Visual Ping Review: Monitor Your Shopify Store Uptime

Visual Ping monitors your website for changes to the content displayed. Whether this is because your website is offline, has been hacked or has been updated, they’ll check your website up to every 5 minutes.

Now why would you actually need this service?

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Yesterday, Google Cloud experienced a HUGE outage that lasted many hours. While many news websites reported a few Google services offline, the reality was any platform that uses Google Cloud for their infrastructure was impacted.

That meant, the entire Shopify platform was down.

It’s annoying when that happens, but what’s even more annoying is when your paying for ads and your clicks are ending up on a 404 not found page. That, my friends is the worst thing that can happen to your business.

Now if you were using Visual Ping, you’d have received an alert within 5 minutes of your website not loading.

If you can’t see the power of this software then you’re probably not doing big enough numbers yet.

Yesterday a friend of mine spent $10,000 on worthless traffic because he was completely unaware his site was offline until he got back to the office.

visual ping review

Visual Ping Review offers various services including a free monitoring service with two free checks per day.

You’ll probably want to get more checks daily, usually 5 minutes is the best option.

This means Visual Ping will poll your website over 10,000 times per month.

If they notice a change on your site they’ll email you or you can setup push notifications through their iOS or Android apps.

You can also setup Slack, SMS alerts and if you’re knowledgeable an API call with another software package.

How Visual Ping Works

They visit your website, take a screenshot and store it.

They then wait 5 minutes up to 24 hours and visit your website again and take another screenshot.

They then compare the two screenshots and if there’s a difference they’ll notify you about it.

So yesterday within 5 minutes, Visual Ping would have picked up the Shopify offline issue and notified the owner and saved them $10,000.

How Much Does Visual Ping Cost?

For individuals there is five different plans which are available monthly or with 2 free months on an annual subscription.

The free starter plan offers two checks per day.

The $4 basic plan offers 10 checks per day, approx every 2 hours.

The $13 pro plan offers 40 checks per day, approx once an hour.

The $24 intensive plan offers 130 checks per day, approx 5 per hour.

The $58 enterprise plan offers 333 checks per day, approx once every 5 minutes.

If you’re running a demanding website that is generating thousands of dollars every day then you shouldn’t be too concerned about spending $58 on some of the best monitoring software on the market.

Trust me, your Shopify store and social media accounts will thank you for it.

Visual Ping For eCommerce Businesses

Now you know why you need Visual Ping for your Shopify store, did you know that you can use it for many different aspects of your eCommerce business?

Some of these include:

  • Instant notification if supplier price rises, falls or is sold out
  • Instant notification if another website’s content changes
  • Price monitoring for consumer goods such as Amazon
  • Changes in code such as HTML
  • Monitoring terms of service or disclaimer changes.

The most common use case is to monitor prices, whether that’s Amazon or Aliexpress changes. The other is flight tickets or special offers on specific websites.

They offer a range of browser plugins for tracking specific web pages.


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