Simplified eCommerce Review: Jorge Antonio eCom Course

Simplified eCommerce is a course created by Jorge Antonio who claims to provide everything you need to know to build and scale an eCommerce business online.

You’ll get access to 50+ videos for a one time fee of $297.

The course is also referred to as Simplified eCom.

Jorge also offers a private Facebook mentorship group as well as weekly live Q+A sessions.

But is it just another course or is there something special to be found? Let’s find out.

Who is Jorge Antonio?

Jorge is a Youtube entrepreneur that claims to make money from drop shipping. His channel currently has a small following, only 555 subscribers across his videos. Most weeks he posts 2-3 times and these videos have 300 – 1,000 views.

Most videos are clickbait, such as ‘Finding $100,000 Winners,’ and there’s even a video about him selling fake airpods. It should be pretty obvious that you’re selling a fake brand name product right? Just look at them and the price.

Over on Instagram he likes to live a life of travel and inspiration.

Simplified eCommerce Review

simplified eCommerce review

The course is split up into 7 modules accompanied with a bonus copy and paste templates section.

These modules include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating A Shopify Store
  3. Product Research
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Facebook Ads Advanced
  6. Back-End Systems
  7. Instagram Influencer Marketing
  8. Copy & Paste Templates.

I’ll go into each section in detail below so you get a full understanding of what you can expect from the course.

Aside from the welcome module which includes links to his Shopify affiliate and his FB group.

Module 2: Creating A Shopify Store

This module includes videos such as picking a type of store (niche vs brand vs one product) as well as creating that store. The videos are over the shoulder and give a good insight into the process.

There’s also videos on GDPR compliance, payment providers, shipping rates setup, branding, logo creation, conversion boosting on the checkout page, buying a domain and linking this to Shopify.

You’ll also learn how to setup an email for customer service, installing recommended applications.

Lastly there’s a video for creating a one product store and what you can expect.

Module 3: Product Research

Most courses struggle with product research but I actually enjoyed the four methods taught by Jorge Antonio in this section of the course.

There’s videos on how to import products to your store and creating product descriptions.

Lastly a video on what not to sell. Fake or trademarked products.

Module 4: Facebook Ads

This section includes the most videos but I still think compared with other courses, it’s lacking a lot of content.

You’ll learn definitions as well as creating a Facebook business manager account, creating Facebook pages, installing your pixel and then customizing your columns to analyze the correct metrics in your FB dashboard.

The course goes on to show you how to create a high converting video ad, organizing campaigns.

Then you get a live campaign (well it was live when it was recorded) where you can see Jorge testing a product across two videos of 20-25 minutes each.

You then get a two part Facebook Ads scaling video and how to monitor your campaigns.

Lastly how to fix a dieing campaign.

Module 5: Facebook Ads Advanced

You’ll learn more detailed things in this section including lookalike audiences, creating custom and lookalike audiences and implementing these.

You’ll also learn about retargeting and micro testing. Lastly a video on manual bidding.

Module 6: Back-End Systems

You’ll learn everything about abandon cart emails, customizing Shopify notifications and checkout pages.

You’ll create an abandon cart sequence and automated thank you emails with cross sell follow ups.

Lastly there is a section on creating an automated customer win back sequence.

A pretty interesting module.

Module 7: Instagram Influencer Marketing

Lastly you get a few videos on Instagram. It’s clear Jorge isn’t an expert in this section as the content here is very limited.

You’ll learn how to create brand authority, create a native Instagram Influencer Ad.

Lastly you’ll learn story vs feed and a 101 training on using Instagram Influencers.

Refund Policy

There is no mention of any refund policy with Simplified eCom so decide carefully if this course is for you. Jorge recommends taking out a Paypal loan if you can’t afford the program however it’s highly unlikely you’d get approved for a digital product.

Final Verdict

Firstly, the course actually offered quite a lot of value and given the entry level price it will suit beginners looking for a guide on how to setup a store and add products before running traffic with Facebook or Instagram.

Unfortunately that’s where the knowledge ends. If you want to learn Google Shopping, Google Ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, Email Marketing, Chatbots then unfortunately Simplified eCommerce currently doesn’t offer any content on these topics.

As you might know Facebook Ads is becoming expensive and you’ll need to spend a lot of money testing your campaigns before finding a winning campaign. Depending on your situation you might want to look at other traffic methods but there is no coverage in this course for that.

Given it costs the same as another course that does offer all those trainings it’s difficult to recommend this course compared with eCom Elites which offers nearly 4 times the content (175+ videos) that goes into far more detail too.

I’ve done a review on this course here, I’d recommend checking it out before buying the course that suits you best. Over 5,000 students have bought eCom Elites due to it’s student success rate.

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