Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review: Updated Course For 2020

Franklin Hatchett has recently launched version 2 of his world famous, affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates 2. Today I’ll be showing you my Savage Affiliates review, looking at what’s changed and whether it’s worth $197, or $297 (new price point, new features) and ultimately whether you should buy.

If you want to checkout the original course review then do so here.

Rather than update my original review, which ranks highly in Google, I decided to leave it there, instead giving you an entirely different perspective on this new version. Back in 2017 I was fairly new to affiliate marketing myself. Now after Franklin’s help I’m making over $40,000 per month!

Now I didn’t tell you that to brag, but without real results, why would you trust my review compared to the 500 others out there. You see, I’m one of Franklin’s top students and I’ve been recommending him to friends and readers of my blog since early 2018.

I learnt from the best, now you can too.

What’s Changed In Version 2?

As Franklin says, ‘there is no other course out there, quite like Savage Affiliates 2’ and I agree with him. Stick with me and you’ll see what I mean.

Firstly, there is now well over 150+ videos in the course (old was 100) and hours upon hours of training. It’s now even more beginner friendly, so someone with zero experience can learn and start making money with minimal upfront investment.

Secondly the layout and colors of the members area have changed. Version 1 was either blue or red and black. This is now a simple white and orange. If you see people’s reviews with blue it’s a very old review.

In terms of the main course content, the standard content has remained the same, just in different orders and places.

Old module one has gone and is now all about choosing the best affiliate products to promote. It was a video series on what is affiliate marketing etc. Given you’re looking at buying a course on the topic, you probably know what this is.

It appears Franklin has removed the fluff, and added content you actually need!

Module two has been changed from finding products, and goes straight into building your first web asset, a WordPress blog. It goes through the entire process from A-to-Z across 17 different over the shoulder videos.

In the old course of Savage Affiliates 1 module 3 was the website creation but this is now dedicated to email marketing training, which was module 9 in the original course. The module has been bolstered and has far more content.

Module 4 is now devoted to Clickbank and module 5 is a monster 2 part series on Clickfunnels which includes well over 50 videos on the platform and how to make money from this. These modules were included in the older version but were very short.

The last part of the course is very similar, although all videos have been revamped for 2019. These include the free, paid and SEO training. One of the major changes is the SEO section which now includes far more content.

There’s now a ‘mark as complete’ button under each video so you can keep track on your course progression.

You still get access to the private Facebook mastermind group which now includes over 1300 students, as well as weekly videos including Q+A sessions.

Version 2 also brings a change to the pricing, while the standard plan is still $197 (at time of print), there’s a new plan called ‘SUPER’ which offers 5 bonus modules. You can upgrade at any time should you wish.

It would appear version 1 members have been grandfathered into the SUPER plan so if version 3 comes out next year, you’d probably get the same deal.

Different Features Between Standard & Super?

Until July 28th there was only one version of the course. During the revamp, Franklin has offered 5 unique addons for an extra $100 which in my opinion are worth every dollar. These include:

  1. Access to an advanced step-by-step Clickfunnels Academy.
  2. Access to Frank’s done for you affiliate funnel
  3. Access to done for you Clickfunnels sales funnels (1 click add)
  4. Access to an extensive launch jacking method
  5. Access to an extensive video series on making money with web hosting.

If you don’t have access to these modules you’ll get the following error message:

SUPER 2: Super Funnel

Franklin is a member of Russell Brunson’s 2 comma club which is a gold record certificate that’s awarded to Clickfunnels members who have made over a million dollars with a sales funnel. Franklin’s got two of these (as seen on Youtube videos) so it’s fair to say he is legitimate.

You get access to his affiliate funnel that helped to earn him that second award. While you could say, isn’t it going to be saturated if everyone has access? Well 99% of people who buy this course will probably never use it, so it’s ready and waiting for you!

