miami in a rented Maserati while dropping a 14 day Shopify aff link into every video.

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Of course.

Regardless, I went into this one open minded.

 zero to one thousand review

Zero To One Thousand Review

The course costs $297 and is hosted on the teachable platform. There’s hardly any reviews about this course online which could be a good thing, maybe it’s a hidden gem waiting to be unleashed.

Zero to One Thousand claims, you will be taken through the process of taking a drop-shipping store from nothing to over a thousand dollars a day in a week.

It’s important to note this is gross sales, yep it’s definitely not a thousand dollars of pure profit per day. There is screenshots from students making $600-$1000 per day but that’s no where near their actual profit.

Tanner claims he will reveal strategies, apps, and methods that he personally uses on all of my his stores. Everything that you need to know in order to become successful at drop-shipping. Tanner planes claims you have to actually take his exact step-by-step blueprint he supplies you with and then apply it to your business.

Course Content

The video quality is awful, Tanner Planes  hasn’t heard of a decent video camera or webcam to film the training videos with. They’ve definitely been filmed using a 0.3megapixel camera on top of a Macbook. Maybe purchasing a video camera instead of a Porsche 716 might have been a better option.

Unfortunately the quality doesn’t improve when the training starts.

Zero to one thousand training is split up into four main categories:

  1. Introduction
  2. Zero to 1k Plan
  3. 4 Main Apps Explained
  4. Bonus Videos (Ongoing Training).

Zero To One Thousand Plan

The videos here focus on finding winning products or as Tanner Planes put’s it, ‘Golden Products’ and involves Aliexpress. He’ll show you how to import products and create ‘converting descriptions’ for your products.

Theres then two videos on creating the ‘perfect’ store. These videos are follow along using the computer, he shows you all the basic Shopify setup guides, the same as all those free Youtube videos to be honest.

Tanner recommends using Debute which is a free Shopify theme. Personally I’d recommend using a premium theme such as Ecom Turbo or Shopify Booster.

The videos go on to show you how to setup an appealing Instagram account and profile. You’ll also see how he implements the four Shopify apps recommended and then how to setup and create your first adverts that convert.

You’ll then be taught how to find instagram influencers and ensure you get a reply to your query nearly every time. The final video shows you how to scale your store.

The training here is very short, given you’re paying over $297 ($55 more if you’re in Europe VAT) it’s actually quite disappointing how much value you actually get. If you compare this to courses such as Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett you feel ripped off.

4 Main Apps Explained

There’s no point going into detail here other than showing you the four apps he recommends:

  • Oberlo (Similar to Dropified)
  • Consistent Cart
  • Privy
  • Sales Pop

Bonus Videos (Ongoing Training)

This section will constantly be updated apparently, if he can take himself away from splashing the cash on Youtube videos but currently there is a video on Facebook retargeting, live product research webinar and the quick fix for Oberlo processing errors.

You also get access to his private Facebook mastermind group where you can socialize and ask questions with other members. Again this kid is only 16 yet acts like he’s Bill Gates and even then Bill doesn’t offer his own ‘make money online courses.’

My Thoughts

This course is marketed as a drop ship course for beginners who want to learn to make $1,000 per day. If you’re watching Tanner’s Youtube videos you’re either very young or can’t see through the ‘fakery.’ It’s clear from the training that either he’s making all his money through this course or from the 14 day Shopify trials he is promoting in his videos, rather than through drop shipping.

I’ve watched my fair share of drop shipping courses and this is one of the shortest and most vague courses on the market. I’d be asking for a refund, it’s definitely not worth $297 ($355 if you’re European).

Best Drop Ship Course For 2020
I’ve reviewed a ton of courses over the last year and the best course for 2019 is definitely Ecom Elites with an entry level price of only $197. You’ll get access to 175 videos of powerful content on everything from the basics through to product selection and Facebook ads. Checkout my Ecom Elites review.

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6 thoughts on “Zero To One Thousand Review: Is Tanner Planes Genuine?”

  1. Thanks for the review! Was searching for his course because he makes a good effort of hiding that he’s selling a course and therefore is most likely pure of shit. But the affiliate link is a nice first indicator.

    Spending time on creating instagram content (with leased cars and AirBnB rentals), creating videos, courses a.s.o. while allegedly making over 60k a month is a huge red flag. Also bough instagram followers.

    Tanner Planes, Tanner Fox, Thaddeus, all those JetSetFly fakes and Tai Lopez’ scam children Samir and his black friend. All the same shit. Buy instagram followers, create course and fake it till you make it.

    The surprising thing is that even people with seemingly good judgement buy into this fakery. I know a few personally. But that’s ok, I had to pay my “informal education” money to scammers early on too.

  2. I won Tanners course on instagram for commenting on his post… thank god i didn’t pay for it! this is very good and trustworthy info you have shared Rhys! thanks ~ Chris

  3. Tanner planes steals money from beginners in drop shipping. My son paid $1500 for 2 hours of mentor ship, when I realized this is a scam I ask Tanner Planes to return the money. Half hour after I paid, He said sure I will return the money right away. It takes 3 weeks for Tanner planes to return the money. He charged me $300 for wasting his time. Tanner also included other things that are lies, such as saying that you wasted my business partners time and my phone assistants. WARNING: TANNER PLANS IS THIEF AND IS TRYING TO SELL COURSES THAT ARE NOT USEFUL AT ALL.


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