SMMA University Review: Is It Worth $997?

Are you looking for an SMMA University review that's up to date and looks at what you actually get? Today I'll dive deep into this course offered by Kieran O'Brien and whether it's worth $997. 

Currently available for a lower price of $297, it appears to be dormant, with no new members or posts in the mastermind group, but with ads appearing on social media platforms such as Facebook, I had to take a look and see for myself. 

What is SMMA University?

SMMA University allows people to launch a social media marketing agency from scratch. It was created by Kieran O’Brien, who managed to create a six-figure business while he was still in high school.

smma university review

This program is designed to help students grab a client paying more than $1000 monthly, in under 4 weeks. The modules created go through A to Z of social media marketing, making it a suitable course for beginners.

SMMA University can help those looking to lead a non-traditional life. With this course, students can eventually start working from a laptop and become their own boss.

SMMA University has been mentioned in several high-profile platforms such as Disrupt, Medium and Influencive.

Whether you’re someone who has always dreamed about starting a business, or an already successful entrepreneur, SMMA University is sure to teach new information relevant to this generation.

There's many other SMMA courses out there similar to this. Be sure to checkout our guide on the best SMMA courses available to buy right now. 

Who is Kieran O’Brien?

Kieran O’Brien is a 20-year-old digital marketer and entrepreneur. He established GearedSocial, a marketing company that works with those in the automotive industry.

As of 2021, GearedSocial helped several big names like Lamborghini and Vivid Racing to increase influence through social media. Part of his work in digital marketing includes new trends such as utilising influencers, and traditional routes with Facebook Ads.

Kieran is most well-known for constructing a 6-figure agency at just the age of 17, when he was still in his last year of high school. He is still running GearedSocial, while being active on social media. Kieran has a Youtube channel that teaches on how to build a successful marketing agency. Additionally, he also displays his luxurious lifestyle filled with expensive cars and exotic vacations.

Kieran employs social media as a tool for his successful business. He runs Instagram accounts which has a combined total of 1 million followers as a way to advertise brands.

 With 3 years of experience in digital marketing, he has condensed his knowledge into SMMA University as a way to help those seeking financial freedom and a flexible lifestyle.

What’s in SMMA University? 

SMMA University consists of 8 modules which go through the complete basics of building a successful digital marketing agency.

  • Module 1: Welcome (8 Lessons)
  • Module 2: Outreach (9 Lessons)
  • Module 3: Meetings & Sales (9 Lessons)
  • Module 4: Digital Plumbing (4 Lessons)
  • Module 5: Goals, Content, Targeting (6 Lessons)
  • Module 6: Results P.t. 1 (6 Lessons)
  • Module 7: Results P.t. 2 (6 Lessons)
  • Module 8: Scaling to 6 figures+ (6 Lessons).

Most of the modules are fairly short in terms of lesson length and total content. For example there is only a total of 10 hours of content in the whole course, that's very short for a $997 course.

What’s in each module?

The first module is an introduction to this course. It goes through the structure of an agency, as well as technical aspects including taxes. This area also covers personal branding and helps you decide what you are able to offer to customers.

Module 2 is named Outreach. In this section, students are taught on how to decide on a niche. There are videos outlining the basics of finding clients, either through online research or cold outreach.

Module 3 is Meetings and Sales. This is an area that goes through the type of client meetings and creating proposals. There is also a video on pricing services, as well as securing clients and deals.

Module 4 is The Digital Plumbing which goes through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

In Module 5 teaches students how to construct a content library. It also goes through both saved and custom audiences.

In Module 6, Kieran goes through digital marketing using Google Ads, Youtube Ads and LinkedIn Ads. The videos on these topics uncover the absolute fundamentals, making it useful for beginners new to social media marketing.

Module 7 teaches about scaling with Facebook campaigns. It is an important section for reaching results, where Kieran provides content on working with doctors, restaurants and gyms.

Module 8 goes through scaling the digital marketing agency to more than 6-figures. There is content on hiring appropriate employees and measuring revenue. Additionally, it helps prep future businesses with goals, as well as constructing operational workflows.

The modules from SMMA University feature experienced entrepreneurs and marketing experts.

This includes Dennis Yu, who is the CEO of BlitzMetrics and has worked with Nike and the Golden State Warriors. Hayden Bowles, a 7-figure ecommerce expert, also guest stars in some of the modules. Casey Adams is also featured and personally goes through the basics of personal branding.

Personally anything with Hayden Bowles is a major turnoff for me. This guy has his hands in pretty much anything and claims to be a successful high school drop out while flexing his lambo at every opportunity to promote his projects. eCom, course creation, Youtube, SMMA. Yeah right. 

SMMA University Mastermind Group

At the time of writing this review there was 73 members with an average of no new posts or members in the last month. It's pretty clear to me that no one is buying or enrolling in this course currently. 

You will likely join the course and find out the mastermind group isn't being used. Just for reference the group was created in October 2019. 

I do have a feeling that Facebook mastermind groups are slowly dieing out. 

How much does SMMA University cost?

This course is available for $299, with the original price at $997. This includes unrestricted access to all video content and guest features.

Students are also allowed into the Private SMMA University Group. There are a wide range of downloadable resources such as templates and systems. Kieran also conducts question and answer meetings on a weekly basis.

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Here’s what a satisfied student had to say:

“About a year ago, I got coaching from Kieran. He just helped me 10x my agency.”

Additionally on the sales page is a large number of video testimonials for the course. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately after watching more than 25% of the videos you are no longer able to get a refund. So if you want a refund within the 14 days, you must watch less than 2.5 hours of a 10 hour course. But what's more confusing? Just opening the video constitutes watching that lesson, so you could blow your chances of a refund after clicking some videos. It would be fair it's similar to a no refunds policy. 

Final Verdict: SMMA University Review

It's a decent amount of content but with less than 10 hours of content, it's pretty expensive for what it is, $997. Yes there's regular discounts, but it appears the course hasn't been updated since 2019. On the sales page it says the price goes back up to $997 in November.

Well it's now March and it's still on sale. Plus there's a measly 73 members in the mastermind group with 0 new members or posts in the last 30 days. 

There are many more popular courses with a similar price out there. A shoddy refund policy pretty much limits anyone from getting a refund too. 

My Rating:

#1 Best SMMA Course

After reviewing over 25 different SMMA courses over the past 3 years I believe that the SMMA Blueprint (read review) is the best one. It offers over 100 videos on the entire process and is owned and operated by two guys that run a 7 figure agency. With the course costing a max of $795, it's much more affordable.


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