SUPER 3: Done For You Funnels

Another feature I like is the done for you funnels. You’ll need a Clickfunnels account but once you’ve got one, you simply click on the link and you can automatically import all Franklin’s proven funnels into your own account and customize them yourself.

It’s a really neat feature and will save you hundreds of hours of conversion testing, these are all proven funnels that have done thousands of dollars in sales.

SUPER 4: Launch Jacking Method

When I first started my affiliate websites, launch jacking was the way to go. You create a review on a product being launched (you find these products using and then help buyers make an informative decision. If they buy you get 50-100% commission.

In 2017 I could easily make $2500 – $5000 in 24 hours during initial launch. One famous affiliate marketer called Jeff Lenny claims he made $25,000 once. Franklin shows you how to find products to launch jack, how to set up your website and how to make money.

SUPER 5: Web Hosting Affiliate

One of the most lucrative ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to promote web hosting offers. Everyone who creates an affiliate asset, needs a website and ultimately needs somewhere to host that site on the web. That means there is an endless string of customers looking for hosting.

You can partner with many great hosts such as Bluehost, Siteground or FatCow that pay $100-$150 per signup. Yes you’ll get that much commission even if someone signups up for a $30/year hosting plan.

Franklin goes through the entire process for finding the best offer, how to create content to generate visitors and how to convert those visitors into sales. I personally know a guy who was training by Franklin who makes $100,000 per month promoting Bluehost, crazy right? You could do the same.

Savage Affiliates 2 Review

The standard course which everyone gets access to includes information on the following:

  • Module 1: Affiliate Products To Promote
  • Module 2: Building Your Website Asset
  • Module 3: Email Marketing & Funnels
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing (Pt1,Pt2)
  • Module 6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 7: SEO Google Traffic
  • Module 8: Free Traffic
  • Module 9: Paid Traffic.

Module 1: Affiliate Products To Promote

The first module of Savage Affiliates 2.0 has been changed and now gets straight into the content. Previously it was an introduction module into the world of affiliate. Chances are, given you’re looking at buying a course, you already know what that is.

This module runs through various products and services you can promote and make money from. It’s entirely up to you but he makes recommendations on using Clickfunnels, Clickbank, Amazon Associates, Bluehost and GetResponse.

This is a mixture of platforms where you promote other people’s products (Clickbank, Amazon) and web based software (Clickfunnels, Get Response).

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is you can promote billions of products and services. Gone are the days of actually starting your own eCommerce store, now you can make money from other people’s stores by sending them traffic and getting a commission.

For your first campaigns, promoting platforms such as Clickfunnels and Getresponse are good options. They pay 40% recurring monthly income for anyone you signup. Once people start using these platforms, it’s nearly impossible to stop, so you’ll get paid for months and years to come.

Franklin offers over the shoulder training on how to signup for each platform and how to choose the best products to work with.

Module 2: Building Your Website Asset

Remember, when I said there’s no course like this on the market right now. Well how many affiliate courses look at the topic of website creation? Not many.

The reason is, the thought of creating a website scares most people, they think it’s hard work and expensive, which it would have been 10 years ago. In 2019 and beyond, it’s the easiest thing ever, you can get a website setup and online within an hour.

To do this, Franklin recommends using Bluehost which offers web hosting for $2.95 per month. You’ll get a free domain name too (for example mine is, and they’ll set the entire thing up for you upon payment. Utilizing WordPress, you’ll have your own fully fledged website within an hour.

To do that, you’ll follow Franklin’s 17 lessons that guide you through the entire process of starting your website. Videos in this section include adding plugins to make your site operate better, creating menus, terms and cleaning up test posts and pages.

Franklin recommends using a freemium theme called GeneratePress which is an awesome theme for small affiliate websites. In fact I use this theme in my own businesses and it looks great on both mobile and desktop.

There’s also a video on how to add articles, create categories and collect emails from visitors to your blog. To do this there is a recommendation on using Thrive Leads (free).

