Six Figure Marketing Consultant Review: Trey Cockrum Course

Trey Cockrum is here with his latest course, Six Figure Marketing Consultant which claims to be the most in-depth training on the most important aspects of running a social media marketing agency. For $997, you can get access to his entire smma course.

It's important to note, this is an unfinished course, it's constantly updated based on customer needs and feedback. If you want to buy a complete course then be sure to checkout the best smma courses on the market.

Who is Trey Cockrum?

For those that don't know, Trey is a Youtuber who talks about his journey to making money online. He has a rather modest following of 17,500 subscribers. 

Back in 2017 and 2018 he was a keen dropshipper and actually created his own course on the topic. That course is called 'Smart Shopify Dropshipping' and is still available to purchase today for $497.

But it's clear that in 2019 and 2020 he's promoting social media marketing agencies as the number one way to make money online.

Trey regularly interviews other successful agency owners on his Youtube channel and it's actually what most of his smma course is about. This includes over 50 hours of recorded coaching calls with his students one on one. Additionally it includes everything you need start and scale a successful marketing agency.

Additionally he interviews pioneers in the SMMA world such as Mariah Miller who created her own course on the topic of smma too.

Trey claims to be the founder of Coah Media which is a paid advertising agency however I couldn't find any information about this online aside from a video talking about his courses. Over on Instagram he doesn't appear to be flaunting his wealth to sell his courses which is always good to see.

six figure marketing consultant review

Six Figure Marketing Consultant Review

The course is currently hosted on Teachable which means videos look and feel great regardless of which platform you're using such as mobile, desktop and tablet.

Video quality is impressive and it's clear Trey knows his stuff. Unfortunately the quality of his students audio is not that great, which can be expected. They clearly don't have professional microphones, sound cards and the experience that Trey has in creating training material.

The course comes with a 50% refund policy, which means you'll only ever get 50% back provided you've watched less than 20% of the course, followed the steps and failed. You also get lifetime access to the course which includes future updates from Trey Cockrum, the course has been updated recently.

You currently get access to 50 hours of recorded coaching calls, access to mindset training, advanced training on attracting and selling new clients into your agency and training on building a team to handle the work and help you focus on scaling.

Lastly there's a Facebook group which lets you communicate with other agency owners who have taken the course. At the time of posting there was only 85 members with 11 being added in the last 30 days. On average there is 2 posts per day. The group is fairly active however it's clear that this isn't a massive community..yet.

The course was originally named, Trey Cockrum's SMMA Accelerator and was available to purchase for $697 so other people in the course might have got in at a reduced rate compared to you.


Trey Cockrum's course, 6 Figure Marketing Consultant is yet another smma course that claims to be the best. While others focus on over the shoulder training, Trey has opted to record his interactions with his students to which you can follow along and learn from.

It's an interesting model, personally I'm not a huge fan of watching amateur video content online, it's difficult to watch. However every person is different and what I think might not be what you think.

The price tag is pretty high and will put a lot of people off, especially in an industry where you can start a business for nothing. If you've got $1,000 to spare you could very easily invest this into your business startup costs rather than buying a course. Remember you still need money to make money, after you bought the course.

That's why so many people buy more affordable courses that offer the same level of content and training so they can actually start their business.

My #1 SMMA Recommendation

Voted as the #1 course on for the last year, the smma blueprint is one of the most powerful social media marketing courses for starting your own agency from anywhere in the world. Suitable for beginners, it's a complete A-to-Z approach. 

At a fraction of the price of others, they offer 75+ video lessons across a wide range of modules so you can start your own agency in days. You also get access to a community as well as on going coaching calls. 

The course is offered by two real agency owners who have proven experience in this business.