Best Shopify Conversion Hacks: How To Increase Your Sales

Are you struggling to convert visitors into paying customers or successful conversions? You might have the world’s hottest product but with a poor Shopify store, you might be struggling to make sales. Fear not, today I’m going to show you the best Shopify conversion hacks for increasing sales in 2019.

I’ve tried and tested all the hacks below over the last few months so can vouch for them all. Some are free, others are premium and if you’re running a successful business you should invest in your business. After all, it’s an expense so you’re only lowering your tax bill right?

Shopify Conversion Hacks

shopify conversion hacks

1. Conversion Pirates Checkout Hack

It’s probably one of my favorite hacks at the minute and allows you to customize the checkout page of your Shopify store within seconds. All you need is an active Google analytics script embedded on your store (free to signup) and add the script to turn your boring Shopify checkout page into a conversion booster instantly.

Best Shopify Conversion Hacks

The best feature this script installs is the countdown timer which adds scarcity and can be changed from the default of 10 minutes to anything you like. You can customize most of the page including colors, fonts and text.

After installing this on a brand new store, the results were dramatic and a quick search online shows you numerous other success stories from installing the Conversion Pirates free script.

It’s unclear how long the script will remain active as you’re in effect altering Shopify’s in house checkout system but the script has been working for most of 2018. If you’re on the fence, go for it right now.

2. eCom Turbo Theme

So you’ve got an awesome checkout page, the problem now is probably your theme. Stop using free themes as they suck and kill conversions. You need a premium theme such as eCom Turbo, which is well kitted out for conversions. You may have heard of other themes such as Booster Theme, Shoptimized and Turbo but hands down, eCom Turbo is the best.

When I first started using those premium themes that Shopify touts as the best, I quickly realized they looked awful on mobile. The problem is most of your traffic in 2019 will likely be mobile so you need a theme that looks awesome on every device, big or small.

After much research I found Franklin Hatchett’s theme, eCom Turbo that was created from the ground up and integrates with the best high converting apps and features right through the theme installer. You don’t need 12 different third party apps as they are all included in eCom Turbo.

Everything about eCom Turbo is customizable and it looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. The biggest benefit to this theme is having the title, photos, price and buy now button above the fold on mobile, so no scrolling is required for your consumers. It really does boost your conversions from day one!

eCom Turbo is currently priced from $97 for a single store through to $147 for unlimited licenses. If you’re planning on building out quite a few stores over the next year then the unlimited package is definitely the way to go. It’s one time fee so no monthly or yearly renewal fees are payable.

Franklin offers a wide variety of videos and a free course on actually setting up your theme too.

Demo | Download

3. Add A Phone Number

Another good method to increasing your add to carts and subsequent checkouts is to actually add a phone number to the header of your theme. Now before you start freaking out about putting your cellphone number on the store front you can actually buy a virtual number for $10 per month.

Simply buy the number, record a quick voicemail such as, ‘Thanks for calling XYZ Store, all our help desk team members are currently assisting other customers, please leave your name, number, order number (if applicable) and a message and we’ll return your call.’ You’ll be surprised to see hardly anyone leaves a message but it’s a nice gesture to increasing customer satisfaction and adding authenticity to your store.

CallHippo offers virtual numbers in 50+ countries including USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland and more. You can buy numbers worldwide from any country for around $6 per month.

Now you know some of the best conversion hacks for Shopify. One freebie and two premium ones including a theme that will ensure you boost your conversions from day one. Remember, invest in your business, it’s an expense of doing business and comes off your tax bill rather than out of your own pocket. If you’re not setup as a business yet, make 2019 your year to do so.

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  1. Thanks for the tips and value you are putting out there.

    I was wondering about a few things about dropshipping and the business itself.
    I’m not from USA (like you, from NZ if I read correctly)

    How do you setup a company for dropshipping?
    Do you need to setup a LLC in Delaware to do so?
    How do you open a bank account in USA?
    Do you have a product liability insurance?
    How do you pay yourself (money from the business to your local acount where you live)
    How do manage all the tax keeping and booking? Are some accountant specialize in dropshipping?

    Thanks, and I won’t forget to go through your link to buy a course 🙂

    • Hi Lele,
      You can setup in your country of residence, no need for USA company.
      No need for delaware company unless you intend to sell purely within US from US suppliers
      Again no need for this, if a delaware company is needed companies such as myusacorporation can assist
      No as we never touch the products
      We draw money from the account and it’s taxed in our home country, we also pay corporate tax in USA.
      I use Xero and don’t have an accountant, it’s easy if you know what you’re doing but definitely use a tax advisor before setting up a US company as you will get double taxed if you’re not careful.
      Hope this helps you? 🙂

  2. Hey I was wondering if there is any way I can just add the countdown timer within the checkout and not the “why choose us ” script as I try to remove that particular coding it shows ” undefined” within that section


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