Spocket.co Review: Winning Products, Drop Shipped Locally

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from thousands of drop shipping suppliers all over the world with a primary focus in USA and European suppliers.

To date over 20,000 entrepreneurs have signed up for Spocket.co, an exciting new startup that takes the pain out of finding reliable suppliers in USA and Europe. While many courses focus on using Aliexpress, few touch on local suppliers/services.

spocket review

With over 1,100 positive reviews on Shopify app store, it’s definitely a powerful app.

How Spocket Works?

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to dropship from a variety of categories from suppliers worldwide.

Once you find a suitable product you can order product samples right from the dashboard in a few clicks. This is perfect for testing out products before shipping them to your customers.

Sprocket allows you to fulfil your orders with one click using their Shopify or Woocommerce integrations.

As 70% of their suppliers are located in the USA or Europe your customers will receive their items within 5-7 days.

How Much Does Spocket Cost?

The great thing about Spocket is you can get started with a free plan which allows you to import up to 25 products.

If you want to import further products you need to choose the pro plan (250 products / $29/mo) or the empire (unlimited products / $79/mo).

All plans include currency exchange features so if you sell in a different language you’re good to go, global pricing rules and automatic shipment tracking number fulfilment to your customers.

The pro and empire plans offer premium member exclusive products, branded invoicing and phone based support.

What Winning Products Are On Spocket?

So after signing up, you get access to the winning products that you can add to your store with one click.

There are many products from a wide range of niches including:

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Technology
  • Home & Garden
  • Automotive
  • Bedroom
  • Adult Products
  • Kids/Toys/Gaming
  • Computing.

All products have a discount of 30-60% from the retail pricing, giving you a healthy commission.

Become A Spocket Supplier

Any one can sign up to be a spocket supplier provided products are shipped from the USA or Europe, you offer a live CSV feed and you’re an official business. They collect the payments and you ship the products, then each Friday you’ll receive a payment from them.

You must offer a discount from your retail prices to give drop shippers a profit margin.

You also need to offer a flat fee for domestic and international orders with tracking.

You must include the generated invoice by Spocket and not your own marketing material.

It’s free to become a supplier on Spocket.co

Spocket Review

Spocket.co is an awesome free app (with premium upgrades) for drop shippers looking for USA and EU suppliers. There are a few NZ and Australian suppliers too.

There’s hundreds of thousands of products from 20,000+ suppliers.

You can stay up to date with product stocks and these integrate with your Shopify or Woocommerce store.

You can fulfill orders with one click and stay in the loop with real time order tracking.

You can get branded invoices on their premium plans for added effect to make it look like YOUR brand.

Fast email and phone support, a knowledge base and a money back guarantee make this an awesome app.

Spocket Discount Coupon

There is no discount or coupon so don’t fall into the trap of those fake coupon sites.

There is a free 14 day trial and a free account.

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6 thoughts on “Spocket.co Review: Winning Products, Drop Shipped Locally”

  1. While I find the concept of sourcing directly from local suppliers to be attractive on paper, since I myself want my customers to receive their items in a few days and not weeks, the main thing I’m concerned about here is the fact that most of the listings are from Etsy sellers.

    I just need someone to clear my doubts on this issue… what do you think?

    • Hey Nelson,

      Boris from Spocket here. We run a strict vetting process for all our supplier, holding them accountable for shipping times, quality and consistency. If a supplier is listed, we trust them.

      Does that clear your doubts?

  2. My concern, even though you vet the sellers and “hold them accountable”…is that it appears you have dropshippers selling to other dropshippers. I am thinking of using Spocket, but that worries me.

  3. I use Spocket for 6 months, they fulfill 65% of the orders. They always say they will perform better but they don’t!
    I will remove the app immediately.


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