The SMMA Blueprint Review: Best Social Media Agency Course?

There's many different Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) courses out there right now. As a consumer it can be difficult to choose the best course that's both affordable and ready to teach you everything you need to know about the world of SMMA.

Ever since Tai Lopez launched his rather average SMMA course, there's been a flood of different courses to launch with various prices.

Today we're looking at a recently revamped course called The SMMA Blueprint by David Schlais and Derek DeMike.

The course costs $1,497 but is regularly discounted down to $749 (I paid this via this link) which is a fairly priced course given the content they offer.

Who is David Schlais & Derek DeMike?

David and Derek claim to be a sales and marketing experts who started their own agency and they've helped numerous clients go from strength to strength.

One example I picked up from one of their webinars was they took a company doing 10 million to 40 million with social media ads.

David claims to be doing $500k per year through his agency, Vital Traffic Labs which is a revenue growth engine with a focus on lead generation and appointment setting.

Some of their clients are based in SaaS, InfoSec, Crypto and Blockchain which looks legitimate.

Prior to his agency they were working as Accounts Executives and development managers.

Unlike some agency owners, they doesn't flaunt his wealth to sell his course which is promising.

The SMMA Blueprint Review

The course is hosted on the Clickfunnels platform, so it looks great on both mobile and desktop. You'll get your login details straight after successful payment too.

The course is a rebrand of their course last year, SMMA Hacker. Some videos are the same.

The course is split across four modules and covers 70 different videos on various topics for the entire SMMA process that will show you how to run your agency like a boss. Over the last 12 months, through their previous course they've been adding more and more videos.

You also get access to the SMMA Blueprint inner circle which is an exclusive Facebook group.

There is a weekly Q&A session with all members where they offer live training and coaching. You can upgrade to private coaching for $2997 but personally I think most people wouldn't need that level of support.

There's also a few bonuses which I've outlined below the course content.

Course Content

The initial login screen offers a getting started guide and course intro.

the smma blueprint review

You get videos on an overview of the course, who they are and their professional backgrounds. There's also a video on their 50k agency and why it's possible for you too.

Both Derek and David appear well dressed, the sound and audio quality is great too.

There's also a link to join the Facebook group which is growing daily.

Module 1: Operations: Starting & Running Agency

The start of this module is definitely focused towards USA business incorporation however you can take the same knowledge and apply it to other countries. For example it's very similar in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to setup a similar structure.

Moving forward there is videos on setting up your brand, building a basic brand website, setting up G suite and creating your agencies email address.

There's videos on creating a business banking account and what to consider when choosing a banking provider.

There's a rather long video on how to receive invoices and taking payments for services online. I personally use Wave Apps for my business, it's free and they only take a small commission of 3% on every transaction in return.

There's videos on cash flow management, especially as you'll be running traffic for clients. You'll also learn how to manage payroll for your business and there's also legal agreement documents and forecast tracking and documents.

Module 2: Getting Clients

There's well over 20 videos and hours of HD content in this section.

As someone who's fairly new to SMMA myself, I actually learnt a lot from this section.

the smma blueprint review 1

In this module you can expect to learn the entire process from choosing profitable niches and where to find them. You also get a mindset training video which was quite long. You get videos on cold email and cold calling, along with templates and scripts on what to say.

Take note if you're from a country such as New Zealand where cold emailing is against the law.

You'll also learn more about outreach and setting expectations, pricing your services, closing, creating proposals and eliminating resistance from your potential clients.

This section was long and very detailed, I learnt a lot and I think you would too.

Module 3: Fulfilling Services

This is the second longest module and includes everything you need to know about running Facebook ads for your clients.

You'll learn how to setup a new business account, what type of campaigns to use and when to use them. You'll learn about the pixel, creating look a like audiences, discovering competitors ads and choosing targeting.

You'll also learn how to setup campaign rules, writing the perfect ads, breaking down your ad costs and killing winners.

You'll learn through an over the shoulder video how to get Facebook leads on autopilot with full automation setup.

Next is videos on creating Instagram swipe up story ads for your clients.

Videos on how to scale, live Facebook Ads review help you to learn the entire process.

Lastly there is two videos on email marketing and other tools for social media management.

You'll also learn how to use Hootsuite and Lightroom for fast management.

Lastly you get a video on leveraging social engagement and concludes with retargeting videos.

This is probably one of the most detailed Facebook and Instagram sections in an SMMA course.

Module 4: Scaling Your Agency

This module is fairly short but shows you how to put systems in place to work with more clients. You also get videos on client communication and outsourcing.

The best video is the case studies where they show you real life examples.

There's also a video on partnerships to grow your business.

  • Bonus 1: Ultimate Client Meeting Guide
  • Bonus 2: Go To Ad Template
  • Bonus 3: Legal Agreements
  • Bonus 4: Bulletproof Proposal Template

Bonus 5: Steal Their Funnels

It's good to see they include a bunch of successful share funnels for you to use. If you've got a Clickfunnels account already you can just signup and access them. If you don't have an account you can make one with a 14 day free trial.

Some of these funnels are generic ones created by other people.

Final Verdict

The SMMA Blueprint is a great course and offers a powerful insight into the world of social media marketing agencies and if you've been thinking of starting your own SMMA then you would be perfectly placed to buy this course.

With over 70 high quality videos, you do get lots of value for your investment. You can even offset the cost of your course purchase from your tax on your first few clients that you sign up too.

It's obvious David and Derek do actually practice what they preach and actually make money through their own agency.

Last Updated on May 3, 2022 by Rhys Dale

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14 thoughts on “The SMMA Blueprint Review: Best Social Media Agency Course?”

  1. I just got target with an ad for this course? Do you think it’s worth it for beginner? Does it teach you how to run fb ads?

    • Yes it can be done from anywhere in the world, unlike eCommerce there’s no issues collecting local payments as you can use bank transfer.

  2. I am totally impressed. This is the real deal!!! I almost bought Adam’s course. OMG, what a mistake that would have been.

    Thanks for the great review and insite.

  3. Is this still the best course do you think? I am considering Iman’s course as well. Trying to decide in a couple of weeks..are there any others courses that you recommend?

    • Hi Andrew,

      What did you decide on? I am also orientating a lot at the moment and doubting between that
      of Iman and this one. I would love to hear your perspective.

        • Hey y’all, just wanted to weigh in here. I am a member of The SMMA Blueprint program and I have purchased pretty much every other program prior to buying this one.

          Yes, this is the best program to date, nothing else really comes close in comparison. I am also finding that there are many other students of The SMMA Blueprint who have bought other programs that were incomplete and come to the BP / David and Derek to actually learn what they need to learn in order to be successful.

          I wish that I had known of the BP first, would have saved myself a lot of time


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