Starting From Zero Review: Fred Lam’s $1.99 Audiobook Offer

Are you looking for a real review on Fred Lam and his latest offer launching, April 9th called Starting From Zero? This book was launched as version 1 last year and has been updated, refreshed and relaunched for 2019.

Who Is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam is a serial product launcher, he jumps around from one course to another, when one trend dies, another idea comes along, where he claims to show you how to make money through eCommerce, drop shipping or starting an agency. I’ve never featured his products on this blog because people who launch endless courses, clearly don’t make money from what they preach.

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There’s countless examples of this on Muncheye, WarriorForum and JVZoo.

Fred Lam’s courses always sell hundreds of thousands of copies because he gives away outrageous prizes to super affiliates who can send thousands of people willing to pay $1.99 for an Audiobook. He then makes most of his money through the endless upsells you’ll receive on the backend.

If you did put your email in, you can expect a bomb to hit your inbox in the coming weeks.

Why So Many People Promote Fred Lam?

Prizes being given away to super affiliates who promote, ‘Starting From Zero Book’ include a brand new Mustang, Ford Mondeo, rolex watches, laptops, televisions and more, with over 100,000$ being put aside for prizes. Plus a new competition for 2019, anyone can win a car if they send enough leads who buy the $1.99 audiobook, pretty crazy huh?

If affiliates send 5,500 leads, Fred will buy them a Ford Mustang worth $25,000!

That’s why you are going to see so many raving reviews about Starting From Zero in the next two weeks until the content closes on April 19th.

Don’t fall for this clear affiliate marketing tactic. If you do like the course buy it because you want too, not because Joe on Instagram with his 1million followers told you it was how he makes his money online.

Starting From Zero Offer

Now before you get carried away, on the front end it’s only an Audiobook and it’s going to show you the basics, with a focus on convincing you to buy the the four upsells that will cost anywhere from $47 to $197. Buying all the upsells is going to cost you well over $400 plus a monthly recurring addon.

Did you really think Fred was going to give super affiliates a free car if you didn’t buy all those upsells? That’s where the money is made and how we can afford to offer all those swanky prizes. In return affiliates will convince you this is the course of the year but for me it’s another Fred Lam flop.

The sales funnel for Starting From Zero book review goes like this,

  • Front End: $1.99 Audiobook
  • Order Bump: $47 – Media Buying 6 Step Guide
  • Upsell 1: $147 – 90 days then $49/mo
  • Downsell 1: $1 trial 7 days then $49/mo
  • Upsell 2: $197 – Masterclass Training
  • Downsell 2: $79 x 3 months.

So going through the front end if you buy all the products currently on offer you’d need to fork out, $392 with an ongoing monthly fee of $49 for the live training. Total investment after 3 months is well over $440.

So that $1.99 Audiobook that all those affiliates told you to download, isn’t really $1.99 at all, not if you actually want to learn all of the concepts taught by Fred Lam.

Starting From Zero Review

starting from zero review

Now the concepts taught in his course are all fairly basic. They touch on the topic of media buying which is just one area of eCommerce and drop shipping. If you’re looking for a complete course on learning how to start your very own eCommerce business then you’re going to very disappointed.

Front End – Audiobook & PDF ($1.99)

I suggest you take a read at one of the only honest reviews on the audiobook and what will happen once you do buy the course, ending up on an email list with endless upsell offers, webinar offers and special promotional emails.

You will also get the new material which has been included in version 2.0.

Order Bump – 6 B.S. Framework ($47)

This one time offer you’ll need to add during the checkout process is called, ‘Media Buying Training’ and reveals Fred Lam’s 6 Brilliant Strategic frameworks for anyone to start to generate a 6 figure business.

When I first saw the B.S. I thought it stood for Bullshit, which you might be thinking given the way it’s described as a way to make 6 figures for only $47 of investment. The terms and conditions of Fred’s offer emphasis the fact his results are not typical and you should know you’re buying knowledge not results.

There are six different business models with traffic tactics so you can start your own online business. Remember I said Fred sells courses, it’s clear to see from these models that he doesn’t actually use them himself.

Upsell 1: eCompreneur ($147 then $49/mo)

You’re probably going to need this addon if you actually want to learn how to start an eCommerce business. Given the ongoing monthly fee, over the course of a year you’re paying nearly $600 for a membership. Compare this with other courses on the market that are one time access and it’s fair to say it’s pretty pricey.

You get access to a 12 week training program where Fred Lam will mentor someone, yes.. someone else, not you! You can learn from watching and apply this to your own business.

You’ll get access to two of Fred’s tools including Shopzie and which are an automation tool for using with Aliexpress and getting Cashback and the latter is a short URL service such as

I’m unsure why you’d need both tools given free alternatives have existed for years such as Oberlo as well as Aliexpress cashback services such as Dropified and Alidropship.

From using both services they just appear to be an addon to help justify the monthly fee for this upsell.

If you don’t buy the upsell then you get a downsell with a $1 trial for 7 days then $49/mo.

Upsell 2: Influencer Masterclass ($197)

There are literally hundreds of courses out there that show you how to use influencer marketing in your business and Fred is bringing you a masterclass from his good friend, Connor James who claims to be a 7 figure Instagram marketer and one of Fred’s top students.

According to Fred and Connor, he will show how to build, grow, and scale your business through the power of influencers and you can learn all this for only $197.

