Seller Pro Academy Review: Amazon FBA Course Legit?

Today, we will be looking at Johnny Bradley's course, which is an Amazon FBA training course specifically designed for British entrepreneurs or people looking to sell on Amazon UK.

His course is called Seller Pro Academy and aims to show you how to launch and scale a six figure Amazon FBA business with just a single product.

While the course is primarily aimed at the UK sector of Amazon, it can be applied to students all over the world.

Seller Pro Academy Overview

The course is split up into multiple modules with a wide variety of videos, which I will explain below. Additionally to the course content, you get access to a monetization mastery brand course as well as access to a Facebook group.

There is also a FBA specialist support consultant who will work with you when you purchase the course. Additionally, you will get access to VIP email support directly with Johnny.

Further to this, you get biweekly group strategy calls with other members of the course. This is also accompanied by supplier scripts, profit calculators, and access to the seller pro incubator 12 week program.

Seller Pro Academy Students

Johnny claims that there have been over 1000 students that have purchased seller pro Academy. And you may have watched a free webinar before being prompted to sign up for the full course.

There is also a free live demo where you can see behind the scenes before enrolling and that is available on the sales page.

In terms of the course content, you currently get access to 100 video tutorials, which are a complete step by step which go through the entire aspect of setting up your Amazon FBA business.

This includes finding your winning products, sourcing your products, launching and scaling your business as well as everything else you could ever need.

seller academy pro review

Seller Pro Academy Review

In terms of the content in the course, this is split up into multiple modules at the time of creating this review. There were 15 videos in the first module. 

You will learn about the introduction to the course, what the course is, and what Amazon FBA actually is, as well as private labelling. You will learn how much money you're going to need and when you will need this money. Additionally, you will learn how to join the 10K club. 

Module two looks at your support details, which includes everything you need to get a set up. This module is basically just some links to downloadable resources and additional links that you need to download the templates and that

Module three looks at creating a company. Now, this module focuses primarily on the United Kingdom market. So if you are from overseas, it's probably going to be irrelevant for you. However, if you are starting a business in the United Kingdom, you should watch this video series closely. The first video looks at naming your company and brand, which is followed by the advantages of starting a limited company.

You'll then learn how to set up a UK limited company and how to get a trademark for your brand. You'll learn how to create a business bank account, which is definitely recommended. Do not use your personal account. It will only get confusing. You will then learn how to get an accountant and how to set up insurance.

Module four and five, look at UK taxes and duties, as well as setting up your account on Amazon. In the customs video, you have an overview on the customs duties of the European Union and the United Kingdom. There's also a video on understanding value added terms as well as ROI numbers. You then learn up learn how to set up on from the United Kingdom.

Module six is one of the longest modules in the course and looks at the comprehensive product research strategy recommended by a seller pro Academy. You will learn how to set your goals, how to find the right opportunities, how to avoid using restricted products and categories.

You will then learn how to understand the Amazon phase in terms of additional tools that are recommended. The platform looks at jungle scout, which is a product research tool, which you can sign up for online. You will then learn how to do product research through other seller's stores, and there is an alternative product research method that most people do not consider using.

You will then learn how to use Alibaba as a product research website as well as nine nine nine cart. You'll then learn how to use Google trends, how to use a website called camel, camel camel, and how to find Peyton's. You'll then learn how to analyze your product research, and there is a final video in this module, which is rather interesting.

Module seven looks at sourcing your product and primarily looks at sourcing from China or locally. You will then learn how to do product research and which suppliers to find. You'll then learn how to get quotes, how to negotiate for better deals, and how to bundle your orders to get discounts with other suppliers.

You will then learn how to get samples and why you need a sample before you place a large order. You'll also learn how to design your logo and create your packaging. Finally, you will learn how to order and set up different payment options as well as how to save on currency exchange rates.

Module eight goes on to show you the different types of shipping options, which include air shipping, sea freight, and different shipping terminology.

You will learn how to pay your value added taxes and customs duties, and then you will learn how to use different shipping methods, including DDP or DHK , which is very important for VAT registered businesses.

Module nine gives you a walk through off the Amazon seller central and ensures that you set this up correctly.

