The Bulletproof Mind Review: Does John Whiting Deliver?

Today we'll be taking a look at John Whiting and his course, The Bulletproof Mind. We'll check out what is actually is, whether it's worth it, and ultimately what you get if you join. 

This highly talked about course is available on ClickFunnels and currently has a 75% launch discount. But is it worth it, is it a scam? or is it the course you've been looking for! 

The Bulletproof Mind Review


Ranked #3 out of 12 self-help courses (See full list)


High levels of knowledge and insights


10 hours+


$297 or 3 x $129


Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #3 out of 12 self-help courses.
  • Content: High levels of knowledge and insights.
  • Length: 10 hours+
  • Price: $297 or 3 x $129.
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4.5/5

What is the Bulletproof Mind?

When repeating positive affirmations, meditating and listening to motivational videos don’t work, it may be time to look at a new program. 

The Bulletproof Mind is a course instructed by John Whiting that aims to help you master your mind and foster wellbeing.

It is targeted at anyone looking to take charge of their mental wellbeing and unlock hidden potential. It is designed to remove worries and frustration that may be holding you back in life.

For those with poor decision-making skills, the Bulletproof Mind boosts confidence and clears away intrusive thoughts.

Be prepared to take action and confront problems with a healthy and stable mindset. This course also helps increase emotional intelligence, preventing overreactions to tense situations.

With life providing constant obstacles along the way, there are bound to be people who feel lost and struggle to find a fulfilling purpose.

The Bulletproof Mind helps lost souls help themselves to locate meaning and take charge. Those stressed with constant obligations and responsibilities can also find solace within this program.

One of the main focuses of this course is that it stimulates change from within, enabling you to finally take control of your life. Be prepared to say goodbye to negative thoughts and see the world in a new light.

the bulletproof mind review

Who is John Whiting?

John Whiting is known today as a marketing specialist and life coach. He founded a successful marketing agency which helped more than 400 clients and boasted a workforce of 17 people.

Whiting managed to sell this business and then transitioned into becoming a full-time educator. He has been mentioned in several big-name corporations such as New York Times Weekly, Yahoo Finance and Fox Business for his personal development courses.

Although Whiting is seen as a successful person today, he did not start off this way. Growing up, Whiting was a troubled boy who did not fit in with the other kids. He had emotional issues, and was frequently exasperated with life. During his childhood, his parents took him to see multiple psychiatrists.

Whiting juggled university and played professional golf before deciding to take charge of his mental well-being. As of late, he has dedicated more than 10,000 hours of his time on researching ways to master the mind. This including signing up for personal development courses and trying out mental strategies.

Thanks to his extensive time focusing on mental development, Whiting has amassed lots of precious knowledge that he currently shares through his courses. He developed the Bulletproof Mind to help those who may be feeling held back in life due to their thoughts and actions.

What’s included in the Bulletproof Mind?

The course is split up into 3 different sections as I'll cover below, plus a bunch of tools, bonuses and other information. 

Step 1: Understand the Mind

This section focuses on identifying the source of negative emotions. Find what is feeding into fear, indecisiveness and depression.

Whiting teaches students how to remove these emotions and advance forward. There is also a section on the paradox of positive thinking, and why it does not always present the best outcomes.

This step zones on self-efficacy, proving two ways to increase productivity, and actually accomplish goals. Step 1 does not include self-help material what you have seen over and over again. There are no meditation tips, just ice-cold facts.

Next is Step 2: Clear Your Charges.

For those struggling with irrational thoughts and negative emotions, this is the most important section. Whiting provides resources to get rid of what is preventing you from moving forward and reaching your goals.

Additionally, there are classes on gaining confidence, but removing feelings of self-hatred. People struggling with past decisions may find this section truly useful, as it also confronts the feelings of guilt and shame. Learn to let go and step into new beginnings.

The final part is Step 3: Create Your Future.

Whiting provides pragmatic resources to help you attain your goals. For those feeling lost and meaningless in life, there is also a lesson on uncovering purpose and fulfilment.

One of the best aspects of this section is the Goal Setting Workshop. Whiting provides a never seen before template to reach objectives. The Chucking and Planning Process gives a blueprint to map out every aspect of your life and work towards the best outcome for eat.

One of the most crucial parts of this step is routine planning. The mind needs to constantly be trained in order to remain bulletproof. Whiting provides the exercises to do so.

The Bulletproof Mind is not a fixed program, and is constantly updated to provide the latest tips and tricks for a healthy mindset.

Additionally get access to an established Facebook community, 15 different tools and processes to remove fear, self-doubt, frustration & gain focus, consistency and confidence. 

Plus get 12 bonuses to skyrocket your focus, consistency and clarity.

What Are The 15 Tools?

This are various different calculators and sheets for things such as, anger, frustration, resentment, fear & anxiety, self doubt, feeling judged, guilt & shame, grief & loss, depression, infatuation. Plus tools to help with your future including, goal setting, discovering your greatness and planning tools. 

How much does the Bulletproof Mind cost?

The Bulletproof Mind is currently available for $297, which is 75% of the regular price. This course also includes access to the community Facebook page. 

Personally I think the price is fair at this level. I probably wouldn't pay $1188 for this course, so I think the 75% is definitely worth considering.

There is all-access to content which receives regular updates. There is also a workbook worth $1,497 included to help clear the mind and maintain rationale.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. This includes MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for those unsatisfied with the course. All content and tools must be utilised before applying for a refund.

Are there reviews for the Bulletproof Mind course?

This course has helped changed the lives of several people from all across the globe. Daniel from the United States discussed how the Bulletproof Mind helped him eliminate self-doubt, which moved him to tears.

Isla from Scotland mentioned how this course truly changed her life. She talked about how it was incredibly easy to understand, and helped her change her mind set for the better.

Nicole from the United States specifically mentioned how this course actually enabled her to make change and finally prevent negative emotions from clouding her judgement. 

There are several testimonials on the Facebook page. Whitney personally shared her experience with Discover your Greatness and how she was able to finally make progress in her life.

Look Further: Additionally there are some video testimonials on the course sales page. 

Where To Buy The Bulletproof Mind Course?

You can buy from the official website.


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