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Welcome to my review for 2020. 

I recently spent 10+ hours researching and testing so you don't have to. 

If you want to know:

  • What Systeme is all about
  • If it's legit or a scam
  • Is is the best Clickfunnels alternative
  • If you can actually make money with this tool

Then you've definitely come to the right place. 

So let's get started. 


Ranked #2 out of 12 funnel builders.


An up and coming alternative to Clickfunnels.


€27 to €97 per month ($30 - $158)


Very affordable, complete platform to build a business.


Fairly new platform, limited templates.


Definitely worth trying the 30 day free trial.

Overall Rating

  • Rank: Ranked #2 out of 12 funnel builders.
  • About: An up and coming alternative to Clickfunnels.
  • Price: €27 to €97 per month ($30 - $158)
  • Pros: Very affordable, complete platform to build a business.
  • Cons: Fairly new platform, limited templates.
  • Verdict: Definitely worth trying the 30 day free trial.
  • Rating: 5/5

1. What Is

Systeme is an online business tool similar to Clickfunnels, Kartra and Builderall. 

The sales page of the program isn't much to rave about, but the platform is well known among the Internet Marketing, especially in France. 

The platform originally launched in France and was built on a French domain name. Additionally the language was French which meant it was unavailable for English speakers. 

However, the website on is in English and offers anyone the opportunity to start a free 30 day trial to see how the platform fits their business needs. 

2. Who Owns

The platform is owned by a company called, 'In Traffic and Conversion We Trust' or ITACWT Limited which appears to be registered in Ireland. 

The owners of the platform are French, at least from the information I received when they reached out to me to take a look at their platform. 

Internet Entrepeneur, Aurelian Amacker, appears to be the founder. 

From Irish records, the platform has been around since 2018 and according to their own statistics over 140 million emails have been sent via their platform and 11 million euros in sales transacted too. 

Pretty impressive numbers!  

3. How can you make money with

Systeme is an online business platform for managing contacts through sales funnels. You can create various pages in a funnel, send emails to your contacts and sell physical or digital products. 

The traditional way of creating a web presence would be to create a website, then have to deal with WordPress setup, an email marketing platform and an eCommerce facility. 

Now you can integrate everything together in one platform. This is very similar to Clickfunnels, Builderall and Leadpages.. but offers much more functionality, at a lower price. 

  • No need to buy email marketing tool
  • No need to buy funnel builder
  • No need to buy course builder
  • No need to buy webinar software
  • No need for blogging software
  • No need for affiliate program

4. Is legit or a scam?

After using Systeme for over 10 hours, and creating multiple sales funnels and courses, I can confirm that the platform is legitimate. 

I even put my credit card details in and signed up for a subscription just to test it out, to ensure it's a legit platform before recommending it to my readers. 

I can confirm that Systeme is not a scam

For testing, I chose the Enterprise plan. It offers the best value for money.

5. Price + Discount

Currently the platform costs 27, 47 or 97 Euro per month. The USD is a little weaker so this is around $30 for the 'Startup' plan and $158 for the Enterprise plan. 

The main differences are the number of contacts, rising from 5,000 to 15,000 across the three plans, as well as a higher number of member sites, custom domains and the Startup plan not offering the ability to host evergeen webinars or A/B testing. 

6. What Does Systeme Offer?

You may as well go ahead and create a free trial account to see all the features. Currently there's no credit card required to signup. 

You will get access to the following options:

  • Manage contacts
  • Create funnels
  • Create email campaigns
  • Manage Automations
  • Sell products or subscriptions
  • Create and manage affiliates
  • Sell courses or memberships


Contacts are your clients, leads or anyone you want to contact via email. You can import contacts from another email platform such as Getresponse, Clickfunnels, Kartra. 

You can also manually create contacts, or you can collect contact information by creating a lead capture or selling something. 

There's plenty of filters to search for contacts including name, VAT number, country, phone number and even your own custom tags, or the affiliate who referred them.


You may be familiar with the term of a sales funnel. If not, it's the process of creating multiple pages in a flow. 

Systeme makes it pretty easy to create a sales funnel, by offering up a step by step process to choose the best funnel template, or you can use a blank template. 

Some examples include:

  • Building an audience
  • Selling a product
  • Running an evergreen webinar
  • Building a custom funnel.

You can change the price of your funnel (if applicable). They seem to support most major currencies including, EURO, AUD, NZD, USD, GBP, INR and CAD. 

Email Marketing

This is a one solution platform, so there's no need to have another email marketing platform which will likely cost $30+ per month alone. 

