Dropship Life Review: Sebastian Esqueda Course Worth $397

If you’ve been watching Youtube videos on dropshipping then you’ve probably heard the name, Sebastian Esqueda. Currently he’s got his own course, which operates under the brand name, Dropship Life but is actually called, ‘Shopify Dropshipping Course.’

A pretty boring course name, but claims to show you all the steps needed to become a successful Shopify dropshipper.

Right now the course costs $397 but is also available as a two-month payment plan of $219 each.

Who is Sebastian Esqueda?

Sebastian recently turned 18 and is a Youtube entrepreneur where he shares his Shopify and make money online success with how to videos and other topics.

He claims to have been in the eCom space for a few years, so starting out at 14.

He claims to have started his career reselling iPhones and he created a similar course on this last year which was $300.

He has a small following on Youtube of 9,300 subscribers with most videos getting a few hundred views.

Over on Instagram he likes to take photos in the Gucci shop, send stories of him shopping and drivse an old school convertible bmw like my grandmother had.

Clearly it’s all about selling the dream to sell his course which funds his lifestyle.

Sebastian Esqueda Course Review

Sebastian Esqueda course review

If you wanted a long course then you’ll be solely disappointed.

The course has 15 videos, yes 15.

The course looks at product research, store development and influencer marketing.

There’s no mention of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO or any other type of marketing.

Course Content

The course starts with a welcome video, following by a video on choosing the right Shopify store name. Next is a video on finding niches, product criteria and how to spy on other dropshippers using Instagram. Lastly is another video on finding products that already sell well.

The store development video includes three over the shoulder videos including app setup, store layout and setting up shipping rates.

Lastly is the influencer marketing section which includes pricing guides, finding pages, reaching out to influencers, setting up your Instagram page and how to get better deals when doing business with them.

Refund Policy

If you realised how short the course was, you can request a full refund within 30 days as long as you’ve watched less than 75% of the videos.


Either the course is incomplete or it’s only a short overview for another course. It has literally 14 videos and an introduction. All videos were super short with the longest being 19 minutes on Shopify store creation. The course only looked at Instagram Influencers and some very basic product research.

I was expecting to see lots of content on Google Ads, Snapchat, Chatbots, Twitter, Pinterest, Search Engine Optimization and weekly live coaching calls.

These topics are crucial to any beginner starting an eCommerce or drop shipping business these days.



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