What WordPress Theme Is That Site Using?

Stumbled across a really nice looking blog and wondered if it’s using a template and if so, can you buy it for your own blog or business? This has happened to me on many occasion especially when looking for inspiration on building my next niche website.

In fact when building my very own blog I came across using the same template I’m now using and I decided to run it through a very nice free tool called WP Theme Detector which revealed that it was Eleven40 by Studio Press.

You can get started by going here,

wp theme detector


Simply put the domain of the website your looking for into the search box (Allow a few minutes for processing).

wp theme detector search


Now you’ll find out if they are using a custom theme or not. In the case of my website you can see all the details about the theme I’m using.

wp theme detector outcome

You can keep scrolling down the page and see what plugins I’m using too – or for that matter what any site is using.

wp theme detector plugins

And there we have it, now you can track what some of those successful sites are doing and copy them on to your own website.

You might not find everything as it’s very easy for a website to play around with their theme style sheet and plugins to remove the names which will make the tool unable to scan.

There’s many other alternatives to WP Theme Checker out there, however this is my fav.

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  1. Hello Rhys,

    Thanks for sharing with us the article on WordPress theme detector and by which one can detect what theme and plugins are used in a site. Really an informative post for the users.


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