If you’ve created a WordPress blog before then you may find some of the content quite basic, but for those that have never bought hosting, setup a domain name or created a WordPress entity, it’s a great insight and you’ll learn a lot.

If you want to learn how to monetize your website then you’ll need to wait until module 6, 7 and 8.

3. Email Marketing & Funnels

Module 3 looks at email marketing and how to promote affiliate offers to a distribution list of contacts. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘the money’s in the list’ and Franklin couldn’t agree more.

This module starts with an introduction into the world of email marketing and Frank’s brought out his white board to give you a step-by-step demonstration on what the final flow chart will look like for someone giving you their email.

Next up is getting your 30 day free trial of Getresponse which is perfect for following along with the video training. You can of course use a free provider such as Mailchimp but some of the features are slightly different and you’ll need to learn how to use that platform yourself.

Extensive videos in this module include how to create your email list, how to create a simple newsletter and creating a workflow, i.e. how does your sequence of emails work after someone signs up.

Following this, you get your first introduction into Clickfunnels and how to signup and sync the two platforms together. In simple terms, you’ll collect email leads through Clickfunnels and auto pass these through to GetResponse.

Franklin’s course then goes on to show you how to create a thank you page, adding tracking pixels for staying on top of the analytical site of things as well as connecting Clickfunnels with third party software such as Kajabi, Salesforce, Sendlane, Ontraport and dozens more.

Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

One of the largest modules in the course, the Clickbank Affiliate Marketing section includes 31 over the shoulder high quality videos on getting started, promoting and making money online with their offers.

Anyone can sign up for Clickbank, although you’ll need a website first to make sure you’ve completed module 2 first. The course module includes a brief introduction to the platform and how to create an account there.

There is then a video on how to use and find offers through the marketplace. I recommend using the ‘Advanced’ option to find latest up and coming trends you can promote too. There’s a video on what all those confusing Clickbank stats actually mean.

Next up is four real life case study examples where Franklin focuses on going through websites promoting affiliate offers in the make money online, fitness, singing and red detox niches. These case studies are a good 30+ minutes of content each.

Franklin shows you how to do keyword research, how to get your offer links, how to target people by giving something of value away for free and what content to include on your website to target visitors. There’s also info on how to run paid traffic from a traffic source such as Facebook ads to an optin form to a quiz to an affiliate offer.

Moving on there is videos on keyword tools and while you could use premium tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush or Long Tail Pro (which gets a mention in the course), there are countless other tools out there that offer similar features.

Keyword Analysis

The module then looks at finding keywords to write SEO content about, where to get free article ideas (including looking at, which is an invaluable resource that I recommend you consider using.

There’s also videos on outsourcing the content creation to a third party. For example you can use websites to find and hire writers to do the work for you. Individual videos follow on topics such as creating how to articles, creating review articles and more.

This then goes on to show you paid ads with landing pages such as using a bridge page to get commissions. You’ll find early on you can’t run ads on Google or Facebook direct to affiliate offers, so Franklin shows you how to deal with this.

The module concludes with videos on building a simple funnel (across 3 parts) and using Facebook and Google Ads to run paid traffic to your optin pages and quizzes. Videos also include where to get killer ad copy created and how to spy on ads.

This was a monster module and packed with tons of content.

Module 5: Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing

The largest module in the course is split up into two parts with 29 lessons in part one and 15 lessons in part two. It would be fair to say this is one of the largest collections of training on Clickfunnels you will find anywhere.

I’ve attended training by Russell Brunson and it was pretty expensive. Franklin provides the same value in this low priced course.

The first few videos look at how to get started, how the platform works and navigating around. It can take a lot of getting use to, especially if you’re new to all of this. Don’t panic though, there’s plenty of guidance and you get a 14 day free trial to the platform.

You learn how to get paid by Clickfunnels and how the sticky cookie really works, i.e. you still get paid when someone clicks through but doesn’t buy right away. There’s also videos on the Clickbank affiliate interface, how to use it and promoting.

