PixelUnion’s Superstore Shopify Theme Review

Are you looking for a Shopify theme for a large store with many products? Maybe you've got a Shopify store that sells products in the automotive, fashion, tools, footwear, electronics or even sporting, pets or outdoor niche, then you'll seriously want to consider Superstore by PixelUnion.

This theme just launched and is priced at $350 USD. It's at the top end of most people's budget, but today I'll show you why this is a game changer for your business.

Who is PixelUnion?

Pixel Union is a Shopify theme developer that creates kick-ass themes for Shopify. They are owned by the same company that owns Out of The Sandbox and all themes are the same on both of these platforms.

Additionally to this, they have created some amazing Shopify apps such as Wholesale Club, Bizzy Social Proof, Pixelpop, Ultimate Special Offers, Countdown Sales Timer and Smart Shipping Bar. Each of these apps is fairly successful,

But the real reason people use Pixel Union is for their themes such as Superstore, Empire and Atlantic.

superstore theme review

What is Superstore Theme?

Superstore is the ultimate Shopify theme for anyone looking to create an amazing store that looks dope on both mobile and desktop devices. Additionally it's the perfect theme for wholesalers and high volume stores. You can build your store with power, performance and many layout options.

Out of the box, the theme is available in 4 pre-set styles. These are various color schemes with different layouts, however you can use any layout and change the color to suit your own store. My personal favorite has to be the blue, electronics store, which can be used for many other stores.

Just take a look at this example.

superstore shopify theme review

Superstore Homepage

The themes main stand out feature is just how amazing it looks on both mobile, desktop and tablet on desktop. It looks really unique and it looks a lot like a lot of the popular stores that are currently already out there. If you are trying to create a store that rivals the likes of some very successful brand names, then Superstore is definitely the theme for you.

The Superstore homepage includes a bar and across the top whereby you can add a logo. On the left hand side you can choose a navigation menu.

You've also got a search box. You can use the inbuilt currency selector, which is available on the top right hand side of the screen, and this is also where the login buttons are for the account and the cart button.

One of the standout features, in my opinion, is the huge slider that goes across the screen, which lists the latest products or collections, as well as any special offers that you may like to include. For example, you can have a collection or a product page and choose which one you want to show, and if it needs to be a scrollable one or if it's going to be fixed in place.

Beneath this you've got a sophisticated bar with four columns where you can add things such as free shipping, you returns policy, your support details, and how to find your store beneath this. You've got a really sophisticated product collections, and you can add as many or as few products as you like.

Here in the example, they've got a six collections and the images are big and they do not run off the screen. Beneath this. You've then got additional collections or products that you can display. You can display these alongside images or you can actually display the products with an ability to add to cart or a quick shop option.

Further down, you've got testimonials and you can add as many or as few as you'd like. And beneath this there is also a full page video, which would be perfect if you had a fashion store. Again, beneath this, you can add more collections. You can add search boxes, you can add categories. You can also add a blog with a read, more options so you can add as many or as few posts as you like.

Additionally, there is an Instagram option. You can add this if you've got an Instagram account, it's not compulsory, so it can be removed. Beneath this, you've got the first footer, which includes a newsletter, and you can add or move this as well. Beneath that, you've got the ability to add addresses for your stores, or you could even add specific features such as your delivery options or your call to actions or even your trust badges.

Lastly, beneath this, you've got a full page footer, which again can be customized completely. You can add over move, you can change the amount of columns, and you can completely remove this as well. Superstore provides the ability to completely remove all features. And you can add or remove as many different blocks as you like.

They offer a fairly sophisticated dashboard where you can update your store in real time and remove sections and add sections as you wish.

Superstore Product Pages

The pages take up the full page of the screen with the images on the left and the text in the middle. This is also accompanied by the vendor description as well as individual product reviews. If your customers leave reviews, these will be updated here. For example, some products may have 10 reviews, while others may have zero.

