Shoptimized Theme Review: Is It The Best Drop Ship Theme?

One of the most popular themes for Shopify e-commerce businesses and drop shippers is Shoptimized theme but is it really the best drop ship theme?

Or are there far better options out there? In this article you're going to get an insiders look into the theme, what you get and whether it's the best theme or not.

Right now you can pickup a single license for $167, 3 store license for $197 and a 10 store license for $597. When I initially discovered this theme the prices were much cheaper but given the popularity the owners have clearly put the price up.

Shoptimized appears to be trademarked somewhere in the world leading me to believe their operation is fairly large and with that probably means lots of clients and good support.

On their pricing plans they state they offer 'native English speaking support' which is available 7 days a week.

All plans include one year of support and upgrades while the $197 and $597 plan include free access to a Shopify and Facebook training course.

shoptimized theme review

Shoptimized Theme Review

Like many of the premium themes out there you're not just buying a standard template, you'll get access to a bunch of paid apps that will probably save you hundreds of dollars per year on premium subscriptions.

These plugins include an entry pop up, exit pop up, internal site search, product bading, countdown timers, shipping time estimators, social-proff pop-up, sticky add to cart, currency switcher, currency personalizer, cross-sell up sells, mega menu and stock remaining counters.

While the additional conversion boosting features don't appear to be as interesting as themes such as Konversion Theme or eCom Turbo, they claim you'll save over $2,011 per year with a Shoptimized theme. They currently offer 30 features but I couldn't find them all.

Shoptimized does offer a good demo theme and it's fairly easy to spot a successful drop shipper using a Shoptimized theme. The images below are from a real store out there.

Top Menus Customization

The first impressive feature is the social media icons in the top left followed by a geo IP message, "spend X to get free shipping to X country.

This is done on IP and will give your customers a sense of personal touch. You can then include a currency converter that users can change.

You can include links to inner pages such as blog, about us, contact us and my account. In the top right is the cart icon which displays the price.

The next row is the logo which can be customized using your own and this is accompanied by a search box in the middle.

This is a predictive search and will allow visitors to type certain words and it will pre-populate likely products. On the right is a contact us form which will help with your conversion rate. You can change it to anything you wish.

Homepage Features

The first main selling point is the huge banner that you can edit and display anything you like., You can choose whether to show or hide this on desktop and mobile devices. Personally I'm not a fan on mobile but it looks great on a wide screen monitor.

Next you can include collections and html blocks. Product collections include individual products along with the price and a review. Your products can showcase any tags such as a free delivery icon, a quick buy button and even the current sale price.

As you scroll down the page you can choose to have the header sticky or unfixed. The header automatically changes to a thinner menu with the phone number, logo and search bar and again this is completely customizable.

Beneath that you can include images using an HTML block and allow users to cycle through images. This is probably a good place to put testimonials or if you sell direct to consumers, people wearing or using your product/s. You can then add videos or images and completely customize the columns and rows.

You can add further testimonials using a grid or a carousel and customzie everything.

Product Pages

I'm not a huge fan of the Shoptimized product page, it looks far too similar to Prestashop and less like Shopify. Some people may love it but I'm unconvinced. The font also needs to be changed in my opinion, it's something you can do if you'd like.

The product image can include any tags as mentioned earlier including free shipping, sale price. The title is bold and beneath you can include a fake product sale calculator such as '14 sold in 24 hours.' Beneath that you can add product reviews, the price and a 'you save XX on an equivalent product.'

Consumers can use variants and any other fields you choose such as product customization fields and then you'll have the quantity and an add to cart option.

Shoptimized theme then offers the ability to add secure checkout graphics beneath the add to cart button.

Below that you can include a fake quantity remaining countdown timer followed by 'Hurry only X left in stock.' You can also add a fake live visitor counter and a free shipping calculator. Similar to Amazon you can include a 'get it by X date' for better conversions.

You can also add pop up upsells once they add to cart.

You can have product images beneath the main image and it's easy for consumers to switch across.

The product information is included in tabbed format and allows you to enter description, shipping details, specifications, delivery and returns information, about us content and of course your reviews. You can completely customize the options as you'd like.

Below this is a related products section which cycles through random products or chosen by you.

You can add your generic testimonials to the bottom of the page.

A really cool feature Shoptimized offers that I like is the floating bar that follows you down the page and includes the name, price, reviews and quick add to car button with the variants.

This is something I haven't seen before but I can see it getting pretty annoying for consumers unless you're running a one page product store.

Footer Features

Above the footer you can add call to action boxes such as a satisfaction guarantee or secure checkout buttons or icons.

You could add pretty much anything here as long as it's text or images. Beneath the CTA boxes is the actual footer which includes an email subscription widget to generate mailing list subscribers.

There is also a widget for displaying pages on your store similar to the header. Lastly is another widget where you could add anything such as phone numbers, contact details.

More advanced users could add links to their knowledge-base, support desk or 'track your order pages.'

Shoptimized theme then includes a sub footer where you can add social media icons and your copyright or trademark information.

The date is automatically updated so your website is always up to date.

Cart Page Features

Shoptimized offers various cart pages and the one most people seem to use is the side bar on the right. This looks great on desktop but probably should be avoided on mobile.

It is pretty cool and includes the title, a small image, the description, the total price, view my cart and the usual checkout buttons.

You can also have a 'Your X away from unlocking free shipping' to encourage a higher add to cart amount.

Going to the actual cart is very similar to the default Shopify checkout page.

You have a fake cart expiry countdown timer which can be set to whatever you like. It looks very similar to Conversion Pirates script but on the actual cart page.

You can customize pretty much every thing on this page.

The checkout page is fairly stock standard but does include a logo and multi step checkout tabs.

Shoptimized Theme Support & Updates

The theme is regularly updated and one license gives you unlimited updates for the one year.

Since launch they have released many different versions and each time I've received an update file despite the new price being much more expensive than when the original theme was launched.

They offer a support portal which can be accessed through the members area.

They offer a one time installation and customization package for $99. Alternatively they offer a done for you store setup for $497 + the theme license.

I'm unsure how good this would actually be so my advice would be to buy a course and to the work yourself.

Shoptimized Theme Pricing

Currently the theme costs $167 for a single site license which is near the top end of the premium Shopify theme market however you do get many features and it looks great on both mobile and desktop.

You can opt for a 3 site license for $394 which is good for entrepreneurs expecting growth which allows you to save $65.66 per license.

There is no Shoptimized theme coupon or discount so don’t left some spammer convince you there is.

Sales Page:

Final Verdict

It’s an awesome theme and looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop. It offers lots of customization and over 30 different plugins that will save you hundreds of dollars every month in subscription fees if you were using a free or premium theme that didn’t include such features.

I have to say I hate the font and it reminds me of Prestashop which is a free e-commerce platform that developers used many years ago before Shopify came along.

There's lots of fake scarcity features too and I have a feeling turning these all on will make your store look like the thousands of other stores using Shoptimized theme as well.

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