The Invincible Marketer Review: Aaron Cheng Course Worth It?

Are you looking for the best Invincible Marketer review? This is a new course launched by internet marketer Aaron Cheng who claims to be offering a step-by-step program to help beginners start their very own affiliate marketing businesses.

Aaron, a Youtube entrepreneur claims it's designed to transform you inside and out with daily training, mindset strategies and specific action steps so you can spend more time living your life with family, friends and travelling the world.

Aaron claims that his course is  "the most detailed and structured affiliate marketing training program that you will ever go through." which is a bold claim to make, so is it really the dogs bollocks of affiliate marketing training or is their better alternatives out there?

Who is Aaron Cheng?

Aaron Cheng is an internet marketer turned Youtuber who has launched his own affiliate marketing course. He runs another Youtube channel where he reviews digital marketing products on topics such as make money online, crypto, wealth and pretty much anything with an affiliate program.

On his personal business Youtube account he was a little over 17,000 subscribers where he discusses online business, affiliate marketing among other random topics.

Most videos are devoted to mindset and strategies such as 'how to be successful with online business.'

After spending countless amounts of money (up to $100k) on what he calls, 'scammy courses' he decided to create his own course that focuses on the genuine ways to make money online vs those other courses that are designed to rip you off.

Across his channel is lots of success stories, clients he's working with and Clickbank screenshots. Of course we don't know his actual profit margins but I do know that affiliate marketing is a very lucrative industry to be in.

The Invincible Marketer Review

You'll be invited to join free training such as 'how to quit your job and build a six figure internet business in just 3 steps' which you'll get delivered to your email. You'll now be in his sales funnel which invites you to watch a video before the pitch for his monthly membership.

The course is available to purchase as monthly fee via Clickfunnels and the course is hosted with Kartra.

invincible marketer review

For some weird reason Aaron has called his course content 'Sessions' rather than the traditional 'Modules' which includes 10 Sessions which offer further videos in each.

The course is split up into four key areas:

The Core Training

The core content in the course is here and it includes all the topics on actually starting your own affiliate marketing business including how to deal with creating a list, driving traffic, working with vendors when you don't have your own products, earning huge commissions, building authority in your industry and how you can make money without actually selling anything. 

For a course that claims to offer so much, it's not really any different to the others out there. 

Essential Mindset Sessions

If you're a long time reader on my blog you'll know how much I care about mindset videos, and that's not very much. Ultimately you should have the right mindset to succeed with business without anyone telling you how to do that. Look, Aaron Cheng is no Bill Gates so why would you listen to some random guy on the internet? In my experience these mindset videos are simply to bulk out the course content.

Support & Community

You'll get access to a Facebook mastermind group which will allow you to connect with other members from around the world, ask questions and get inspired. You get ongoing support as long as you continue to pay your monthly fee. 

Bonus Content

Currently only available for a limited time you get access to the unlimited traffic masterclass which helps you to drive targeted traffic to any product, website or offer out there.

You'll also get a secret guide to picking great products, avoiding rookie mistaks and how to promote idiot-proof products that will make you money guarateed!

Lastly there is a guide on how to profit by creating a tribe that become raving fans for life. 

Invincible Marketer Testimonials

The course shows a lot of testimonials for Invincible Marketer but after searching the names of most of them I couldn't find anything about any of them. One lady called Margaret managed to start a blog reviewing other products but this is just one aspect of affiliate marketing.

Her Youtube video is promoting scammy wealth programs.

There are also screenshots of Warriorforum but again I couldn't find anything on the actual site about this course.

How Much Does It Cost?

The course currently costs $49 per month. I'm not a huge fan of these monthly subscriptions as most people simply watch the content then cancel their subscription. You then lose access to the Facebook community which is the real goldmine where you'll actually learn the most interesting tips and tricks.

Take a community with thousands of members, you will get answers to your questions fast. If you have a community with a couple hundred people who are constantly disappearing you probably won't actually achieve very much.

Previous reviews of this course suggest it was initially a $497 one time fee and then $49 per month.


For the low price the Invincible Marketer is a good course for those getting started but it's lacking a lot of content that beginners actually need to make money with affiliate marketing.

If you stay a member for a year you'll end up spending $500 which is far more than some other courses that I've reviewed that offer the same if not more content and only cost $197. 

The beauty of courses is the ongoing support and guidance from other students and with a course like this there is so few members and due to the price most will stop paying after a couple months that you will be searching for answers on your own which defeats the point.

By joining a course with a one time fee you have no further investments to make in your online learning process. Courses with thousands of members can also help get answers fast and with a wider knowledgebase you might have answers that others have never actually considered. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

The best beginner affiliate marketing course is called Savage Affiliates and includes 100+ videos on the entire A-to-Z process of affiliating. 

Learn to create your own website, work directly via paid ads among Youtube and other traffic methods. 

Also get access to 30+ Facebook Ads videos, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Youtube, Retargeting, Google SEO.

Plus the best part is a community of like minded people. Currently there's over 6,000+ other students that bought the course.

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