In comparison, 5,000 contacts with Getresponse costs $45 per month on their basic plan. The Plus plan costs $79 per month. Huge savings with Systeme

The platform allows you to create custom newsletters, which can be sent out automatically. You can track everything through stats. 

Additionally there is the option to create a custom campaign. 

Get up to 15,000 contacts on Enterprise plan. This would cost $145 on Getresponse. The Enterprise plan is around $150 per month. Huge savings!

Automation Rules

All these options can be controlled through Automation rules, such as delays between emails. 

You can create your own rules and automation options in real time. There is statistics for keeping track of what and when you created them. 

This is controlled through triggers. 

One of the best features is the ability to track tags, such as contacts with specific tags for specific reasons, which is definitely very handy. 

Sell Products or Subscriptions

Systeme is a fully fledged solution for managing product sales. You'll be able to create products, and then assign these to specific offers or sales funnels. 

Products can be physical, digital, subscriptions or courses. 

Products can have VAT or GST rates associated to them which are applied automatically based on a customers billing address. 

To sell a product, you need to create it, then add any attributes before creating an order form from your sales funnel. 

Create or Manage Affiliates

One thing that Clickfunnels does really poorly is offering a good reliable affiliate program. Thankfully Systeme has taken this on board and offered something far superior. 

You can star by creating an affiliate program which you can actually pay your affiliates directly with Transferwise. That's pretty cool! 

A Paypal integration would be beneficial, seen as most people seem to pay their lower end affiliates with Paypal rather than bank wire. 

You can set your default affiliate commission, minimum payout amounts, payout delays and even offer a second tier commission. 

You can then link affiliate accounts to specific products or offers. Of course like everything else this is all searchable and reports can be generated for easy reconciling. 

Sell Courses or Memberships 

Systeme allows anyone to create membership sites using their platform. This reduces the need for a platform such as Teachable or Thinkific, which can be expensive. 

However, the memberships are quite basic and could be a lot more customizable. But remember it's included in all plans including the Startup plan

You can choose to give users full access or drip feed content over a period of time. You can also attach tags to users to give them access to specific parts of content. 

Plus you can create course bundles, such as giving users access to two or three courses. This can work by giving access to say 2 courses for 1 price, and 3 courses for another price. 

Pretty cool I think!

7. Creating Sales Funnels With

The funnel builder looks very similar to Clickfunnels. On the left you have the various steps, with the ability to create new steps and drag and drop the step order. 

You can select a template for the page you're creating. There was a lack of templates compared with other major platforms, but I imagine this will change through time. 

You can preview your funnel in real time in a new tab. 

All funnels are built on a sub domain, until you connect your own custom domain name. 

You can also customize your automation rules, as well as setup split tests such as sending a certain amount of traffic to one offer vs another. 

There is also the option to track the statistics including page views, opt in rates, sales and earnings per page view. 

A sales ledger is also included (should you get sales) which allows you to check your conversion rate, value and earning per pageview. 

8. Unlimited Email Sending

It's rare to see a platform offer unlimited emails, but it's possible here. 

You're charged per your contact, i.e. 5,000 for the Startup Plan but yu can email these subscribers as many times as you'd like. 

This is subject to a fair usage policy. Spamming will nly get your account banned. 

Likewise importing a list of subscribers you bought, will probably results in termination too. 

9. Powerful Order Forms

Systeme offers a wide range of order form templates for your sales funnels. At the time of writing this article there was 12. 

Of course you can completely customize any of these to make them unique to your own needs.

There is the option for a one or two step order form. Similar to Clickfunnels you have to accept certain fields. It would be great if you could collect no billing information.  

Some of them looked very similar to Clickfunnels. You can preview them before implementation.

You can customise the resources to which a customer will have access to after purchase.

This could include things such as:

  • Membership courses
  • Membership bundles
  • tags
  • Products or services.

Assuming you choose a course, you can dripfeed, or provide full access. This allows you to create multiple price points. 

Next up you can add custom offer coupons such as a fixed amount or percentage discount. This is only available on the Enterprise plan. 

Each order form can have custom affiliate commissions. To add an offer price plan you'll need to connect your payment gateway. 

Additionally like previous funnel steps you can setup split testing, stats, automation rules and monitor sales or visitors. 

10. Paypal & Stripe Integration

Currently they only offer Stripe or Paypal which is quite limiting. I think RazorPay is definitely a requirement given it's the number one platform for Indians. 