You then learn how Franklin get’s thousands of trial users to sign up under him, and he shares that in this gold dust video which could be worth more than the entire course price alone, but it’s there so take note and learn.

There are videos on how to generate traffic to your pages with SEO and keyword research, applying techniques learnt in the previous module.

Additional content on creating articles, call to actions and using free and premium traffic (which also have their own modules below).

If you were unsure on any advertising rules laid out by CF then you’ll learn about them in the multiple videos that follow.

Part Two (SUPER)

These 15 videos are available to those who purchased the super plan as they go ito detail on Franklin’s actual affiliate funnel and how you can copy and set this up on your own account using share funnels.

There’s videos on using solo ads to drive traffic, how to create Google search ads and how to use Youtube to promote and many more videos.

There’s over 45 videos in this module (if you bought super), it’s a monster module and very helpful.

Module 6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Module six actually looks at my favorite type of affiliate marketing which is using Amazon Associates. This module has been improved for Savage Affiliates version 2 and now includes far more content than before.

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace with over 100 million products across thousands of niches and the best part about this, you can promote every single one and get paid a commission when someone buys something.

Amazon also have a 24 hour sticky cookie which means if someone buys something within 24 hours after clicking on your Amazon affiliate link you’ll get the sale, regardless of what they buy or how much they spend.

That is the beauty of this affiliate program. You might have made them click a link to buy a baby carrier, but they actually buy a $2,000 TV, you get the commission for the TV as well.

Franklin shows you how to sign up for this platform (again you need your website from module 2), and through some real life case studies he shows you many sites that are making a fortune from Amazon affiliate marketing.

You’ll then get training on understanding buyer keywords and which ones to target, how to choose what to promote and how to create a niche vs authority site. For those new to the game, a niche site is far easier and involves much less content than an authority site.

There is videos on finding trending and winning products to promote and how to use low entry level priced products to your advantage to drive traffic to your store. While most of the big niches such as technology are competitive, smaller niches are not!

Concluding this module, Franklin offers a further three case studies on products he actually promotes!

Module 7: Google SEO Traffic

Savage Affiliates version 1 was lacking a lot of content for search engine optimization but it’s pleasing to note that V2.0 has got all these new updates.

You’ll start with learning how powerful SEO can be for your business and this goes into topics on:

  • Keyword research, tracking keyword movements in Google
  • How to ensure your website loads fast
  • How to create relevant content
  • How to optimize your content for SEO
  • How to effectively use outbound and intersite links
  • How to correctly use image ALT tags
  • How to create backlinks properly.

These are just some of the many topics on SEO and if it’s an area that really interests you, there are many courses and conferences all over the world that you can attend to learn more on search marketing.

Some of the backlink techniques taught by Franklin Hatchett include blog commenting, Quora links, creating web 2.0 links, manual guest posts and creating social signals on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

There’s also a video on private blog networks and the power these can hold over your website. Exercise caution here though and don’t go over the top with your backlinks as you wouldn’t want a Google penalty.

This module gives you a good insight into the world of making money using SEO traffic.

Module 8: Free Traffic

Who doesn’t love free traffic? and if you’re on a budget is the perfect way to start making money with minimal investment. If you can find a way to convert cold traffic into sales for free then you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Fortunately Franklin comes up trumps again with this over the shoulder module of 19 lessons on how to drive free traffic to your website.

This starts with a topic on Youtube and how to create videos without putting your face in them, pretty interesting right?

The next videos look at various Youtube topics such as:

  • How to rank properly
  • Franklin’s secret ranking strategies
  • Using keywords to target and finding new trends
  • Uploading and optimizing videos for more views
  • How to cloak your affiliate links for best results.

The module then goes on to show you how to get free traffic using forum traffic as well as Quora which is a question and answer platform that allows anyone to create questions and anyone to answer them. You can link to your website and convert people into sales.