You've also got the price and the sale price, which will show up here. This is followed by a description of text about your product. The default layout looks really smart on a large screen monitor, but also looks very appealing on smaller devices as well. On the right hand side, you've got a quantity box as well as add to cart and buy it now, which can be added or removed depending on your circumstances.

Beneath the products you've got a related products option, and again, you can add as many products here as you'd like. Alternatively, you can choose to relate based on various factors such as categories or similar prices. Following this, you've got a very simple customer reviews, which allows customers to add their own reviews.

You can also include images in these reviews as well. There is a report as inappropriate option as well, so you can allow your customers to help the community. If someone posts a review. Speaking of that, you can automatically post them to the site or you can manually review them before they are published.

Superstore Cart Pages

You can use the default Shopify cart depending on whether you want to have it fold out from the side or send users directly to a cart page. If you use the cart page, the Superstore theme, it provides a very simple and sophisticated cart checkout process. 

It looks awesome in my opinion, with the subtotal and the checkout box, as well as a list of the items you've added to your store with the ability to change the quantity, which updates in real time.

The enter a gift note or special delivery options looks a lot better than the standard Shopify instructions and can even be removed completed. And  beneath that you can add a shipping calculator, which will allow users to update their shipping before they actually go through and check out the Shopify shipping rights.

This will improve your conversions as a lot of people get annoyed when they have to put in their address before you actually reveal the shipping price.

If someone then goes through to checkout. This then utilizes the standard Shopify checkout process, which you can of course customize further to make it look more like your actual store.

Superstore Wholesale CLub

It integrates with PixelUnion's Wholesale Club app which allows you to create a purely Wholesale or a seperate wholesale pricing model for your store. You can learn more about that here.


  • Add-to-cart fly out: Show wholesale customers their cart as they add items, allowing them to easily keep shopping or check out.

  • Real-time cart updates: Customers can see price changes when they adjust their cart’s quantity without having to refresh the page.

  • Tiered customers: Group customers into different tiers and set multiple wholesale prices rewarding valuable VIP customers.

  • Cart style integrations: Easily match your wholesale cart’s style to the colours and typography used in the rest of your online store.

  • Advanced cart minimums: Show your VIP customers how much more they need to purchase in order to get a steeper discount.

  • “Net” payment options: Offer net payment terms to selected customers, allowing them to check out without paying up front.

  • Currency converters: Allow wholesale customers to see prices in their native currency when a currency converter app is installed.

  • Amazing compatibility: Wholesale Club is compatible with Shopify sales channels and third-party inventory management.

  • Expert support: Access our premium customer support team, who will help with any questions you have about the app.

Superstore Final Verdict

The Superstore theme by pixel union is that it's an awesome theme. It costs a lot of money, but if you want a theme that looks like some of the big brands themes that they are using when they're not actually using Shopify, they're using other platforms, then this is hands down.

One of the best themes that I've seen to date. This theme is not designed for conversion rate optimization or providing all the spammy stuff that dropshippers typically use. This is a theme to create a professional eCommerce store that makes it easy for what users to check out and easy for users to see all your products and services.

Would suit automotive, electronics, fashion, health, pets, children or any large inventory store. 

I particularly like how amazing this theme looks on both desktop and mobile. If you are using a small screen, normally e-commerce stores struggle because they don't fully test their store on smaller devices.

However, the team behind Superstore theme clearly have gone above and beyond to ensure this theme looks amazing on every single size of screen.

Given the price point, I would be reluctant to purchase this theme if I was purchasing a theme for a one product store. This is definitely a theme for larger stores, people building professional businesses. We're creating a fashion label and they need something stylish. If you compare this to some of the premium Shopify themes that are out there, it looks a hundred times better.

In my opinion. It offers full customization. And you get instant access to this theme when you purchase online. And just remember any purchases you make for Shopify themes if you are running a genuine business, will be a tax deductible expense. So don't be put off by the price point.

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