I was a bit concerned that Paypal integration was a plain text form asking for my username, password, and a signature box.

On closer inspection this was actually my API username and password, but it wasn't very clear. 

Without an integration to one of these platforms, you can't add your order form. 

11. One Click Upsells / Bumps

Clickfunnels was one of the pioneers of the one click upsell so it's great to see it incorporated on this platform as well, and it works with Stripe and Paypal. 

There's currently 12 templates for upsells, which again are customizable. 

You could use your own template. 

These one click upsells/downsells can dramatically add money to your income, and as they are one click there's no requirement to recollect billing information. 

Product order pages can also offer one click bumps, such as adding another product, a warranty or special offer to increase the front end order value. 

12. Create Your Own Courses

You can create unlimited courses within Systeme. 

After creating a name for your course and choosing the color scheme, you can add modules and once ready to go live, either sell access or manually add students. 

You can add the teachers biography as well as contact information. 

When creating a module, you then assign a lecture to this. This can be dripfeed from previous lecture, such as 7 days. You can provide a cover photo for each lecture. 

The one downside I found was creating each page was a manual process. i.e. it opens each page and you have to customize the URL, video settings and controls. 

However, this does offer far more functionality than say Teachable, as you can add custom content beneath each video. 

The only other downside was the plain text video URL. You can add from Youtube or a custom video source such as Wistia, Vimeo etc. 

Anyone can right click on your video and see the video URL. This could allow someone to go and use a video downloader to save a copy of your video and maybe share it with others. 

If you've got a $2000 course, you might prefer to use Teachable who obscure the video URL's from the course page. 

13. Host Webinars on Systeme

Want to host an evergreen webinar? Well you're probably looking at $500 per year for a platform such as Webinarjam or Everwebinar. 

You get webinars built in to the Systeme platform. But you'll need to be on the two highest plans to take advantage of this. 

In the sales funnel builder there's the option to create: 

  • Registration pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Broadcast pages.

Webinar Registration Pages

I was disappointed to only see three pages on offer here. There is the potential for so many more. You can obviously create your own, but this takes time. 

I also wanted to see some generic styled ones, these ones all had lots of fancy features. 

Reserving a spot, automatically has a time that's starting withing the hour. For example loading the page at 9.07pm, the next webinar starting is 10pm. 

This evergreen setup is done based on the visiting users computer clock. 

I did find the signup form a little dated, there's many ways they could have implemented the time, without having just a standard drop menu. 

Once registered, the next step in the funnel would be the thank you page. 

Webinar Thank You Pages

Again not too many templates here, only two and both looked pretty basic. 

They can be customized but a lot of beginners will want a complete done for them option. 

The pages include a link to watch the webinar, as well as things to see. A presenter option, as well as a countdown timer are included. 

Webinar Broadcast Pages

Broadcast pages have a countdown timer, and then open into a full page window. There's only two options for templates, but you can customize all the styling. 

Be sure to change the copyright footer, which doesn't look like it updates automatically. 

In terms of hosting the webinar, again it's missing the ability to conceal the video link. There's nothing stopping visitors right clicking and viewing the source. 

Webinarjam do a great job at concealing this, forcing visitors to sit through the entire webinar, rather than skipping the boring parts. 

I think the webinar section of Systeme could do with a little work. 

14. Create A/B Split Testing

All funnel steps can be customised with A/B split testing steps. You'll need to be on the two highest plans to get this feature though. 

After trying a couple landing pages, it was impressive to see how smooth it was to change between different funnel pages. 

Most landing page builders come with split testing now, but it's often on the more expensive plans which can be off putting for new users.

It's good to see it's included on the mid range plan at 

15. Integrate With Other Platforms

One of the downsides to the platform is the inability to integrate with more than 3 other platforms.  

At a bare minimum I'd have expected to see Zapier included, which would allow you to go on and integrate with over 1,000 other applications. 

The only integration I could see was Paypal, Stripe and SendGrid, for handling emails. 

If you want to sync your data from their platform to your own CMS, it's not possible. I also didn't see any way to export contacts to CSV, in fact there's no export functionality. 

16. Create and Host Your Own Blogs

If you've got a domain name and you aren't interested in setting up a WordPress blog, you'll be pleased to note that this platform offers the ability to create a blog. 

At the time of writing, there's only one template, but you can customise the blog template including text, headlines, layouts, social media comment boxes etc. 

The template did look pretty sleek in my opinion. A good way to quickly host a blog. 

