Print on Demand Accelerator Review: Another Will Haimerl Course?

Will Haimerl is back again with another course. Do you get the impression it’s easier to create and sell courses for $1,997 than it actually is to drop ship t-shirts? Of course it is, it’s pure profit for telling people how to do it.

How many t-shirts do you need to sell at $4-$5 margin to make a full time income online?

There’s many courses on print on demand, most are reasonably priced but Print on Demand Accelerator by PPC Coach is pretty steep.

Chances are you landed on his splash page that offers a free case study on how he ‘exploded his business’ to sell over 53,000 products. You then get funneled through to a webinar which may or may not be live that is 70 minutes in length.

Who is Will Haimerl?

Will claims to be an internet marketing expert with over ten years experience originally using Google Adwords and lays claim to fame from training over 11,000 online marketers through premium group coaching, bootcamps and one on one training.

Apparently he practices what he preaches through several online stores he owns. It’s clear he’s good friends with Don Wilson, who launched one of the biggest eCom product launches of 2018 who is also the founder of

It’s no surprise then that he recommends using Gearbubble too which does cost quite a bit for their premium subscription service.

Print on Demand Accelerator Review

The course is six weeks of training that is primarily lecture slide and over the shoulder. You’ll see what Will did to setup his campaigns so you can apply it to your own business and campaigns.

These six weeks are very similar to his ‘Online Store Accelerator’ course that was $1,000 cheaper.

In fact the layout of the course is pretty much the same with the exception of the POD content. Is that worth an extra $1k? For me it’s not.

The modules are:

  1. Getting Everything Setup
  2. Product Selection & Import
  3. Google Shopping Ads, Search Ads, Display Ads.
  4. Facebook Ads, Testing, Scaling & Retargeting
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Ongoing Tasks & Exit Strategies.

Final Verdict

It’s a simple rebrand of his previous courses with a huge increase in the price. This course could be amazing and rival the likes of eCom Elites (review) or Product Winner Blueprint which both offer far more content (including POD) at a fraction of the price.

eCom Elites for example offers over 175+ videos on the entire A-to-Z approach to eCommerce and drop shipping with a focus on general goods, print on demand and of course all the traffic sources mentioned in Print on Demand Accelerator and many more including Snapchat, Pinterest.

Compare a $297 course with this $1,997 and there’s really no comparison, the Google Ads section is lackluster and I get the impression the course creator has setup a test store to create the course. A few real case studies from his own stores would help. That’s my personal opinion given the basic videos that are missing from the Google section and Facebook retargeting.

If you do wish to buy Will’s course, buy Online Store Accelerator and save yourself $1,000.

Print on Demand Accelerator Review

Last Updated on June 9, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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