Zero Dollar Dropshipping Review: Tim Kock Course Worth It?

How to build a profitable drop shipping business without spending money is the catch line for Zero Dollar Dropshipping, a course created by Tim Kock. Tim, reguarly gets a feature on Oberlo where his case studies are published, claims to have found a way to build a business without spending a dime.

Can that really be true and if so, why is he telling you how to do it for only $167?

Who is Tim Kock?

I had to chuckle. And to begin with I had to search online to find out if he was real or just a pen name over at Oberlo.

Some of his posts include, ‘How I made $8,873 in 31 days selling sunglasses’ and ‘How I built a dropshipping store that made $6,667 in under 8 weeks.’

Tim is a German based entrepreneur who teaches eCommerce, but claims he’s not a weirdo guru with a Lambo and a rolex.

Tim claims to be dedicated to providing content and building others.

Over on Youtube, he has a tiny following, less than 875 subscribers and most videos get less than 500 views. He regularly created videos such as the ’24 hour challenge’ which shows him making money with dropshipping in under 24 hours.

Zero Dollar Dropshipping Review

zero dollars dropshipping review

The first major red flag, is probably the biggest one.

Why would you claim your course requires no upfront investment or zero dollar expenditure and then open the course up by saying, you need to signup for Shopify.

Last time I checked, Shopify costs $29 per month. You’ll also probably need a domain name which costs money.

You’ll probably also need a premium Shopify theme such as eCom Turbo which also costs money and lastly, you’ll need apps to handle all the premium features you’ll want such as currency switching to sell internationally.

Maybe it was a play on words but as mentioned earlier the tag line was, ‘without spending a dime.’

The next red flag was just how short the course was, which happens to be hosted on Teachable making the videos load fast on any device such as mobile, desktop and tablet.

Course Content

The course is split up into seven modules with a fairly large bonus module called the 24 hour challenge which looks like it’s just the free videos taken from his Youtube channel.

  1. Welcome
  2. General
  3. Business Operation
  4. Online Store
  5. Niche/ Target Audience
  6. Products
  7. Marketing
  8. Bonus: 24 Hour Challenge.

Module 1: Welcome

This module probably doesn’t need to be a module as you only get three videos.

This includes an introduction to the course and two videos on how to work with the course and spreadsheets.

A total of 6 minutes of content in this module.

Module 2: General

This module includes three videos on choosing a niche including niche selection and test quality.

You also get a video on having the right mindset for dropshipping.

Module 3: Business Operation

You get some short videos on how to set your business goal, how to price your products.

You also learn how to deal with organization setup, niche and product approaches.

Lastly there is a few videos on customer surveys, discounts and returns and refunds.

Module 4: Online Store

You are now told to sign up for that Shopify plan which does cost money. Zero Dollar huh?

You’ll learn how to choose a theme, configure the design, add relevant apps, add pages and choose a payment gateway.

Again this section is super short and there’s more feature length videos on free Youtube channels.

Module 5: Niche / Target Audience

You get four videos on finding a niche, learning about your niche and target audiences.

Module 6: Products

There’s one video on where to find products, no mention of tools such as Sell The Trend.

Module 7: Marketing

You now get access to the largest module in the course which shows you how to get started marketing your store.

You’ll learn topics such as:

  • Pre-marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Mention marketing
  • Interview marketing.

You also get videos on Facebook groups, feedback, email, giveaway, social media, Instagram, affiliate.

It’s a video series of random videos, there is no how to’s here. You’re told, here’s an idea, you do the work.

Honestly what a miserable module, you get 2 minutes on some topics.

You get no hand holding whatsoever.

Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact them in the first 30 days and they’ll will give you a full refund.

Looks like there is no hidden clauses or restrictions to this refund policy.

Zero Dollar Dropshipping Final Verdict

Tim Kock seems to offers lots of value on his Youtube channel and over on his guest posts at Oberlo however Zero Dollar Dropshipping was very short and there was not much information included given the price of $167. The marketing module was thrown together with overviews rather than how to’s.

You also don’t get access to a private Facebook group or access to weekly coaching.

The course title and tagline as misleading given you need to spend money on your store with Shopify.

There were also lots of crucial topics missing such as, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Sales Funnels, Search Engine Optimization, Chatbots and Goolge Ads. Given the course price, you’d think these topics (which are important) would have been included.

So my alternative that I recommend is eCom Elites which costs $297 and includes 180+ videos across a wide range of eCommerce topics mentioned above plus Facebook Ads, Instagram, Scaling and all the other topics that were included in Zero Dollar Dropshipping.

The other major benefit is the 5000+ strong community you’re getting access too when you join.

I’ve done a full feature length review on this platform, or you can click here and checkout the sales page.

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