Tiger eCommerce Review: Youse Shopify Facebook Ads Course

Today we’re looking at Tiger eCommerce review which is a product research, store creation and Facebook Ads course by Youtube star, Yous. Currently the course costs $198 and I’ll show you what you get and whether it’s worth that price.

Cutting straight to the chase, the course is very short and a shorter version of his newer course, Wolves eCommerce which I reviewed too.

Who is Youse Alsamarai?

You’ll either know him or you won’t as his username is simply Yous and there’s limited information about him online. He does have a large following, over 70,000 subscribers and most videos seem to go viral.

Other aliases include Youse or Youssef Alsamarai.

Some videos claim he’s a writer, it would suggest he’s also a drop shipper as he owns multiple courses and resources too.

Most of his videos are insightful and there isn’t much clickbait or fake supercars to overhype his courses.

Tiger eCommerce Review

tiger ecommerce review

The course is hosted on Teachable which ensures the membership loads fine on both mobile and desktop. Videos are decent quality and the audio is fine. Yous is understandable and you can follow along fine.

The course is split up into sections called:

  • Welcome
  • Elite Research & Development
  • Building Your Store
  • Tiger Bam Secret Instagram Method
  • Facebook Ads Rapid Proficiency
  • Instagram Miracle Growth
  • US Suppliers Network.

Course Content

Currently there are 25 videos including the introduction. Given the price of the course the perceived value is already low. If you compare this to other courses that usually have over 150 videos for a similar price, it’s hard to get excited but you can place your own value on video numbers.

Most of the videos are short too, module one has videos of 1.30 – 6 minutes in length. The entire course is less than 2 hours long.

The first proper module is the product research section and shows you the ‘reversal method’ for spying and finding winning products. There’s a series of videos for finding niches and using tools to find products. There’s also two bonus videos for print on demand products and creating them.

There’s a bonus then, on what Yus learnt consulting for million dollar brands (handouts).

There’s then a 34 minute that goes through starting a Shopify store. Fairly straight forward but does cover most of the bare essentials.

Next up is a section called ‘Tiger Bam’ which claims to be a secret Instagram method. These two videos are short and it’s hardly a big secret either.

The main module is next with seven lessons on how to use Facebook Ads. Lots of the videos were short and for a beginner you might struggle to understand what is going on with the lack of guidance. Pixel installation for example was a 70 second video.

The basics of Facebook Ads are covered in the course but their platform is always changing and some videos needed to be updated.

Lastly is a module on using Instagram to build a following and automation tools you can use.

Finally there is a list of verified suppliers to use. There are only useful for US residents or those who have US companies as it’s unlikely they will work with overseas nationals that don’t hold a social security number or reseller ID.

Final Verdict

The course was super short and given the price of $198 it’s slightly disappointing in my opinion. There is a real lack of Instagram Ads content and the Facebook Ads section is quite basic. The store creation and product research videos are reasonable in length and quality.

Given the price I’m surprised there is no other marketing methods mentioned such as Google Ads, Instagram or even a rare social media platform such Snapchat.

If you compare this to other drop shipping courses such as eCom Elites (review) ($197) that offer five times the content at the same price and over 175+ videos and a private Facebook mastermind group with 5,000+ other members it’s easy to see how much more value you could get from an eCommerce course.

I had high hopes for Tiger eCommerce, it’s a great name but unfortunately it didn’t deliver, sadly.

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