12 Best SEO Affiliate Programs That Pay Up To $499 Per Sale

Are you looking to promote SEO services or software to your audience or followers? Maybe you've got a blog, website or existing clients who might need additional services?

There are many different SEO and digital marketing cloud based tools that include keyword research, backlink exploration, competitor analysis and content generation, which are very popular. There's also the manual outreach platforms that will create articles, get links and help SEO's with their goals. 

Most of these tools and services offer affiliate programs, partner referrals or revenue shares which allow affiliates to make commissions promoting them online. 

There are dozens and dozens of SEO affiliate programs out there, we've chosen to look at the highest paying affiliate programs that pay up to $1000 per sale. Most offer recurring commissions too which is even better! 

If you're new to affiliate programs, it works like this. 

You'll sign up as a client for one or many of the recommendations below.

After creating an account you'll be provided with a unique URL which will hard code a cookie or tracking pixel into the browser of anyone who clicks that link. If they complete checkout within a set time frame you'll get a percentage of that sale, usually 10-50% of the total sales price.

For example if you sold a product at $199 per month and your commission was 40% you'd receive $79.60 every month they remain a subscriber. 

That means after 12 months you'd have earned, $955 from one referral.  

Why Promote SEO Software, Tools or Services? 

SEO Tools, website software and content services are all in hot demand, needed by the average internet entrepreneur to gain a foothold in the industry and scale their websites, apps and client requirements. 

When it comes to tracking keywords, spying on competitors, keeping tabs on what's trending and creating new content there is only so many hours in the day. Premium tools have been created to make the lives of SEO's and digital marketing professionals lives easier. 

There will always be a demand for these products and services and most of them offer up to 50% recurring commissions meaning you'll get paid for the life of their subscription. In this industry the churn rate is often as low as 5-10% on average meaning you'll get commissions for many months. 

Creating your own content to promote these platforms is simple and anyone can start making commissions promoting SEO software, tools and services within a few hours. 

If you've got a following of make money online leads, entrepreneurs or business clients you can make lots of passive income promoting these affiliate programs. 

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How To Promote These Affiliate Programs

  • Create your own blog posts using each platform
  • Creating SEO tips and tricks and sharing online
  • Posting on forums or communities after helping others
  • To an existing client or email list with industry interest.

12 Best SEO Affiliate Programs For 2019

We've spent hours upon hours looking at different affiliate programs for SEO tools, software and services. After much deliberation we've hand picked these 12 which all pay high recurring commissions.

1. SEMRush Affiliate Program

SEMRush is one of the world's most popular web based platform widely used amongst digital marketing professionals, small businesses, SEO guys and advertisers. 

It offers the best indepth competitor analysis on things such as backlinks, keywords and link building opportunities. Their bots crawl the web all day long looking for new pages on websites, new links and then compiling this into an easy to use web based platform. 

SEMRush Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 40% recurring revenue
  • Huge 10 years of cookie life span
  • The first cookie wins, not the last.
  • Payments via Paypal or wire transfer
  • Payments made every 2 weeks.

Why Promote SEMRush?

SEMRush is a platform used by over a million people worldwide. It's in hot demand and there are always people looking for their services.

One of their most popular competitors is called Ahrefs which doesn't offer an affiliate program so you can send traffic here instead. 

2. KWFinder Affiliate Program

KWFinder is owned by Mangools and is a tool that allows you to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty scores. You simply enter a word and they'll provide suggestions on keywords you can target. It's probably one of the most famous tools and is a direct competitor to platforms such as Long Tail Pro and KeywordRevealer. 

The web based platform offers cost effective pricing, multiple addon products such as rank tracker, serp tracker, serp miner and the ability to track, store and export keyword data. 

A free version will help sell your visitors on the powerful platform and what it can do for them. This should convert them into paying subscribers with a range of price points on offer. 

KWFinder Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 30% recurring revenue
  • 30 day cookie tracking
  • Fast payouts via Paypal
  • Use your own coupon code
  • Earn up to $287.64 per sale.

Why Promote KWFinder?

KWFinder is a platform used by over 500,000 people worldwide. It's in hot demand and there are always people looking keyword ideas.

It's a much cheaper alternative to SaaS platforms such as Ahrefs, Majestic and other tools such as SEMRush. 

3. NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program

NinjaOutreach is the best all in one blogger outreach platform that helps users to generate leads of other bloggers, entrepreneurs, journalists, internet marketers and sites they could potentially work with.

The primary feature is the ability to find Influencers that can work with clients to grow their brands, provide guest posts, create news worthy content and more. The tool is regularly recommended by SEO bloggers such as Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward and Zac Johnson. 

Visitors to your links will get a free trial that can help with converting them into paying subscribers. There is a total of 4 different subscription plans where each user is billed annually.  

NinjaOutreach Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 20% recurring revenue
  • Four subscription plans
  • Uses in-house tracking tools
  • Visitors get a free trial.
  • Prompt payouts via Paypal.