You get a walk through on Amazon account setup, as well as ensuring you've got the correct bar codes. You will learn how to create your product listing and how to create variations for new or existing products. You will finally learn how to create a shipping plan and what to do if you run out of stock.

Module ten looks at creating a killer product listing through various good and bad examples of product listings. Seller Pro Academy recommends that pictures are the most important selling point in your listing, and there is a long video on why and how you can take the best possible.

Lastly, there are a section on keyword research, creating the best titles, creating descriptions, and using bullet points, how to set and lay out your layout as well as how to get verified and unverified reviews when you just start out.

There is also a video on hijackers and also ensuring that you follow the terms of service for Amazon.

Module eleven looks at the Amazon pay per click advertising and shows you how to do correct keyword research and how to automatically optimize your Amazon pay per click. Rights. You'll also learn about manual bidding as well as category targeting, brand targeting, and actually targeting properly. 

Module twelve looks at the ultimate launch strategy and how you can create discount codes as well as the actual launch strategy itself. There is a sneaky trick to get more reviews and why reviews are so vital to your business. You will then learn how to send followup emails and how to create a viral launch.

You will also learn how to use social media to launch products.

Module thirteen looks at how to use sales funnels to sell your FBA products, such as how to use click funnels. To create a sales funnel for your Amazon products.

You will learn how to automate fulfilment and how to use the Facebook pixel in your funnel. You'll then learn how to create an automated email campaign and how to set up and collect emails with an email provider such as MailChimp.

You will then learn how to get email opt-ins using eBooks and finally, how to track your customers. Module 14 looks at advertising, specifically Facebook ads. And you will learn how to set up a Facebook advertisement and how to build social proof with ads. You will then learn how to collect emails for a giveaway or product launch, and you will learn how to set up Facebook pixels for creating custom audiences.

Lastly, you will learn how to create conversion campaigns and how to set up an Instagram advert. There is a video on leveraging influencers by Instagram.

The last module looks at the basics and different topics and categories that you can target, such as automotive, beauty, beer, wine and spirits, grocery health and personal care, jewellery, luggage, travel, accessories, watches, and wholesalers.

Seller Pro Academy Bonus Content

In terms of bonus content that you will receive access to, there is a monetization mastery brand course, which includes 50 tutorials that will teach you how to build your brand, create a movement, and show you how to build a tribe of loyal customers so that you can monetize your brand.

You get access to eight modules, which include a introduction, the secrets to selling anything online, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, the power of digital products, social media secrets, and. There will be new content in 2019 as well.

Additionally, you get access to the membership group, which is via Facebook, which has a lot of members, and you can share your results and ask for questions from other people.

You will also have access to an FBA specialist support consultant, which offers email support to you. If you have any questions, you will get access to Johnny's personal consultant who helps him with his own business.

The most valuable bonus according to most people, is direct access to Johnny's VIP email account, so you can ask those burning questions and get product feedback fast. The ability to contact the creator of the course in real time is definitely worth a lot of money.

Additionally get access to the seller pro incubator. It's a 12 week program where you'll get an email and video support each week for 12 weeks. That provides a path laid out for you so you know exactly what to focus on so that you can get your product launched in the next 12 weeks. The last thing to note as you get access to a knowledge base, which includes immediate answers for nearly every resource or question that you could ask.

However, if you are still stuck and cannot find the answer in this knowledge base, then you can obviously reach out to Johnny directly or your VIP consultant.

Seller Academy Pro Pricing

The course currently costs £997, which is a little over $1200 USD and you can purchase with PayPal or credit card. It's entirely up to you and you will get all those bonuses. Johnny claims that while the course is primarily aimed at the UK community, that you can be based anywhere in the world.

There are rumors the price will increase in early 2020. 

However, a lot of the content does focus on the European union and the United Kingdom, so there may be a couple of hoops to jump through compared to the U S if you are looking for a course from the U S maybe you should consider something different.

Seller Pro Academy Verdict

This is definitely one of the best Amazon FBA courses on the market right now. Like many FBA courses though, they claim you're only one product away from success which is used to make it seem like Amazon is an easy business model to crack. It's definitely one of the more difficult online business models.

If you're dead set on starting Amazon FBA then Seller pro Academy is definitely a worthy investment compared to other more expensive courses out there. 

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