Most other courses that have featured on my blog, have included influencer marketing as part of the course. I’m unsure why you would buy a course specifically related to influencers as there is only so much to learn (not that much!)

If you reject the upsell you get a downsell of $79 x 3 payments.

Would I buy this course if I was you?

Fred Lam is a serial course launcher, search his name on Google and you’ll see what I mean. He sells courses that offer a low entry offer with crazy prizes that affiliates will do anything to get their hands on, promoting an audiobook to send as many leads to the front end offer as possible with little knowledge of what happens when they enter the funnel.

The additional modules cost money and will likely have one click upsells so be careful when going through the funnel. You will quickly realise you have added well over $400 to your credit card which you could have spent on a fully fledged course with Facebook mastermind group and live training and still had $200 left to spend on your eCommerce business.

I’ve seen it all before, people end up buying offers such as this one because of the flashy sales pages, fast cars and big name star fronting the camera. The problem is they rarely deliver exceptional value. After years of learning and working in the eCom game, you definitely don’t get what you pay for and small courses such as eCom Elites (review) offer far more value than these flashy OTT courses.

Be your own judge and good luck with your journey whichever option you take.

I’d buy eCom Elites ($197) Yes I’m an affiliate, no I don’t get free cars if you signup. I get a tiny percentage. If I cared about the biggest commission I’d be recommending a $10k course. I want to see my readers succeed online so only recommend the very best (in my opinion) course you should buy.

12 thoughts on “Starting From Zero Review: Fred Lam’s $1.99 Audiobook Offer”

  1. Thanks Rhys for the honest and direct review. Now I know I shouldn’t even waste my time checking out the low cost FE product.

  2. Hi Rhys,
    I love your honest opinion about every e-commerce guru and to read about your experience on all the courses you took. Thank you. Now I am curious about the course Zero Up from Fred Lam. It is mentioned in your top 20 best e-commerce guru’s 2019. But there is nothing further to find about the course Zero Up. Can you please do a review about it? It is an expensive course, currently about $1497. I would like to know if the price is that hight because of the software they provide along to the courses, but more importantly I would like to know if YOU think it’s worth it?

    • At that price I’m not prepared to buy and find out either. Fred Lam is a serial course launcher and jumps around from one trend to another to sell courses.
      Then he buys bright yellow Porsche’s. I only review courses of people who claim to make money from what they preach.

      • Hi Rhys,

        Thanks for the amazing review. I have bought myself Fred Lams Ecom course. And it’s just all basic. Though for 2.99. It’s worth it. I’m about to go to ecomm elites with you raving about Franklin Course. I do just want to ask for advice. Here in the Philippines… Dropshipping is not applicable since the mode of payment here is COD. So will Franklin’s course still be useful?

        • Why focus just on local drop shipping? You could sell internationally and collect credit card payments instead of COD. So yes it’s relevant.

  3. Just read Fred’s free PDF. Recently retired from working, and am wanting to start an e-commerce site. I’m treating it as if i am playing a video game, such as Farm Life. It would be nice to make a fortune, but it’d be perfectly fine to just make a little cash. My main question so far concerns AliExpress versus Oberlo. Fred presents the lessons based on using AliExpress. A lot of reviews i am readings tend to trash AliExpress when comparing it to Oberlo. Does anyone have experience with both suppliers, and is willing to share your opinion with me? Thanks.

    • Hi James,
      Oberlo and Aliexpress are very different. Oberlo is a platform for connecting your store with an Aliexpress supplier so in theory you’re not really escaping Aliexpress at all. Most courses recommend using Aliexpress as it’s a method that can be used by anyone world wide. Working with US suppliers for example wouldn’t be easy for someone residing in Africa.

  4. The review you linked to on GoodReads was very interesting. Thanks for sharing and being honest. I watched a Fred Lam’s video a few months ago about an eCommerce model and it was pretty fake, to say the least.

  5. I totally agree with every word you said about Fred Lam, I am currently launching my e-commerce business and recently I finished “Starting From Zero” which I thought would add to me some value because of what influencers said about this book.
    Truth said: It is overrated and literally just basics stuff are covered.
    I personally do not believe that Fred Lam or any internet celebrity guru who claim to make millions of dollars online or whatever, will teach you to do the same for courses as low as 10$, 47$…Let’s be realistic a little bit, if you have a way to make 1000$/day for yourself, would you seriously give your strategy and tricks away for strangers at a very low price? Hell no! this doesn’t make you selfish or anything, it just makes you human, this is human nature. If Fred makes millions of dollars online as he claims to do so, then why is he so much eager of selling his courses?
    Something to think about.
    My advice is for each individual to do his/her own research and see what works well for them, you do not have to be the next “X”, just try new things for yourself and you’ll learn on your own what works

  6. Superb Review. After spending 30mins on the audiobook, I am still listening to crappy stories full of “Entreprenuers”, “X Million in sales”, “Opportunity”. As the “Story” drags on, the less professional the author seemed to me. I thought i was the only one who experienced that.

  7. Excuse my language, but I’m so tired of these “expert” fu**ers, and this one is especially annoying, I’d love to take his ads and push them through his throat, people like him have zero moral values, and kiyosaki somewhat co-working with him… I’m deeply disappointed.
    Luckily we can’t take these physical stuff with us, once when we lie six inches under.


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