Compared with version 1 of the course, there is far more relevant content here.

Module 9: Paid Traffic

If you’re a member of Franklin’s eCommerce course called eCom Elites which I recommend if affiliate marketing isn’t for you, then you’ll notice some overlap in this module. However while this module includes 19 videos, his other course has over 75+ on paid ads.

The primary source of traffic he recommends using is Facebook & Google Ads.

It starts with an overview and introduction into the world of Facebook Ads and how to create a page for running ads. There’s also a video on installing their tracking pixel for keeping up to date with conversions.

You will then learn how to create your very first Facebook ad. There’s videos on how to optimize your campaign budgets and making sense of all the analytical data that you’ll be presented with. Lastly there is a video on custom audiences.

Moving on, there is a shift of focus to Google Ads and the different types of ads you can run on their platform. You’ll also learn about the Google pixel and creating ads that run on the search engine itself and on their other platforms such as Youtube.

Lastly there is videos on custom placements, creating custom audiences, scaling and optimizing ads to better understand the data.

Another monster article that has been overhauled for version 2.

Facebook Mastermind Group

The Facebook mastermind group is an integral part of the course and anyone who purchases the course is invited to signup where you’ll join 1250 other members who hang out and help each other.

While your posts have to be manually approved by an administrator, every night Franklin comes online and answers most of the questions he can. Those he can’t are often answered by other people such as myself.

As you can see with my screenshot, I’m a member of the group, proving I bought the course.

How To Pay With Paypal?

You can pay with both credit card and Paypal. The platform uses Teachable for payments but memberships with Kajabi so make sure you select the drop menu on the credit card option to change it across to Paypal. Yes I got confused too but here’s how to do it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike most courses out there, Franklin Hatchett offers a 100% money back guarantee with Savage Affiliates 2.0. To be fully transparent with you, you need to show that you’ve gone through the entire course, put into action most of the steps, run some paid traffic or done free traffic training and shown that you haven’t been successful.

If you do that, shown commitment and dedication then you can email his support team and get a full refund.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Discount Coupon Code?

There is no official coupon code, discount code, promo code or any other type of cashback. Do not believe those websites that claim to offer one, or websites offering cashback. This hurts genuine affiliates as well as people like Franklin who are paying these deceptive individuals for well, lieing?

Final Verdict

Savage Affiliates is the best affiliate marketing course you can buy online right now, there’s nothing quite like it on the market currently. Version 1 was great but version 2.0 trumps it completely and has tons more content and offers case studies plus done for you material (super pack).

If you want a full done for you solution then you won’t find it here. You need to watch the videos, learn from the very best (Franklin) and then put into action what you’ve learnt. Logic would say buying the super plan is the best option, but if you are strapped for cash for right now you can always upgrade later should you wish.

Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought affiliate marketing was an overnight cash cow, it’s not and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Those guru’s promising a life of freedom only want one thing, your cash to fund their own lavish lifestyle. It’s challenging, but if you do it correctly, put in hard work and aren’t risk averse then you can definitely succeed with affiliate marketing.

Just look at me, I started with nothing and now make money in a month than the average person makes in a year. It’s completely possible, the hardest part is making your first dollar. Once you’ve got that, you’re on to a winner.

*I purchased Savage Affiliates 2.0 Super Pack for $297. You can buy the course here (best price).

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54 thoughts on “Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review: Updated Course For 2020”

  1. Hey, this looks great and I know theres a lot of work involved but is this all article writing etc for SEO purposes. If so these methods are enormously time consuming and almost impossible to make money any time soon. Or can you make money just with Clickbank and Clickfunnels and Google Ads with this course?


    • Hi Richard, it covers both free and paid traffic with Clickfunnels and Clickbank as well as paid traffic affiliate marketing. You don’t have to follow the Amazon or content creation article writing if you don’t want too.

