Software Creation Academy Review: Is It Worth $197?

One of the best ways to develop passive income is by creating a software program, or SaaS product, that charges a monthly fee in exchange for a service. Today we're looking at Software Creation Academy, a platform that teaches you how to create your own software program.

But can you actually learn to create software without being a developer or maths freak? Well today we're going to check it out, and let you know what we think of the course. 

My Software Creation Academy Review


Ranked #3 out of 17 software courses


High quality, different business model


Over 10 hours




Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #3 out of 17 software courses
  • Content: High quality, different business model
  • Length: Over 10 hours
  • Price: $197
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

What is Software Creation Academy?

Software Creation Academy teaches everyday people how to develop software from scratch and sell it for profit. This platform is designed for those who want to break free from 40-hour work weeks and finally work for themselves.

This is a beginner-friendly course that provides all the knowledge required to create software that can attract customers and buyers.

There is no need to be a programmer or have complex coding experience. Multiple software ideas are provided, in addition to tips on how to find a suitable one for you. Those with limited resources can also start this course, as it is incredibly low-risk ($197 + your time).

From producing software to effectively marketing in, Software Creation Academy is a great option for those looking to earn additional income with little to no maintenance.

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software creation academy review

Who is Martin Crumlish?

Martin Crumlish is an entrepreneur and software producer who has worked with 7-figure corporations to boost revenue. He has extensive experience in the IT industry, where he produced apps that see 50,000 users on a regular basis.

Besides his software development skills, Crumlish is also known for his marketing expertise. He has helped various companies effectively scale and launch campaigns. His business has expanded to the point where he brings in millions per year, just on selling software alone.

Crumlish has reached the pinnacle of financial freedom and wants to help you do the exact same. During the years where he grinded, Crumlish gathered insider tips and tricks.

He and his team found the most effective system to maximise profit without placing in much expenses and effort. Most importantly, Cumlish built his business while still working a regular 9 to 5 job.

Crumlish developed Software Creation Company as a way to teach everyday people an efficient way to earn income on the side. There are no gimmicks, just facts and techniques to build and sell software.

What’s included in the Software Creation Academy?

Software Creation Academy is divided into 6 main sections, which provide the secret formula to producing quality software.

The first section is an introduction which focuses on building self-efficacy and constructing a strong mindset. Crumlish provides tips on how to overcome obstacles that may arise while creating or selling software. On the technical side of things, he gives a brief overview of expenses and how to best utilise limited resources.

After a brief introduction, students move onto part 2: preparation. This is where the planning begins. Crumlish teaches students how to find a software idea that is in-demand.  

He also provides techniques on how to figure out a rational timeframe for when a product can be completed. In preparation, there is also a lesson on creating a realistic budget where bad outcomes can be predicted. Lastly, he teaches how to build a stable spec for coders to follow.

In part 3, students get to learn how to construct the actual software. Crumlish provides tips for those who want to outsource their product. He teaches how to find a reputable coder and how to avoid legal fallout. For those who want to create their software from scratch, Crumlish gives a list of places to code.

One of the most important parts of this section is cost protection (part 4), where there are lessons on producing a whitelabel and ensuring that the application is compatible with a sales funnel. Lastly, he gives an overview of UX and UI designs.

After the software has been curated, it is time to move onto management. Crumlish provides an overview of proven management templates to help monitor products. There is a tutorial on the different stages of development, such as beta and production.

This is to help you get a firm understanding of selling basic software development and reach a target audience. The most important section of this module is that the lesson on hosting. Crumlish and his team give advice on how to identify hosting plans that are sustainable and cost-effective.

After the software development fully completes the product, you head into part 5: delivery and acceptance. There is a tutorial on locating the best beta users who can detect problems with the app before it meets the public. There is a crucial section on escrow release to prevent giving out refunds due to bugs.

The final section (part 6) provides advice on launching the actual app. There are lessons on ensuring that the app can be supported with a sales funnel. Instructors also break the stereotype as one time offers (OTOs) and teaches students how to best employ this technique to generate more sales.

This part requires you to create a sales funnel. You can use ClickFunnels to do this. They offer a 14 day free trial for new users. Click here to get started.

There are classes on generating traffic and gathering affiliates to increase exposure and awareness of the product. Crumlish also gives a list of the do’s and don’ts of launching to ensure successful and prevent drawbacks.

How much does the training course cost?

Software Creation Academy can be purchased for $197. This includes extras worth over $8,000. An SCA Hiring Matrix Cheatsheet is given, as well as an SCA Design Rolodex to locate professional designers.

Templates are also included, in addition to a TechSpeak Codex to help you familiarise yourself with software jargon. One of the best extras is SCA Action Plan, which is a blueprint to launch a product from scratch within the span of just 30 days.

All major debit and credit cards are accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but the whole course must be followed through before applying for a refund.

The course sales page claims it's limited to only 100 students, but I've yet to see it disappear. Either the course has limited students (unlikely) or is actually open to more people.

Any testimonials for the course?

There are several glowing reviews on the official website. Crumlish been referred to as no-nonsense and informative, diving into the technical straight away.

The course sales page includes 10+ reviews, but I'm unable to validate their authenticity, so be sure to do your own research into the testimonials.

Ken Kopelman has some kind words for this course. He had a software idea but had too much on his plate to ever truly develop it.

Unfortunately, another person took the chance to develop this same idea, generating huge sales. Kopelman truly believes that this course would have prevented that from happening.


If you've thought about developing a software program this might be the course for you. I personally think you need coding skills to develop software though, but still it offers a great insight into developing skills to create your first software program, at a rock bottom price. I'd definitely consider purchasing Software Creation Academy


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  1. Hey Rhys – Thanks for the review. I checked out the people who gave the testimonials and though some of the people seem to be legit, none of them have launched any product. Also, no one has claimed that he has been able to develop and launch a software program after purchasing and going through the course. Although the sales page says that the course will be restricted to 100 students, it is still available. I believe it is a 2 or 3 year old course. Any idea whether it has been updated?


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