Project Verum Course Review: Is It Worth $99?

Are you thinking of buying Project Verum course by John Yoon but not sure if it's worth $99? or what you actually get if you signup. Today I'll be taking a look at the course in this review. 

What is Project Verum?

Project Verum is an online course that teaches students on the fundamentals of dropshipping. This was created by John Yoon, an eCommerce expert who also manages his own online businesses which have reached 8-figures in revenue.

project verum course review

Project Verum is the product of more than $10 million of Facebook advertisements. The course features strategies that have seen success with more than 50 online stores.

From product design to social media marketing, Project Verum provides all the information required to start a dropshipping business focusing on just a single item. It goes through the specifics of scaling, as well as customer service and systems development.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners and experienced eCommerce business owners alike. It is advertised as the one and only guide required for dropshipping.

The course has been around for many years and hasn't really changed in terms of content. 

Who is John Yoon?

John Yoon is the co-founder of Verum Ecommerce, a company which he established with his friends in 2019. Even though he only began working in eCommerce in 2017, John has seen his business reach 8-figures.

As of late, he has around 8 online stores. He also has a Youtube channel that goes by Verum Ecom, which has over 122k subscribers with just 16 videos. The Youtube channel should be checked out for free resources.

John started out with dropshipping when he was in college. He did not find instant success with this endeavour, where he said he failed two attempts. On this third try, John’s dropshipping business blew up, reaching more than $1000 per day.

With 3 years of eCommerce experience, John has successfully utilised Facebook and Instagram in order to market his products and reach a broader audience. His tips and tricks are beneficial for both budget-shy people, and those willing to splurge more.

Having found huge success at an early age, John was inspired to help people make millions and lead a non-traditional life. He strongly places an emphasis on not giving up when starting out, as he himself has failed on his first few tries. He also believes that dropshipping is still relevant in this day and age.

What’s Inside Project Verum? 

Project Verum consists of 7 modules.

Module 1 includes an introduction and outlines what can be expected in this course. You will be entered into the Facebook group. This module also helps cultivate a healthy mindset that can lead to a successful dropshipping business.

Module 2 goes through product selection. John helps students locate the most in-demand dropshipping items that are sure to generate revenue. The product selection procedure is clearly outlined, making it easy for even beginners to follow.

Module 3 concerns the design of the online store. John provides a complete guide of constructing a dropshipping store. There is a folder full of themes and flows provided to help during the process.

Module 4 teaches students about Facebook advertisements. Facebook is one of the most widely used platforms to reach target audiences, and a wide range of people. John goes through the most basic formula that can be used to find success using Facebook.

Like module 4, module 5 goes through Facebook advertisements but with a more in-depth look. With module 6, John walks students through the basics of systems and backend.

Module 7 is provided to help students rely less on Facebook by focusing on Instagram influencers. The methods used in module 7 has helped bring in more than $1 million in revenue.

Like previously mentioned, the modules in this course are designed for complete beginners and experienced dropshipping experts alike.

It has an easy structure to follow and covers all aspects of dropshipping. From product selection to store setup, there are a wide range of resources to help make these processes as stress-free as possible.

How much does Project Verum cost?

Project Verum is available for $99 USD which includes all modules and access to the private Facebook group. The course is consistently updated according to the latest dropshipping trends.

If customers are unsatisfied with the quality of the course, there is a 30-day money-back guranatee. Simply contact the support email address.

Currently, there is no mentoring available with John and other founders of Verum Ecommerce.

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Mario shared his positive experience:

“I’m not a beginner, but I wanted to give a big shoutout to John Yoon for the course. I just bought it to see his strategy when it comes to Facebook ads. I implemented the Infinity Scale method on my stores and on this one I just hit 6 figures in 17 days.”

Is It Worth $99? 

Although the course is available for $99, free resources can be found on the Verum Ecom Youtube channel. Visiting the website also brings access to free tools that help curate successful dropshipping businesses. However, it's one of the cheapest dropshipping courses on the market, but it is severely limited in what's actually included. 

Final Verdict: Project Verum Review

It's a great course with 12 hours of content at a budget friendly price, but it's definitely a more foundational course, with lots of videos. It's proof that you don't need to spend thousands on courses from fake gurus, as John Yoon appears to be legitimate. 

The course in my opinion is limited and not comprehensive by any means, it's definitely designed with beginners in mind and those with more experience will find lots of areas lacking, such as the driving traffic to your store section, which includes limited information. 

My Rating:

The #1 Best eCom Course

After reviewing over 100 different eCommerce courses over the past 3 years I believe that eCom Elites is the best and offers over 30 hours of content across 180+ videos on the entire process of starting a successful dropshipping business from anywhere in the world. It's slightly more expensive, but at $197 or $297 it's still an absolute steal of a price! 


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