Why Promote NinjaOutreach?

As more and more emphasis is placed on exceptional content and genuine backlinks, marketers are looking for new ways to work with other Influencers and bloggers. 

A simple platform that offers a lot of features and makes lives easier, converts very well.

4. Spyfu Affiliate Program

Spyfu is one of the best tools for downloading competitors most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search. Users can search for any domain and see where they show up on Google.

Users get access to data such as every organic rank, ad variations and site contact information collected over the last 13 years. One of the main features is PPC competitor research so targeting this keyword is a wise idea.

Additionally they offer SEO competitor research, keyword research tools, domain leads and top lists. A full step-by-step tutorial help section is also included. 

Membership starts at $33-$299 per month with unlimited data and includes simple billing and a generous money back guarantee that will go down well with potential clients. 

Spyfu Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 40% recurring revenue
  • 365-day tracking cookie
  • The first cookie wins, not the last.
  • Payments via Paypal or wire transfer
  • Payments made every 2 weeks.

Why Promote Spyfu?

Spyfu has a very low churn rate of only 4% which means your recurring commissions hold real value and will keep coming. 

One of their most popular competitors is called Ahrefs which doesn't offer an affiliate program so you can send traffic here instead. 

5. SEOProfiler Affiliate Program

SEOProfiler is a full featured website promotion tool that offers various SEO tools for keyword research, web page optimization, link building, link analysis, SERP ranking checks, website analytics and SEO audits. 

With a global platform they can check ranking changes on Google, Google Mobile and Bing from 162 countries worldwide including desktop and mobile data. 

It's the perfect solution for everyone including small businsesses, large businesses and SEO agencies looking to keep track of clients websites and business ventures. 

Their platform offers some of the best features that other competitors can't offer. For that reason they offer plans starting at $69.95 per month up to $999.95. Yearly plans get a 33% discount. 

SEOProfiler Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 50% recurring revenue
  • Reliable in house tracking
  • Earn up to $499 per month
  • Payments via Paypal
  • Payments made NET30.

Why Promote SEOProfiler?

This is one of the most powerful suites of web based SEO software and is used by thousands of people worldwide. 

One of their most popular competitors is called Ahrefs which doesn't offer an affiliate program so you can send traffic here instead. 

6. TheHoth Affiliate Program

The Hoth is the place people go to grow with SEO and since 2010 they've been helping agencies and in-house marketers to grow their businesses online. 

Offering a range of services such as managed SEO, link building, content creation, local SEO ranking, reputation management, paid traffic and SEO analytics, they have many different promotion angles available for you. 

Most of their services are priced highly, but they do offer a high level of service which is probably why they've been around for so long. You can sell services that can cost upwards of $1000. 

Most clients buy multiple services at once or come back for additional services. With a basic 25% recurring commission dropping to 5% for high ticket products you'll get paid for any orders in the first 60 days. 

TheHoth Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Up to 25% for 60 days
  • 60 day cookie tracking
  • High converting sales funnel
  • Fast on time payments
  • Popular brand name.

Why Promote TheHoth?

The Hoth is an industry leader in link building and content creation offering a powerful sales funnel where they do the selling. 

Speak to any established SEO and they've heard of this outfit, this makes promotion a very easy sell to targeted traffic. 

7. Supermetrics Affiliate Program

Supermetrics is the #1 reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics and helps keep all your marketing metrics in one place.

With integrations with platforms such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn and others you can automate the manual work you've done before and save time. 

It's an easy sell to anyone who might be using Google Data Studio, MS Excel, BigQuery, Google Sheets and doing lots of manual work, by automating this process. 

Prices range from $39 per month to $190 per month for BigQuery and you'll get 20% recurring. With tools such as this once a user starts using it, it's very difficult to stop thus the churn rate is very low. 

Supermetrics Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 20% recurring revenue
  • 90 day tracking cookie
  • The first cookie wins, not the last.
  • Payments via Paypal or wire transfer
  • Payments made monthly.

Why Promote Supermetrics?

Find potential clients doing lots of manual work and sell them on this automated alternative and it's a very easy sell once they sell the benefits.

There aren't many web based platforms that offer similar services offering an affiliate program so send traffic to this offer instead.

8. Accuranker Affiliate Program

AccuRanker is the #1 rank tracker for agencies and SEO professionals that claims to be the world's fastest keyword rank tracker and trusted by more than 8,000 clients worldwide. 

Their motto is, 'not just another rank tracker' and they offer frequent keyword refreshes. Additionally they offer a wide range of metrics and data filtering. An easy custom template reporting feature is also included. 

Similar to other platforms they track both local and global rankings for both Google and Bing mobile and desktop. They also allow you to track competitors with a top 10 for every keyword in their database included too. 

AccuRanker also allows you to track SERP features such as snippers and other details to boost your traffic. 

