Unlock the Millionaire Within Review: Dan Lok Course Worth It?

Dan Lok, king of the Youtube space in promoting wealth courses and entrepreneurship online, has recently launched his 'Unlock It Book' which is available as a free plus shipping offer. 

Who is Dan Lock?

Famous for his back seat chats in his Bentley and his eagle eyed approach to business he's launched many courses including F U Money and High Ticket Closer. 

Now this review isn't about the book itself, but is about the upsell that you'll be hit with once you purchase his 'free book.'

It's a brash offer, in your face and designed to encourage you to purchase secret, raw and uncensored recordings of his 'Unlock the Millionaire Within event' for 90% off. 

Well that's nice of him, to give it to us for $297 instead of $2995. 

This course is a digital download, billed once at $297 and this is wedged in the button in small print that most people need a magnifying glass to read. 

So if you actually want to purchase this upsell, what do you actually get?

Well in simple terms it's 9 modules of pure content. I'm a big fan of the way Dan Lok speaks, however he's a serial course and product launcher. 

He makes money, helping other people to make money. Heard the saying, those that can't do, teach? And those that can't teach, teach teachers. Yeah, same scenario here. 

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unlock the millionaire within review

Unlock the Millionaire Within Review

The digital course comes bundled together, however this is the layout. All the videos are available in Ultra HD quality and you'll enjoy listening to the audio. 

The Foundation: Millionaire Mindset
Transform Your Relationship With Money
The 9 Laws of Money
Plant and Grow Rich
Develop Your High-Income Skills
Types Of Income Streams Millionaire Have
Manage Money Like The Rich
Leverage A Scalable Business
Invest In High Return Investments
Levels of Investors.

Unlike many other courses out there, this isn't specifically about making money online. If you want a course on that, be sure to checkout some of the best courses on offer

No, this course is about investment strategies, safe bets for minimizing your risk and protecting your money during this recession, which he claims is coming thanks to COVID-19

Inside you learn about the most powerful system for multiplying wealth he's ever created, and as a buyer of Dan Lok products, I have to agree. 

According to Dan, some of those people at the event paid $10,000 just to be there, but you can get in for a fraction of them. This was a 2 day event where the audience learned a shit ton and went away with a roaring success. 

If you're on the fence here, Dan is usually a man of his word and the recordings will likely be released in the future for $2995.

What Do You Actually Learn?

The first module looks at the foundations of the millionaire mindset. You will learn how to think and act like a millionaire. There's a reason the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. 

Next up you'll learn how to transform your relationship with money and finally unlock your true financial potential. It's a bold claim, but Dan is the man to listen too. 

Module three looks at the 9 laws of money and it's all about giving value. This can be applied in many areas of business, like my blog.

I'm giving you value by telling you what this course is about, for free. 

Dan shows you the laws of money and these are ones that every wealthy person obeys. You will experience abundance faster than you ever thought possible. 

Module four goes on to show you how to start multiple businesses and get clients, increase your market share and discover the 80/20 rule on getting real results. 

The next module (5) shows you how to develop your high income skills. This is a double up from his other courses on High-Income Skills. 

He recommends you learn how to earn $10,000 a month within 6-12 months. 

Module 6 is all about the multiple income streams model. 65% of millionaires have three streams of income and you'll learn how to get 7 of the most common types. 

The next module (7) looks at how to manage money like the rich. I have a lot of wealth so I was interested to hear what he had to say and it's true he has good ideas for investing and growing your money like rich people do. 

Module eight goes on to show you how to leverage a scalable business and which types of business models are the fastest and easiest to start. Some good commentary here. 

Finally you'll learn how to invest in high-return investments as well as the different levels of investors. Both module 9 and 10 were interesting. 

Final Verdict

After going through the content in Unlock the Millionaire Within, my thoughts are:

This was actually a surprisingly good course from Dan Lok and given COVID-19 the price was much lower than he usually charges. I would buy this upsell if I was a beginner looking for advice and guidance. 

If you have success online or offline already, you should focus on growing your income streams. I have over 63 income streams, so I'd recommend you start an affiliate, dropship or social media business as soon as possible, while also investing too. 

Checkout some of the resources below and get started today.

Last Updated on April 17, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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