Super Affiliate System Review: John Crestani’s Course Worth It?

Are you looking for an honest personal review of John Crestani’s updated for 2019 Super Affiliate System? If so then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been through the entire course from video one to the end of week six. This is my Super Affiliate System Review to see whether it’s worth it or you should run a mile.

Firstly, this review is going to be some BS one where I offer you 50 bonuses worth $100k at the bottom of the page for buying his course. If you want that, then go checkout another review which is clearly designed to sell you on the course so you get the bonuses.

What is the Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is the latest version of John Crestani’s course and claims to the be the #1 affiliate marketing course online.

At $997 it’s a medium priced course that claims to show you everything you need to start making money online as an affiliate.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani has been around the affiliate world for many years and has helped thousands of students start their own affiliate marketing businesses.

He’s the bloke with the beard that drives around in that white Lamborghini and speaks at many events all over the world on making money online.

If you’ve ever heard the term, digital nomad, John Crestani is the original one, who was making money and travelling the world long before anyone else.

Over the years, he’s launched many different courses, but the one course that hasn’t changed (but has been updated yearly) is called Internet Jetset or Super Affiliate System.

John is a powerful Youtuber with over 95,000 subscribers with some videos getting over 2 million views, when they go viral.

There’s a lot of negative reviews about John online, many titled John Crestani scam, my advice would be to check out the footer of those reviews. You’ll find nearly all of them are Wealthy Affiliate members. Lesson #1 of that program is to give everyone else a negative review except your own.

Even the owners of that platform run paid ads on Google about it, it’s a dirty game unfortunately but that’s why there’s so many mixed reviews.

Super Affiliate System Review

Once inside the members area the first video is a welcome introduction as to how to course will work. The big emphasis is on communication and you’re told about the numerous contact methods John and his team like to use. You can expect emails, calls and Facebook messenger notifications. Don’t worry they aren’t obtrusive.

You’re also told about John’s weekly webinar which at the time of writing is every week on Friday at 3pm PST. If you’re in the UK or Europe this time might be quite late on a Friday evening but during this time you can talk with John live, he’s going to look over your work and help you out.

Course Content

The course’s primary goal is to help you be a paid traffic expert marketer within 6 weeks. Across these six weeks you’ll get access to 50 hours of content videos across the A-to-Z affiliate spectrum.

The course is split up then into six modules/weeks:

  1. Introduction and System Setup
  2. Success Skills
  3. Marketing Skills
  4. Facebook & Google Ads
  5. Native & Youtube Ads
  6. Scaling & Outsourcing.

Module 1: Introduction & System Setup

This first module looks at goal setting. This then goes on to show you how to join affiliate networks such as Clickbank.

It’s important to note you don’t have to use Clickbank, especially if you’re from a country such as India where this network is banned.

You can use alternatives such as Shareasale, MaxBounty, Peerfly, JvZoo or Warriorplus.

You then learn how to setup your landing page, pre-sell page and website if required.

You then go through the process of setting up your first Facebook Ad and how to set this up with your affiliate network.

It’s quite a basic overview but if you’re a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, you’re definitely going to get value from this module. If you’re more experienced then you might find the content lacks depth for you.

Module 2: Success Skills

Personally I’m not a huge fan of mindset videos but this course has an entire video series on the entrepreneur mindset and how to get started.

Next you’ll learn how to research your niche, find an offer, choose an ad network and in depth niche research.

You’ll also learn how to network effectively and understand intent.

Again the content will be great for beginners but if you’ve bought another course on affiliate marketing before, there’s likely going to be overlap.

Module 3: Marketing Skills

Module 3 in Super Affiliate System looks at how to become a proper marketer through the psychology of ads.

You’ll learn how to create and structure great ad copy and follow John’s 17 step formula to become a copywriting expert.

You’ll then learn how to optimize your ads correctly.

Module 4: Facebook & Google Ads

John Crestani knows how to market on Facebook Ads. Chances are you’ve seen his ads all over the interest since you clicked onto his free Webinar. If you haven’t seen the webinar or are just here by chance then you might not have.

This week looks at the importance of Facebook Ads and how to be compliant when marketing affiliate offers through their platform. It’s very easy to get banned if you’re not careful so follow carefully. You then learn about various metrics and analytics for tracking your data and ad spend.

There is a two part Google Ads training section which dives deep into various Google topics.

It was pleasing to see the level of detail in this section.

Module 5: Native & Youtube Ads

Week five goes into two different strategies that most courses simply forget to mention and that is native ads and Youtube ads.

You’ll learn how to setup native ads with platforms such as MGID, Outbrain, Voluum and Taboola.

You also get an insight into the world of Youtube Ads which can be expensive… just think of Tai in my garage.

Native ads are a great way to promote affiliate offers and John’s training is some of the best here.

Module 6: Scaling & Outsourcing

The last week you’ll learn how to use sales funnels with Clickfunnels which can increase your ability to successfully capture leads. You’ll also learn how to scale through various case studies and media buying techniques

Lastly there is an outsourcing section on getting assistance for your business.

super affiliate system review

Why You Should Buy Super Affiliate System?

If you love John Crestani and think he’s the man then you’d be well inclined to purchase this course from him. $997 is not too expensive for a course given some other courses out there cost $1997 or even $2997.

Another reason to buy this course is the fact it’s regularly updated and you’ll be grandfathered in to any new versions without having to pay again to access the new material. The course is currently in version 3 and probably will be updated again shortly.

The other great thing is the done for you files, templates, swipes, case studies, ad copies and winning campaigns that John includes for all members. Just make sure that you’re not an idiot and copy and paste them into your own website or ad accounts, it’s likely every member is doing that. You’re going to need to customize them a little bit, at least.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Course

Super Affiliate System is a paid traffic method which means, on top of your $997 fee you’re going to have to spend money running ads.

While paid traffic works and is one of the fastest ways to see returns, it’s also the fastest way to blow your capital within minutes.

While John shows you how to be careful with ad spend, it would have been nice for him to include topics such as organic search engine optimization (SEO), which although takes time, would suit beginners who might be strapped for cash.

If done correctly, SEO can pay dividends and can be far more lucrative for passive income than paid ads.

If you’re only interested in free traffic then you probably want to give this course a miss.

Best & Cheapest Alternative To Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you want to learn how to do paid advertising as well as free traffic, social media and search engine optimizaton then you probably want to look up the name Franklin Hatchett.

He offers a cheap course called Savage Affiliates that offers 175+ videos on the world of affiliate marketing.

Franklin is very similar to John, having both won an award called the 2 comma club for making over a million dollars online with sales funnels.

Savage Affiliates shows you how to make money with sales funnels, email marketing, search engine optimization, native ads, solo ads and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The course also shows you how to create a website and make money passively.

The best part of course though is the course is over $800 cheaper at only $197.

You can then use this $800 saving to invest in your business, there’s also a community of 5,000 members you can communicate with in the Facebook group.

I’ve done a full length review with photos on this course too. You can compare yourself.


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