  2. Hey Rhys,

    Just bought through your link – cheers for the info.

    I’m Auckland based and was wondering if there was a local meetup or anything for anyone doing this stuff.
    I’ve been doing the online thing for a while but mainly for others – haven’t really done much for myself so would be good to get together with others who are doing well.


  3. Hey Imrhys, thanks for your reviews. Iv read loads of them and they have really helped. Just left the military after 11 years (as a physical therapist) and im looking to do something different. I came to your site and purchased savage affiliates super through your link. would be great to have you as a mentor as weel if you have the time, you seem to know the online game. let me know if we can chat further. thanks again…keep up the good work

    • Thanks for your comments, appreciate your kind words. I don’t offer mentoring as I have many websites of my own I work on that take up most of my time. I can’t provide the time and dedication required for mentorship and ultimately it would be unfair on both of us. I’m frequently in Franklin’s Facebook group so maybe I can help you there if you have any questions.

      Good luck with your ventures.

  4. Hi Rhys, thank you for your detailed review. I really enjoyed it.

    Assuming I buy the course, apply myself to put in the work and genuinely try to make it work, how long would you reckon it would take, approximately, to start earning $500-$1,000/month? (I know every result would probably be different and it is not a “get rich scheme” but it is just to have an idea)

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Alan, paid traffic you could see results within a few days. Organic and search traffic you’re probably looking at 3+ months before you see results.

  5. Hello Imrhys, Thank you for all the reviews.

    I live in the UK (able to speak English and French) and have been looking around about how to set up (a) profitable online business(es). After doing some researches I’m tempted by some Franklin’s courses you advertised but firstly, would like to have your honest opinion and advice on both eCommerce (drop-shipping) and affiliate marketing as I don’t want to lose money and time on something that does not work anymore.

    1- Is eCommerce drop-shipping business model still profitable?
    2- For someone with a small budget ($250/$500), which of the two would you recommend to a newbie to start with first even though I will prefer to start with drop-shipping?
    3- In one of his videos “shopify tutorial for beginners” he demonstrates how to set up a store for better conversion. Would you advise a new comer to start that way as proposed in the video after buying the ecom elites course or, to go for the option of buying the ecom elites course along with the ecom turbo?
    4- What are the realistic targets to set? I would like to achieve £10,000+ net profit/month in the near future (1 year)?

    Please do note that I’m not a fan of making videos where I can be seen since I prefer keeping a low profile.

    Kind regards

    • Hi,

      1. Yes the business model is profitable and will always be, people are always buying online and there’s billions of products to sell.
      2. Your budget is too small for dropshipping. You need $500-$1000 on top of the price of the course to start. So affiliate marketing would be better with your budget but it sounds like based on your other questions you want to dropship.
      3. I’d buy the course and the theme, you’ll be setup far quicker and time is money right? The theme is optimized out of the box.
      4. You can easily hit those targets if you reinvest your profits but honestly you’re going to need to spend lots of time testing and tweaking. A more realistic target would be setting $100 per day profit, then $500, then $1,000 and so on.

  6. Hey, Rhys. Thanks for the great content, I’m actually considering getting this course but I had a question for you, what’s the estimated amount of money needed as capital to start a proper affiliate marketing business? I know it’s not as much as something such as ecommerce but how much do you think I need to start and if it’s not over saturated and if it’s worth the time.

    • Sam,

      It depends on which type of affiliate business you start. If you’re going to create your own website and rank organically and get free traffic then you can start for less than $100. It’s definitely worth it, I have over 50 sites now that are all making money on autopilot. I outsourced the content to writers. It’s all covered in the course. Paid ads is more difficult and you’ll need more capital but you can make a lot more, more quickly if you do things correctly ($250-$500 would be a good start). Again this is covered in the course. Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses to start with limited capital.

  7. Hi Rhys.

    I’m very interested in this course (and/ or the DS course too ), but would like to ask about the time commitment needed for success in affiliate marketing. About how many hours per week would you see as a minimum requirement? And how would that compare with drop shipping?