All clients get a 14 day free trial which makes promotion easier and with monthly billing starting at $49 per month up to $2,499 per month you can make up to $499 per sale recurring. 

Accuranker Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 20% recurring revenue
  • 120-day cookie tracking
  • Real time tracking
  • Less than 3% churn rate
  • Low minimum payout ($100).

Why Promote Accuranker?

An easy program to promote as it offers a wide range of features and a free 14 day trial. 

Powerful database that allows competitor analysis and research on your own keywords and data, make this platform popular amongst agencies and in-house SEO's. 

9. Link-able Affiliate Program

Link-able is a platform used to help content marketers get relevant and targeted backlinks while helping authors and webmasters earn more for their writing. 

It's a unique platform that connects content marketers with authors using outreach tactics so one can guest post on high DA sites, build links and help with SEO and PR. 

There's two angles to promoting this affiliate program with signups available for content marketers and content authors. A database of sites is included for marketers to choose from. 

Link-able Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid up to $300 per sale
  • Lifetime recurring commissions
  • 90 day cookie tracking
  • Referral based bonus incentives
  • Prompt payment schedule.

Why Promote Link-able?

It's a great program to promote for anyone involved in content creation or link building and they use a custom web platform. 

You'll get a lifetime commission on any work requested and there's bonus incentives the more clients you refer. 

10. LaunchCDN Affiliate Program

LaunchCDN provides world class PBN hosting, custom builds and packages. They offer a completely unique platform that allows anyone to create WordPress or Static HTML accounts on cloud based hosting servers.

Using popular CDN hosting, you never have to worry about bad IP neighborhoods as your sites are located with geographically diverse IP's used by huge brands and other websites. 

These CDN platforms included the likes of Amazon AWS, Stackpath and BunnyCDN. You can host anywhere from 10 sites up to 1000's of sites, with SSL and email redirections available too. 

A do it yourself cloud based platform allows you to create new accounts within seconds and they'll even track Domain Authority for domains too. One click removals, backups and admin access is available too.

Pricing starts at $27 per month for 10 sites up to $1699 per month for 1000 domains. 

LaunchCDN Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 20% recurring revenue
  • Unique service to promote
  • Earn up to $339.80 per sale 
  • Payments via Paypal
  • Payments made month.

Why Promote LaunchCDN?

You'd need to target a certain type of SEO individual or site builder but they offer budget friendly cloud hosting with a sleek interface. 

They've been in the game for years, once clients start it's difficult to stop paying thus you'll get paid recurring revenue for months to come. 

11. FATJOE Affiliate Program

FatJoe exists to provide link building and done for you content services. It's primarily aimed at in-house SEO's and agencies looking for blogger outreach, content and blog writing, local business citations, press release distribution, infographic distributions and design services. 

A white label platform allows you to access a powerful dashboard for placing, tracking and managing orders in one place. You can then resell their services. 

Promoting this platform to agencies and SEO's should be easy as everyone is looking for third parties to complete tough and boring tasks that are time consuming. 

This affiliate program works by referring clients to use the platform. You'll get 10% of any services they offer for the life of the customer. Imagine referring just one client who spends $100k per year. 

FATJOE Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 10% recurring revenue
  • Lifetime commissions on all orders
  • 30 day tracking cookie
  • Payments via Paypal monthly
  • Awesome sales funnel.

Why Promote FATJOE?

White label platforms are great to promote to busy business owners as they can save time and money on manual tasks. 

FatJoe pays 10% commissions for the life of any customer who uses their platform. Some clients spend thousands every day!

12. SERanking Affiliate Program

SE Ranking an all inclusive cloud-based SEO software package that offers a wide range of services such as accurate keyword position tracking in major search engines. 

Other features include competitor SEO and PPC research, keyword suggestions, on-page optimization, social media management and extensive reporting. 

Some other features include API access, marketing plans, SEO checklists, website analysis, snippets crawler, traffic analysis and Moz Domain Authority checkers. 

A one stop shop for business owners, SEO professionals and agencies looking for data to monitor clients websites, they offer a free trial for all new clients with pricing starting at $39 to $189/mo. 

SERanking Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Get paid 30% recurring revenue
  • Long 120 day tracking cookie
  • Real time tracking stats
  • Payments via Paypal or Webmoney
  • Payments made every 2 weeks.

Why Promote SERanking?

SE Ranking is a world famous brand that offers a range of services in their SaaS platform. 

One of their most popular competitors is called Ahrefs which doesn't offer an affiliate program so you can send traffic here instead. 

Verdict On Best SEO Affiliate Programs

Today we've listed 12 of the best SEO Affiliate Programs which pay huge commissions on a recurring monthly basis. You can earn up to $499 per sale (recurring) with some of the platforms listed above. 

If you're looking for a way to make money from your blog, website or existing client base then you should consider working with one or several of these companies. 

Be sure to checkout our other affiliate marketing topics and scale up your earnings. 

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