UnHustled Agency Accelerator Review: Sean Donahoe Course Worth It?

When a serial course launcher who has his opinion on just about every online marketing niche imaginable launches a new course called, UnHustled Agency Accelerator, can you really learn from him or is it another overhyped cash cow?

Now this isn’t going to be like all those other reviews you’ve just read that are clearly trying to sell you the course or were written before April 23rd. Joe Blow magically got access to the course before it was launched and created a review without even buying the course.

This is going to look at the pros and cons, believe it or not there are some. I’m also not going to give you fake bonuses to snag a sale off you, talk about a biased review.

Oh and in case you were wondering, those sites offering a discount code are complete scams, there is none.

Sean Donahoe and Phil Newton are the two mentors behind this new SMMA course that’s promoted via a live webinar and offers a low entry level offer with the full course costing $998.

What is the Unhustled Agency Accelerator?

This course is an introduction to social media marketing agencies and is a three part mentorship and training platform. Like most of the other SMMA courses out there, it claims to show you how to start your business from scratch and within 8 weeks start getting clients and making bank.

Over 80% of your clients business customers are online and using smartphones, tablets and computers. By leveraging the power of social media you can connect your clients with customers and in turn collect a monthly retainer and any per lead commissions for your work.

The course starts with a webinar, you’ll need to watch it to get access to the payment page for the first part of the course, the $9.99 master class which gives you an insight into the eight weeks of training should you continue.

The full eight week program includes a new module every week for eight weeks and you’ll get access to various templates, scripts, eBooks and bonuses along the way.

If you don’t like what you see in the Master Class you’re under no obligation to actually sign up for the premium training.

Who is Sean Donahoe?

Sean claims to be a business and marketing expert who has been running his agency for over twenty years. If that was true I’m not sure why he needs to launch new info products and software as a service businesses every few months but it’s clear he’s doing something right as he regularly tops the charts for product launches.

There was once a course he was promoting where he claimed he landed in America with $5 to his name and started making money on the internet.

Other courses and products he has launched include, Silent Siphon which claimed to help you get leads from anywhere without doing very much work. Then there was his eCommerce platform called Sellosity which costs $998. Next is his WordPress site builder called Profit Builder, his other plugins called EZ Popups, WP Blog Rocket and LeadsFlowPro.

It’s fair to say he has a product in all the profitable niches right now with his latest creation being UnHustled Agency Accelerator.

Who is Phil Newton?

Phil Newton is a lead generation and marketing expert who focuses on simplicity and streamlining processes to optimize business success.

There’s limited information on who he actually is and his name is pretty common so it’s hard to find reliable information online.

Some reports I found online suggest he is the owner of another course with Sean called Rebel Traders which is a podcast on stock market trading strategies.

Why would you buy UnHustled Agency Accelerator?

If you’ve been looking for the best SMMA course online right now you might have come across UnHustled course and it tickled your fancy. You might have watched the live webinar and wanted more information, which is why you ended up on this review.

The course is a step by step guide to starting a social media agency.

You’ll find clients online and offer your services to them. Maybe you’ll help them with their social media pages, their content marketing, their online reputation or simply driving leads to their business with a landing page and some creative ad copy.

Whatever you want to do, social media marketing is not as easy as these courses make out. You still need to find customers, on board them and actually generate results for them before you’ll make any money at all. Sorry to break it to you but this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, not yet anyway.

UnHustled Agency Accelerator Review

The first $9.99 offer is the Master Class which is a mini webinar where you’re given a full run down on what you can expect from the full course. It’s unclear why the webinar isn’t free then, but as Sean puts it, it’s to show your commitment to the high ticket offer, which as I mentioned is the $998 training course.

The Master Class also shows you how to run a business such as SMMA efficiently and Sean claims he has over 20 years of experience to share with you.

You then get access to the full 8 week course content.

The course is hosted on Sean’s own SAAS platform which means the videos are high quality and look great on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The Big Red Flag

The course recommends you sell a $1500 product, which just so happens to be linked to Sean’s agency so he’s in effect making money from selling you the course but also by recommending that you resell his services to your own clients and take your own cut.

It’s a good way to get started if you’re a lazy ass marketer, if you’re actually looking to start a real SMMA business then you’ll probably want to give this one a miss.

This is confirmed in that Sean says you can start making commissions instantly and you don’t even need a website.

You’re then invited to join a monthly subscription service called UnHustled Labs which costs $49 per month for the privilege.

Facebook Group

You get access to the UnHustled Facebook group. Back in April Sean was giving away thousands of dollars in prizes which is why the course sold so many copies. This is why you’ll see so many people in the Facebook group. At the time of writing there was 282 members with 13 added in the last 30 days.

Today there was no posts and in the last 30 days there was 6 posts.

It’s clear no one is active in the Facebook group any more.

Refund Policy

One of the dreams of this course is that he’s decided to host it with Clickbank which means you’re almost guaranteed a refund if you complain directly with Clickbank after purchase.

Given the money was processed by them directly and not Sean’s company, they are like a rock in a hard place and can’t refuse any one who requests a refund.

As soon as you find out Sean’s simply recommending you promote his own services to your clients you’ll probably want one.

Final Verdict

The course could be great but the problem is, it’s a sales pitch for his agency and you’ll be the white label guy. You don’t need a course if that’s what you want to do, just head over to Google and search for white label social media management reseller accounts and pick one.

The idea of starting an SMMA is to go out and find your own clients, create your own packages and network with people, oh and do the work they need.

This is how you scale from your first few clients to an agency that does 50k a month and can be sold for $500k online. By white labeling someone else’s services for $998 you’re never going to learn how to actually create an SMMA are you?

You’re just looking for another push button cash cow, which unfortunately doesn’t exist. If you want to learn how to create a real business then there are plenty of courses out there that will show you how to do that. If you are then definitely checkout UnHustled Agency Accelerator.

One of those courses is called SMMA Blueprint (review) and is much cheaper and offers far more content.

Last Updated on June 9, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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5 thoughts on “UnHustled Agency Accelerator Review: Sean Donahoe Course Worth It?”

  1. Thank you for your review.

    i watched the unhustled webinar today— and asked in the chatbox, if I could just move forward and become a client because I do not want to be A Virtual agengy but I am interested in generating more leads .

    And- No Surprise..they did not answer my question on this webinar.
    So, I found their contact info and emailed them.
    Then I called the phone number today that is listed below and heard ——“Were sorry but the number you are trying reach is no longer in service!”

    Here are the details I got from the contact page on their website. https://unhustled.com/contact/
    UnHustled, LLC.
    100 Congress Avenue, Suite 2000, Austin, TX 78701
    (888) 706-9791
    [email protected]

  2. Another annoying thing about Sean Donahoe is his emails have no ‘unsubscribe’ option. I receive emails from him every day and have contacted him through email and the website to unsubscibe me to no avail. He’s a huckster.

  3. Just went through the free 3 day webinar. Maybe live but could not confirm.

    They are still offering the Unhustled SMMA course for $998 and an upgraded course for $2499. He did make it clear that you had options. White label and resell his services or use the course to learn to do it on your own. Still states make money in 3 months but good income will take 1 to 3 years or more


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