    Many thanks,

    • There’s no answer here, when I started I spent 40 hours per week, now I spend less than 10. It depends how quickly you want results and success. The more you put in now, the better the rewards and time freedom in the future.

      You need to decide which form of affiliate marketing you want to do, then you can get an average time frame. Paid ads maybe not many hours, creating content and writing articles or outsourcing may require a lot more time.

  8. Hi Rhys,
    Thanks for the great content, I’m David, I live in Cameroon West Africa (able to speak English and French) and have been looking around about how to set up (a) profitable online business(es). After doing some researches I’m tempted by some Franklin’s courses you advertised but firstly, would like to have your honest opinion and advice from you Please!.
    what’s the estimated amount of money needed as capital to start a proper affiliate marketing business? I know it’s not as much as something such as eCommerce but how much do you think I need to start and if it’s not over saturated and if it’s worth the time.
    I have so far Prepare $500 to kick start, will that make a deal for me in my first month? I’m not good in Video and still a newbie, will this still work for me?
    Will I need to be paying some upfront fees or to buy some software after I must have bought this course. Finally I’ll like to get your link so that i can buy through your link if you don’t mine
    Can registering through your link be a bonus for you?
    Thanks for all the time take to go through.

    • You need to decide if you’re going to create content and do organic affiliate marketing or whether you’re going to run ads. $500 is probably enough to start with ads but might be better for creating websites and content. You can always outsource this.

      There’s no upfront fees, just web hosting, domain name and some content if you get writers to do it for you. You can pay $15-$25 per 1000 words.

      You can buy through my link here, I get a small commission if you do so that’s a bonus 🙂

  9. Hi
    If I already have a hosting with siteground will the jodeulento build the website blog and stuff will be ok for me?
    I guess that as it use wordpress it will be ok but not really sure as I am new to this.

  10. Hi
    Thanks for your great reviews

    I am on the fence of either dropshiping or affiliate marketing course and I will buy throu your link 100% as your content hepped me a lot

    I would like your honnest opinion please…

    1- wich one will need less time to maintain long termes? I mean dropshipoing need alot of customer support… I know I will need VA so it drsticaly lower the work time but I do t know about affiliate marketing. can you guide me there?

    2- If I can make continually 10 hours a week of hard work can I expect being able to make a business that generste about 100k/year in 1 year if I do it correctly? By the way I am not scrared of reinvesting all profit inside the business to get the business to the next level

    3- I speak french and also english but my writing is terible… can I be successful in affiliate marketing even if it hard for me to write without mistakes? I guess I will have to hire workers for all my content is this possible? I am a big user of fiverr alresdy upwork also a little…

    I will buy soon I hope getting an answer soon

    • Hi Alexandre,

      1, Long term less time to maintain is definitely affiliate marketing. With dropshipping you have to continuously run ads, deal with CS as you said and without paid ads or a good SEO campaign you don’t really have a business.

      2. I can’t really answer this question to be fair with you. That’s like asking if you will find a high paying job within 6 months of graduating university with a degree, it entirely depends on you and your situation. Realistically I think you’d be doing exceptionally well. Focus on your first 10k before you focus on 100k. Once you start, it’s easy to scale.

      3. You can create French websites instead of English? Big demand for french content.

      You can get Savage Affiliates here.

      • Hi and thanks for your reply

        About french content do you know what is the size of this market compare to English?

        also is it easy to find french course to sell as an affiliate?

        One last thing…. if I go with the 197 course how much is to upgrade later if I need it?


        • Sorry I don’t know much about French content or affiliate offers but yes there is definitely offers out there 🙂

          You can pay Franklin directly to upgrade, but the price might be higher.