Creating a blog post was easy, but the layout for doing so was quite small. After research it looks like this was the short description, as the full editor is available after clicking edit post. 

Posts have to be edited a certain way using the editor, so you definitely wouldn't want to create a huge blog using this technique. 

But for those creating advertorials or blog sales posts, it's a great option. 

17. Connect Custom Domain Names

All plans come with a free subdomain, but this probably insufficient for most businesses.

The one thing I don't quite understand is that the Startup plan doesn't offer any custom domains. So you can't connect your own domain unless you pay €47 per month.

I'd have expected at least 1 custom domain on the basic plan. Even still the subsequent plans only offer 2 or 5 custom domains, which is still nothing to rave about. 

Connecting a domain name is simple. Just enter your chosen domain and then follow the step by step DNS instructions to get setup. 

18. Great Customer Support

The website prides itself on offering fast customer support in under 24 hours on all plans. This is something that is very beneficial. 

I tested this out by sending an email. I received a response within hours. 

There's also a wealth of free information in their knowledgebase. Additionally there is a 5 part video training series created by Aurelien Amacker. Most videos are 10 minutes long. 

So you're not short on how to guides, but there's no flashy training like you'd get over on Clickfunnels, but in saying that, less is somethings better! 

19. Community of Other Members

I went looking online to see if there was any successful marketers using this platform. 

I found a Facebook group with 580 members from around the world. This is an English speaking group. On average there's 3 posts per day. Anyone can join, free member or paid. 

In the French version, they have over 11,000 members. On average thesre is over 30 posts per day. It's clear to me, a lot of French marketers are using this platform right now. 

But the English version of the site is fairly new, as Aurelien Amacker mentioned to me: 

"Over the past couple of years, we’ve successfully launched this tool into the French market with great success. We have over 4,500 customers. In January of this year, we’ve made some changes to our tool and opened in the English market."

There's not many Systeme Reviews online, at least on Most seem to be on the French version of the site which won't show up for foreign searchers. 

Most of the reviews are positive, and mention the price being a big reason they use the platform, compared with alternatives such as Builderall, Kartra, Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

20. Free Trial

The best thing about this platform is the no credit card required 30 day trial. I'm a firm believer that offering value upfront, is the best way to get new clients. 

It's good to see a free 30 day trial. If you compare this to other platforms that only offer 14 days, it's a no brainer. No credit card is helpful too, as you don't have to worry about a rebill. 

I imagine it's only a matter of time before the credit card becomes a requirement so you should probably go ahead and signup soon. 

21. 2 Tier Affiliate Program

The final reason you may like to use this platform is the 2 tier affiliate program for referring clients to the platform. Anyone can build a full business on this tool, so it's an easy sell. 

You get commission on any one you refer to the platform, as well as 5% of any one they refer. This could lead to some amazing commissions if you signup a big affiliate. 

You can join the affiliate program here. 

Systeme.IO Review

This is a great platform, that is very affordable. You can save a fortune by not having to spend money on separate email marketing software, webinar tools, sales funnel builders, membership courses and more. 

systeme review

The low monthly fee starts at only $30 per month, but most people will need the $52 per month plan (prices correct June 2020). 

Systeme Pros

  • Manage thousands of contacts
  • Create unlimited sales funnels
  • Send unlimited page views/traffic
  • Create unlimited products/services
  • One click upsells, order bumps, downsells
  • Create and sell courses with content
  • Create and manage affiliates
  • Lowest price compared with competitors
  • Fast support, good testimonials

Systeme Cons

  • Lacking templates in certain areas
  • Few third party integrations
  • No concealment of video file url's
  • Few/no custom domain names

As you can see the pros definitely outweight the cons. These are my own personal opinions and may differ from what you believe are the pros and cons. 

What I Think About Systeme?

Personally I'm a user of this platform. I've used all those expensive tools and this incorporates everything together, in one easy to use platform. 

I'd have liked more templates, but I imagine through time they will introduce this to the platform. You can of course customize templates yourself. 

The editor is fast, much faster and reliable than Clickfunnels. It looks very similar to that platform, but also offers so much more, at a much lower price. 

It's definitely worth a try, given the 30 day free trial. See what you think for yourself. 

Best Alternatives

From my own experience, these are other platforms you might like to consider:

  • Clickfunnels
  • Builderall
  • Kartra
  • Leadpages
  • Generatepress.

Your Review

Have you ever signed up for 

Please consider leaving a positive or negative review below, and help other readers decide if it's a good platform for them, or not. 

Thanks for your support. 

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