The Profitable Programmer Review: Is It Worth Paying $497?

Today I'll be taking a look at a course from Clever Programmer, called The Profitable Programmer which is taught by Rafeh Qazi, and teaches you how to get started with full-stack development and Python. At $497, it's not cheap, but is it worth it? 

Can you really beat the rat race and ditch the day job, working on your own schedule as a freelance profitable programmer? Or is it just another course that's similar to all those free ones on Youtube and Udemy? I'll give my 2 cents on the topic, being neither an affiliate or a friend of the program.

What is The Profitable Programmer?

The Profitable Programmer is a 16-week long course that teaches individuals how to become Python developments. It uses the Django platform, a framework that is complete free of charge.

This course is instructed by Rafeh Qazi, a freelance programmer who has a passion for coding and has found huge success with his work.

The Profitable Programmer consists of modules that cover the fundamentals of Python, whilst going over how to transition from simple coding to building real-life projects.

One of the best parts is that it also goes through finding employment through freelance work, specifically though coaching and tutoring.

This course is designed for web developers who are constantly stuck in their careers, despite spending hours on Udemy and other paid lessons.

It is catered for people who want an extra stream of income and get rid of a typical 9 to 5 job. For those interested in working remotely, The Profitable Programmer definitely goes through the fundamentals of this area.

This program is suitable for those already experienced in coding. Complete beginners may be able to finish this course, but must hustle during the first week of lessons.

Who is Rafeh Qazi

Rafeh Qazi is a freelance programmer and instructor who specialises in the Python coding language. He created The Profitable Programmer in order to teach people how to use coding to actually earn money and live a non-traditional life.

But he's also a good marketer, as he's started making money teaching others how to learn Python, and can charge upwards of $497 per student. 

Rafeh has a rag to riches story. When he was 12 years old, his family got into a car crash which left his mother severely injured. From that age onwards, he was determined to make a living that provided for his family. Rafeh entered college and did not perform well, holding a 2.0 GPA. He started to realise that the academic life was not suitable for him and instead became a Cisco Certified Networking Associate.

After spending hours on Udemy courses and upgrading his coding skills, Rafeh transitioned into a tutor. He landed a rate at $35 per hour which increased to $75 an hour over just a couple of months. He then landed a job that paid him $100 per hour, which led to $20,000 in just 2 months.

What’s in The Profitable Programmer?

Initially you might be invited to join a 3 part masterclass training which is free, this gives you an insight into the course, what you can expect and to generally get you excited about the course. 

The launch then happens and you're directed to pay $497 for the full course. It's strange that the course is so expensive given Clever Programmer sells other Python courses for about $50. 

This is a 16-week course that uses video content in order to instruct students.

There is Week 0, which is titled The Midnset of Highly Successful Developers. In this section, Rafeh covers tips to fuel motivation and accountability. He discloses top secret techniques that millionaires use to earn more, whilst still prioritizing time for loved ones.

Week 1 is Python Crash Course which quickly runs over the basics of Python, making it perfect for beginners. 

Week 2 concerns building a freelancer portfolio that is attractive and free of charge. 

In Week 3, students are taught how to construct a Todo List which uses C.R.U.D.

Week 4 is named Python DJANGO Full-Stack Movie Web App. In this section, Rafeh goes through the behind the scenes of building apps like Instagram and Facebook. Like the name suggests, web developers can make their own full-stack movie application from the ground up.

Week 5 is Local Development, which goes through producing web applications without an internet connection. This module is suitable for both Mac and Windows users. 

In Week 6, Rafeh moves away from the practical side of coding, focusing more on building an income from Python through coaching. 

Week 7 is titled HTML5 + Bootstrap 4 which covers website building. 

In Week 8, Rafeh goes through the aesthetics of apps to make them seem attractive and alluring to clients.

Week 9 is Javascript Crash Course that allows students to utilise Javascript on Django. 

Week 10 is named Ultimate Environment for Python Dev with Pycharm for explaining the benefits of a code editor. 

Week 11 is just a simple Django overview for building apps and databases.

In Week 12, Rafeh goes through Git and Github for version control.

Week 13 goes through the complicated area of Django, which goes through user authentication systems similar to Facebook and Instagram. 

In Week 14, Rafeh provides information on networking through LinkedIn and Github. Week 15 covers client finding and pricing.

Students enrolled get to join a private Facebook group and 1-on-1 sessions with experienced programmers and other like minded people who bought the course. 

Like many self-created courses there is no certification at the end of the course, so don't think you're getting a certificate or anything you can add to your CV here. 

How much does the course cost?

The Profitable Programmer is available for $497 with a 1-time payment. 

Alternatively, individuals can choose the 3-time payment plan at $200 per month, which works out to be another $103 on top of the normal price, so not worth it. 

For most, especially students from countries such as India this is very expensive. It works out to be around 36,000 Indian Rupee which is the average monthly salary

There's plenty of budget friendly courses on sites such as Udemy, and even Youtube if you don't have the capacity to spend such a price on a new course. 

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Here’s what Afrin Shaik had to say about this course:

“I saved my company at least $23,000 with python after taking Qazi’s course by customizing my company’s laboratory information management system.”

Profitable Programmer Refund Policy

During my research, one of the main things I kept finding on review sites was that you couldn't get a refund after buying the course. I'm all for full transparency, and if you're not happy with the course content you should be given a full refund. 

Ensure you read the refund policy before buying so you don't get caught out if you're unhappy.

The reviews mainly state that to get a refund you must watch all the content videos, document everything, prove that you've followed the strategy and technique, then failed, before you can get a refund. So it's important to note, it's an action based refund policy. 


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