  11. Hi sir
    I was woundering Frank does not teach how to make affiliate marketing via youtube?
    It look not but it is surprising so I am not sure if I miss something…
    thanks sir

  12. Hi Rhys

    I am from South Africa, and I know that affiliate marketing is web based and therefore possible worldwide. I would like to know however if there are any jurisdictional barriers to completing the course fully, would there be recommended softwares or websites, etc limited only to the US or certain countries?

    Please advise

  13. Hi Rhys,

    Thanks for your review! Regarding this: Hi Alan, paid traffic you could see results within a few days. Organic and search traffic you’re probably looking at 3+ months before you see results. Whats the aprox budget for paid traffic that I should set aside?

  14. Hi, I am interested to this course but my Clickbank account was disabled as soon as I registered the account , I think that could be I am not from US. I saw his YouTube he uses a platform called Muncheye, will he teach other platform except Clickbank and Amazon ?

    • Your Clickbank account was disabled because you signed up and didn’t include a website or the website URL didn’t have much content.
      You need a website to get approved on Clickbank, it’s covered in the course 🙂
      Once you have a website you can apply again.
      Muncheye is a platform for finding new products to promote. Yes it covers more platforms than those two.

  15. Hi.
    Tell me, after completing the course, I can earn at least $ 500 a day. Or is it all fairy tales that people bought a course? thanks

    • I can’t tell you there is at least $500 per day, it ultimately depends on your personal situation. For me, I’m earning well in excess of that with affiliate marketing, so definitely possible.

  16. Hi Rhys,

    In addition to the course fee of $197 how much more would I need to invest in paid traffic to get immediate results with Clickbank or any other platform? I could invest more later once I start earning but for now I’’m on a tight budget. Also, I live in India so can I target traffic in the US and Europe from here? I already have hosting on Bluehost for a year but know nothing about website creation. So my website at the moment is empty.

    • Yes you can target international traffic from India. I’d say you should set aside $250 minimum to start on top of the course.
      You can however start with much less but you may not see immediate results.

    • Peter, it depends on the country and potentially state you live so difficult to provide accurate info. Best to speak to a tax professional in your local area to be 100% sure you’re doing everything right.

  17. Hey Rhys,

    Would love to know your thoughts on the current affiliate industry, whether it’s oversaturated or too late for new beginners? Thinking of going the paid route as I have the budget to do so, can I see results over less than a month?

    Love your blog, by the way, Thanks.

    • It’s never too saturated, just need to find your gap in the market. You can see results after a few days with paid traffic 🙂

      Thanks for the comments on the blog.

  18. Hey Rhys,

    Thank you for this very thorough review. Just one question: do you think the seo module covers everything you need to know about seo? Or do you need other courses in order to learn how to rank on the first page of google for competitive keywords?

    Thank you!

    • I’d say it covers the basics and a good start however you may need additional training or a course. First page rankings come down to great content and some authority links, there’s plenty of free resources out there you can leverage as well 🙂

  19. Hi Rhys,

    by applying the SEO strategies that Franklin teaches inside this course, realistically, in how much time can you expect to make ~10k $ /month by promoting digital products (clickfunnels, kartra, getresponse, legendary marketer)? Is it still possible to reach these numbers by using solely SEO?

    Thank you for the in-depth review

  20. HI Rhys
    I made a big mistake in getting the Commission Hero Course it why over hype and doesn’t teach much no depth in it all. But I do want to try affiliate marketing. And willing to put in the work and start a new successful career. I’m sick of the 9-5 will this course help me get their can I make a true income with this course. I don’t want to the same mistake I did with CH. On top the the free traffic I will have close to a $1000 ad budget to start out will that help get even better results

  21. Hey Rhys, as you own many sites, what is your hosting solution? Do you have them all on one hosting account and which provider(s)? Cheers

    • I use a mixture of companies. I manage the sites using a platform called ManageWP. I never use the same hosting providers for sites in the same niche, and a lot of them are using managed dns such as Cloudflare. You want unique IP addresses for sites in the same niches.


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